Totalitarian in a sentence as a noun

If you are in your mid-30s or older today, you grew up under this totalitarian regime -- and you hated it.

When I say worrying, I mean worrying in the sense that they remind closely of things that totalitarian regimes have done in the past.

There was no market because that culture was run by theocratic totalitarian blood thirsty central planners.

All of the large Internet companies have this totalitarian approach to customer service.

If Russia would have done the same it would be immediately called un-democratic and totalitarian, but if US does it - nobody notices.

The official response to any opposition to totalitarian tactics is .. FUD.

Totalitarian in a sentence as an adjective

Europe is very pacifistic by the US standards precisely because of the wars and totalitarian states experienced in the past.

If large numbers of people cross these lines at once, I suspect we will find ourselves overnight in a totalitarian system, since all the tools for mass control of the population are already in place.

Has any mass surveillance country avoided becoming totalitarian?

Helping people in oppressive regimes to communicate freely with each other is one of the more humanitarian actions the US can take, and this sort of connectivity is critical in allowing people a degree of freedom even under totalitarian governments.

Then, from that point forward, let's have a real business-to-business relationship as opposed to a totalitarian-government-to-insignificant-ant relationship.

So when exactly are we going to wake up to the fact that governments in the "free" West have over the past two decades implemented measures with respect to freedom of information, communication and privacy that in the decades before that we've consistently denounced as totalitarian police state tactics when it came to communist nations?The problem is not that the police made this mistake.

Totalitarian definitions


an adherent of totalitarian principles or totalitarian government


characterized by a government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control; "a totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul"- Arthur M.Schlesinger, Jr.


of or relating to the principles of totalitarianism according to which the state regulates every realm of life; "totalitarian theory and practice"; "operating in a totalistic fashion"

See also: totalistic