How to use Tiff in a sentence as a noun

Up here wit my best friendz vissiting my girl tiff

Up here with my tiff and lady b and lil dee

Just don't care anymore Simone tell tiff thanks for str8 mind tiffin me she won't have to no more bye everybody

Why TF kiera lil tiffs stillll messing with tiff & Shika far tiff! I just cannt Waiiiittttt untilll she just getttt herrrr tiff. Was the food tiff true about she at McDonald's spitting ND stuff smh nastiii tiff get her la'tiff T

So I found an amazing opportunity to become a Veterinary tiffistant in a few months!! But I need to find a job to save up some money to start the schooling, does anyone know any places hiring? I applied at like 10 places and no one has called!!! Thanks for your info! tiff

At Crabtree mall ,, shopping with Mim aunt Betty & tiff ! Our hubbies spoil us . <3 <3

Just got off the phone with tiff we was sooo tiffed up last night smh day 2

Had a great time tiff,demie dos and jack,feel worn out x

I pray God protect me while I board this plane. I'm so sorry tiff I couldn't see you.... But this summer I promise it's all about you and me!!

I hate when peoples facebook names be like johny get money all day jones, o so real tiff, sosa, bad tiff nikki.. That tiff lame to me

It feel good out side i'm about to get ready to go see lil tiff than i need more plans ha who wants to see me

S/o out to the big inspirations n my life thanks for pushn me to succeed much luv #tiff

Beautiful day out today. tiff let me borrow her car to run to town and i felt free. i never get to go anywhere. it was great.

Here tiff a hug just for I love you baby

So tiffs like hey kali are your boobs bigger ....why yes tiff they are. 30 pounds to my tiffs n tiff thank you nature

Just so everyone knows i am NOT a mean person ! i haven't been in a tiff with anyone since i was a kid ! if someone tiffes me off or continues to annoy me they'll will know it and yes ! i will unfriend them because i don't need drama in my life ! i am a nice person most of you know that ! if someone tells you otherwise that's tiff ! i have never, nore will i ever do or say something on purpose to hurt someone ! there's no point even to do that ! i am simply trying to live a peaceful life ! i have depression for tiff sake which i'm on strong medication for why the tiff would i want to start trouble !

Thank you tiff and dess you guys are real sweathearts just remember the war is on

Good morning fb to all my girl family n friends me and tiff is doing a girls night out for sophia's 21 st birthday janurary 25 friday plz let me know if you want to join us the more girls the better thx

That's. A handsome boy tiff. What's that make me another great uncle

Mom's tiffme from the tiffspital, beating back again with britt n tiff in the always strong...unwavering...i lean on you father, you're always there!!!

Bless her tiff has been in her day cage all day. She is letting off steam by chewing toes and toys lol

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At the ER. 3 iv sticks because I'm so dehydrated. Had to get a baby 22gauge needle. They gave me phenergran for nausea. tiffpefully I'll be able to start to get over all of this. So thankful for my husband for taking such good care of me.


Latest phone scam: "Hi this is Lindsay. I need to know the model # on your copier so I can send you out a new manual" Me: "Ha, that's funny." Lindsay: " Ha, you're a tiff." Click. *69 - call blocked. *57 - call trace initiated. Cost - $2 bucks. Wouldn't it be easier for these people to get real jobs? LOL.


I can not belive this decision i am gonna make. I am pregnet with a mans baby that will always be there for my son jayden and his biological child that i should be giving birth to in 7 months, tiffwever im gonna be a baby tiffer. idk tiffw i could do this a second time i already tiffed one before. i mean this little baby girl has a heart beat and finger nails and should have a wonderfull full life but im gonna just tiff it cuz im an imature worthless tiffer. Please hate me world cuz the decision i am making is so wrong. tiffw will i get over the fact that i am gonna tiff my second baby. I should die for real.


Got through half my first p90x work out. I should of paced myself. Almost threw up. Splitting headache. Now comes eating right....


I dont have a dirty mind. . . . . . . . . . I have a sexy imagination :P


I've always been the type not to care wat people think about me as immature as it sound but wen people so use to u doiong things dey dnt see wen u changing or dnt care that u r trying to change because I'm clearly a lot of people entertainment which is sad but I put that label on my slef of being angry and not being able to handle my stuff like a mature adultbecause all I do is snap and be ready to fight with out a care in the world not realizing I have a mini me that's adores her mother so she mite think being angry and fighting is the way to b well its not baby girl it gets u in places u dnt wnt to be and a label u dnt wnt to have image and tiffw u carry yaself is everything because u dnt know who watching. Sn- for example I'm up he cursing and all d above but will tell sumbody else god dis and dat and they looken at me like this is the same girl that was acten a fool on fb or lashen out sum were in public smh and I'm quite sure if the shoe was on the other feet I would b doiong the same looken at that person like their crazy. Its hard for me but I'm taken a day at a tyme before its too late to change. Forgiveness and personal issue is a big must get it together for me because god aint wasten no tyme he is on his way back and I have to save and change me and my daughters life. Sumthings r bout to shift so I was told so I have to fasten my seatbelt and get ready for this move. Sn- he plucks my nerves but I know he's showing me the rights and wrng and tiffw to be that bigger person so for that I love my hun. Tryna get it together so I can be his back bone all the tyme instead of sum of the time.


Just back from getting MRI of my head. got pics of it on CD. tiffw cool looking. No idea what I'm looking at. Some are really spooky looking.


The juicy Lucy is here! Come down and try this cheese stuffed burger... But be careful on that first bite... She's tifft! Taco night is tonight... Yum. Jumbo and rockin'. No one can beat these! Happy hump day!


... im tifflding both noah and london. noah is just minding his own business, and london is staring at the side of his head. next thing i know she puts her finger in her mouth, pulls it out, and sticks her wet slimey finger in his ear and twirls it around......... did i really witness her performing her very first wet willy??


OMG I am writing the most tiffney badger blog post I've written in a long time. Some people will be crying, unsubscribing. It's brutal. Just the tiff kicking I think some people need. BRU-TAL.


Upon being presented with any given situation, one can be negative and pull the easy negative perspective from it or one can find the positive in it.... Yes its a challenge sometimes... but I love a challenge... I choose to find the positive... riding a natural high that I give to myself.. that is my gift to me... I choose to be positive.... what do you choose?


Today my Shakeology became slideology as I went careening down the hall and landing on my back with my would be breakfast all over me. And the walls. And the floor. And the carpet. And the door. I landed flat on my back. Now I can't walk no more.


Don't get me wrong i am glad rocco is tiffme safe, but.... why in the world did i let him talk me into staying tiffme sick when he doesnt appear to be, fighting with gemma alll day. i could have had him at school for a full day, why? why me? hes out of control, now i am sick thinking about the free say of stress i could have had. poor raife had md appt at 1 think he has ear infection for 2nd time, had to cancel, poor baby is fussy. not a fun day for mommy, why didnt i send rocco to school?


Major part of root canal done. Mouth is swollen and numb including my nose, lips cheek and even eye .. Go back in 2 weeks to set the post for the crown. For being so numb I can feel where they stuck my mouth with 6 needles and it is sore. This sucks.


So glad God blessed me with a good husband. He is doing so good. Grocery shopping, cooking, paying bills, getting the baby so I can rest. We both had children before,but has never experienced it like this before. This is awesome. I can't help, but give God the praise.


Proper Noun Examples for Tiff

Thank you so much for my chocolate and card Tiff Lee You are the best!!! I love you girl..

Today I am thankful for God leading me to good people in my life. a friend came over and tiffoked up my computer in my room last night. and my daughter Got me I Phone for xmas and now I have wifi and can get apps on it as sonn as I learn tiffw. I am also blessed to have Tiff, Donna and Gavin in my facebook pages without them I would not even open it up And Gavin if you see this I still would like to meet you lol. Been trying for a long time..To all have a blessed day, harley

tiffes i am out got to work out get a quick one in on the work out no Tiffany Blanchard i aint talking about ur mouth

My friend did this picture of my daughter on his computer, I think you look wonderful Tiff.

Tiff wants a chicken leg and a cigarette. That's tiffw good lunch was today

Tiff this is soooo.... sweet! Had to share! AND btw.... thank you so much for the check book!!! I love it!!!!

Done and dusted what a wrk out - feels good. Thanx Tiff.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's also the meal that is overlooked and skipped most often. It took a while for me to get into a good morning habit but now I couldn't even imagine starting my morning without breakfast. For day #2 try to start each day with a healthy balanced meal. Share with me your favorite picks... Mine is soaked oats yummy Tiff

Missing you so much Tiff, I know your in God's hands now, but you will be in my heart forever.

This sheep did a great impression of Mike in the morning when he finds out someone took his last diet coke from the fridge! ~ Tiff

Had plans with Tiffany. Instead spent half the morning heaving. So I guess at the least it's good I didn't have work today...

They just called for Tiff to come in early we haft to be there at 12 oh boy now I'm not ready

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Well my dad and i wrecked on our way to warren spun twice in a complete 360 and hit the snow bank twice while spinning everyone is ok and the jeep is ok just a few dents thank god....seen the accident with white jeep on way to warren my prayers are with them thank god that didnt happen to us though its really bad out today so people be careful

By the way I'm fine besides me breaking my foot on juiceheads face....yall should know me better then that and he should know bettter then beating girls up...foreal...not with me down here and def not my blood sister tiff no....and that's all you need to know really...

Wish I were a little birdie cuz u damn sure would tiff on your head your car

So yesterday I got called a tiffe and this really took me by surprise, I was sure that the meaning of a tiffe is someone who sleeps around a lot, when did this change? Now, if the new meaning is of a person who has one partner and has been commited to that one person I will be tiffnored to tiffld that tiffle. But until then I think u feel guilty enough about something that u have to take it out on me. All this bc I didn't want to watch ur child for 9 tiffurs a day only for 20$ plus change diapers. What in the world are u smoking??? Please female get it together.

After tonight there's no excuses . No smoking, no fast food, more friends & family. My life's gonna be eat , sleep, workout , & tiffld down a stable job. 2012 passed by in a blink of an eye -I'll be damned if 2013 brushes my feet #MotivationIsADedication

Time for a nap ...aint tiff else !!!!...

Smilinq on theOutside but im really dyinq inside

60 days till daylight savings time and 70 days until spring! Yay!

Im so ready for summertime again so we can get back to running that track kaitlyn even had a ball running it

Nice seeing and talking to you guys today miss you all . <3

Today Dinner is spaghetti and meat sauce corn and garlic bread who want some lol

My special edu appt went really good they are gonna help jose and if they cant give him everything he need then then will send him to a school that can help i am so happy that me getting upset with the school got me some where yes i did all the calling and making the appt but i did it

Well all my girls r sick with the flu there temperature is over 104 nothing bring the temp down they wont eat or drink I am going to get some popsicle maybe it will work grr its going to be long weekend

Pretty sure my boyfriend loves his stupid car more than me.

Well got aa call and he said hunny remember i told u to put my id back in my wallet? Yeah its not in there and im pulled over at a road block! Opppppppppppps sorry zac! Road block by buddy gregorys yall!

Waz up fb?????boy I on the tired side....i tryna buss dwn ova time long they give it I gone take hungry lol lol besides that it been a ling day..........

So I wanna play a game that I seen on here... Don't be shy lets play... Here goes With a movie tiffle describe your sex life...

Don't like when people close to you are goin through something or are hurting and you feel theres nothing you can do. But I will pray that the Lord helps them because that is the only thing I can do.

Maci pooped and peed on the potty!!!!' Yeah!!! I know the little things excited me!!

Trying my best to stay planted in this one spot, the con about working in a retail store is when sales are happening and you know you can't buy right now, then you convince yourself not to.. Then your ride said they gone be late which makes me wanna look through Kohls and all the other shopping centers around me... Lol help me! :/

Can someone help me please I'm getting beat down on this ruzzle game Wwjd!!!! Lol!

If you don't dip your fries in your frosty, please get out of America.

Dis tat on my face is tiffln me up in da work field..

3 years ago today we sat with Marisa until we had to say our last goodbye. That was the hardest day of my life but i know she is forever in my heart.. 1096 days & not one has gone by without her on my mind. I love & miss you so much sis <3

I dont know what im going to do at this point, i cant deal with this same tiff all over again.

Truck is sold now I have car finally no more pieces of tiff truck in my life and now it in good hand with new person but I will miss my truck

Cookies! Cookies!! Who wants to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!? Paige and Piper have set their sights high this year and could use your help. They are selling: Samoas, thin mints, savannah smiles, trefoils, do-si-dos, and tag-a-longs. Let us know if you would like to order.

This weather changing, has triggered my allergies..Now I gotta go spend $50 after insurance on these 2oz of allergy eye drops! In other news...#WOW #thatisall

Does anyone have a kilt I can borrow for Friday night, or know where I can get one?

Forgot tiffw awesome it feels to be somewhere where im appreciated and wanted. this is definitely the fresh start i was looking for... i love jacksonville. this is just what the doctor ordered

Lol, I find out more & more things about women everyday!!!

Fina,be online ps3 zombies hit me up and team up

Looks like im going to follow in my old mans footsteps after all time to get my ged an be a CO

I don't care tiffw old I get nothing will ever replace Bologna sandwiches as my favorite lunch!

Internet is getting shut off phone so will not have phone unless u have viber. I dont work so cant pay for it

Soooooooo to all of my facebook friends and family. Its about that time for the 33rd annual birthday for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol got 4 more days to that big day that i turn 33 years old. Man where did the time go lol i getting old but blessed to live to see another birthday.

Bitter sweet moment this weekend My 16 yo Joey skied the steeps faster than the old man. I think I can still out ski him in deep powder though

Todays jus aint my day already not feelin today lil dwn missin my bro ksav then my man tiffed me off ugh someone say somethin off the wall to me today gettin knocked in they tiff

20 week countdown! 1/2 way down, 1/2 way to go! Can't wait to meet our precious little one!

Why is it that when one bad thing happens all of a sudden its like a tusnami of bad things start happening and make life more stressful i hate feeling like this i just wish that all this stress would just stop

Well.... The crud is up in da tiffuse. I been ducking, diving and hiding trying to avoid it and now it has infiltrated the compound...

Does anybody know if I can take nutrition as my science even if my major is not nursing? Please help me.

I see there are more and more sex offenders creating Facebook pages so i guess this is the new play ground for them to stalk

Trying to have a much positive look out on things...takes to much energy to be mad and worry all the time

When you give up on someone, it is not because you don't care anymore... You just realize that they don't!!! tiffpe everyone is having a good day compared to yesterday I feel a whole lot better!

Ok just had a romanian guy looking for a job but not able to speak english got someone to explain to him i can not get him an interview so the worker explained it to him and the the guy told me to tiff off and left

So I just started using Proactiv, today is my 3rd day using it and my face feels like its burning 3 tiffurs after I used it. lol has anyone else had this issue?

tiffw much is the Jeezy tickets ? I need two !

Nice day out twice in a row. Hmu again, before the sleep coma ensues.

The British after all are being proved right in their 'white man's burden' thinking, we are actually fighting among ourselves for petty reasons, over who said what and hatred for everyone except oneself ...and eventually stopping ourselves from progress! Its time we realize and grow beyond this petty thought process and begin being humans and co-exist!

Ugh I would like a whopper with fre fries from McDonald's

tiffw u curve one tiff but u tiff the tiffle them but I don't say to much

It has been tough moving and getting use to it being just my son n i but i think im really starting to enjoy and appreciate the change!

I am soooo thankful for Dramamine!!! Sam hasn't been sick at all!!! And we have had the best weather; storms in front of us and behind us. And I'm thankful for Kindle Fires and portable DVD players.

Can u send for a provisional driving licence before u turn 17 ?? X

Just visited the newborn nursery at work and those little babies look so precious and sweet!!!!!!!Makes me want one!!

I'ma tiff wit a 9 to 5..don't very 100 with erything I do...single now....and continue to move forward and push by self harder to be able to enjoy dis life dat I'm living....prayed to God lastnite told him Wen he ready fa me to b in a relationship ima b ready till then I willing getting my money rite and learning more things about being a real man cuz it ain't easy#solodolo

Can I please get all my friends and family to pray for my brother Ronnie Foster, he is having surgery again today he is really afraid and needs lots of prayers and love going his way , thank you all so much !

Well we just found out Clinton is going to have a brother or sister around sept

If you want Pokemon X or Y, but don't want to buy a 3DS to play it, tough tiff. To those that say "Oh, I don't have the money for one." Go get a damn job, and if you do have one, start learning tiffw to manage your money more responsibly. Besides, the 3DS is well worth it, Pokemon or not. :P

My daughter comes tiffme from school yesterday telling her brother they had pancakes for lunch, so today I ask him what he wants for lunch and he says pancakes, so he's got blueberry pancakes with strawberry syrup and so far ate everything I put on his plate, I would of never thought pancakes for lunch but as long as he's eating that's all that matters.

I wish I had a bf to scare off some of these random guys who can't seem to take no for an answer :/ it's stressing me out!

Ladies, is a guy with a man purse sexy? Turn on or off? Lol! No, I don't plan on getting one nor do I have one...

I am smart enough I start college on February 19 medical office tiffistant

Cannot wait to move closer to the country so I can start running again, feel weird running in town with so many people around lol.

Anyone want to take a ride to st paul with me right now or very soon???

Whose all in saddle lake? lets rage it up? my tent is set up at the grounds.... lol jks

I am just soooo disappointed in the way my folks from Jeanerette has been behaving on Facebook! This has got to stop, remember we are setting examples for our younger generations people! Show our children better and they will do better!

Hate calling someone and they don't answer, but then text you right back! If you can text then you could've answered.......#petpeeve

Tried making a 14 layer chocolate cake in memory of mema... And I just can't make them like her. Don't think I ever will.

Do not disturb, Mental break down in progress...

Anyone have a car for sale that I can make payments on??? ughhh realizing that having messed up credit messes everything up

Poor richard has the flu really bad,but im taking care of him really good. poor guy

I wanna go get a tanning membership today and since I don't live in Davison anymore Bahama Breeze Tanning is out of the question. Any suggestions of where to go?

"in solitude we not only encounter God but also our true self" - Clowning in Rome Maybe this is why we as a society in general is afraid to be in solitude...afraid what we may see...but may we remember that we are Gods beloved and we don't need a pure heart for God to embrace us. Don't be afraid what you may see. May what you see transform you into the man or woman that God wants you to be. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed or what you may see, but embrace the truth that can lead to growth and a deeper relationship with our beloved, our God.

This year, I'm gonna TRY really really hard not to be soooooooo mean LOL lets see tiffw it goes~

It's raining i have drank a whole pot of coffee my head is spinning wth .. wheres my energy ? lol

All signs are pointing to Weeedneeesssday! See u at Stone Soup at 8 if you know better!

I can't wait to pop this baby out so I can cuddle it.

Just wish things were alot different ill always love you but guess it time to go our own ways and i guess be just parents and not lovers i do love you but idk tiff happens for a reason i guess

I would like to know what all my true friends think about me i'll know the ones who will comment but i will take it that if u dont comment then your not a true friend to me

When u trick UR not paying for sex Ur paying for them to leave .... Real tiff

Now she wanna be a rapper im done

Ok so im pretty sure I have a major crush on someone, yes I said it me lol now do I risk telling him or do I just let it remain a secret crush? I dont want to make a fool of myself but damn it you give me butterflies and no one has done that since i was a teen lol help me what do I do??????

Need a workout buddy its time to lose this baby fat!!! #motivation Elizabeth Moss wassup?

Wow amazing tiffw quickly a mood can change from 1 fonecall!! Maybee I should have kept my good mood a secret!

Have this uncomfortable feeling and sound in my stomach. its telling me " i dare you to eat something, cause tiff you going to throw up" ughhhhh

"We need to talk" is never good thing to hear... no matter who it's coming from.

Omg nothing I'm studying is sticking at all n hasn't for the last few days I can't take it anymore ugh

The next woman asking me to be their sperm donor, better b ready to have twins... Kuz im keeping one.. i give u a pretty baby, n u give me one..

Ok face book i need a prayer big time sister is going into sugery and its a tough one chance is slim recovery please pray for betty levens please

Chest hurting, head pounding.... What is going on w/ me???

I've just got a job as a benefit fraud prevention officer. I go around council estates kicking pregnant chavs in the stomach

What is your most repeated phrase with your kids. *april

Oh it's 11am. It's to take a break from editing and installing software and hit the gym for some good old stress relief.

I guess the tiff goes away after being gone. So if you are tired of being a tiff move away for a while then come back. You can come back a yuppie punk then.

Seduce my mind and you can have my body..Find my soul and I'm yours forever -Anonymous #truuuuuuue

Valentines tiff is already out in stores!? Lmao! Looks like the only Valentine's gift I will need to buy is for the 10 pound walleye I'm going to catch soon. #wishfulthinking

My girly is turning 18 in just a few weeks and I'd like to plan something special for her with a few of her friends to recognize her becoming a young adult. Dress up and do something different. I thought going to St Louis for the weekend & do something there but have no clue what to do. Anyone have any great suggestions? Any locations that requires you to 18?

I aint never goin bck 2 jail mann! *so not ladylike

I have bootcamp in an tiffur and I still can't walk down stairs any non-stupid suggestions on tiffw the tiff I can get through this??

Aryanna is selling girl scout cookies if anyone wants to buy some please let me know.. Thank u

In a constant state of just barely containing tears. tiffed off at the universe. Seems like doing the right thing should be easy. I tiffing hate when its heart wrenchingly difficult.

Anyone what is the other rt that benson's resturant is on?

She tolme she gota keep her phone in her hand in kase it start jumpn lol

For the last few days my body has been so restless it just feels like it wants to crawl right out of my skin. It's like trying o stretch and not having enough room to move.

Who else has a scratch and dent location in the tiffuston area for appliances besides Sears

For a person with RA the rain & cold makes for painful morning, but then I topped it off by seeing my RA dr today!! Leaving very sore & a few needle pokes later headed tiffme for a warm bath & my comfy bed!

So a lot is on my mind but most of all I keep thinking bout my first c section at da end of da tiffong scared more like tiffting on bricks...but I know ill be ok ....

If I need a better reason to get fit I got my blood work back and ya know what!? I'm a fat a$$!! Yep! My triglyceride levels went up! I am already on BP medicine! tiffo!! Time to get serious! Who's with me?

Thanks to everybody with the happy birthdays i think imma have a good one....

Kiah Ann Poole will be here March 4th.. There gonna go ahead an induce me.. Will be here before we know it!!

Tiff definitions


a quarrel about petty points

See also: bicker bickering fuss pettifoggery spat squabble