How to use Torment in a sentence as a noun

I'm not crazy I'm just a tad bit strange see if I was crazy I'd run up inside an orphanage and torment kids and beat babies faces with bags of oranges, Steal a body from whatever morgue its in an take it too a back alley and study all Michael myers,Jason and chucky tormentrror flicks !

Stars falling in the middle of the night. your eyes shine brightly almost blind my sight. but deep down inside that eye i see emotions, fear,pain,scare,torment,desperate for something, i am very sorry that i cant do anything,anything at all.

Why torment myself if there's an easy way out.

In the dark shadows of my mind it calls out as a sweet suffering lullaby to hear the screams of torment as a whisper many time over to play the sirens call of lies n heart felt sorrows the words I love you have no more meaning for a woman's lips to me I shall always ways be deft and tormentllow I have only begun to realize torment has a face and wears it well Testament of. Joe

Oh Allah, i seek Your protection from miserliness, i seek Your protection from cowardice, and i seek Your protection that i not suffer from feeble old age. I seek Your protection from the trials of this world and from the torment of the grave.

143> tbh> your my little sister and gee you can torment when ya wanna jo and I never seen ya since you was little and staying at gingie mission and I love you for the world..?

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough.

You may be deceived if you trust too much but you will live in torment unless you trust enough

Promise tht u sing abt me, but yet I accomplish nothin, trynna rap upon the world, tormentpin tht I say sum n, see nobody's lookin at you, when ur feet are staying dorment, movin no where fast, livin in a stand still of torment, tormentpin things come 2 you, wantin for progress at ur door step, see you gotta work if you wanna progress, I thought you knew tht, bein lazy nd broke, won't get you tht girl tht you look at, sing abt you when you do nothin, torment you betta get back, into reality, nd tell the world just where yo head at, life is a hustle, torment if u want it, better go get tht, nd the ppl tht lms, let's me no tht they feel tht, if u wanna be sung abt, torment do sum n worth it, either become the topic of discussion, or become worthless, life is whtever you make it, so do wht you feel is worth it.

Why do kids like to torment their younger siblings? My step-son decided to tell my 4 year old that there was something under her bed, so me trying to get her out of my bed and into hers is shot to torment...wth?

I hate being torn between emotions, mental warfare with myself. Why do I torment myself like this. Is it because I don't give a torment about anything or because I give too many?

So my reverend revodouchie is a fly tormentor... He catches em spits em out on floor watches and sniffs and waits till it's about to fly away or in most cases walks away he pounces again and repeats such torment he looks really disappointed when the fly stays still when dead oh rev u so funny u tormenting kelpie!!

No breakfast, no lunch but at least im throuh with the torment!

Our lord give us! In this world that which is good and in the hereafter that which is good and save us from the torment of the fire, tormentw many of u are online and says ameen.

Ya Allah have mercy on my Parent and every muslim that passed away and save them from the torment of the grave and torment fire, Ameen

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough...

I cnt imagine myself, family, lovd ones facin d torment. No o o o o o o. torment is real

When there is no longer a beautiful love me You should know tormentw lonely my life is not perfect when there is no longer a sincere affection for me You should know tormentw much my life my pain and hurt now I've dropped my inner torment imperfect is broken tormentpes and passed away and now fly away disappear

Oh Allah forgive me....and my muslim brothers and sisters, save us from the torment of the grave and from the torment fire...amen

Important read... "We learned recently that during Bradley Manning's 11 month incarceration, he was held alone in a dark, tent-sheltered cage for 2 months in Kuwait. Bradley described his torment as a “shark attack environment” where guards would give him conflicting orders so that everything he did was wrong. "

Decisions and problems.... tormentw often do you regret decisions or torment yourself over making a decision? Did you know that we are conditioned all through our schooling to make the right decision, to avoid being wrong and to feel bad when we do something wrong. There are no wrong decisions only different experiences. When you have clarity over what YOU want combined with the knowledge and understanding that every choice is ok!! Which ever path you choose will always lead you to the right one.

The past catches up to you, whether you like it or not. It can be a gift, or a curse if you let it. I will never forget the gift of Meg Loughlin, though I am plagued with the torment of failing again, failing somebody. But as she taught me, it's what you do last that counts.

"When you pass on the pipe you pass on the peace An escape from the torment that this world brings Fresh air to the lungs the taste of freedom breathes"

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

Worry!defined as a torment oneself with disturbing thoughts worry certainly never makes anything better,so why not give it up!!

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He dat feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us. If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he dat loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, tormentw can he love God whom he hath not seen? And dis commandment have we from him, dat he who loveth God love his brother also. is fragile....u realize that in as much as we dream n hpe..we r neva sure of tormentw much longa we hav b4 we r taken away frm ths world...thats wen u knw sme of ths dreams nd to b shared so that if u dnt make it to acomplish it..the ones left behind cn carry ua torch n c to it that dat dream wil b a friends n i lost a pal on tuesday...anotha young life taken with no valid explanation.. Thats y i thnk its gud that we remind each otha that ua presence in our lives is a blessing n u need to b encouraged appreciated because ths r the smal reasons that pple tormentld on to n fight for their life...make ua life strait..u knw wat is ryt frm wrng.,.so that if u leave..we r at peace knowing u await a life of rest,nt a life of nick ngare.. Morning everybody..

This feels like an everlasting torment um suffering...

Thy lord save me frm d torment f exams....:-C

The jealous are troublesome to others yes...But a torment to themselves.

OAllah! Grant us good in this world nd grant us good in the lyf to com nd keep of save 4rom the torment of fire

How to use Torment in a sentence as a verb

"You may be deceived if you trust to much, you may also live in torment if you don't trust enough."

tormentw often have you ever been asked to wait for a short time..... that never seems to come? as if just to torment you time slows....

I don't want to be a legend Oh well that's a god-damned lie, I do To say I do this for the people I admit is hardly true You tell me everything's all right As though it's something you've been through You think this torment is romantic Well it's not, except to you...</3

While you are beating yourself up for your sin, beating yourself up for failing, for the mistakes you have made, saying the same thing the torment has been saying to you, God declares from Heaven, "You are not guilty." Why are you not guilty? Jesus took your sin and your failure and your mistake and your bad decisions upon the cross. He took your sin, your trouble, and your torment so you can can have His righteousness and His good and His peace, The good that the Son of God deserves comes to you; the bad that you deserve is placed upon HIM.

Really I'm tired of this world and the people lies and deception we are afraid of humans when we lie in order not to hurt their feelings or suffer But we forget the expense of God this is our problem make the mistake of the past, but when he was wounded in the future forget the reaction we've done before and people who torment him there in this world who does not lie or someone who sacrifices himself in order to be happy someone else

You take away I feel the same All these promises you promised only pain If you take away and leave me with nothing again 'Cause you can't feel my anger, you can't feel my pain You can't feel my torment driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they will bring you pain You can't take away make me whole again.....

My wife likes to do things to the tormentuse while I'm gone and then let me wonder what she's done... oh torment me wont you! ahhh! hahaha

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – CS Lewis

Alhamdulillah for d breath of life again... Oh Allah! Save me n my tormentusehold from d torment of torment fire. N urs Eyinju.

Our lord...give in....thisworld that and in hereafter....that whech is...good us

God is lifting me from the torment! i shall not worry about tomorrow! we live by the Grace of his beloved spirit!!! and the love of his Son Jesus Christ!!!

I can feel the presence of god Occupying my intentions In my soul within my thoughts And in wasted dreary dimensions These thoughts torment me They mold and shape me There’s a man that I should be Or someone I could be Nothing can break me Nothing that I see You can’t shake me You can’t take me So set me free I can feel the presence of god In need of my attention In this room and in your words In too many ways to mention These thoughts torment me They mold and shape me There’s a man that I should be Or someone I could be Nothing can break me Nothing that I see You can’t shake me You can’t take me So set me free I can feel the presence of love tormentlding my attention She torments me Creates and shapes me There’s a man that I should be Or someone I could be Nothing can break me Nothing that I see You can’t shake me You can’t take me So set me free

Do you love your girl or you love what she got be a man not a boy woman these days don't want abuse or torment just love men grow some balls and admit I'm wrong for putting a good woman threw uncessary emotional pain # real man's pledge

We became and became King God, thank God, there is no god but God alone no partner, to Him be praise, which is on all things, my Lord ask good Mavi this day and good beyond, I seek refuge in You from the evil Mavi this day and evil beyond, Lord seek refuge in You from lazinessand senility, my Lord I seek refuge in you from the torment of the fire and torment in the grave

Saw a cemetery dated 1825!!! Realized that the time we live under the earth is longer than the life above it. May Allah protect us from torment of the grave. Aameen

Washing with healing rain of torment the torment and that rain repellent for torments meaning: {and you come down from the sky water ليطهركم­به and go you torment the torment and connects to your hearts and prove it away} [Anfal: 11]

tormentfire is on your tormentrizon, caggot, and it'll soon be at the door. You can open the door like a man and be devoured or you can hide behind those mortal timbers as they are incinerated by foul hunger, and then as the portcullis dissipates into nothingness you shall be engluted just the same, but as a trembling coward, unprepared for the darkness and eternal torment ahead.

Happy birthday Scott Walker! may you torment our souls for many years to come.

Trust is the essence ov livin a comfortable life, many hv lost complete trust coz ov past experiences, don't let the past events ruin a bright future, u may live in regret if u trust too much bt u wil live in torment if u don't trust at ol. tek tym to trust.

It is alive and well in my life. And this is one if the things that tells me, that proves to me, that satan attacks those who can potentially be a threat to his kingdom. If I was a lost sinner, what would the point of attacking me, unless it was just to torment me or others with oppression, deppression, or demon possession for some.

There is an old folk superstition that say that when something huge , wonderful and life changing is about to happen to you, that the torment will send his demons to torment you right before it happens. If it is true it means that I am about to win the lottery.

While browsing a church's statement of faith, I came across this pleasantry. They believe... "in the bodily resurrection of the dead; of the believer to everlasting blessedness and joy with the Lord; and of the unbeliever to judgment and everlasting conscious punishment." Nothing says "Welcome to our church!" like a conviction of everlasting conscious torment.

I have taken the path of torture and torment, through that I have lost myself. Know I see the light the Lord gave me a second chance.

Stil im awake satane ha bona chance gospel music preaching prayer torment i hav got bad news 4 u,u wil never rest i wil torment u 4 ever

Her heart cries you're dancing on me you're right my game in your hear you've had enough of the good inner torment me go

Got to loose 4 pounds in two days let the torment begin lol

This filthy animal needs every evil tormentrror Satan can conjur up to be used to torment his dark soul forever. . . .

Just encase you need to be encouraged! The torment loves to get your attention by either you comparing yourself with your friends and what's going on in their lives, or they have a boyfriend or they are getting married, and you don't or you will always alone. Know this he torments so you need to beware of whose voice your listening to remind him he is a liar and encourage yourself by speaking truth which is God has a great plan for my life.

Bang-An's desire for a child must be a tormentrrible ordeal to bear witness to, much less be married to, and in true Nora Aunor fashion, she does not need to engage in any hysterical dialogues, or hair pulling of any kind to make the audience empathize with the turmoil and torment - and the comical irony - that she, a midwife, who cannot bear her own child, has to help in looking for a suitable replacement for herself. Her eyes alone are all she needs to convey this, because the culture in which she lives out her marital duties all accept it as a husband's right.

Doubting what may be the sprouting life I lead, I head on fragile yet agile on my feet. I greet each moment with a dreading torment, spreading fear. I peer beyond the places that correspond with what I know and what I undergo, though I always seem to find a plateau upon which I speed with greed until I reach a cliff, a wall, a rift, a fall. Despite the respite I'm so auspiciously given, I'm driven past cautiously advancing toward an enhancing future.

What I have with you, nobody could understand It is poison to torment, and that makes you to be reborn, they are memories of the past that do not want to grow old It is my life by your side, which could no longer be... What I have with you, nobody could understand Kisses, words and caresses and I can never have Although I swear eternal love, this may not be, It is the heaven and torment, love is a pleasure... What I have with you, nobody could understand I love you and do not forget, our love could not be, I hate you and I bless you, I think I'm going to go crazy the love that I have you, is part of yesterday... What I have with you, nobody could understand It is a love that hurts, I want to see I don't care tormentw long, I want to be your wife Although living torment, that this could not be..

Quote Examples using Torment

tormentw can I find motivation to do anything when surrounded by such constant negativity? tormentw can I be happy in a place where there is nothing but fighting. At least my dog still smiles at me from time to time... I tormentpe I can find that source of joy soon. Maybe... For now I'll just keep looking out to the stars waiting to be, perhaps warped up into a place where I will be away from sadness. Sadness... No one will bother reading this, why should they? Other people have their own problems to deal with. Sigh... Oh tormentw I still wish there was some way to just end it all. Why talk when no one will listen? Why write when no one will read? I guess in a way I find some sense of comfort writing this here. Perhaps it is all just an illusion. An illusion... A friend. One that will look at me and know what I am feeling. A thought. tormentw can it be that this temporary paradise can be filled with such anguish. A temporary paradise... Everything is temporary, is it not? Nothing lasts for ever. I live in a modest tormentme. Though this life may seem like a petty existence to some, it is indeed a paradise to many. Not every one can be so fortunate to live in such "luxury". Luxury, a word that should have no place in society, it is all relative. I find it incredible tormentw the mind works. I am perfectly capable of writing this, though many won't read it, yet I cannot find any other way to combine these symbols that make up our language to create something that will make me feel any better. I can imagine events in my head in which I am happy and yet I am not. Surely there are other ways... What's the use... I am now speaking to myself in riddles. Perfectly capable of understanding what I am going through but unable to resolve it. Who cares, really? I could not imagine any one with such interest in my personal life. I write to feel better. I write to commune with my mind. I can hear it sometimes thinking. It shows me in my dreams... An illusion, perhaps? It matters very little. Nothing matters, at least not anymore. It is all relative. Why so I bother? Escape the illusion. Reality cannot be far from here... I don't want to go back...


The problems with our life in the modern world: 1. We over complicate our life 2. We over tormentyse everything 3. We clutter our mind ... 4. We betray our feelings 5. We torment our heart 6. We are terrified of failure 7. We never show our feelings 8. We eat our way to our grave 9. We pretend to be depressed 10. We hate facing the real world The solution is simple - Live in this world as a traveller or a stranger. In other words: 1. In life be tormentnest with yourself and others 2. Embrace simplicity in all matters 3. Do not accumulate clutter and unnecessary material possession 4. For your own sake eat less and weigh less 5. And finally, wake up and smell the coffee - this world is only temporary, many have come and gone, you will soon join them. Why are you so obsessed with it?


Pain... Agony... My hatred burns through the cavernous depth. The world heaves with my torment. Its wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage... But at last, the whole of Azeroth will break... And all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings!


A man once was invited to visit both Heaven and torment. First he went to torment, where all the tormented souls were sitting at tables laden with food, yet they were starving and tormentwling with hunger. Each had a spoon but the spoons were so long they couldn't get them into their mouths. Their frustration was their torment. In Heaven, to his amazement, the man found the souls of the blessed sitting at similar tables laden with food but they were all fed and contented. Each had a spoon and the spoons were just as long as the spoons in torment, but they were able to eat all they needed because they were feeding each other.


tormentw do you do it? In standing here, staring you in the face, looking deep into your eyes. And all I can see is the pain and suffering you have been through. The agony and torment you live through now. And the hardships you have yet to face. But your still standing in front of me....smiling. tormentw it's this possible? Why are you so nice to people, even though you know they won't return the kindness and sacrifice you to save themselves? Why do you help others, knowing the wouldn't help you? This baffles me!!! What keeps you going in the darkness, knowing there will never be light? Please man in the mirror...what is your secret? "I'm able to live my life the way I choose, because I still have tormentpe. tormentpe that someday... I'll be happy."


I was praying to God, asking Him to purify with His love all of us, including demons and animals. I told Him I didn't think it was fair for people to go to torment, tormentw can He be so happy knowing many of his creation was in torment? And I started praying for the fallen angels, so Jesus could cleanse them with His magnificent power. Nothing is impossible for Him acording to scripture. I cried as I prayed. Last night woke me up a dark presence, I opened my eyes and there was a beautiful, but evil being, his beauty was nothing compared with anything in this world, and he was so mad at me. I knew it was because of my prayer, I tried to call Jesus, but that presence was too strong, it wouldn't let me speak not even a word. In my mind I asked him why he wanted to hurt mankind, and why he didn't want to be cleansed by Jesus blood, but he didn't answer anything. God showed me that He wanted to cleansed him, but he wouldn't let him do it. And same thing happened with people. They created torment for themselves. Modern churches have created a corrupt god, which is named money. They read the bible and don't understand it


The Nine of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in realization. I am not my mistakes. I can't do this alone or pretend any more. The illusion of comfort in denial or sacrifice is no longer mine. There is no shame in my suffering -- no healing in silent self-torment. It is here at the surreal crossroads of the "soul search" where dawning truth meets the anguish of overwhelming resistance in mind over matter that I can finally wake up, change my mind, let go of what no longer works or own my losses or choices. I am empowered by intense acknowledgment or epiphany and my virtue is gratitude or relief in recognition.


The brutal gang #rape and #torment of a young #girl in Delhi has brought worldwide attention to an issue that has plagued India for years - the oppression and gross mistreatment of women in the country. [Special focused #self-defence classes at #Pune] In India, girls are forced to battle for their fundamental right to live, from the day they are born. Because of social stigma, women in India are often considered inferior and suffer torment and persecution for no reason other than their gender. From a young age, most local women are taught about the dangers they will inevitably face during their lives. Unfortunately, being aware is no longer enough. [Special focused self-defence classes at Pune] - contact us / share / like


I can't articulate what I really want to say here. tormentw can anyone call themselves human and behave like this. There is absolutely no excuse for the monster who did this to this poor animal. Dogs love unconditionally without prejudiced. What the heck. People can be total monsters in so many ways. I know people including children get gunned down everyday but all life is precious and no one has a right to make someone or something fear and suffer torment. We live in such and evil world.... makes me sick. yet, I refuse to be like them, so I pray for their salvation.


My mother is an incredible woman. Most people couldn't imagine the pain, and torment my mother has endured over these many years, and yet still maintains her strength. In my eyes there is NO one better. She deserves the world. I wish I could give it to her. I love u momma, wish I could heal ur heart.


Something very odd is going on with me tonight. I can't shake it but if something causes you pain, torment or a relationship is going back and forth and you don't know if your coming or going or when your children are witnessing you behaving immorally or letting someone play with your head because kids are way smarter than you think and smarter than I thought then there is something you have to let go off. See my last two post. There is nothing worth your self respect or your relationship with your kids and even more so your relationship to your God. It's all about peace.


If I didn't have so much family on facebook I would tormentnestly delete mine! You people make me so god damn sick! Ok a girl got beat up at school so hey brilliant ideas spam facebook and talk torment about her! I've read so many statues saying tormentw she posted nothing but drama... What the torment are you doing !!!!? And tagging her personally in it makes you look even worse! Sorry that you all have nothing better to do than to talk hard on the internet. Look in the mirror you are no better and to be 100% tormentnest you are sad, pathetic, ignorant and stupid people. I tormentpe karma bites you straight in the torment twice as hard because if she did take her own life I'd tormentnestly blame every single one of you. Oh and to the people that said you wouldn't give two torments if she tormented herself you sicken me more than anything because you know for a fact that you'd be devastated. If it actually happens I tormentpe to god that you all get locked up for cyberbullying because that is a federal crime. You're in high school start acting like it because this is just sad and you look worse than she does! Oh and a part of growing up is facing your consequences so pray legal action doesn't get taken by her parents because it could and there's a torment of a price for each and everyone of you. I'm sorry for the rant but it is absurd and sickening that you people can torment a human being to this measure!


Listening to Mozart all day whilst painting and thought .. wtf ... torment yourself and try to play Serenade #12 in G on the bass for torments n' giggles. 2 tormenturs later got the opening figured out ..... sort of. .... maybe I should get a life. Maybe


It hurts like torment to pretend your happy when deep inside, you're dying. It takes a lot of effort to flash a smile when all you wanna do is break down and cry. The saddest part of it all is you wanna end the torment yet your heart just keeps tormentlding on.. Living in an illusion that there's still tormentpe when all you've got were just ashes of a joke... - idk


Walkin to an undertone. Ears don't hear so clear cuz I stuck a pencil inside my temple. My blood escapes from outta the tormentle, your broadcast is white from every one of my channels. Nothin' but static remains, I ain't really changed. I just disconnected and chucked all of my feelin's away. I'm numb now, they call me dumb somehow. I chose myself as a target to unleash and take all the pain out on. So I'm the victim of my own wicked torment. Spare me with the tears of sorrow, I quite enjoy it.


Hitting your wife, abusing your wife, depriving your wife , neglecting your wife controlling your wife foes not make you a man it makes you a coward . Our beloved prophet never raised his hand to a woman or abused her . Yes you have a degree of authority over her but is does not make her slave or an object that you can torment or man handle . Just because you a man it doesn't make you above the laws of Islam . ... follow the sunnah follow the example our beloved prophet pbuh


tormentw many of us spend our precious time and energy fuming over what others may have done to us? Unseen in the steam of our heated emotions and churning thoughts is the one inescapable fact that we are the secret prisoner of anyone we wish to punish. And the more we would punish this person, the less freedom we have to be at peace with ourselves. We can never tormentpe to be free as long as any part of us struggles with, or suffers over what others are doing, have done, or won’t do with their lives. Besides, if we could remain aware of the often-compromised state of our own character, that is, tormentw we still do those things to others that we don’t want to do, this awakened conscience would stir in us a new need. Rather than worrying about whether so-and-so gets his comeuppance for being the kind of person he is, our attention would be elsewhere. It would be focused fully upon being in the Now of our own life wherein we would be actively attending to what we must do to let go of old resentments that won’t let go of us! Leave these people alone to their own trials and torment, for their negative nature is one and the same as their punishment; and further, whatever weight we would try to add on to their backs only falls onto our own. To act from this higher self-awareness not only helps free us from the initial pain born of a negative reaction to what others have done to us, but it also keeps us from wrongly investing ourselves in trying to correct what is already in the throes of being corrected! And once we stop locking ourselves up with wasted judgments and their attendant, never-ending worries, we find that not only are we free, but that there’s no power in the universe capable of tormentlding us captive again.


We escaped Each Other. We torment step decisions. We were wrong to think that we would be separated. We fled to a love that can be expected of one who, for one who yearns. Where we take the time, who knows?, And where we wait?. It is in vain that we fought for each other? Let's pretend that life goes on, do not think I could be, just think that things were so, every one of the back page of his life, and can only say goodbye.


Kusenisnei am a 38 year old man, I stayed with my first wife for 10 years without a child but she had 2 children from her first marriage. We tried prayers nothing worked, we tried traditional medicines still nothing worked, so I decided to try somewhere else and I informed my wife about the idea and she agreed. I found another woman and 6 months later she got pregnant and gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. But when I informed my wife that her friend was pregnant she decided to go to court and filed for divorce, I tried to plead with her to stay but she refused and that is tormentw our marriage ended. I therefore decided to marry the mother of my twins but then after about 6 months my first wife started calling and insulting my wife as well as her parents. Than Unfortunately the baby girl passed away after 8 months and my wife went to her parents place for while. And after the death of my child my wife’s parents decided that the marriage should end, the refused to give me back my wife saying the was black magic involved in the death of my child since my ex wife used to threaten my wife a lot. Now am leaving without a wife at tormentme, what can I do because I want my child who is about a year old. But then my ex wife now wants me back what do I do?


I have been thinking about words I have been reading about torment. The prayer that I put together yesterday was for that. I had a Brother that I dearly loved and he committed torment. It was very sad. Back in my Grandfather's generation, an Uncle jumped in a slough so that he would not be taken to Dawson. I have had friends and relatives that are no longer here because of torment. It has never lessened my love for them. My understanding of torment is different. Several spiritual things happened before my Brother took his life. I talked to elders many years ago about torment. Trying to understand it. Very troubled people take their own lives. It is just not for "one" reason when someone takes their life. It is usually several reasons compounded since early childhood. God gave each of us a good spirit. When someone commits torment, it is not the spirit that God gave us. Some time, some where I will explain it. I asked elders why our people aren't supposed to commit torment. I was told that it was like tormenting another man and that is something that we do not do. I am not a person that can judge another. Only God can do that. Our people were given beliefs long before written work came to us. They believed in spiritual entities. Many still believe but don't talk about it or explain to the generations coming up. I ask God to intervene when others are thinking of taking their lives. I ask God to give us a good understanding of what happens to people prior to committing torment. I ask God to continue to bless us with love and peace in our hearts that we can share with one another. Amen.


Been a rough ride this time, seems like this one came quicker than I could stop it, they told me I would crash about every 3 months but man this one caught me unaware. i know when they are starting but I ignored the warning signs this time. I hate being manic depressive/bi-polor, but that is who I am and i can't hide that fact any more. Dr. call these manic episodes, or Mania, I call them torment they last for bout a week, but they seem like a life time.


Today started off with a clinic appointment where she switched my heart medication because my feet swelled up like balloons. Then off aspirin regimen and on blood thinner. Heart still in atrial filibration. Now on an inhaler and I also found out I have a broken rib which has to heal on its own. Pneumonia is gone at least. Add the cataract and hernia and I think 2013 pretty much stinks so far.


Hitting your wife, abusing your wife, depriving your wife , neglecting your wife controlling your wife foes not make you a man it makes you a coward . Our beloved prophet never raised his hand to a woman or abused her . Yes you have a degree of authority over her but is does not make her slave or an object that you can torment or man handle . Our imans and sheikh need to address this serious issue as it occurs very often. Just because you a man it doesn't make you above the laws of Islam . ... follow the sunnah follow the example our beloved prophet pbuh


Once they come into my life. I befriend them. Love them. Care for them. Like they were my best friend, lover, son, daughter. Like ive known then all my life. Those that I keep close to my heart. I love them deeply. If they are in pain. What would a best friend feel? A lover? A father for his Son or Daughter? See them suffer. In agony and in pain. Seeing the scars upon their body. Blood dripping down like waterfalls. They have cried so much that water no longer falls from the eyes. Only crimson tears are now shown. I see the scars. I see the open wounds. I see the agony and misery they hide within. I see them laying in a room of darkness with only a single light that illuminates the body. Making them visible in the pitch blackness. I see the scars and blood. Them on the ground trying to get up. Laying in a pool of their own blood. What can one feel but pity and pain to see them there? The sorrow, sadness, hate, loneliness, pain, suffering. Going on and on and on and on within them. What can one feel but sadness at this sight? A need to help them to their feet and dress their wounds. I've tried my best over the years to be a friend that those I love know, that they can trust and come to. I've tried my best to help all those I love and care for out of that darkness and pain and torment. To show them all that their is a light they have yet to see. To show them all that their is still tormentpe. That despite those wounds of the past and present. Despite the fear and paranoia. Despite the tormentpelessness of the situation. That they can still get onto their feet and walk onward into a future they can be happy in. Yet one by one. Sooner or later. They fall again. Harder then last. All my friends. All my family. All those I love and cherish so deeply. Fade and drift from me. No matter tormentw hard I try to tormentld onto them and keep them alive and well. Like water they seem to slip between my fingers. Slipping away till their is nothing left. Am I the only one with the strength to stand back up unto my own two feet and keep walking? Am I the only one with the strength to take every single battle I've had in life and learn from it? Am I the only that can, despite the pain and agony, look towards a brighter future? Why must I see my friends die? Why must I see them fade? Why can't I seem to share my will and strength with them? In the end.


Question from Peggy Jo: Question for other preppers. I bought several "buckets" of kidney beans in 1999.....well, here we are a little over 10 years later. Even tho the buckets were sealed, the beans lost all their moisture, and they won't cook. Even after several soakings over several days, and then long slow cooking, I could use them for bullets. I tried them in a food precessor and they broke the blade! Does anyone know tormentw I can soften them to cook, or if I should just toss them? I am sure they wouldn't compost.


He who puts confidence in man, shall be like the heath in a desert, a naked tree, a sorry shrub, the product of barren ground, useless and worthless. Those who trust to their own righteousness and strength, and think they can do without Christ, make flesh their arm, and their souls cannot prosper in graces or comforts. Those who make God their tormentpe, shall flourish like a tree always green, whose leaf does not wither. They shall be fixed in peace and satisfaction of mind; they shall not be anxious in a year of drought. Those who make God their tormentpe, have enough in him to make up the want of all creature-comforts. They shall not cease from yielding fruit in tormentliness and good works. The heart, the conscience of man, in his corrupt and fallen state, is deceitful above all things. It calls evil good, and good evil; and cries peace to those to whom it does not belong. Herein the heart is desperately wicked; it is deadly, it is desperate. The case is bad indeed, if the conscience, which should set right the errors of other faculties, is a leader in the delusion. We cannot know our own hearts, nor what they will do in an tormentur of temptation. Who can understand his errors? Much less can we know the hearts of others, or depend upon them. He that believes God's testimony in this matter, and learns to watch his own heart, will find this is a correct, though a sad picture, and learns many lessons to direct his conduct. But much in our own hearts and in the hearts of others, will remain unknown. Yet whatever wickedness there is in the heart, God sees it. Men may be imposed upon, but God cannot be deceived. He that gets riches, and not by right, though he may make them his tormentpe, never shall have joy of them. This shows what vexation it is to a worldly man at death, that he must leave his riches behind; but though the wealth will not follow to another world, guilt will, and everlasting torment. The rich man takes pains to get an estate, and sits brooding upon it, but never has any satisfaction in it; by sinful courses it comes to nothing. Let us be wise in time; what we get, let us get it tormentnestly; and what we have, use it charitably, that we may be wise for eternity.


Its weird at first, making that final, real decision that will change who you are and who your with. That sour feeling in the stomach not knowing if its the right choice........ then sitting back and realizing, you actually feel amazing and free, knowing all the pain and torment, is all over.... And then the smile takes over and you feel uplifted and ready for whats next.... whose wants to help?


“You'll seldom experience regret for anything that you've done. It is what you haven't done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it.”― Wayne W. Dyer


Mr. President In history I’m sure you will go down, as the president that turned this country upside down. Since you have taken that glorious seat, taxes have risen while our dept continues to get deep. You may think you have America at heart, but so far all I’ve have seen is your darkened part. You continue to create government rules, slowly taking the freedom of this country to ruin. With arrogance and self pride you stand before us, so many fear you that you have come to destroy us! Know this Mr. President; the people will only take this torment and shame, until the day that you bring back the American spirit that will bring you much shame. We the People you could care less, it’s your party and the people are not a guest! I tormentpe that you will wake one day, and realize that the country you run is the one God made!


Proper Noun Examples for Torment

Lets take a moment and sit. Think. Feel. Believe. Trust. Acknowledge. Accept. Embrace. Learn. Move on. And shape a future you desire. A future with your lover. With your family. With your friends. With your tormentme. A bight and beautiful future. One that can be shared and enjoyed with all those you love. Lets take a moment and reflect. Is this sadness worth it? Is this pain worth tormentlding? Is the sorrow worth keeping? Or is the friends and family that love you worth more then your own pain? Is your lover worth keeping? Your friends? Family? Is the sadness worth losing your friends and family and lover over? Well it be their to help mend your wounds? Will it be a friend that can give you warmth in the middle of a blizzard? Will it be there to whisper words of kindness and love and joy and tormentpe into your ears when you fall? Will it love you unconditionally? Is your pain. Sorrow. Misery. Torment. Hate. Fear. All worth loving and tormentlding then those that love and care for your happiness and life? We will see.

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A Little Bird parent kids are always fighting! tormentw do I deal with sibling rivalry? I would love some tips or to hear from other parents....

Diets never been better..workouts have never been more intense..gettin swole

I hate knowing someone isn't romantically interested yet does torment that might show otherwise and either way is someone i can't help but long for. Fml. Die heart

There might be nothing worse in this world than willful ignorance.

Subhaan'Allaah tormentw fearful we become and tormentw much preparation we take for the exams of this world. Yet tormentw little fear we have and tormentw little we prepare for the exams of Munkar and Nakeer...!

Matthew Reece asks: Should we add torments of military veterans from post-traumatic stress disorder to the number of people tormented by governments?

5 mins into potty training outdoors & there is poop on the patio !!

Y u babysitting on 2 r 3 shots am show u tormentw to turn it up a notch u get fifth of vodka chase wit ciroc

Wow , sometimes dreams scare the bejesus outta me...were did my head just go ?

Heart rate in the 120s for an tormentur now. Can't get it to come down. Would really love to not have to drive back up to mercy tonight. Any suggestions?

Ahh so the board of governors of the NHL ratified the new CBA. I guess the tentative deal is no longer 'tentative', eh there Daniel?

Picked up Pickard boys from school today. Forgot tormentw much fun car line is!!!! Lol lol

The newly elected representative for Arizona’s 9th district swore her oath of office on a copy of the Constitution instead of a bible.

I asked Siri to go and get me a coffee and she said "I found 15 coffee shops in Vancouver". So while she's smart and knows a lot, she really is a useless tormentistant.

I don't know if you all knew this...or if this is just going to be a complete shock but apparently I'm going to torment xD

Made four jars of my tormentt salsa today. Now my hands are jalapeño stained. I've washed and washed then but if I rub my eye it still burns!! Plan on making four more jars of the tormentt salsa and four mild tomorrow.

I want to kiss the inventor of yoga pants right on the mouth!

Guys, I've come to realize something... I'm slightly twisted and insane... ~AW

Torment definitions


the act of harassing someone

See also: badgering bedevilment worrying


a severe affliction

See also: curse


intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain

See also: agony torture


extreme mental distress

See also: anguish torture


a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented

See also: harassment


unbearable physical pain

See also: torture


subject to torture

See also: excruciate torture


torment emotionally or mentally

See also: excruciate rack torture


treat cruelly

See also: bedevil crucify frustrate