Ticklish in a sentence as an adjective

I feel like I'm more ticklish when I know it's coming.

I’m not sure if cats are ticklish, but if they are, it would explain a lot.

"Doing repairs on the outside of a rocket in mid-air is a ticklish job.

Pricing is ticklish for consumer services, and I'm sure its even worse for health oriented services.

Additionally, asking folks "please don't address me with 'Hey'" I imagine to be ticklish business.

Call me immature but there is something ticklish about disguised vulgarity.

"Let me know how successful you are to not blinking, or not having goosebumps, or not feeling ticklish, not having a reflex, not being averse to certain odors, ...

One problem for the 'surprise' analysis of ticklishness is that we are still ticklish when we see a 3rd party tickling us, and when there is therefore no surprise as the existence and source of the tactile sensations.

It may be a ticklish premise that Darth Maul actually survives and goes on to do this or that, but when you've been reading about Jedi and Sith who've all cheated death in some improbable way dozens of times each, it stretches credibility.

It'd be a bit ticklish to get right, and leave everything functional, but there are some wicked schisms between areas of our historical states, and other places that are spliced up into multiple states that probably should be joined together..

Ticklish definitions


difficult to handle; requiring great tact; "delicate negotiations with the big powers";"hesitates to be explicit on so ticklish a matter"; "a touchy subject"

See also: delicate touchy