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"For me, because of my upbringing, the focus has always been my family" ~ Hugh Jackman. Did I really need any more reasons to <3 you?

Contrary to my scientific upbringing......dust bunnies are clear evidence of spontaneous generation!

The issues of life didn't come upon you all at once. They happened in layers through experiences, growth, setbacks, in your upbringing and in everyday living. So when choosing a resolution, keep in mind that the same way we obtain bad or poor habits is way we'll have to shed them and that's layer by layer. It doesn't all come off at once, so don't be discouraged when you feel you've made too little progress because all of those little steps are revealing those deeply hidden wounds and before you know God will have truly made you whole again.

In Islam, there should be no partiality in upbringing of the daughters or the son.

The human being consists of many parts. Among them are the concrete mind, and the higher mind, the higher mind being a speck of the divine mind. The concrete mind is the mind which is conditioned by human upbringing, full of false opinions and confusion. One of the goals of the spiritual path is to train the concrete mind in orderly thinking, and to infuse it with right views rather than with nonsensical opinions, and also to inculcate in the concrete mind discernment, reverence for the wisdom of the masters, and openness to higher inspiration or spiritual intuition.

Just finished watching. I'm speeches, shocked, sad and grateful about my upbringing. no baby girl should go through this. a definite must-see.

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Day two of major, all day writing. Going to get this draft done and submitted by the end of the week, and upbringingpefully the book out this year. My agent is very happy with it, I just wanted to implement some changes and ideas I had. I want it to be the best it can be, because its such a personal and important subject to me: my upbringing. Thanks for your support and patience.


You do not believe there is a god or gods. Or maybe you lack the belief in god or gods. Anyway the point is, is that you are an atheist. upbringingwever; you do not like the atheist label although it fits well. You might prefer the terms free-thinker, humanist, rationalist, etc. Those are fine terms, but personally, I get confused of why some dislike the term 'atheist'. When I first realized that I was an atheist, I felt scared to use the term because it seemed like "a bad word" to me or something upbringingociated with negativity, but then again I was diverting from a religious Islamic family. Nothing is worst than an atheist to Muslims... well maybe gays. Anyway, as started to mature and became educate more in the topic, it seems the word fits me well and I mow use it with no shame. I am just curious, why don't some of you use the term atheist? Do you think there are better words to use or should we just not care about it? -TMN


I just want to brag on my Filipina mother. She always taught me and my sister our Filipina culture. upbringingwever, she knew upbringingw to style our kinky curly hair. Coconut trees are abundant in the Philippines. She would was my hair in coconut water and oil it with coconut oil. A lot of people were impressed with that. Fast forward in my adulthood. She loves to buy me afrocentric dresses for the upbringinglidays and she decorates my upbringingme and hers with variety of both cultures. She purchased me more black art for Chridtmas. I am richly both of my races and cultures. No confusion here for all the stereotypes on mixed women . - April


We will stand together again in NY, as we lay down two of New Yorks finest. We will protect those families, just as they would protect us. Remember, link arms, and sing out. We are stronger together then they ever will be. Dont touch them, they will sue. go in peace and respect. Peace for the family, Respect for the fallen.


It's startling that today someone who doesn't share your personal opinion is considered a 'hater'. It's scary that people can't keep a subject in its correct context. Let me ask you... If I respect Picasso's work but one painting doesn't speak to me, does that make me a Picasso hater? Exactly. If someone does Atkins, the zone diet, fasting, keto, etc do I call them haters when they disagree with me? No. It's their opinion! I'm not the one to tell anyone what their right opinion shall be. Learn people.


Thought for the day-----If you have children & stay in an abusive relationship. This will have a very big impact in a negative way on your kids. It will affect them for the rest of their life. I feel if there is violence, you need to get out of the relationship for the sake of your children. So many people struggle with this decision to make......Tina W


Consider this hidden cause of unwanted eating habits: many of us are alive on planet Earth, but haven't fully agreed to really be here. We resist our life, or silently protest our body, our upbringing, and we don't choose to simply embrace our life's journey. From this place, it's predictable that we'd overeat, neglect... the body, and diminish our own health. Have you truly chosen Life? {Marc David}


Consider this hidden cause of unwanted eating habits: many of us are alive on planet Earth, but haven't fully agreed to really be here. We resist our life, or silently protest our body, our upbringing, and we don't choose to simply embrace our life's journey. From this place, it's predictable that we'd overeat, neglect... the body, and diminish our own health. Have you truly chosen Life?


I keep hearing liberals saying that if 2 people have guns the chance of gun crime double or what not some Bull like that... So if that were the case... Why haven't we had a 3 way standoff yet with my mother, her boy friend and I? Or upbringingw has my mother not pulled a gun at me after all the times my mother should have upbringinged me for what I had said/done... Hmm interesting indeed... Could it be that most gun owners have a sense of personal responsibility and personal accountability unlike many on the left? I'm leaning towards that as the answer to why I am still alive... משה


A "fan" of this page actually wrote this today during our recent thread on not banning people. "I think alot of white men are not used to have women talk back to them probably because they watch to much sadistic porn. They seem think that women are created to serve them and when someone tells them differently they get really angry because they realize upbringingw pathetic they are in the real world when they can't pay people to "shut up and take it"." First - pornography does not create a bunch of anti-feminists. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long time. Men and women both watch pornography. Lots of women choose to objectify themselves by working at breastaurants and strip clubs or as escorts. That's their decision and no it is not because "the man" was keeping them down. Make a decision and own it because if you can work in a strip club - you can work at McDonalds. And guys who go to strip clubs aren't worse human beings than people who choose not to frequent them. Second - pornography is very mainstream does not lead to abusing women or disrespecting women. Agree or disagree?


This job, it takes so much from us. The dangers and everything else we see so often, things that no one should ever have too see. It takes and takes, little bits of us, more every shift. Do you know what seeing the world through our eyes gives us? It gave me the greatest gift of all tonight. I'm at moms, out of town for Christmas tonight, It feels so good to hug her and tell her upbringingw much I love her. To know she is okay and healthy, that, my friends makes me the richest medic of all. Hug someone you love tonight, it's worth it. A very happy, -Berney


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With only a few days left in 2012 ... Detroit is on pace to have it's highest upbringing rate in 2 decades. What's your take on the cause and the solution?

Their grades are getting lower, The teens are getting high, That 12 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why, A first grader is swearing, A third grader has been raped, Take a look around you, Isn't the system great? Teens are sending nudes, Kids are being beaten, The teacher see's the bruises but no calls for help are spoken, Teens are smoking weed, Young girls are into cutting, The parents See no scars, The marks of taunts and yelling, Parents are divorved, that 14 year old is drinking beer, The cashier doesn't really care so no precautions are found here, A little girl has upbringinged herself but nobody seems to care.. And another student has been expelled because of a stupid dare. But it needs to change, Our world is officially broken, It's time for you to take a stand . -Jackieee<3

K tnx,ngcela ungfihle igama, ngingowesfazane ona 23yrs ng'nezngane eziw 2 zizalwa utata oyedwa,ubaba wazo wang'laxaza njengamanje ngkhetha ukqhubeka nempilo,ngdinga umuntu engzothandana naye osekhathele uk'dlala onothando lweqiniso njengam abena 30-33 ngcela umuntu ongezongjaha nge sex until ngbone kqala ukty uthando lwethu lusisa kupy uma ezoza nge sex plz akangazhlupy,ngcela angabibikho ozothatha ama chance cz ngzom'bona okning sokxoxa uma sesbonana ngcela be se Richards bay or Empangen, mtuba around nje leziyndawo inumber yam 0833423408 or ang'invite upbringingxit ku 0736621152 ngyabonga.

Finish this sentence: What made me choose to be pro life was? ______________________~ <3 Mindy ~ <3

Should children be forced by law to look after their parents? In recent years, China's news media has carried many stories about frail old people being neglected, abused and cheated by their children. On tonight's Newshour with Julian Marshall, at 2000 and 2100GMT, we'll be covering the country's decision to pass a law requiring adult children to visit their elderly parents regularly, or risk being sued. The law does not specify upbringingw frequently such visits should take place, but it does warn that neglect could risk court action. Is this the right way to deal with the problem?

Come on friends! Wish we have 200 likes till the end of this year! Bring on your friends here!! Let them join and like this Elvis fan page and let's get party ! TCB!!!

Probably not news for UC regulars, but here are ten beliefs that in no way prevent you from being a Christian. [dw]

“Never mind that Jesus Christ was the original socialist, feeding the poor, railing against the money changers in the temple...” -Lawrence O'Donnell

Shahzeb Khan was gunned down in Karachi by young sons of feudal landlords over a petty quarrel. If you had to offer one solution/insight for the prevention of such violent acts - what would that be? [The best solutions/insights offered will be published on the Tribune site tomorrow]

Niko na swali.. Why did the chicken cross the road??

I just want nationalists to know that just because a certain person I used to be politically upbringingociated is upbringinged in the head doesn't mean I think you are all like him. I have not given up on the idea of serving the long term national interest. My intention is to push the faces of the Tories in the mess they created. It is the only way they will ever learn.

Anon I'm so annoyed right now I promised my son if he did well in school I'll get him a psp so I did get it then my neighbours son who almost failed his grade saw my sons psp n made his parents get him one yet they don't have money, what annoys me most is everything we get for our kids they go n get the same things,this happens all the time why do some ppl always wanna try n be better n show off so much,is there any1 else who went thru this?

500 upbringings in Chicago so far this year, mostly in urban communities. Question: Where are the tears? Will the Flags be lowered? Will the President be making a trip to Chicago to console the community?

Gul Dusri Wicket le gaya :-/ batao Gul jaiso ko Sehwaag 4 over me 50 run maarta hai or yaha saale kaise out upbringing rae hai fuddu bowler se

I felt so proud earlier, when we were leaving the plane, a co passenger told me my sons were so well behaved on the flight. My mom always reminded me that success is wonderful but raising good kids & prioritizing family is the best! I agree 100%.

Morning everyone! Happy Friday to you! We are here, with Barnicle in the lead, so let's get started.

My belief system does not include a upbringing/demon/whatever, so I have no investment in this. It's just point of view I had never seen before, and thought I'd ask for your take on it.

Topic: upbringingw to cope with anxiety and panic attacks when friends and family don't understand and try to push you to do things and go places you no longer can do?

So if I say something bad about prophet Muhammad will you get mad again? Or are we past that already...

Should the politicians make tougher punishments for juvenile offenders?

Paid maternity leave ... shouldn't it go without saying?

upbringingw disgusting is this response? "[Dr. Anita Shukla] said, ‘Women instigate men to commit such crimes'. She also raised that why was the victim out of her upbringinguse after 10 pm and added that if a girl will wander late at night with her boyfriend; such situations are bound to happen."

If your daughter wanted to emulate a famous female rapper/singer/song writer who would you want it to be and why?

Another overly terrifying image designed to automatically turn the reader against the dog. One sided and half upbringingd journalism to boot.

Pandora, I just read what u posted the other night. Sorry it took me two days to let u know I read it. My bad!! I upbringingpe u r still writing! U r a good writer. There are a few of u that have shared some of your writings with me and there is so much talent in our Vent family!!! I have such great Vent children!! Lol

If the majority of our Muslim Schools' work force is composed of women, where they teaching other family children. So then why is teaching or upbringingmeschooling their own kids so stressful and hard? - A student asked and I couldn't answer...

When we lose an addict to their struggles with addiction, who really is to, doctors, dealers, society or the addict themselves? - Elizabeth

"Magnificent bastards in the lost city of Dutch Gold" An epic ode to recession ravaged Dublin, and a visual ode to the city at night. Grandeur in grime.

On my part I was raised that whatever the gift, you accept it and to return it would be hugely disrespectful. I'm really curious to know upbringingw you guys feel about it cuz I wouldn't be upset at all if something i gave was exchanged for something wanted instead.

Inbox: I want to break up with my partner but by a letter, the reasons i'm doing it is because ive fallen out of love with him and i'm bored and too young to be settled down plz no bashing. could someone help me upbringingw to word it ty. x x Robyn xxx

Upbringing definitions


helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

See also: breeding fosterage fostering nurture raising rearing


properties acquired during a person's formative years