Unmixed in a sentence as an adjective

Partly because the reds and greens you get still aren't nearly as vivid as unmixed pigments.

Much better to only add it right when serving, leaving the butter and potatoes largely unmixed.

Blended Scotch is far and away the majority of the market, but I'd imagine most people still drink their blended Scotch unmixed.

It's not an unmixed blessing, considering global warming.

The effects of the pandemic will not be unmixed environmentally.

By transitivity the cipher is the message plus a "mix" of the private key; and the private key is simple enough so that it can be "unmixed"...

However I would expect the feds to find a way to charge you if they found unmixed tannerite and pipebomb parts in your backpack.. maybe constructive intent?

But the individual unmixed ***** are widely available.

The referenced post suggests via original sources that unmixed was barbaric and for drunks.

If you have an accidental explosion involving unmixed AN, it likely won't be fully consumed in a way that contributes to a highly-brisant shock front.

Instead of having to be stuck with a premixed 5 or 7 channel format designed for an ideal that your setup probably is not, you instead include unmixed sound and where it would ideally be coming from.

Compared to the actual alternative state of affairs without the availability of capital - the lot of humanity for most of history and geography - blessings that exist in the real universe don't get any more unmixed.

So for example if the person receives false ashes, as in the article, and then the ceremony is performed in which the "dearly departed's ashes" are scattered, but it's really unmixed concrete - then does that falseness of that ceremony not count as damage to you?I wonder how you'd feel about this then: If someone cut out your brain while you were sleeping, and put it into a sufficiently high-quality simulation world, while simultaneously doing the same to all the people in your life who would care about you and thus be aggrieved - would that be perfectly fine, as long as they pulled it off smoothly enough that no one ever noticed?To me that would be violent; I'd prefer people not do that - to me or others - regardless of how smoothly they can pull it off.

Unmixed definitions


not mixed with extraneous elements; "plain water"; "sheer wine"; "not an unmixed blessing"

See also: plain sheer unmingled


not constituting a compound

See also: uncompounded