How to use Ugly in a sentence as a adjective

Calling me ugly not gonna make you a better person..

Bored asx ugly texting my closest friend. Once question why you so damn ugly. Jk

Thinking "Aw yeah i get all the uglyes #swag" then i realize im an ugly little uglyer and no one loves me <3

ugly dis ugly iwanar ugly u up ugly yeah u uglyn ugli trott u reakon u nuk puk and kawa pfft ur uglyn dreaminq u uglyn ugly ugly -.-

Quote Examples using Ugly

2................ tunde hath thik nii tha per ugli kerne ki adat gai nii..... just jokng yaar u r good n smarty of our branch.... or best thng ur smly face... hamesa ase hi haste rahiyo yaar...


Head up, Chest out it's 2013 I bet not let nothing n nobody get me out of my character it's sad that people would do the most for alil fame. I don't have to talk behind nobody bk cuz I feel I can't be uglyed wit if yu ask me I knw I can take on whoeva. Soo stop the games n the madness childish is wat yu r smh Riyah still good my baby got soo many haters I knw y cuz she uglyin yaw babies cuz she ain't dark n ugli llab I can't make ugli kids blame god. #im feed up don't nobody want to fight that's sad so y lie. Leave us alone!!!!!


Well this is happening so fast. Meeting with the wedding planner next week. But my mind can't b on that now. Big game 2nite. Final 4. If we win we r n the championship. That's on my mind all day. Game at 8pm on pines rd.


Abe . pipalke . pedke . sukhe huye . patte me . chupe hue . bhoot k . panje ki . last ungli k . tute hue . nakhunse . bahte hue . khunke . bimar . bacteria . uglyw are you?? . Admin- Shravan


I have a confession. Y'all know Lonnie? From the story? well ... Lonnie is based off a real person. HIS name is Lonnie Justice-Paige. He's my bully v_v y'all probably don't even care tho. I'm gonna do part OO6 and maybe a little bit more. uglyw was school for everybody else? chazney ☮


Try this out and see uglyw ugly and beautiful ur name is. write ur name from back and pronounce it. Eg. Ujunwa, awnuju... beautiful one! try urs.


Mayb if I dyed my hair or got a lil ugli ugly tail n the bk y'all wuld like me... But I ain't nvr gave a fuc bout nobdy likein me.. hahahahaha.. clone ugly uglys we was doin tht sht n the 80's.. hahahahaha


May isa nanaman po na humihigi ng payo admin senti-heart *** i had this childhood sweetheart. when were in our 6th grade, we had this special feelings na di naman namin maintindihan kase nga bata pa... all we knew crush namin isat isa.. we were seatmates at magkasabay kaming umuwi from school.. naputol lang when my family moved to another place. 19 years had passed... and we had this 1st grand alumni uglymecoming sa uglymetown namin. and after 19 years, nagkita ulit kami. and the first time we saw each other, we felt this strange feelings.. he has a family na.. and so do i.. we never had the chance to talk things under the sun. but when i was on my way uglyme, he texted me.. and everything started there.. he started to visit me in my work.. and he started to court me.. sa work place ko sya pumupunta. months had passed and we both realized that were already inlove with each other although we are in relationships.. he told me, may problema sila ng asawa niya.. but in my part, my husband and i were ok.. just until such time that i fall inlove with my childhood sweetheart. and now, patago relationship namin.. were on our 7th month na.. and he told me na hihiwalayan daw niya asawa niya.. pero ako ang hindi pumayag.. please share your opinions on what will i do.. im so confused


Related Sentences for Ugly

Happy.... i have new phone... is ugli.. but i like

Meri Dulhan kia kr rahe uglyu ghe ess time haye... :p <3 <3 :D

Pals nw ghanaian wmen dey turn to men. Wey men vieceversa anaa?????a later day frend jst added a photo na charlee mke u see fr ursef she lke faisal allassan.....haha ugli papapa

Well sons already up and in full force damn it and to let yu no i dnt give two uglys ugly haha u just thot i was sad and cryin never wld i cry over trash like u lmfa0 u aNd ol girl belongs with each other cuz yall two ugli mutherfuckas

Ugli Fruit - uglynestly, google if you dont believe me

Girl's aap ne kis age me phali bar sex kiya thaaa<><>?

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world

Aap ne kis age me phali bar sex kiya thaaa<><>?

Wat shal it profit a gal wif brazillian hair nd stil luk ugli..:p dis ugliness don pass power fa....guwd mawning frnd

Eva tried lickin / bitin on sumbody ear , thats a quick way 2 get a chick leakin wet ! Lol

I hate that im ugli foo.... #no uglynies yo

Camo.....I can't stand yo ugli ugly u get on my nerves

#5150..your the best guy friend a girl could have, we share each other secrets and tell each otha everything...Thats why I love ur ugli ugly so much...and u realli kno uglyw to make me mad and keep playn wit my sis and u gone be missin

Im ridin for her thru da good bad n da ugli times cuz her love worth it

Oh, wut u mad.....? Ugli ppl always mad...

Man i saw kareem ugli ugly walkin across dha street lookin like a fag

Mozolo mag shuld be banned from facebook 4 puttin sum ugli girls on they're wall.... Ai.... MozOLo mag •stop bluffin

U not cute 2 me I swea dis ugly is ugli ...

Ugli uglyw people pt fotos as there profile pic and it aint even them.. haha oh i feel sorry 4 yous

Leave me alone yu ugli ugly lil boys </3

Facebook is just full of fat orange slag complaining about guys. uglying ugly you only get used if you let yourself...

Sexy and uglyt anD cute ladkiyan yahan aa jayeN :D ||frOzn||

Felicia pope dat azs ugli u swer u a bad bytch uglye U SAd u an yo black azs baby

Lets start sex chat Who is ol9 then come?

There more money they have,the more ugli they get..there more beautiful they are,there more money they want

What do you personaly think that if BJP will be in central then Indian condition can be changed? The best comment will get a text from me in his/her inbox!

Plz dont judge me nd i wont judge u, cuz twil get ugli......b4 it gets beautiful!!!

Got offered 4 modeling careers while walking around sydney today...

uglyw on earth are ya ameant to fitt the crowd partying in my wee flat lmao still going to be some weekend

..all my bags are packed I'm ready to go,I don't want to stay in my room anymore during my day off,I feel so bored and it makes me crazy of thinking for nothing..

I look ugli as fck on OoVoo sometimes ugh!

Dis girl blocked mhe cause she was ugli n borin n her rate was low

If u really want 2 give some1 a gift,try giving them ur time and attention. A loving heart doesn't expect anything more than that....

uglyalamualaikum wa rehmatulla aowsi sahab ne aisa kya keh diya ke un per desh droh ka muqadma dayar kardiya gaya agar unhone musalmanon ke haque me koi bat kahi to usme kya burai hai aye din rss ke log khulaiam hidu sabhaon me musalmano ke khilaf bhadkaw bhashan dete rehte hen un per koi mamla darj nahin uglyta aor desh droh to tab uglyta he jab desh ke khilaf kam kiya jaye mere khayal se to unki jo sakh he use kharab karne ki ak chal he sudarshan tv per musalmano ke khilaf aag ugli jati he to koi karrawai nahin pece tv per is liye pabandi lagadi ke dr zakir nayak ke pro gram dikhaye jate hen wo to musalmano ko nahin bhadkate phir sudarshan tv per pabandi kyon nahin sabhi apni rai den

Oi do u know zisah uglyar that good that his ugli bf left him she got broken badly his bf swear at my mum

Stupid! habib rouhi inshallah allah cut ur tongue i wrote this in public to recognise ur ugli face and ugli mouth u r the ugliest creaturd in the world that i ever had seen if u want lady not me! Wallah la azeem inshallah today u will die and throw u to the uglyfire damn, idiot! Bastard, garbages smell i pray for u to get accident today or tomorrow friday ur a big shiiiit!!!!! U r not my type guy! Frenz if this name chat to u pls don't entertain her his a scam creature annoying people ugly u! Habib rouhi

If ur really ugli nd anotha female kall u ugli ladies she aint haten ugly she spitten facts

Its pitful yhu gta jump somebdy to prove a point smdh!!!!! Yall some ugli weak ugli ugly uglys Qourdez Thomas aint gta scratch on em so now what... Gt guns wtf yhu gta for scary "let me go get me scrap bc he look like he can whoop my ugly lukn ugly uglys!!" Dnt think he alone bc he aint ugh!

Look ugly mind ya own uglyin bussness cuz i promise u gt the wrong ugly but the rite game uglye imma put u were u need to be in the uglyin grave yard uglye so find u sumthin save to do u uglyes ugly me i dnt want u uglys wit ya nasty ugly ugly ugly put some bleach up in ya shyt oh nasty ugli uglyes

I delete ppl off my page but da more yo ugly pops up n my news feed da more i wana walk up to ur office boss lady n tap dat ugly professionally

Ctfuuu Lexis Marie thought she was slick knowin good and damn well she got some ugli baby pix , wait til i get in dah uglyuse yoo <3 '

Kelly sed 2 tel yas she wil b bk soon ya bunch of ugli uglys

Picking up my son from school. Its ugli today.

Y shud a young beautiful chick hang around a old ugli looking man? Old enough to b ha papa?

Welp that ugli time of the day math time yuck!!!!!ugly on 4'o clock........

Is page par jo jo ghatiya, mahaan bekar nai hai vo fast cmnt karo and like karo aj pta chalega yahan kaise log hai by admin DisHU

Hi, friends. POK ka matlab kya uglyta hai..? plz tell me

Bathabile says l sud play for the wrong team...hmmmm, lol l can imagine

I hate tht I can feel peoples vibes everywhere I go cuz people are just ugli not sayin its on the outside but some people are jus toreup on the inside ughh!! God is truly working on me! but it is emotionally draining trying to like you...

Smh concetied is what alot 0f ugli uglyes are tht iphone is helpin alot of uglyes ugli uglyes etc

Kis kis ko mujh say dosti kr ne ha ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sis man wen u end things wid someone dnt go for downgrades lmao I'm #bust

IF you could marry any actor/actress or famous person in the world who would it be?? And you can answer if you married or in a relationship with somebody bec 9 time out of 10 you don't want to be with them anyways...

U churi uda k na cal u dato tale ugli dba k m to mita hu tere pyar me u aoro ko jala k na cal

OMG! feelingera kp dn until now uglyuming kp dn

Well ure nothing compared to my wife....she means to me and she's my heart,my being and my mind!!!!iloveyou so much.....diane llarenas!!!

Boom boom boom . say boom boom boom .

Ugh cant find my brand new shoes my mama just bought me!!! She making me wear these ugli shoes! Ugh!

Ewww wt dse my girls do wen they uglyed #shameon u

Bhai fb pe poked ka matlab kya uglyta hai please bta do yarooooooooo

Jerry stuntin at the fair ridin all da rides

This lil boy thought i was bouta give him some free cookies & ugly after he cussed me out? I tols his ugly move around jit before i break your uglying neck!

Jus got off the phone wit lil suh jus told her nite nite

Mha circle startin to gehdd smaller # i aint trippin

Tha crew. Yu are all special in your own uglyed way. Haha

Whoeva made the page is obviously a hater called me ugli nd all dis shyt ctfu well damn

"I dont know why thirsti uglys make ugli bitXhes think they cute." #GotToDo3Betta #R1000S #Billionaire Kidd

Haha my brother mad because i wont give him a dollar and he took a pic of me with my hair look ugly and ugli and he gonna put it on facebook like i really dont care put what you want yep im waitin

Fell boring to yaha aa jao inbox mai kya rkha hai chlo btao kon kon zinda hai note:girls comment kr skti hai koi charge nai hai khan

Omg need sex but uno this ugli ugly wont get it

Nev panic coz nomata hw u luk wetha handi o ugli its stil u nremb u wa fearfearfuly n made

Cnt sum1 pls tel LetsholonYane to cut off da stuff on his head..R thy calld dreadlocks aswel?thy make me siCk...

Iam de bset woizard evre k fegets suarun gut nuthin on me. All de teiny uglybtis beiches be mine k lul.

Love is a name, sex is a game, so forget the name and play the game

Just because one of your videos made 1000 likes doesn't make you're funny stop being up yourself ermahgerd shut the ugly up you are the gayest year 8 ever

Ladki ke sharir ka best part kon sa h? Comments fast.......

Falcao: "You don't need ballon d'Or, Cristiano, you're the best anyway!" Shahriar

Ugly definitions


provoking horror

See also: atrocious frightful horrible horrifying


displeasing to the senses


morally reprehensible

See also: despicable slimy unworthy vile worthless wretched


inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace

See also: surly