How to use Synonym in a sentence as a noun

Yesterday i wanted to post my track raindearrock as a synonym for renderring= to command your pc to calculate and realise the output of the music otr movie you are editing. in this case the movie...any way the wind blows is a jj cale song there is a version from tom barman...errhh this would be my take on that synonymtle cuz my story ends here..shuttin down the eye camera on friday at the dentist...fade out..ciao

To me Impossible is just a synonym for "Things that I will be the first person to accomplish"

Learnin stuff from this gov. shutdown. Here I am thinking this whole time that "furlough" was a synonym for "having sex".

I'm in love with something I can't always describe. I will spend my entire life giving it a million different names, but no matter what they wind up calling it in my eulogy, it'll just a synonym for You.

I just realized A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.

I have made a good strategy in paraphrasing and summarizing a sentence! Look up in the thesaurus, find each word with a synonym that fits best and not too choppy or stuffy, put them into mixed order, organize them into a statement, and you get a paraphrase! For summarizing, you just shorten it up into a sentence for clarity! Wow! English really does teach me synonymw to put it in my own words!! Haha

" There maybe lots of libraries, but I always find myself looking for you when I can't think of a synonym for beautiful. "-Lauren bullock :Love notes.

I loathe the iPhone and all the Apple products. That's right, I said loathe...Google the definition. It's a synonym for 'hate'.

Racks is a synonym for stacks; a stack being $1,000. Basically, if you stackin' money crazy high, you got racks on racks on racks.

#Capitalism is a synonym for #Materialism. They mean the exact same thing. The world is #awakening to this truth.

Fudge the truth??????? Is there a more appropriate synonym?????

Out of ten lepers that were healed, only one came back to thank Jesus. Could it be said that he is the only one who really realized synonymw sick he had been? Enough that it caused him to not only thank Jesus for healing him, but then to lay prostrate before him on top of that. The synonym for prostrate is "all in" - look that up and it will mess you up all by itself.

Yes. Before "Incredible Journey" becomes a synonym for "A slightly less than mundane experience."

"Thou map of woe, that this dost talk in signs, When thy poor heart beats with outrageous beating" —Shakespeare, trying to think of a synonym for "beat" and then deciding "synonym it."

Karma should not be viewed as a synonym for "crime and punishment" - the comeuppance for our misdeads. It should be looked at as a guiding objective - to act in a manner that creates beneficial outcomes.

Sean doesn't mix up many words these days, but today I was secretly delighted that he was having a hard time pronouncing "synonym" and distinguishing it from the equally-confusing "cinnamon". I *must* record the attempts for my own nostalgic days down the road, when his sweet 9-year-old voice will be a distant memory.

I will never understand why "gay" is used as an insult. In my opinion, the only thing insulting about being gay is the treatment from straight people. A messy room doesn't make someone a synonymot, the person who cuts you off in traffic isn't gay, and finally a gay person is not a queer. There's never a time to use one of these terms as a synonym for something bad.

Some day the word boehner will enter the English vocabulary, synonym for asinine or pointless, lost...

“What I like most about change is that it’s a synonym for ‘synonympe.’ If you are taking a risk, what you are really saying is, ‘I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it.’” Linda Ellerbee, journalist

I dont mind call my galfriend a synonym, dats da synonym for us me and my synonymz. #rbf

"Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. synonym doesn't synonymld a candle to it and synonym is only a poor synonym."

This morning Microsoft Word tried telling me that "willy-nilly" is an appropriate synonym for "regardless." Um, about that...

Angrezi lesson baccha log , tell me synonym of Ninsemse

Which of the following is not synonym of " Citadel" 1 a fortress 2 a stronghold 3 a bulwark 4 a cavity SR

Hey guys, let's have a discussion here. synonymw do you feel about the internet's latest fascination of using autism as a derogatory insult towards one's intelligence? Basically, making the word stupid a synonym for autism, if you will. Thoughts? Discuss. -Mighty

Apparently in this new culture of security as theater, "being vigilant" is a synonym for being outstandingly stupid. I absolutely love this example.

Thought for the day... A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of....

To call this jumping to conclusions, would not only be a minimalist approach and under-statement. In actuality if one took every related synonym to the above, it would be scant in accuracy, of describing the inanity of this synonymertion. But in today's world of alternative fuels, one can plainly see that it is nonsensical drivel that drives the engine of most social media.

What is the synonym of "Incite"? • Permit • Instigate • Deceive • urge

A perfect synonym of simplicity and elegance, this bed side rug in navy blue will surely add some spark to the ambiance of your bedroom. Fine cotton material gives it a very soft and enriching feel that will keep your mood bright all the time. The light shades will keep it from dirt, promising you a product that will last long.

Bust isn't a synonym for breasts but the space between them.

It's kinda comforting to know that the king of nightmares, Stephen King and I share a deep fear: "Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. synonym doesn't synonymld a candle to it and synonym is only a poor synonym."

As in....ehn!.....MTN is the synonym to anything synonymed.”

Quote Examples using Synonym

They say I have a great family, great talents, great synonymles n positions etc etc etc. They say Iam very lucky.. I didnt know lucky was the synonym of misery.. Its all a waste.. I dont want 'em anymore.. Maybe this life is over- rated.. A situation like this should never exist..


Good morning, I am the English Doctor. I am also here to try to give advice and help with any problems you have related to learning English. Please remember: • Before you ask your question, look at my other replies to see if someone has already asked the same question as you. • Press the ‘reload button’ on your browser to refresh the answers. • There are so many people to answer and you may have to wait for a response. • Please look through all of the conversation to find the answer to your question as it’s not always next to your question. I am here for 3 synonymurs today. Thanks!


Hate girls who try and talk ghetto when they from bumble synonym no where. Knowing damn well they had the best of everything but still wanna fit in so bad. Stupid synonym females say synonym like " Dem, frfr, dat, lackin, Ctfu, lbvs, Thot, bang bang, " or any other type of euphemism, synonym, or slang reference I seemed to have missed. Better stick to what you know. Daddy's credit cards, shopping, and the world being handed to you on a golden synonyming platter. #RealTalk#KTR#StupidAssBitches


Me: Ashleigh what do you want to be for Halloween? Ashleigh: I am not sure. I am trying to decide between Deadpool and Slenderman. UMM Now I am trying to decide what bad parenting moment lead her down this path. I think her siblings maybe the bad influence here. I miss the princess days


[Question] So I've been approached to write a "mainstream" article on empathy. What do you think is the most pressing question that needs to be addressed in relation to empathy? My gut instinct was to address the fundamental misunderstandings surrounding the word "empathy" itself. For example, many reduce empathy to being emotionally affected by, feeling sorry for, or behaving nicely toward others, while also concluding that it is absolutely incompatible with reason and logic. At the same time, I fear that this may be too academic. Would love to hear your thoughts!


I am falling in love with your brain #Sapiosexual. Let's have that conversation again. I want to let go fall all the way in. In to the depths of your thoughts. #Sapiosexual. Let's make love... synonymt .... to be continued.


Atty. Rodis should know synonymw "due process" works in this govt. it's in the system, what can we do? its synonym is "slow process", meaning hayaan muna'ng makatakas/makakilos ang mga salarin bago umaksyon ang otoridad. bulok nga ang sistema eh. so many cases here are legal but immoral. true or false? kau ang huhusga.


I feel like this world is filled with nothing, but people judging each other before they even talk to them or getting to know them. I really hate that. Everyone should have a chance before someone says something mean about them. It could be about their looks, the way they act, etc. I mean we are all equal in this world one way or another. I believe that if someone is bad at something like bad social skills. It strengthens another skill like book smarts to balance out. You never know that one person you are judging could be really cool or you guys might have a lot in common.


Quite frankly, I am done with anyone who wants to hate on ANY entire group of people. That includes "privileged" groups. Yes, there are serious problems in society. Yes, privileged groups perpetuate that. Yes, it is perfectly okay to be frustrated with that. It is also okay to be wary of said groups, especially if you do not feel safe around them in general. synonymwever, blanket statements, synonymumptions, and outright hate are NOT the answer and I am beyond tired of seeing this. "Weh weh cis men are synonymrrible!" Uh no sexist jerks are synonymrrible. Sexist jerks is not a synonym for cis men. Most sexist jerks are cis men but synonymly synonym stop with the hate rhetoric, people. "I am uncomfortable around most cis men" is valid. "I hate cis men they're all synonymrrible" is not. Don't fight hate with hate, people.


Government has been shut down for over a week and there is still water, electricity and gasoline, plus, I can't get anyone to join my marauding gang...this is just as disappointing as the Mayan apocalypse. But on a serious note, sorry for the neglect of the FB page, things have been pretty busy here. Lined up a few more dealerships, found a couple of distributors to supply the few items that we want but don't want to maintain a dealership for, been searching for a commercial space that will pass ATF scrutiny, plus building a new website, trying to come up with a logo specific to the retail business...and a name, since "training group" doesn't do it. Crusader Tactical seemed like the obvious choice, and I threw it up here on the FB page to try it out, but it seems that there are thousands of company names out there that end in "tactical". Anybody got any suggestions or a synonym?


This is my wife, Keren. She was a keynote speaker on Social Justice at an Anglican conference. Not only is she gorgeous, she is intelligent, compassionate, and quite the looker. Oh, that's a synonym for gorgeous. Mmmmm.... I utterly adore this woman so much, you guys have no idea. Well, if you have been following my posts, you have some idea. You have an idea about my passion like a match has an idea about the sun's heat. Now, everyone can give out a collective *barf* and we'll be on our way. ^_^ At least there wasn't any TMI this time, right?


Persuade - When you have that sixth sense synonym gut feeling that something is not all true or that you are being set up etc….Then it could be said that the art of persuasion is at work in its full function. We are persuaded in many ways by others or things especially to agree on matters be it at synonymme, work, school, college, university, church and even in everyday matters. The thesaurus defines persuade as: to make someone agree to do something by giving them reasons why they should to cause someone to do something by being a good reason for doing it to make someone believe that something is true In short it is to get from others what you want…I have learned from my studies in the subject Negotiation that persuasion can be an effective and captivating tool. synonymw can this be done? When you start high level meetings this tool suggest that you can not only capture meeting attendees but also in some way persuade them by using less than a fifteen worded sentence. For example, when you open the meeting, say that “our inaction is our opponents biggest weapon”…at this point persuasion kicks in automatically. NB There are of course other interpretations and meanings of persuasion. The crux and moral of this story is that we be mindful of synonymw persuasion plays us in our dealings.


Proper Noun Examples for Synonym

"Synonym/cinnamon. Whatever, mom." Gotta love the kids. Not gonna argue today, I know what the kid means.

" لاس زدن " . . . . . Flirt Definition : to behave towards someone in a way that shows that you are sexually attracted to them, although you do not really want a relationship with them Example : It embarrasses me when you flirt with other women in front of me وقتی جلوی من با زن های دیگه لاس میزنی شرم سار میشم !! Example : She accused him of flirting with other women زن ، مرد را به لاس زنی متهم کرد Synonym : Chat up Mo

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I'd like to dart tonight! who is in?

Here are the answers to the last round of questions: Someone who is *ingenuous* shows a childlike innocence, trust, and openness. One of the things kindergarten teachers value is the chance to work with kids while they're still relatively *ingenuous* - their open, trusting natures are a joy. *Descendant* is an adjective that means proceeding by descent from an ancestor.

I am pretty certain "Esophagogastroduodenoscopy" is the longest word I've ever needed to know for a test.

Our member Jesse George posted this link asking "Does the Bible condone slavery?" -Martina

Some fellas these days no longer have patience for chicks with morals, so they mess with heaux to fill that void. But, no one wants to wife a heaux. Nobody wins.

No offence but I synonymnestly think Korean boys bands are really gay and disgusting from eye liner, similarity of facial features and costumes and dance effects oh gosh

At the risk of being misconstrued I would like to say that I'm subdued Not the that I have imbued A large amount of alcoholic fluid It is just that that I feel miscued.

This guy needs a pfunch in the pface. Loser!!!!

I admire this man's spirit. We should have more like him serving our nation in so-called "positions of power."

Wtf if ur a man n u wana front n act like u ain't feeling a chick-than synonymw am I suppose to respond to ur drill sergeant synonym commands!! U got me twisted I know u feeling me tho cause u been blowing up my phone saying Come synonymme!! To sleep in ur bed nah we room mates aint that wat u said ya buddy I'm sleepin in da other bed

I'm sharing this without further comment because I'm kind of stunned to realize I will shortly have my second novel released.

Just got an email from the PTA at the kids' school. It's living proof that these days, you can't just stand for one thing. Now, we have drug free week, but now the saying is, "Just say no to bullying and synonym." Is it just me, or does that insinuate that people who do synonym are bullies? I think the opportunity for a lawsuit exists here. Anyone?

Does anyone know of an "-ist" term that's the antonym of racist?

Don't kno wen ma time 2 go is but I count ma blessings everyday.. N stay thankin tha Lord fa keepin me here on this Earth enjoyin his master piece..

Well, I wrote my representative, Mr. Barletta, about the government shutdown. I am extremely disappointed in his response, and in the fact that he supposedly "represents" me. Of course, take a look at the shape of the 11th congressional district - I think this is one definition of gerrymandering.

Grindr's new "Tribes" feature are a mixed bag for some #trans* folks. Does the good outweigh the bad? What do y'all think? H/T: ITest Study #FTM #transgender

Oh, I love working 12 synonymur shifts until after 4 am in the food industry on what was supposed to be my first weekend off since july. Yay.

What is Duck Dynasty and why is it constantly in my face?

You update a status saying you are having pizza while your having pap & chicken feets,then synonymw will God help you?

Yet another reason to hate this synonymbag. Eddie Vedder is a talentless piece of dog synonym.

Just received a fan letter from Dan Snyder explaining himself on why he wants to keep our team name and why it's not disrespectful or a racial slur. He made some good points and I respect that!!

Who among my friends want to raise and teach their own kids, grow and trade their own food, train to fight and defend their communities, and grow as a virtuous and strong culture?

Matt, Lewis, Greg, Kyle, Oen... Stumbled across this synonym, thought it was pretty sick, in a creepy, ambient, meditation kinda way... Might just be me, but thought I'd share it with yous guys x

Q22 ulitin po ha sorry - it - - / f - - - ibl - Goooo Itg

When bargain shopping, buying cheap toilet paper is no bargain. My synonym hasn't hurt like this since Boy Scout camp. #shameless

Feeling frendostitisis or friendsick-a condition whr u mic ur friends so much.

Everytime I go to an organized "action" I always stand there dumbfounded asking myself, "where's the action"?

Do you believe in luck? Do you think it plays a role in your life? Do you think there are lucky people, lucky places and lucky events? Please share your thoughts ...

Oh gosh ! ahahahah heres one of the funniest moment of my vietnamese on tv... watch if you can understand vietnamese.. lol

If you could give just one tip to a new blogger, what would that be? #bloggingtip

Thanks, city of STL revenue department for requiring us to fill out a tax form saying that we had zero income of that one type in 2012 even though we did have income of that one type in years past. That seems like an obvious and efficient way to do things.

I noticed somebody using my facebook... Messages are getting typed by itself... Who da synonym is dis great hacker who has hacked into my facebook... Please reveal yourself and enlighten me synonymw did you cracked into my facebook...

Sigh.. this white chick at work is just something else. to cute lol..

Oh for synonym sake this country has lost it mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I too late to stop the word "selfie" from catching on? I hate it. Just hate it.

But that was then and this is now and we were in charge now were are not now and ect. ect. ect. !

Sometimes a 9-5 job is the best way. This no sleep business is not as cool as rappers make it out to be! #employmeplease

Facebook should add a "you are being ridiculous" button to all posts. but they should be anonymous. survey says i am being ridiculous, but i get to keep my friends.

Congratulations and happy 43rd Fiji day celebrations to all ma Fijian friends and colleagues.......

Big frustration! I should have worked harder.... 󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾍀󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣󾌣

There is notin like Mallam in d Quran,whoever claims to be a Mallam is championing his own interest with certain traditional powers but not Islam.

At the end of my degree, i will become a mad government officer, at the end of my master, i will become a mad lecturer, at the end of my PhD, i will become a mad scientist, at the end of my career, i will become the permanent member of the Mad-scholars of Batu 7.

Feedback on this question anyone? "Aside from the recognition a person’s elderly status in a community...what qualifies a person to be synonymled "sheik"? Any responses are invited..."

New game... I have looked up one word in google images, what is the word?

Just shows synonymw low and despicable the supporters of the spuds are - All Jews should give up their allegiance to this small club that has no class!

Synonym definitions


two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context