How to use Thumb in a sentence as a noun

Just burnt the thumb out of my thumb trying to get Sean Sean an my lunch out the oven :/ ouch it hurts!

Whilst changing my lovely daughter's nappy she did a tiny sneeze that produced a perfect fountain of poo that oozed down my thumb. Absolutely love being a dad

Mad again.... he threatened to break her other thumb!!! Ughhhhh At least the principal already knows. I really wish I was a fourth grader for five minutes!!!

Wellwhen u seed a garden of friends u need more than a green thumb to keep it to grow slowly they die off or wilt away and u start a new garden make sure u plant life of family in the end u will have a tree of life people come and go but family stay

That little thumb dance when you don't know thumbw too reply too a cute text.

Cut my thumb on a sequin! A sequin I tell you!

Right now you have 3 fingers behind your phone, your pinky tucked under for support, and you're scrolling with your thumb.

Burned the thumb out my thumb wtf damn stupid thumb flatiron

Glad U can draw on ur own thumb what a challenge that must be for me lol

Rule of thumb: Never trust a mechanic without tattoos.

Been sitting at work with my thumb up my butt for 5 hrs. We r suuuupa slow. Im ready for a glass of wine.

Harry trying to copy my sad face pmsl then promptly fell asleep for the night....sucking his thumb :/

Hey all, this site was recommended to me by Fannie Mae. For those of you who don't know, when you approach Foreclosure, you also begin dealing with scam artists who are trying to steal your money. The rule of thumb is, everything not directly from your bank with your loan number on it should be shredded. Pass it along.

Sarcoids - to remove or not ??? Any opinions on this please ... It's on his leg about the size of a guys thumb nail and raised about 6ml ???????

They point the finger so I point one back at them but not the index or pinkie or the ring or the thumb its the one you put up when you don't give a thumb about the thumb they pull cos they're full of thumb to ...

I've learned today that I cant be without my thumbs, I've cut mine doing the dishes now I'm finding hard to do normal daily things, i can hardly use my phone

Deep thoughts by Shannon Branch: Don't eat a pound of seasoned crawfish with a paper cut on your thumb!

Had my 1st accident of the year today & I don't recommended bringing the clamp down on a guillotine on to you thumb it hurts!!! Only 3 fingers to go & I've busted the lot

Not being able to afford braces was cool when I was a kid, because now I can floss with my thumb !!

Seriously the second I'm thinking in my head, "wow I haven't gotten one paper cut since I've started working here" I get a huge one on mu thumb. -__- there's blood eveerrywheere!! D:

With friends like you, who needs thumb tacks.

Here's my pinky, here's my thumb, here's my peace sign minus one.

William Mckenzie not aloud on Xbox cause he's under the thumb ha ha ha

Alex's choreography lingo * grab him or her by their head of hair and hit 3 times loosely translates to thumbld your left arm out fully and with the other hand move towards the left hand back out to the right and back to the left * Cut your stomach open loosely translates to thumbld your thumb on your belly and move from the left side to the right * Slap him or her in the face well this explains itself Yet the lingo works lol

As you know my big gyrl sucks her thumb... This is our convo at china town!!! Me:Launi before we get thumbme don't let me forget to get some bandages Launi: y what happened Me: Juliana burned her finger Launi: which one Me: her left thumb Launi: poor thumb then looks at her thumb and says"you just don't get burned"!!!!!

I'm extra salty cause I jammed my thumb and I'm fight twice on the same hand >.<

Seriously just saw a 30yr old suckin there thumb literally lmfao

Before and after of my thumb after dr removed my nail ouch

Vice president Joe Biden has been thumblding meetings all this week with various groups. They're trying to figure out thumbw to extract Joe's thumb from his thumb, his foot from his mouth and your guns from your hands.

Fab 4hrs at Pole tonite. Still have a numb thumb, but hey Belly Burner Variation or whatever we're gonna call ya it is sooooooo worth it, luv it ha ha ha xx

Cut my thumb yesterday from the side of nail thru to's a gusher and I can't seem to stop it. thumbw much blood can be in a thumb? Any ideas besides just thumblding it? Think I just keep catching it on stuff.

Jacob jackson rides his thumb in the bath while thinking about his dad

Went to FWO to find out what was wrong with my thumb. I thought arthritis.. Turns out I have trigger thumb.. and I never even shot a gun LOL..

Update on my garden been 4 weeks and 2 days since i started this vege garden so proud of my green thumb looking good

Oh WOW! Are vending machines got upgraded now in order to pay with cash we got to scan our thumb and everthing else touch screen.

2013 can pee off already , trouble at mill brewing, burnt thumb, burnt foot, boilers packed in !!!! Perleeeese take a running jump ya nobber !!!!!!!

Just shattered my thumb nail! This is thumbw you DON'T replace wheel bearings, lmao.

Book: Sexotry “thumbur” I can’t make love to you all night/ I’ll give you 45 minutes of foreplay/ 15 minutes to beat it up just right/ I call that a good thumbur, good sleep/ No round two because your thumb is sore from taking it deep/ I love it with no hair/ I don’t like when the bushes prevent you from seeing me down there/ Two fingers in your thumble, one in your thumb while I’m sucking your clit/ I get nasty with this/ All it is, is a tease as I stall giving you the dick/ Multiple orgasms/ You’re sprung off of my tongue/ You have me on speed dial calling me up to get some/ Smother your thumb walls and let you drip thumb/ Now play with your thumb and then suck on your thumb/ That’s what I am talking about right here/ thumbld your thumb lips open so I can put my Trojan Magnum right there/ Put your hand on my waist/ Pull out and then put it back in/ I’m entering space/ I’m smiling looking at your sex face/ When I’m done, you’re not going to be able to walk straight/ We’ll be on a 72 thumbur break/ You don’t want dick but want me to try your peach mango taste/ So put it where that’s the only thing I see/ Drop it down slowly/ Tongue out but just don’t suffocate me/ thumb my face in a way that I don’t bleed/ This can be your payback to all men when you thumb and tell me to swallow your seed.

Here's my suggestion at the Starbucks site, after my facebook post generated some discussion here. If you like the suggestion, you can give it a "thumb up" there too.

So I cut my thumb on the sharp thing on the bottom of the clear wrap lol thumbw the thumb do u do that lol

I know first hand, a dull knife IS a dangerous knife. I peeled my thumb like a carrrot!

Another day done... smashed the cream fillin out of my thumb today though... it's purple!!

I think I chipped the bone in my thumb, it hurts so bad. I did it while playing thumbckey in gym class yesterday. I actually had to sit on the ground cause I got dizzy. ~Nouis'Girl

How to use Thumb in a sentence as a verb

It's bad enough when a female acts like a silly simple neck rollin thumb... But when a straight, masculine, type A personality type "man" acts like a thumb, all I wanna do is thumb him the thumb over, wear that thumb out, and leave that thumb on timeout in the corner sucking on his thumb while in the fetal position cryin for his mama! And ALL that in less than 5 minutes. He will either hate u or say, "Thank you, ma'am may I have another" when you're done! Hehe.. Punk thumb..

I think my right thumb has an empathy tattoo for its left hand thumb, hurts more than the tattoo!

I'm a little concerned...where's my waistline? Something about measuring it to determine your BMI? A good rule of thumb: if you need to measure it, it's probly an issue!

So thumbw do I stop Daley sucking his thumb grr... Lemon juice loves it.... Elastopasta eats it......smacking it hyperventilates.....any ideas mummy's

I nicked my thumb with the machete while cutting grass. No, this is not a mad lib or Facebook status game. That literally just happened.

149p left ear 146p left ear burn .."til I'm gone" tinie tempah...first song on radio since I got off work...left ear burnin now and left thumb pain

Day off from the table due to sore thumb from excessive drawing! So I will be straightening up the office and prepping to get back at it tomorrow.

Trying to text with a bandaid on one thumb is exactly like trying to talk with a head cold.

So I told jayla that she needed to stop sucking her thumb all the time and she replies"but I want to and im the boss of you and mom so dont mess with me" aaah the wonderful world of raising a girl

So my husband chopped off have his thumb today or maybe just the tip not sure haven't seen it but I'm pretty sure he just done it so he wouldn't have to make dinner tonight

<3 Pineapple Express!! "Hey look, it's like my thumb is my cock" xD

N he's still sucking his thumb. Masyaallah amazing..

A good rule of thumb ladies ...if he can dance he can *u*k

So once again I forgot the thumb stick so forget it...I give up on the Christmas pic....Christmas is over anyway and is it really that importnt thumbpe all is well...I watched "The Hangover" for the first time today and found it hilarious...will definately add it to my favorites

If you start stickin ya "thumb up" everyday at sh*t you like in real life. #people gone think you on thumb

About to take this journey.. anyone driving down Gloria Dr. Dont ignore my thumb sticking out

Got axe sprayed all over me by one of the guys next to my locker cuz he shut my locker this morning so I tried shutting his nd he had his thumb in his locker nd I slammed it lol. So everyone was telling me I smelled like a man :p ~Nialls Irish Charm<3

Rule of thumb: Never leave the one you "love" for the one you "lovin at the moment"... But then again thumbw much can you really love someone you're willing lose #justathought

I have shot many many photos in thumbpe of my cover :D the son will now transfer them from the 'big camera' to my thumb drive so I can try to find two matching opposites for the base of the cover. I also got my last approval on a really nice inside photo from an actually quite famous photographer in Italy, he sent the attribution info last night. Things are coming together!!!!

Ouch, sliced my thumb wide open cutting up potatoes with my new knife. Never fails lol! Steak and tater soup done and tasting yummy at least!

Well the knife set adam got me for christmas can really cut tomatoes and it can also put a nice big gash on my more fingerprint on that finger lol

Game in 9 days, gunna try so hard to get thumb sorted for then! Need to play again been too long!

Lol at this grown adult suckin his thumb. Haha

Valentine Mini Sessions {Outdoors unless its for a baby} Cost: $40 for a 30 minute session Location of your choice {in the high desert} Up to 2 people {$5 for each additional person} 10 photos on a thumb drive {for each additional photo will be $2} Prints are also available for a extra cost Please message me to schedule your session. Please tell your friends and share the page xoxo

And I firmly believe an armed populace is key to reducing the probability of a tyrannical government. Rule of thumb is 3%, so we're in great shape.

"I would give 'em a thumbs up, if the thumb was directly being shoved in someones thumb..."

Well got my pins oit of my thumb a week early, Dr had to dig one out, and oh yes it did hurt.

I keep hearing all this fear the thumb, when we have the thumb plus two, does no one know seven in a row is the record for Clemson beating Carolina in a row? Yes I'm talking to all you Carolina fans

I want this so badly. To have this much space on a frickin thumb drive. heck yea

And, thumbw awful it was to correct an error if you made one? In fact, the rule of thumb was - 3 mistakes on a page and you typed it over!

Just got back from Paul b taking our ultrasound and it was sucking it's thumb!!♥

Elijah just called my little finger my "little thumb"! haha.

Today i was doing some diy in the garden , and in stead of hitting the nail with the hammer i hit my thumb in stead, bled loads, dough, wount be using that hammer for some time i guess.

What's being 40? Playing football catch with your 7 year old...making an amazing catch on his thumbpy throw and landing on the sidewalk jamming one wrist cutting the other thumb scraping your hip and banging your knee all with one thumbing insignificant catch...all while Jake is laughing and a woman walks by belittling me...good times

Saying "You hurt my feelings" is like telling someone their zipper is down in public. Not only will it do nothing for you, but the other person gets thumbed off at you. Rule of thumb, keep it to yourself, because people just dont care.

Ahh I love thumbw Jayden has started constantly sucking his thumb to make him sleep...sooo cute!x

Yup I'm officially a dumbass! I just smashed my thumb in the drawer ... -_- it thumbing hurts

Oh, you are my one and only. You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and thumbld me tight.

Sweet only 6 more thumburs then i can take my thumb out of my thumb & relax :/

Looking forward starting back at the gym yesterday and what do i go and do? cut the tendon in my thumb in half now got to go to thumbspital and have it repaired, so no gym for awhile ... Not looking forward to it

Think i jus broke my muf thumb man god please help me forreal get these thumbs out my life cause dey keep on thumbin wit me

You don't really realize thumbw important a thumb is until you fracture it and can't use it anymore :/

Quote Examples using Thumb

Two women are playing golf on a sunny afternoon when one of them slices her shot into a foursome of men. To her thumbrror, one of the men collapses in agony with both hands in his crotch. She runs to him apologizing profusely, explaining that she is a physical therapist and can help ease his pain. "No thanks... just give me a few minutes... I'll be fine..." he replies quietly with his hands still between his legs. Taking it upon herself to help the poor man, she gently undoes the front of his pants and starts massaging his genitals. "Doesn't that feel better?" she asks. "Well... yes... That feels pretty good," he admits. "But my thumb still hurts like thumb."


This is for family and friends who have declared me stubborn. I did make another doctor's appointment today. Had to go to the Northside Clinic cuz my doctor's schedule is completley full due to all this illness and the flu. I saw a Dr. Jebsen and he did a chest xray and I do not have pneumonia. I have a real severe case of bronchitis. Just finished the zpak and all I have left to take is an inhaler. After taking this strong antibiotic I developed the, my ears hurt when I swallow syndrome. Shouldn't be coming up with new symptoms but should be getting better. My cough is due to spasms. What is spasming I don't know but I walked out of the doctors office with cough suppressant with codene, prednisone, and xopenex. Have everything but the nebulizer!.So alot of good that did me!!!!


I sliced open my thumb and they stitched it up.. it sucks. I need help washing my left armpit and hair, thanks hun. They stuck me with a tetnis shot and then let me know i got the whooping cough shot in there too - i didn't actually want that. I just want my thumb back.


God i just love the famous Stride Rite store. NOT. They measure your child show u shoes and insist they fit. Well i am no idiot. Kids need a thumb width space for growth. I am no fitter but i knew this. Finally found sneakers for Christina and size is 1 size bigger then fitted. Idiots


I walk to the mailbox... politely interrupt the postal carrier and inform him that i have a package being delivered "certified" ill need to sign for, he says he has no package.. so i walk off. Come back an thumbur later to check my mail.. Pink slip in the mailbox telling me i have something i need to sign for, it was returned to the post office.. and i can drive down , wait in line, and pick it up tomorrow. Dear postal carrier. Do thumb. Thnx


Executive order huh? We have almost reached total communism... putting small businesses to death. Overly taxing the middle class and disarming the citizens. Making people dependent on the government.... that happened one time back around 1940 in Germany. I just pray the ones who put the dumb thumb in power get theirs first. I know ima get mine to but i aint goin quietly. Plus i wanna be around to see your Messiah turn into your Judas right before ur eyes even though u wont know it cuz u cant get ur head outta ur thumb to see. I dont need comments on this subject. If u dont like it there is an unfriend button on my page... feel free to use it


Close enough to start a war All that I have is on the floor God only knows what we're fighting for All that I say, you always say more... I can't keep up with your turning tables Under your thumb, I can't breathe... So I won't let you close enough to hurt me No, I won't ask you, you to just desert me I cant give you, what you think you gave me It's time to say goodbye to turning tables To turning tables... Under hardest guise I see ooh Where love is lost, your ghost is found I braved a hundred storms to leave you As hard as you try, No I will never be knocked down... I can't keep up with your turning tables Under your thumb, I can't breathe... So I won't let you close enough to hurt me, no I won't ask you, you to just desert me I cant give you, what you think you gave me It's time to say goodbye to turning tables Turning tables... Musica linda!!!!!!


So many of our eating issues come back from thumbw we perceive food. It's not an enemy, it has no thought process, it is just what is in front of us. We're still trying to overcome what we've been taught over years and years as to what is healthy for us, what we've had marketed to us, and what we actually learn by experience it does to us. We demonise the food itself when in fact it is our approach to it that needs fixing. It's like hitting your thumb with a hammer when hanging a picture on the wall and saying that all hammers are evil. It's just a hammer, the fault lies in the way we used it, not the tool itself. Food is no different. If we don't use it properly we'll suffer the consequences.


Why the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger? The Chinese give a beautiful explanation to this. The thumb represents your parents. The index finger represents your siblings. The middle finger represents yourself. The ring finger represents your life partner. The little finger/pinky represents your children. thumbld your hands together like the picture. Join your middle fingers back-to-back, and the remaining fingers tip-to-tip. Now, try to separate your thumbs. They will separate because your parents are not destined to live with you forever. Rejoin your thumbs and separate your index fingers. They will separate because your siblings will have their own families and lead their own lives. Rejoin your index fingers and separate your little fingers/ pinkies. They will separate because your children will grow up, get married, and settle down. Rejoin your little fingers/pinkies and try to separate your ring finger. They will not be able to separate because your life partner is meant to be with you throughout your entire life, through thick and thin. Try it....


Proper Noun Examples for Thumb

I told her I was celibate...jus wanna thumb da cash!! Thumb thru da check

Thumb thru tht check,thumb aint ever seen this much money look thumbw he sweat

Thumb nail broke off..Feel so retarted when I type now on phone lol!!

_ 3 fingers in the back of your phone , Thumb to scroll and your pinky is the support under your phone . Fact or false ?

So your in your car at Tom Thumb and you get a message from someone you care about to bring thumbme a drink....... Would you go back in or drive off?

#Random "Rule of Thumb" an editor once shared with me. The more "quotation" marks you have to use to express your point, the "weaker" of a writer you are.

So I'm at the Tom Thumb at the end of the street, where I spend $5 or $10 a day. My debit card admittedly sucks, and some older machines wont read it, so sometimes it has to be hand keyed. While the thumby old bat at the register tries to swipe it fifty thumbing times, I point out that it probably needs to be hand keyed. She proceeds to say "well I don't have time for that." Seriously. I took it easy on her because there were children in line behind me, but I did make it known that I didn't appreciate that. I don't ask for much in the way of customer service...nod, don't be a thumb, and key in my card like you get paid your eight bucks an thumbur to do. It ain't hard.

We are just as happy, if not more, that Tajh Boyd is coming back for his Senior yr at me we really are. #4-0 #FearTheThumb

Related Sentences for Thumb

Wow...I must be tired. I'm looking at a magazine and pressing pictures waiting for them to open up like an iPad app.

I can't believe that Monday, the 7th i have been at my job for 9yrs - and on the 8th, last night, injured myself where i had to go to ER and get 3 stitches!!

First time getting a modeling injury that did not involve a knife. Just dropped my paint palette ceramic tile on my bare foot and on the corner edge. Ouch. What creative ways have you hurt yourself while modeling?

It's so silly thumbw simple parts of the body excite us.

Ok, I'm bored so I gonna plan out a barn floor plan and blue prints type thing. When building a barn what is the first thing you think about? Size of stalls, number of stalls, etc?

Fact or fiction? 8. Identical twins have the same fingerprints. --cm<3

Has spent all day living like a thumbbo...untill cathy came in and told me to shower!!

I wonder what they're gonna do with the old brookshire brothers building in henderson...? God bless

I'm really looking forward to my photography class this semester.

The television volume was on low when my girlfriend turned it on this morning. Her thumbumption.. that I must have taken a sneaky view of the 'rude' channels last night . I live under constant scrutiny!

I love maiduguri more than anywhere in the world,,to thumb wit our enemies,,,go to thumb.

I'm trying to sell all my Jordan's and lebrons but no one wants to get them Size 3 in kids ohh well that thumb is going on eBay there brand new and everything !

Grown men, addiction to video games &nd super hero obsessions?! No thanks...Fitted Caps, addictions to tattoos &nd making money &nd obsession with creases &nd fresh edge ups?! Yes...Plz &nd Thanks you!! Lol

I just learned that my car won't start without a key. No matter thumbw many bad words I call it, or thumbw many times I hit the steering wheel, it will not oblige. Dumb old non-Jetsony muthafucka.

Just my luck last time I had surgery in January it was the coldest in twenty years and lasted for a few days. have surgery next week and starting Thursday it is going to be thecoldestspell for thirty years every night down to below 29 for my uk about minus4 for over a week I need to find some where warm for the winter months.

Is seriously gonna have to apologize in advance to the midwifes when i have the baby

Watching the notebook that's what my life's coming to !!

Tonight will be my first time back at Cavs in a.... longggggggg time.

Can't sleep so making my way to the gym.... Crazy self obsessed freak....

Think I'm in love.... Haha na,., prob jst lust again..... find out in 6 months heyy lol

Zachery Thomas is 1hr 20mins into surgery. The nurse came out said going very well!! Putting pins in to thumbld elbow in place!! He is doing well!! Thank you God.

Final score of the away leg capital one cup Swansea City 2 Chelsea 0

At the thumbspital to see plastic surgeons! Trippin balls better grab a Chai Latte to wash my perc down!

MQ: MQ any other babies would rather suck on mommas finger instead of paci? My daughter is so cute ill give her the paci and she spits is out and wants to suck on my finger.

I just opened up my desk drawer, opened my purse, shuffled around in purse... And then sat there with a fuzzy brain, staring inside the purse, wondering what I was looking for. #losingbattlewithcold

Well done to the advocate for its spelling mistakes over the last couple of days. We pay to have these notices put in n even have to write them down on a proper piece of paper for u n u still cant spell some things correctly!!! 2 days in a row now-pull ya fingers out

Like if you think i look like chris griffin x

Dead from football not played for 2 month probs won't for abit longer with this thumbed knee dirty thumbers

Had my personal best on cutting Evan's nails! Only 2 fingers cut this time. Gotta be a better way to do it!

A handsome guy & pretty chic would make a beautiful weeding but only a faithful man & prayerful woman will make a beautiful marriage.

Is going to try some sleeping pills tonight for the first time god I feel slightly nervous

So the adventure continues. I just heard someone ask "Is there a nerd in the room?" There was a woman sitting next to us earlier using her cell phone to take pictures of the screen. Im convinced I've died and gone to moron thumb.

So I think me and Libby Bryant got kicked off the bus.......yayyy haha....some of u guys were there.....

16 kids and counting another load of thumb got 2 sit through

Stupid thumbw military disqualified me cause of two little tattoos size of a dime at that you can barley see it stupid so upset right now

1 night least another 20 to go

One born every minute , time to cross my legs and deep breath for an thumbur....don't know why I put myself through it every week!!?!?!

Simba was walking too slow, so I told him to Mufasa.

I see this so often, I wonder if people really care about grammar and language anymore...

Found an amazing cd shop in edenvale,great ex dj will find my born to be wild collection,Dave he knows you,compact and disk shop wow some great stuff there , around 8th and van riebeck , opposite Absa

Right after aidans gets thumbme off the bus I get a call about a teachers strike on Friday. First week back to school and it's a short one.

Now I've burnt my thum running a bath- that's it, I give up! I'm going into hibernation mode!

Thumb definitions


a convex molding having a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or of an ellipse

See also: ovolo


the part of a glove that provides a covering for the thumb


the thick short innermost digit of the forelimb

See also: pollex


feel or handle with the fingers

See also: finger


travel by getting free rides from motorists

See also: hitch hitchhike


look through a book or other written material

See also: flick flip leaf riff riffle