Titillate in a sentence as a verb

It is to their mistress, so I assume the intent it to titillate or arouse.

Heck, the author of TFA has it tagged as nsfw himself!I disagree that the drawings were not meant to titillate.

Usually the root of the argument boils down to your exposed breasts will titillate men and cause them to act out of the lust in their heart.

Video games do the same thing, wasting vast computing resources on pretty pictures to titillate humans who could be working.

That and it makes absolutely no sense as an analogy for MVC, it's just a cheap shot in an attempt to titillate an assumed audience of sexist men.

The point of the pictures was not to titillate — they were precisely equivalent to the silly cat pictures and Dilbert cartoons used to add levity to many presentations.

The dancing was straight out of "The Wiggles" that my son watched when he was 3, and the singing/lyrics seemed to be trying to titillate pre-pubescent high schoolers more so than getting developers pumped up.

What brand wants to be associated with that sort of stuff?> The outrage comes when people stumble upon photos of minors in the early pubescent or even prepubescent stage of development intended to titillate.

In my understanding "smut" is typically a synonym for pornography, and pornography is generally only valued for its ability to arouse or titillate.

Objectification in fiction and advertising is a separate thing: characters who exist primarily to titillate a male audience's sexual desires would qualify... as would characters who exist primarily to titillate a female audience's sexual desires.

Math and humans modeled the Higgs before technology “found it”IMO like with space ships this is just not a useful engineering endeavor in generalWe probably could iterate on engineering AI and nanotechnology so future people could programmatically build specific machinesBut let’s go on a whim and prematurely optimize a machine to maybe produce new insights at scale that, unlike with the Higgs, we’re still trying to find consensus mathematics to defineWe’re putting the cart before the horse this time and the fact the LHC hasn’t produced much else even with all the mathy theories has shown on paper we’re so off the mark a giant new machine would be built just to titillate a generation that is addicted to being titillatedMaybe we could just get our own imaginations back for a bit before we keep following the imaginings of yesterdayNot sure if you’ve noticed but pandemic life is making building such a thing a non-starter.

Titillate definitions


touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements

See also: tickle vellicate


excite pleasurably or erotically; "A titillating story appeared in the usually conservative magazine"