Unspoiled in a sentence as an adjective

If you could afford spices, you could afford unspoiled food.

Sure, but even more so because the atmosphere feels unique and unspoiled by the mainstream.

Both countries are well known for diverse wildlife and vast unspoiled natural habitats.

If people gave up on that notion and where willing to live in cities then there would be an abundance of unspoiled nature.

Before the attacks, Norway was so very, very innocent and unspoiled.

It benefits far more than most from playing entirely unspoiled; there's enough information in-game to solve all its puzzles.

Why not have a home to live in and allow ourselves rest, relaxation and recovery in an unspoiled wilderness?

Sure, I have no commute, low mortgage for a big house, no sales tax and easy access to some of the most beautiful unspoiled wilderness in the entire world.

Northern California believes in harmony with nature, and leaving things unspoiled.

Interestingly, that actually depends on what you call "unspoiled food".There were no refrigerators or grossery stores then.

On a trip to Japan he insists on going to an area where there is 'nothing to see' rather than the standard tour, and of course discovers a unique and unspoiled part of the country.

Are you personally currently environmentally apathetic because you know China is shoving as much burned coal into the air as they can?Are you personally currently environmentally apathetic because you know somewhere there are some unspoiled mountain lakes that are still hardly touched by the hand of man?Are you personally unconcerned about the possibility of your home being nuked because thank goodness Alaska will probably survive?You hypothesize a very bizarrely precise self-interest that very suddenly gives way to complete wild suicidal abandon at a very precise point.

Unspoiled definitions


not left to spoil; "the meat is still good"

See also: good undecomposed unspoilt


not decayed or decomposed

See also: uncorrupted