Unspoilt in a sentence as an adjective

My life is unspoilt, and I celebrate it every day.

You and everyone else are naive little adults unspoilt by the harsh realities of life.

Or is this just a big plan to build a city in the first bit of "unspoilt" wilderness we can find off planet?

But the unspoilt places inevitably require more effort both upfront and whilst there.

Sure, you'd have an unspoilt wilderness, but...for whom?The easily accessible areas are a tiny part of America's public land.

Is this region comparatively unspoilt because of the Chernobyl disaster?

Now the planet is crawling with life, irreparably damaging the unspoilt beauty of our natural geology.

The green belt isn't about protecting some dwindling remnant of unspoilt land, it's about propping up the house prices of people too stupid and selfish to even admit to themselves how stupid and selfish they're being.

I know they can't see past their own greed, but, what about noise, climate change and the fact that we do not have more than one planet's worth of hydrocarbons to waste?Also, fun that it may have been in Madeira, Madeira used to be unspoilt.

As more authentic an experience as it might have been when Ko Samui was an unspoilt island where you might be able to use your broken Thai to persuade a local fisherman to rent his hut to you, ultimately the Thais would rather not continue to be poor.

Who's to then stop you > from saying you took the loaf that was going to be discarded anyway > and so you're not depriving anybody?First, I'm all for dumster diving, efforts to make a more sustainable world, making it illegal to dump unspoilt food etc, etc -- however:You're still depriving the store of the physical good.

Unspoilt definitions


not left to spoil; "the meat is still good"

See also: good undecomposed unspoiled