Harassment in a sentence as a noun

My wife and our female friends consistently get much more, and much worse, harassment than me and our male friends.

Sadly it seems the UK and US have now joined the ranks of countries who employ this sort of harassment routinely at the border.

"Are you prepared to open your family to harassment, black lists and 9 hour detentions during travel?".

Here's a guy who, to the extent of his non-lawyer knowledge, stands up for his rights in the face of bureaucratic harassment.

I read a private blog of a lady in the games industry, and the level of ordure and harassment she gets is simply unbelievable.

So when they hear women complaining about discrimination, harassment, glass ceilings, and so on, they think those women are simply "being bitchy.

After looking at Adria's vague explanation, you should show your employer her blogpost because "large dongle" is not sexual harassment.

He also plead out to filing false police reports, fraud and harassment, was sentenced to time served, compensation and 4yrs probation in adult court.

I didn't see blatant sexism, I didn't see harassment, I didn't see something that I was comfortable changing to encourage women in my industry.

Stasi's Zersetzung: "The Stasi perfected the technique of psychological harassment of perceived enemies known as Zersetzung.

The oft cited thing keeping men out of nursing and dietetics are cultural things like the work not being "manly" enough, as opposed to facing sexual harassment and pejorative or demeaning behavior.

This is shameful behavior - it is tantamount to mob rule & harassment, with the effective statement that "We strongly dislike what you're doing, so we are going to disturb your private residence and prevent you from going to work".No person who isn't committing a serious crime deserves that whatever his/her beliefs.

Some news reports are ridiculous by foreign standards: teachers not being allowed to shake hands with students out of fear of sexual harassment allegations, boys suspended from school for drawing guns, bystanders not administering first-aid to accident victims out of fear of lawsuits, and of course the terrorism hysteria for which I have no words.

Harassment definitions


a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented; "so great was his harassment that he wanted to destroy his tormentors"

See also: torment


the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism

See also: molestation