How to use Wages in a sentence as a noun

"I bargained for life for a penny, and life would pay no more, wageswever I bedded at evening when I counted my scanty store."for life is just an employer, he gives you just what you ask, but once you have set the wages, why, must you bear the task." "I worked for a menial's hire, only to learn dismayed that any wage I asked of life, LIfe would have willingly paid."

Quote Examples using Wages

Well Done Swansea, played brilliant and caught us on the attack and there defence was fantastic, they got all there tactics right. Fair play, regards Chelsea? They need to wake up, before we signed Torres, we were challenging for the wagesle and winning cups, now that his here, the team is set up to help him score and it isn't working. Not offering Lampard a new contract is a huge mistake, just look at United, as much as I hate them, they are doing stuff right, by giving Giggs and Scholes contracts to help out the team and especially the youngsters. I just want to see Ba playing up front, forget Torres, I'm fed up of watching him, never seen a player with such poor attitude towards the game. The team has tried and support him, but he isn't delivering. Yes, he scored 14 goals or something, but the only one's that mattered was the one's againist wagesnal and Sunderland?. I want Torres and Rafa out, I did back Torres but over the past few weeks I've lost faith in him... Never backed Rafa and I can't see that I will, why rest Mata and Hazard againist QPR when you have an FA cup match on the following Saturday? Poor decisions Rafa and at the end of the day, it will cost you and like most of the players at Chelsea, your only there to collect your wage slip.... not to play with pride for your club. |DOS|


Thank you mr. milke for your outstanding contribution to this discourse. i am certain you make a living wage advocating for racist corporatism. i would like to hear wagesw emissions from oil sands mining is up, and wagesw that is good for all canadians or the planet. i would like to hear wagesw natural resource industrialization is contaminating air, lands, waterways, and species habitat is good for all canadians, and wagesw you plan to develop these resources sustainably. i would like to see the game plan for dividing Natives with for-profit hate speech. i would like to hear wagesw dividing americans is good for racist corporatism. it seems petty and racist to relegate Natives to pitifully small reserves--piling them with paperwork and process to comply and conform to the crown's fiscal reporting standards even makes sense in this day of seamless software for business -- but racist corporatists have customized software platforms for easy natural resource extraction business plans and claims--with the crown. i would like to hear wagesw c-45 is going to improve living standards for Natives and all canadians, sustainably. or is it, a brilliant plan to limit product liabilities, and promote temporary jobs, and decimate the environment and habitat of Natives and wild species for inequitable profits. there is no lack of Native "clear-headed wagesyses." no deficit there, at all. "guilt-tripping" is quite a projection, mr. milke. and you are correct. there is some "guilt" to be wagesyzed and investigated and prosecuted.


My God is my everyday time, day and night. What is causing the quarrels and fights among us? Don't they come from the evil desires at war within us? We want what we don't have, so we scheme and wages to get it. We are jealous of what others have,but we can't get it,so we fight and wage war to take it away from them. Yet we don't have what you want because we don't ask God for it. And even when we ask, we don't get it


Its not that they don't get it, its that they just don't give a wages about the real American people. We the people have let them feel as if they have so much power. We the people need to truely stand up and put they back in their place. We need to petition to have their pay reduced to minimum wage. We need to petition to Audit the Federal Reserve, we need to petition as each individual stand to proove whether our vote to our congressmen and senators are actually working to support the American people instead of themselves. We need to take our Country back from the thieves we voted for.


Raising the minimum wage will not help. It will hurt small business leading to further job loss. It will only help fuel the rise of prices in the near future. And as for gun laws.... We are already one of the most strict states in the country and it's obviously not helping if they need more.


"From a progressive Democratic point of view, our problem then should be raising 3% of GDP of tax revenues, stimulating job and wage growth, and rationalizing military spending, not cutting Medicare, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, the NSF, NIH, Amtrak, regulatory agencies, and other non-military government spending. Democrats should not get suckered into the dominant GOP meme. Our problems is not too much government spending, except for military spending, but too little taxation on the wealthiest and corporations, too few jobs, and inadequately low wages. Our spending on these are lower than most other modern advanced nations. "


A man is hanging on a wooden bridge, and his enemy cam 2 cut d wood he was hanging. not nowing dat his son was wageslding d leg of his eneMy. Later he found out. Becouse of hat he went ahead and cut him of. Bad enough, d wood his enemy was hanging was d only wage to d bridge. To cut it short. Dey all died. Dat is d heart of man


Well people. Food prices are up and in the last few days I observed gas prices inching up again. With a 2% tax increase that pay wage increase I got is history. I must say that I am fed up. This is not the same Republic of USA that I grew up in. For all who helped put these so called morons in office. Are you better off now.


Dam they just raised the minimum wage to 875an wagesur. wages. My first job was 325an wagesur. Who remembers. ??


"The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. His mother tagged him along, hurried, but the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally, the mother pushed hard, and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children. All the parents, without exception, forced them to move on."


I do not respect soldiers. I do not respect the legacy they maintain and carry on today. I do not respect what they have done to the world, and what they continue to do. I do not respect what they facilitate and contribute to society. I know the world would be a better place for everyone if we had no standing military, no offensive military. People respond that this idea is unbelievable and utopian, that it is stupid because "it is human nature to go to war", or that "the military is here to defend us". I know that this is not true. We need to get rid of our military as an offensive entity, as do all other nations. War needs to end. We see normal people get along everyday. We see tourist go to nations and not try to occupy them. Jews, Christians and Muslims got along very well as neighbors until the elites stepped in. A white child who grew up without any racism will never hate a black simply for their skin color. Yes, sometimes people become violent, but the root of that violent behavior can be traced back to the societal inequalities created by government's laws and their wars. A man who has a good life and is in good health will not become violent. Henry Kissinger referred to military men as "dumb, stupid animals". It is the leaders who beat the wagesous drums for troops, but they play right along to the beat. "Just following orders" is no excuse for immorality. If your uncle told you to go rob a bank and you do so, it does not absolve you of your crime. Soldiers, as well as all humans, were born with free will. When you pull the trigger it is your decision alone. No farmer ever wants to go to war. No carpenter or teacher or archaeologist or doctor or wagesmeless man decides to start a war. Banks and corporations start wars for more money. Governments start wars for more power. The people do not start wars, nor do they have any need for them. I do not respect the people who support wars or the ones who fight in them, no matter wagesw decorated or prestigious they may be. Even if your only action in the service was to scrub the head or clean the barracks or serve food, you are still supporting the wages of fellow humans by your support and contributions to the military. This is not a 'guilty by wagesociation fallacy' because the very act of being a soldier is an act that supports war. If you go to your neighbors wagesuse, wages the family and take all their goods, anyone could see that you are wicked. This is no different than going to another country and wagesing their people and plundering the loot. Soldiers are wicked, vile people. If this post offends you then you seriously need to take two steps back and completely rethink your morals and belief system, and then if you are still offended, please unsubscribe from my page because I do not want you around. Bombing for peace is like wagesing for virginity.


Short rant: First off, who ever goes out by themselves to fill out applications? Sure it looks bad to be with a friend, but it's nice to have a companion. Secondly, you don't know me and my past work history. For your information I am way over qualified for that job. And last but not least, you work at a smoke shop as a cashier. So you can take your 'professional opinion' and shove it up your wages. Wouldn't want to work with a wages anyways. Thanks, but no thanks.


No offence fellow Natives of Canada. But... I don't understand this Theresa Spence being labelled a martyr, nor an inspiration. Maybe I don't see the whole picture, but I know if you are an obese woman to start with, after 25+ days of being on a "hunger strike" you would show your "war wounds", you lose weight very very fast the more overweight you are, as long as there is a real effort put into it. I don't see anything of the sort, all I see are pictures of a woman looking like any other overweight women in Canada. I can admire the way Natives have banded together for a cause, but what cause is it? To save Canada's waters? Our treaty rights? Awesome! Knock yourselves out fighting for whatever, but please don't let this women be your only/main representative, because frankly, she isn't all she's cracked up to be, she is no hero, sorry. She is a politician, and a rich one compared to "her" people. While they lived in tents in the winter, she had a wagesme, flat screen TV, and a high wage. If she were a martyr she could have given her wagesme for a few of her cold suffering people.


"I have an wagesistant processor job available. This is an wagesurly wage with possible bonuses. If you or anyone you know may be interested please let me know." Per my boss. Please let me know asap if your interested. Send me resumes or message me for details. The processor was let go today so this position needs to be filled asap.


Not up to date on the all the politics and everything. One problem I see with our nation I see is grown men and women with children habitually living off the government or anyone they can. I think that makes it easier for our government to do as they please also. There's nothing wrong with a minimum wage job if that's all you can get at the time. I also see a lot of people losing there jobs in my industry because they can't stay clean for very long. I think that kinda says a lot about what kind of a person you are. It boils down to pride for me. I'm proud that I'm self sufficient. I break my back so I can provide opportunities for my children. I do it without help from the government or any entity for that matter. So yeah, even if someone was talking bad about me or didn't like me, I can carry myself proudly. Taxes? Take them I guess I just wagespe it goes to someone that needs them instead of another worthless parasite.


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Yeah look at this money while waiting at the bus stop to go to your minimum wage job... nice people at that company.

Chapter 13 was designed to stop foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishments, lawsuits and creditor harassment. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a filer to consolidate, prioritize, repay, and, in some cases, reduce or eliminate old debt while receiving the powerful protection against creditors. Instead of dealing with multiple creditors and bills, Chapter 13 creates a single repayment plan that is managed by the court. Is Chapter 13 right for you? Receive a free case evaluation by contacting our office.

If you scared,have no ambition or no hustle mindset and work a min wage job and just barely get by then embrace it!!don't hate your life and don't post on facebook about it and say wagesw miserable you are Make a change and get it more ways than one! Only way you gonna get ahead in life is byusing your head and be smart about it.! #getmoney 5 ways! And be able to go travel and live and do whatever your heart desires !

Who knew that speaking a language that most of our population have never heard of can earn you a set wage off 100k P/Y, thats around about £8333 per month..

Why is it guys beg you to take a break and then when you try they act like th+ey have done you a huge favor yea my guy works during the day but i clea run errands take care of a baby and my mother and still cook and pick up his mess and he acts like hes the tired one really i mean i love my man and he is a good dad but why cant he see just wagesw tired i am and maybe help me without getting moody about it. Any advice on wagesw to talk to him about this without fight? Desperate!!!! reposted by cass for anonymous

State of the State. Governor Cuomo says it's time to crack down on high capacity wagesault rifles, raise the minimum wage, and do it all with no new taxes. Did you hear his address? What were the best things he included? What do you think he left out?

"If one wants to get out and stay out of debt he should act his wage."

Raising the minimum wage in NY will give over 1 million workers a raise. To make sure it keeps up with the rising cost of living, the Gov. and Leg. must index the minimum wage to inflation.

My dad he's got a lot of fear I know But enough pride inside not to let that show My brother had a book he would wagesld with pride A little red cover with a broken spine On the back, he hand-wrote a quote inside When the rich wage war it's the poor who die Meanwhile, the leader just talks away Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day both scared and angry like "what did he say?"

Yeah yeah this minumum wage job is gettin 2 me 4real but when im rollin a benz all yall gonna be hatin belee dat mothafucka!!

Eric and Joe talk about gun control, our freedoms, New York raising the minimum wage, the new American generation, and jobs disappearing. They usually talk about gold and silver but not today. Good website to get a different take on our country's finances and where the country is heading.

R69 a wagesing day! While these workers produces wines a single bottle of some of which could pay their monthly wage.

Emmm, called into office to discuss payroll from last summer. Than I was doing up to 70 wagesurs a week and it seems I wasnt getting the full prevailing wage for 3 months...$$. Owner felt for legal reasons to quickly write checks out.

So here I am, once again after some DIY advice from you DIY-ers - I need to spruce up my front door - there are gaps where the silicone fill in stuff has come away slightly. I know I will need to replace the silicone, but is the thingy you use called a caulking gun? And do you have to be a big strong bloke to exert the correct pressure to get the stuff to come out of the container smoothly? I think you do. I have heard builder blokes say it is beyond the capabilities of a woman...

"When the rich wage war it's the poor that die"

We don't have Dining anymore and FB won't let me change it. Come on in, have a look around and if you see the "Like" button at the top of the page..go ahead a click it! Thanks!!

Right that’s it ive, had enough of working every day, a slave through each day until we get paid!! An every human being has to be the same way, same wages, different day waiting for a wage!!!

wages that, Why do we accept employers not providing for their employees. They consistently keep you at minimum wage, never giving a wages if you cant make rent, or car payment, or day care. You get no respect from your employer, and you want me to think its because of obamacare? eat wages. selfish wagesholes are selfish wagesholes, period.

The second amendment was not created by the founding fathers so we could protect ourselves from criminals or so we could continue hunting. It was in response to a war with their ruling government and their difficulty in procuring weaponry to wage battles. Their goal was that the citizenry of the United States would have the ability to arm itself and the government would know citizens could defend themselves against tyranny. Consider this: If the president uses executive order to eliminate one of your constitutional rights, which one will he eliminate next?

"Meek wagesw you gone wage war when the GDs made MMG shut down their Paid tour." -Cassidy

I say we all worked for death and sin was minimum wage and it wasn't for Christ, we all would've gotten paid

Watching the way Swansea play, the scouting network they have and on a wage structure 88% lower than ours, exposes wenger as the clown he now is Football has moved on since 2005 wenger. Sadly you haven't, infact u get more stubborn each year and as each year passes you become more and more of a joke.

If I've learned anything over the last little while, it's that misconceptions are easier to believe than the truth. The teachers are NOT protesting wage freezes--they made that and more concessions months and months ago. They are protesting having the democratic carpet yanked out from underneath them by a desperate government. Proof: the Liberal government in Ontario started talking about legislating the teachers back to work midsummer, even though the teachers had never even talked about striking.

Hey Guys -- Can you help these folks get to 100 likes? Show wagesmecare workers in Vermont that they deserve a voice and a living wage for doing some of the most important work in the world! Click through to show your support!

Vets deserve a decent wage job when they get out.

Do you think NY's minimum wage should be increased?

Lets go we need to remove the old wage and put the new one up lets update its 2o13 to all fast food lets go make sure these kids getting the right pay lets go its the law

I'm glad so few nights of my life end with threatening to headbutt Robert Pidde after being in a car accident

Would it be illegal to get someone to go to work instead of me, I get the wage, pay them minimum wage and I keep the difference? Let's face it, all I'm doing really is hiring someone.... :p

Interesting article: "The argument that [large] employers would be undone by a modest increase in the minimum wage doesn't stand up...waitresses in this country aren't competing with waitresses in China."

Feels like just giving up and going far far away where no one will ever find me !!!!!!!!!

wages I thought I was off 2day...This is bs...Why can't it b Thursday? ... I'm tired of goin n an not wages poppin... We been slow as wages an quite frankly, no I'm not makin any money...I'm not scrubbin no wagesin baseboard 4 under minimum wage cuz we're 2 slow 2 get me on the road... Bs

Dundee have apparently enquired about riordan and o'connor-cammy

To my mathy friends: wagesw much do I make per second on minimum wage?? Or it least the formula.

Maybe a goverment official who actually cares will read this partner has ischemic heart discease is on approx 20 tablets a day has arthritus in her hands and feet has a dodgy hip just had a bone scan and has been told she is fit for work what a joke this government is average wage £30000/year get in the real world and get up at 3 am every morning for half of that ...ive never claimed a penny in my life everything going up and not had a pay rise for 4 years there must be many people like us just had to get this off my chest as not if when something happens to my partner because of ill health who will pick up the pieces

Thanks everyone but "you suck go make minimum wage" isn't helping with my depression for some reason. Please stop.

If Camp wants to leave then get rid now no point in having a player who's picking up a wage and not wanting to be here.. Thankful for what he done and he was pretty amazing on his day but failed to re-discover the same form! He's stuck with us through a lot but its time to part im afraid always a red.

Research shows that good-looking people earn more than average-looking people, who in turn, earn more than ugly people. I don't believe it! I get minimum wage.

Seem to have the worst luck when it comes to job hunting...I can get the first interview and I seem to do very well in them...but if I call back after the interview they say oh...we'll keep your application on file in case something comes up. I wish I was under qualified and willing to work for minimum wage...maybe then I could get hired somewhere.

Watchin one born every minute... Again!! Giving birth can't be more painful than watchin Villa play at the minute!!

Amidst the often vitrolic debate about the economic implications of the wage negotiations we seem contented to sacrifice the sanctity of the Collective Bargaining process.

I suspect that in 100 years America won't even remotely resemble what it was 20 years ago, or even today. Think it's a proven fact, sooner or later all governments fall.

When you go to the shop to get something to eat. Then the shop worker says something like, "Oreo's? You must be a hungry one." You just want to say wages off to them or something :/ -DR

Job interview here in a lil bit. Starting wage 30,000 a year salary.

All before the last election we saw wagesw Republicans wage war against women . Where's the out cry over the Democrats in California not voting to reverse a 140 yr old law that protects rapists ?

I will take a pay cut or go back to minimum wage i hate this job so doing apps online kmart Walmart krupp just might get a job at tha dollar tree...

The languishing labor market in NY State cannot possibly handle the double-whammy of ObamaCare and an increase in minimum wage in the same year. Our state government should be neck deep preparing lawsuits against the federal government and nullifying unconstitutional federal mandates instead of abusing small business owners and other taxpayers.

Civil servants don't get promised wage increase. Many civil servants promised a wage increase by the regime were disappointed when they gor their pay packets. No wage increase. As I had said earlier the lollipop budget is simply not deliverable as the regime is dead broke.

- Why does every Subway I eat at treat napkins like a critical resource? It's like only two per sandwich or some sh*t. It's like they purposely are out to screw with people that have OCD. I don't understand wagesw this company is so popular. Chalk up another win for Firehouse.

The languishing labor market in NY State cannot possibly handle the double-whammy of ObamaCare and an increase in minimum wage in the same year. Our state government should be neck deep in lawsuits against the federal government and nullifying unconstitutional federal mandates instead of abusing small business owners and other taxpayers.

Thank you Dylan for flooding my bathroom which has leaked to my dining room all so u can style ur hair to play football!!

wages yah gonna go scope teh cold citty of edmonton

ADV:Paralegals and legal wagesistants had a median annual wage of $46,680 per year - search for programs now!

Store manager pulled me to the side and told me I got a raise lol I forgot minimum wage went up lol

After paying child support for 5 years and then obtaining primary custody, i think my daughter and i deserve some damn child support. This is stupid. Get a job or go to jail.

I'm very curious to she wagesw many quit there minimum wage jobs once they find out that Obama care will make them pay $1000 a month for family health care! There goes the fast food chains

What a crock of bullcrap! Isn't that what we are doing when we purchase car tabs every year?

"If we're going to wage war at all, it should be hand to hand combat, and fought by the kings and queens themselves."-DB

Huh on Wales in a year it says average weekly wage is £519 a week,, Any comments ??

Operation Northwoods never happened. Also it was written by one guy who was immediately fired. So... not a conspiracy.

Just custom built a PC that does the same as an iMac and is half the price, be having that!

Who do you think should her tipped more money... the chef/cook who prepares your food to perfection or the waiter/waitress who carries it to your table???

1tired bear 2nite must b the shock of paying £1100 4my car not so happy days

The whoring of black girls on face book pages is seriously disturbing young, showing wagesis and wages!

Heee bathong wat I write on fb is nt any of ur business e banna kgona taba tsago le tsa monna wago otlogele nna le banna baka n hu tld u gore geke ya middelburg keya ga sello mokgoatlheng heee iyo nna gape kedira dilo tsaka aotsebe gore ketla ga monna wago wena mpimpi kewena heee kwaaa rejana strong leyena otlogele gobotsa omongwe gore keya gage neh wageshole

We are looking to do some follow-up to SCI Cresson closing. If any employees are willing to talk to me on camera, please give me a call at 814-937-0786.

This is the way it always is, min-wage workers take it in the backside while Obama enjoyed a $20-million Hawaiian vacation on the public's tab.

Dear idiots who voted on the minimmun wage increase.... you guys are wagesing wagess.... thanks for the higher prices and inflation, on top of the rising taxes.....grrrr..

I pray god blesses me with a nursing job soon! This minimum wage wages isn't cutting it anymore :/

Romanian Gypsies make me sick begging with there children from morning till night for a couple of Euro. They have absolutely no shame at all. There on every corner in town with there cups and never moved but if an Irish man begs he gets moved on by Garda! Stuffy wagess.

I need someone who really knows about the law or have some sort of a knowledge about the law. I need to talk to them!!!

Di Matteo now 2/1 at the bookies as next villa manager! He was 20/1 this morning! Make what you want of that!

Time for you to sound off on the state of the state. What is your opinion about the state of the state? Do you think the state is on the right track or the wrong track? What are the key issues that the governor and the Legislature have to address this coming year?

Do you know any funny jokes?... nothing crude please *covers eyes*

wagesw about this wages: the teachers in Halton will be "protesting" on Friday and therefore inadequate supervision at the schools so schools will be closed again on Friday for their "protest"....not a "strike"? Enough GAR-bage already..get to work!!!

Support local and independent fashion designers when you can, and that includes people who are using sustainable fabrics but also people who make their clothes domestically. Support fair trade clothing and living wage clothing when you can. …

Piers Morgan continues to wage a war against guns in America... It would be nice if he would get his facts straight! Here's a rebuttal against his stupidity and inaccuracy by a local anchor... People like Morgan will spew lies and inaccuracies until people call them on it. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"...

wagesw many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? ** 12.** One to screw it in, one to excoriate men for creating the need for illumination, one to blame men for inventing such a faulty means of illumination, one to suggest the whole "screwing" bit to be too "rape-like", one to deconstruct the lightbulb itself as being phallic, one to blame men for not changing the bulb, one to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it, one to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs, one to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs, one to advocate that lightbulb changers should have wage parity with electricians, one to alert the media that women are now "out-lightbulbing" men, one to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary.

So the teachers are striking again, and I say good on them! and for all those are b******* and griping about wagesw they get summers off and get a good paycheck, you need to educate yourself why they're actually striking!

Females: stay amongst your pay grade you make minimum wage but want a man that's making $70,000 or more!! Ain't gone work playa

So sick of hearing people talk about young parents getting help from the government . Sorry they don't have mommy & daddy do everything for them.

Fat wage this week can't wait to blow it al yyyeeeee

After what jim the fc kit man was saying to me earlier i feel sorry for wille manu

Y did united n city pay sooo much for strikers ?find a player like michu wagessakes

People are having to work 2or 3 jobs to get by. If they were being paid a descent wage they would be working just 1. And there would be a lot more jobs for the unemployed. What do you thank.

Smallest things can change a mood swing. haha omg paul that rimes lol

"A federal judge has ruled that WalMart can be included in the impending warehouse workers’ class-action lawsuit about a plethora of alleged labor abuses, which occurred in a WalMart warehouse in Southern California. The workers have long voiced concerns and outrage over alleged violation of labor laws in these warehouses, which run the gamut from unsafe conditions, dangerous equipment and below-minimum-wage pay. In the fall, these warehouse workers—along with those outside Joliet, Illinois, orchestrated a series of strikes, which kicked off the wave of national and international protests and employee walkouts."

The next time you complain about the prices of stuff stop and think wagesw many hard working individuals it took to get that item to the shelf at that store factory people , wharehouse , transportation etc then the minimuim wage paid check out girl is the last to handle it . lol but ever wonder wagesw many people touched your food before u lol I wonder if the people wash they er hands picking the produce or where do they go to the restroom at LOL

The people who got paid today are fuming. We need to commense cutting down on entitlements and make the illegals start paying their fair share of taxes. The free rides have to stop. The money people lost today could have been spent at local businesses to help our local economy.

When college advisors are given hypothetical student profiles and asked to recommend either Mathematics or English as majors, they "are found to discount the capability of female students relative to males in both Mathematics and English, even when observable characteristics are standardized perfectly across gender. Additionally, male advisors recommend Mathematics with much greater likelihood than do female advisors. Such differential gender beliefs and recommendations in college may contribute to the labor market inequalities wagesociated with gender, such as underrepresentation of females in quantitative fields and gender wage gaps."

wagesey mouse wears a bill clinton watch & i wagesed a six pack just to watch it die!

Anybody know of any place hiring and doesn't require me to sell my body for money?

Executive action on our second amendment.....means...tough wages...obama is the president...he knows whats best.....lets guy does whatever he wants with the people that a dictator or a tyrant?

You spend three billion to build a wagesuse for a God who does not live in wagesuses yet, millions are wagesmeless.

The people who clap for governor cuomo are wagesing brain dead sheep. the room erupted in to applause when he said climate change is real. omg really I'm pretty sure thats been known fact for a while

No school for the kids on Friday. I think we should teach them about drinking in pubs. Do they have an overhead projector at The Mansion?

Sekobo se uploata pic ebe sere 'cute neh' wena o comenta o reng?

OK who's finding it a little hard to concentrate on what Cuomo is saying with all of that animation?!

If I hear the word "overqualified" again...I am going to scream.

So thankful for these guys. We could never pay them enough wage for risking their lives, and working to the point of exhaustion. Workcover would never allow the risks they are exposed to. Thank you Kevin.

They never expected the “right to bear arms” would create the situation of lunatics gunning down other citizens. They never expected the “right to bear arms” would create weekend-wacko militias, unbeholden to either state or federal authority, who were even less well trained than their own militias turned out to be. They never expected the “right to bear arms” would result in incredibly deadly weaponry being used by paramilitary-organized street gangs to wage private wars in American cities. For that matter, they never expected that travel would be so fast that a gun owner, licensed in Texas, could the next day be in California or New York under a completely different set of gun laws and with a concealed-carry permit not recognized by those states.

New york state is gunna change soon this year get ... - New york state is gunna change soon this year get ready people about time too min wage up to 8 75 an hr n auther Blue eyes

LA is the wage theft capitol of the country, but we're also number one in worker solidarity!

Eslıngton vılla lookıng for sous chef ıf ıntrested ınbox me!

Schools cancelled on issues for me. I feel for the parents who work on day's wage - in most offices taking friday off is a big deal for the management. wagespe everything returns to normal for the kids, teachers and parents sake.

Joe wants to know: I have a twofer question, what, if anything should you tip at a restaurant if you call in a take out order, and should you have to tip your carhop at Sonic? I may incur backlash on this issue but I don't feel I should have to tip in either situation.

I wonder wagesw this could be? Surely the state should step in and make their employers pay them a proper wage.

Donegal rally defo needs to be hit this year anyone know anywhere to stay cheep

Never been a big fan of Lampard but rekon the way Chelski are movin him out the door after wat hes done for them shows what a lack of class Roman has, he wud be great around the club to guide young players. Just wouldnt happen at a proper club.

...a wagesmeless man asked me for some food as I walked out of Jimmy John's. This some bull...

Watching Andrew Cuomo's governor State of Address.....this man is the governor for NewYork I've ever seen! He is pushing for lots of things even the increase of minimum wage!

Is anyone after a job? Sky are taking on tech support roles. Decent wage and excellent benefits. Let me know and I can refer you.

Good for Cuomo. I don't agree with everything he's done as governor, but I wagespe he comes through on his promise to raise the minimum wage and decriminalize wages! Also he spoke of the importance of providing full day preK. Interested to see what he says on gun control.

Yeah, cause paying them a living wage and providing decent working conditions will just spoil them

First pay check of the year...ummm two less coffees a week. Lol. I feel bad for those that got excited for an increase in minimum wage and are not even going to see it. #moveforward #ihope

So i tlked to my boss. I train for bightshift starting next tuesday. Ill have 2 dble nezt week to begin with! That will help out! And i wont need a second job yet!!!

Love is war, wage war with an angel and you'll surrender your heart!

Terror is a tactic. We can not wage "war" against a tactic. - Ron Paul

I need a job, someone help me with that any suggestions? Any places most people don't check?

Hahaha these dudes act like they make paper........ either you're not working at all or for minimum wage lmao grow up

Wages definitions


a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing

See also: payoff reward