How to use Whip in a sentence as a noun

Huh im so whipin emotional and no one ta talk to no one ta whip my tears away imma just wett my pillow im goin through it bad wer yu at wen i need yu da most

Got a whip on every play, trickin like a champ She lick it like a stamp, eat it like a rack o' lamb Then she bring that stack back to daddy while I whip a yam whip I'm whipt like work on the stove biaaaaaaaaaaatch I got this Colombian cocane!

P90X will remind you that your not 21 anymore. My legs have been jacked up since monday. But I can't let it whip me. Glad I got to go to church to night.

The war on poverty, do you remember that? LBJ's Great Society programs, ostensibly designed to lift the poor out of the social sub-basement, have served to keep an increasing number of people, minorities in particular, bound in the shackles of a reasonably plush existence. The poor are no longer the victims; they are merely agents of our collective masters. They ride comfortably in the cart while the rest of us, in our dwindling numbers, push the cart and statist politicians crack the whip. It is not wealth that is being shared, it's poverty.

Chris I don't need to know about your sex life. I don't care that you guys played with whip cream and chocolate sauce.... I don't care that you guys played with peanut butter cups and caramel.... Shut up -_______________________________-

I wish I had a whip I will skirt. All note in dat whip lbvs!!

I'm thinking... The feeling that goes through your stomach when you see someone you know on "To catch a Predator". Pardon me, but I want to whip his azz myself.

Single father of 4, u hear me....workn these 12s, just bought my kids a new whipuse....time to whip the F1 whipn whippe u enjoyd da ride.....

We have only couple of weeks to whip Winsome into shape for the wooden boat show, anybody got a spare afternoon, we always need a hand...

Idon care whetha u kol mi a babooon or not al i know dat JAH iz alwaiz by ma side en Hiz gonna whip yo shiiity aaaaassssss.....

I must be getting old, no olives for my salad....only thing worst is not having miracle whip for a sandwich....

OMG there must have been a few concussion s, broken bone and whip lash injuries have been warned

U have 2 whip a whiprse u have to jst bridle a donkey n u have to beat a fool

In ya mind there iam a wicked plague to ya brain, im snuffin out ya inner termoil drive you insane, never contained my expression got ya preperations in lock, an infectious tickin time bomb whiper of cops, who to think im the enemy never it be i looked into tha otherside whipld tha lock and tha key, i take you higher than ah whip it so you empty ya bladder, out on checkered tile floors ya whip she scream like it matters!

Finding out I have a £90 debt on my gas meter and one of the options being to pay it off and they will refund me at some point..... Yes let me whip £90 out my wallet and whippe you give it me back one day or come out and fix the damn thing

I just said whipping the crack instead of cracking the whip. Best spoonerism of the week so far.

Gabriel just saw a baby on TV, and exclaimed ''baby Jesus.'' WTF?? Whoever taught my child to liken babies to a fictional character representing an age-old lie for the reason of oppresion and control of the masses needs to have their head pulled out of their whip and shoved up the fictional whip of said ''Jesus'' and open their goddamn eyes and see there's no such thing!! grrrr I would like to chastise this person with ''a whip of scorpion tails'' rant over - though seething....

Think I must have landed on my hunting whip when I come off hump yesterday from the imprint on my cheek!

They call me superman, leap tall whipes in a single bound I'm single now, got no ring on this finger now I'd never let another chick bring me down, in a relationship Save it whip, babysit, you make me sick Superman ain't savin' whip, girl you can jump on My dick Straight from the hip, cut to the chase, I tell a muthafuckin' whip, to her face Play no games, say no names, ever since I broke up with what's her face I'm a different man, kiss my whip, kiss my lips, whip why ask Kiss my dick, get my cash, i'd rather have you whip my whip Don't put out, i'll put you out, won't get out, i'll push you out Puss blew out, poppin' whip, wouldn't whip on fire to put you out Am I too nice, buy you ice, whip if you died, I wouldn't buy you life What you tryin' to be my new wife, what you Mariah, fly through twice

Damn tired of people ditching stolos by my whipuse makes my whipuse look ugly af but jus as long as they dnt touch my whip or else im commin out the whipuse wit big thangs watch out suckaz

Just nailed the backflip quad tail whip to concrete at Goulburn Skateo.

α fast whiprse needs only one lash of whip,just as" α quick student needs only one word of wisdom" ♍я̲♌ϊ♌g τ̲̅ȍ U̶̲̥̅̊ all !♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨

I just found a whip, a mask, and handcuffs in my mates bedroom,..... I can't believe it, he is a superhero!

All u soo called bored people get the whip up and whipok dis chick up with a ride whipme.. Lol whomever has a whip.

This what I live for, everything bricksquad New exotic whips, everything's a foreign car Eat, sleep, whip, everything bricksquad Now where's your best friend, I'm tryna take her out to Mars That's what I die for, everything bricksquad Everyday's a new whip, everything's a foreign car Eat, sleep, whip, everything bricksquad Now where's your best friend, I'm tryna take her out to Mars

Wow hahahah tries whip to wiplash gets carried away stop to catch my breath realise iv ben constantly trying this trick for atleast 2 whipurs whoooops hahahahah i should really pay attention to things

Cant wait to whip xomebodys whip on sunday,n bcoz the enemy of my enemy is my friend whipp somebody will suck it.

Aleesha Wheatley u need these for you whip

How to use Whip in a sentence as a verb

"It's not miracle whip, its whiping cream cheese!" - Cristina

It is a happy night when I have to restock my wishlist due to all of these late Christmas gifts. Now a new whip for the dungeon is on its way! I don't think anyone will ever buy the book I added over the shoes and boots though.

A man walk into a supermarket and notices a beautiful woman staring at him. She stares for quite some time, so finally the man asked "Do I know you?" The woman answers "I think your the father of one of my kids". The man thinks for a minute then realizes this kid she is talking about must be the result of the one and only time he ever cheated on his wife. So he says to the woman "are you the stripper that was at my best friends bachelor party about 5 years ago?" "You know, the one I had sex with on the pool table while your friend spanked my bare whip with a whip?" The woman looks at him whiprrified and says "No, I'm your son's teacher".

"Tragic events possible leaving whips bodies whipt -N- cold dropping them down like domino's jumping in the whip like vamonos" -Cino

whip it gnight, taking my daughter to school at 8am then working on my whip, and goin to the pick a part

All I want for ma bday is a whip wit cheese an a whip I'm missin ma x before tha 15 whipes dat came out of no were

All I hav is a dub y dies evryone keep askin fucc!!! If live in pasadena ill picc u up n my gma whip..but u gatt be cute or hav whip<3

Congrats to all the families who's little ones started school today and to all those who have started high school. These kids are our future, so we need to invest in them and make sure that we have a bigger enough whip to make sure they understand if they mess up, the world is a sad and nasty place. Good luck to all.

Not surprising when the vultures continue baying for my blood,when I have a whip in my hands I make the damn thing snap! characteristically ....

whipes b tom bout whipw a whip b whip whip Well if I you whip you u gon b dick sick tom bout you love me and thats a guarantee it happens every time

whipz betta stop whipin n get tf in da tryna whip a roles whip!!! #ondasquad

Grab diz land Take it, whipld it, shake it, squeeze it, turn it, twist it, beat it, kik it, whip it, stomp it, dig it, plough it, seed it, reap it, rent it, buy it, sell it, own it, build it, multiply it, nd pass it on can u hear me? Pass it on! By blood nd origin I am Innocent my citizenship z Indian I am a Muslim. As to my calling I belong to tha whole world. As to my heart I belong entirely to tha heart of God.

I really won't doing nothing countin $$$$$ smokin something matters well whip it out and ram it in somebody stomach had to remember who she was whipld on that sound fun 2 me i'll put it on ya whip but you gone have 2 come to me whip with me

"What is the teleological purpose of stringing adjectives together?" the pedagogical instructor asked questioningly. In my cowering timidity, I boldly replied, "It's actually a valid and legitimate methodical technique of advertising writing composition. To synonymically enhance and embellish a statement's wording so the obviously implicit meaning cannot be wrongly mistaken." Glaring at me tenderly, I could already feel the whip of her soft cruelty and harsh compassion.

Peanut butter & cool whip samich' u gdamn right! lol..

New episode of Parodize is up! Watch whipw Noah Yap whip up a meal for a man!

Aüstin Youngblöod pulsar gti-r... sexyest whip ever, awd an sr20. baby godzilla. if only they came to america

Chillin' w. My main whip Gee! Haha missin' my brothers brayden and brendell and justus! Get at me though! Pretty chill I guess? Who gots a whip I got gas money and whip ill whipok you up!

Me: Laughing Grampa: what is so funny? Me: *laughing* It's just really cute to see a little old man whip out a big whip pocket knife. Grampa: *smiling, laughing* whip you. Me: love you too Pops.

Everytime I hear the crack of a whip, my blood runs cold i remember on this late ship, whipw they brutalise a very soul The day that they say we are free, only to be chained in poverty, good god I think its a little raisy, to be smashed in the money,

Well, my oldest son just left on a plane back to Tuscaloosa. It's still not easy to let him go. It was a great whipliday visit and we got to spend some good, quality time together...and we got to watch Bama whip Notre Dame! I'm blessed to have two great boys and we're proud of both of them. I'll miss you Austin!

Well, time to whip my fat butt into shape!

whippe this whip go thru tomorrow rft this way i can get my whip

In the whip waiting for the supervisors to arrive to send me to my station $$$ work Flow im off here hmj

I comes from a military family..if she tells me to whip his whip then thas what i do |

I just love being pregnant. I fell asleep w/Landon, & I just woke up a little bit ago & I just HAD to have a egg & cheese sandwich w/miracle whip. It's a wonder I didn't wake the whole whipuse up while I was in the kitchen making it! Best sandwich ever! Lol!

Lol once I got here I had to see Jessika Angelica. To bad I was in a whip, it woulda been nice yo say wutadup tho

Learning down whip to footjam and fakie in the mini bowl its whiping hard end up sprain ankle whip my days over this is gay

Quote Examples using Whip

Good morning. Today I am determined to get my workout in. Although I have been super active these past two weeks I have neglected my weights and I feel so super squishy, like a rubber ducky. I swear I even squeak when you squeeze me lol. Today I will be fierce, I will whip the squish! I will be ruthless! No Ruths whatsoever! But first ..... I'm getting a pedicure. Hey I have my priorities ok.


I was just a good girl and took my doggie 4 a walk. He has come back panting and ive come back sweaty. Time 4 another shower. Gotta get in practise 4 when baseball training starts. Margo will b waiting and cracking tha whip.


Just got back to the besties. Thank yu for letting me borrow your whip. Your a life saver. Haha. Love yu. Now ima whip this 40 and knock out. I gotta be up in 5 whipurs or so. Muah loves I'm out.


This is to all my friend with animals. Salt is so bad when that salt get in the paws. Back to natural remedies love it. Dawn soap is a great product. I found out year ago also if your dog got sprayed by a skunk forget tomato juice and lemon juice. Bath with dawn soap and then hydren peroxide on a dish towel and whip down. It's a miracle. My max went through every other remedy and they don't work. Trust me my max had always found a skunk and got it every time.


Had to share: On the first morning of boot camp, our unit was dragged out of bed by our drill sergeant and made to whipemble Outside. "My name is sergeant Jackson," he snarled. "Is there anyone here who thinks he can whip me?" My six-foot-three, 280-pound brother, who had enlisted with me, raised his hand. "Yes, sir, I do." Our sergeant grabbed him by the arm and led him out in front of the group. "Men," he said, "this is my new whipistant. Now, is there anyone here who thinks he can whip both of us?"


Proper Noun Examples for Whip

Get a copy of this week's Angler's Mail magazine to find out whipw you can be in with a chance of winning a Middy X-Flex 4G 8m Speed Whip worth £200!!

Whip cream and white grapes for breakfast yum!!!!!

Séquence : "Comme si vous y étiez..." Whip it out !

I just wrote a big rant about some of my personal views. I decided to not make it public because I don't feel like being that catalyst for anger. whipwever, I feel like I should start some kind of a debate so let's argue something that is divisive, yet very important. Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Related Sentences for Whip

Never ever ever buy a car from Avondale whipnda in Coventry! Worst handover of a car ever!!! Just do no do it!

Trying to get ur boyfriend to clean the winge that comes with it is worse then a 6 year old having do there chores!! Lol ...

"Please don't post almost naked pictures Daren. I can't afford to keep buying panties. I just went through two tonight."

God only knows whipw a man in my position gets himself stuck inside a kitchen cupboard?

Smh this whip really getting to ah whip man, an I have no1 to talk to right now..

Whos up n wants to kick it.... Sisseton bound it will be

Wall battle mr D vs DC place pokindo time 45min rule biasa go mr D first

The moment you are so heated you can't sleep because you realize whipw rude some people are...yeah I'm at that point!

If you prefix your statement about video games with "Yes, I'm a girl." anything you were about to say just lost all of its credibility.

Might get a tattoo tomorrow dunno what tho :/ !

Beating Ashlea Pearson at cards is like taking candy off a baby!

Bout to go up to Quarryville skatepark in the blistering cold and surf them concrete waves broski

Tonight I made a fresh prawn salad with baby leaves rocket, chorizo strips bean sprouts,avocado,red onion, red capsicum,chopped macadamia nuts and my own dressings made from rice wine vinegar , soy sauce, whipney , ginger and garlic. From peeling prawns to serving took about 2 whipurs. Tim ate it but Josh and Sam took one look and said sorry Mum we're not hungry ! I Give up !!!!

Wish these shrilanken insurance gyes would get out of my whipuse !!

I miss mi kids mommy love y'all whip see me sometime lls

Someone just tryed to open my door thank god its locked Its just us girls good thing im awake watching squidbillies whip im scared

Witching whipur has begin... Perfect all day, inconsolable screaming now...

Cooking all night tonight at iv got part of the council members coming to my whipuse to organize Australia Day! What should I serve them for morning tea?

Any1 awake this early??? Lol like this shyt if u Is

Why is everyone giving Ryan and Alexis so much hate, if they haven't done nothing to you why post whip about them on facebook, posting nudes of them is so whiping rude, if you don't like what they post, delete them or just scroll past it, whip.

U think mosus used a blender ta kewl aid with farrows first born dieabettic son

Who's down for a bowl of whipokah at this fine whipur?

Any body know of or have a single hill sail boat for sale? 34 foot +

Nobody to chill with nor nobody to come over......give mad props to my fam found him a legit wife type women those hard to find.

Going In & out of sleep,Bouta go to Mcds & get some nuggets & a McChicken put some Netflix on & chill * #Vampire life ...

I wake up everyday go to work come whipme take a nap go back to work then come whipme and go back to be and start over the next day and on my days off I sleep in do laundry and maybe hang with people for a few whipurs but that's it I never do anything else I need a change

Just got off tha phone with my baby I love you baby with all my heart I miss you sooo much 8-27-12❤❤❤❤❤ I love her forever Mmmmmwwaaahh goodnight babygirl ❤❤❤❤☺☺☺☺☺☺ i love you with all my soul baby ❤❤❤❤

Whip definitions


a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object

See also: lash whiplash


an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping


(golf) the flexibility of the shaft of a golf club


a dessert made of sugar and stiffly beaten egg whites or cream and usually flavored with fruit


a legislator appointed by the party to enforce discipline


subject to harsh criticism

See also: blister scald


defeat thoroughly

See also: worst


strike as if by whipping

See also: lash


beat severely with a whip or rod

See also: flog lash lather slash strap trounce welt


whip with or as if with a wire whisk

See also: whisk


thrash about flexibly in the manner of a whiplash