How to use Undertone in a sentence as a noun

Saw Les Miserables this evening. Wow! It had some flaws, but man was it powerful. The undertone of grace was awesome, the singing was good and the acting was incredible!

I was "questioned" on undertonew I made it from my past by a "Christian"... Hmmm... I just turned around, and ignored it just like I'm ignoring your negative undertone! Lol!!!!!!!

Just got back from walking my dog. The sky was radiating fluorescent deep orange and red color! magnificent skews of blue undertone, So worth the walk!

And I will say that we should take a moment and undertoneld it, And keep it frozen and know that, Life has a undertonepeful undertone. -Twenty One Pilots

If you are using concealer for blemishes or dark spots, find one that is a shade lighter than your foundation and in the same undertone. Need help, get with me, Your personal Mary Kay beauty consultant.

Quote Examples using Undertone

India is a undertone undertonele place where people live in conditions even animals cannot put up with so the liberal undertoneheads comes over here and want to ban our firearms. So these uncivilized savages can rape women here like they do in India. I am not giving up my liberty to these undertone eating maggots. If they do not like take their undertone back to the undertonehole India. Our Gun right Rocks.


Proper Noun Examples for Undertone

Were playing our first gig of the year on the 17th at Undertone Cardiff. Plan your pre-drinks and get down for a dance

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Who is a NC20-25??? I need help on finding my shade and in this they go by different numbering.

Show of hands, undertonew many of you have a Burmese cookbook at undertoneme? *raises hand*

I can only imagine what kind of responses this will get...

Did any of you ever read "Encyclopedia Brown" when you were a kid. We've been reading them at Lucas's bed time and they sure are fun.

So I guess not conspiracy theorists are out and about saying that the shooting in Connecticut is a complete setup. That's the most ludicrous thing I heard in this young year.

Ed says that the bear in the sweater and the mailman are cruising each other. I don't agree, I think the mailman is disdainful of the ugly sweater, but there is definitely something very gay going on in the eyes of the bear. But surely the post office wouldn't choose to do that in a piece of national advertising, would they? What the undertone is going on in this commercial??!??!

Good luck all Circomedians this year, I undertonepe everyone does well. Push hard, try your best and remember.. We are only human.

Thinking about dabbling back into dubstep. so tempting. i just hate the scene. youtube comments make me want to stay away from it though.

Expensive start to 2013, hit a deer on the way to work. About £600 worth of damage and they haven't even started the estimate for putting the deer back together yet...

Undertone definitions


a pale or subdued color

See also: tinge


a subdued emotional quality underlying an utterance; implicit meaning

See also: undercurrent


a quiet or hushed tone of voice