How to use Trivia in a sentence as a noun

Digested mathematical trivia were handed to me like I was some kind of child.

One interesting item of trivia here: The per-request pricing has remained fixed since it was first introduced, on June 1st, 2007.

I learned a few interesting bits of trivia.--Seattle has the highest survival rate for heart stop events in the world at 56%.

Seeing PageRank discussed reminds me of a piece of fun trivia.

Random trivia: the "iron version" picture is of my own ring, uploaded a few years back when I was messing around with my friend's new camera.

I remember Apple trivia fairly well, and the specifics of things that often happened before people writing about them now were out of grade school.

I dont think programmers should rush out and memorize trivia just to pass an interview.

If "more details to come" means more random pieces of trivia that we are then supposed to knit up into our own version of a drama, filled in by whatever personal biases we have, then this isn't very useful from a scientific standpoint.

Here's some amusing trivia: the source on this article, Communitech, rejected Thalmic from their "Hyperdrive" accelerator program shortly before the company was accepted by YC. Something about "we don't think people will like it".Suffice is to say they've been kicking themselves ever since.

Trivia definitions


something of small importance

See also: triviality trifle