Touchy in a sentence as an adjective

They are touchy because crazy **** like\nthis happens to them all the time.

But I'm puzzled by your reaction to it. Seems more of a populist "touchy feely aw shucks nice guy".

They are all extremely touchy about this subject.

I am sorry to be so touchy on the subject, but Stalin killed more of my people than Hitler.

The guy says “We weren’t a touchy-feely, talk-about-things kind of family".

The problem is HR issues like these are very touchy and toxic and most companies would sooner not deal with it.

It's important not to oversell the touchy-feely/what-looks-good side of this.

It sucks, but the truth of the matter is that cutting back Defense, Social Security, and Medicare are touchy issues that can't be done easily.

I understand that this is a touchy subject, especially on HN, but come on: "Avoid editing what you want to say in \nyour head, and try not to worry about being wrong.

And touchy founders that would be vindictive about being rejected are tough to keep a good relationship with, and most entrepreneurs are emotionally heavily invested in their own startup so it's easy to be touchy and vindictive, so it's "best" as an investor to not upset anyone.

Because she really is too touchy about this""she's raging over and reading so much into a statement that is, by normal standards, extremely neutral, leads me to believe that even if she has been directly accused of being too emotional in the past, then maybe there's something to the accusations""Playing the sexism card every time you run into a bad manager with a dysfunctional team seems like wasted effort to me.

Touchy definitions


quick to take offense

See also: huffy thin-skinned feisty


difficult to handle; requiring great tact; "delicate negotiations with the big powers";"hesitates to be explicit on so ticklish a matter"; "a touchy subject"

See also: delicate ticklish