Brokerage in a sentence as a noun

" or "I've got $3,500 in my brokerage, I'll buy 100 shares!

But because Zillow and Trulia are not brokerages, they cannot access the MLS feeds. So they have to get the data on their own.

If you want a real brokerage that uses technology to keep costs down, check out Interactive Brokers.

Airbnb is a brokerage for what is probably an illegal activity in a lot of places.

So instead, I started investing a small amount of my paycheck in to my brokerage account.

Netting comes about when you're dealing with lots of order flow at a bank/brokerage with multiple lines of business.

Surprisingly, they'll actually pay the brokerage for the privilege of doing so.

Most of what you say is right, but some clarifications and context:You don't need to be a brokerage to get access to the MLS feed.

There is nothing stopping them from opening a brokerage in their most popular markets and simply copying Redfin's model.

Some apartments are exclusively represented by a brokerage firm, where they've come to some arrangement with the landlord.

When I was an options market maker we paid a sweet premium for a particular retail brokerage’s flow and still made a killing on it.

Fifth paragraph:>Now, after many consultations with attorneys, the IRS, and our moles in the debt-brokerage world...I'm guessing they know what they're doing.

The sell-side provides "prime" brokerage services to the buy-side clients -- that is they connect buyers and sellers via the exchanges.

If you cant get into a top-five MBA program, dont even botherIn 2009 I had spent 3 years out of school in a multifamily commercial real estate brokerage role.

In order for a brokerage [1] to operate in a region, it needs to employ agents specifically licensed in that region, and have a real office there.

Not that I believe this, but it seems like an easy translation to stock brokerages, which don't accept credit card payments, but force you to transfer real cash into your accounts before you trade.

You couldn't watch television without seeing ads for online brokers showing how easy it was to get rich quick, and your "My Account" page on said brokerage site was eager to tell you about your 10X margin and encourage you to use it.

This is one of the reasons why I like HN, because nothing in my lower-to-middle-class upbringing prepared me for the notion of stock as anything other than shares of IBM which you held at the brokerage until you needed to retire.

Investing in bitcoins by buying bitcoins means choosing an exchange, funding an account, holding the bitcoins, worrying about the security of the bitcoins being held by whatever exchange you've chosen or the security of whatever computer you're holding them on...Investing in a bitcoin ETF means clicking a buy button in your online brokerage account.

Brokerage definitions


a stock broker's business; charges a fee to act as intermediary between buyer and seller


the business of a broker; charges a fee to arrange a contract between two parties


place where a broker conducts his business