Riff in a sentence as a noun

Oh sure, "It's got a killer hook/riff" but you don't get it.

I can't argue with Psy's choices, though, since that little riff builds a lot of tension.

I took it as a riff on the "Please be careful" popup warning from the article.

The iPad mini video with the pencil reminded me of Facebook's terrible Chair ad. I miss the lightness and humor of watching a John Hodgman riff with what's-his-name.

Riff in a sentence as a verb

I think this is what happens a lot of the time when people complain about a site becoming "too big", idealizing the past when the "riff-raff" hadn't gotten in.

"It was the urge to amuse that recently prompted Cameron to riff on an old TV ad and..." It wasn't the urge to amuse, and anyone who tries to suggest that Cameron, or frankly any of our leading politicians, has a sense of humour, hasn't spent enough time listening to them talk.

Do managers go out to lunch with the "rank and file" and share a beer or two, or do managers go out in groups and pointedly avoid the riff-raff, and you'll get yelled at for having one drink with your lunch?

The intelligence one in particular was a riff on an insult by a good friend of yours:Like the creators of sitcoms or junk food or package tours, Javas designers were consciously designing a product for people not as smart as them.

Riff definitions


a Berber living in northern Morocco

See also: Riff Riffian


a jazz ostinato; usually provides a background for a solo improvisation


look through a book or other written material; "He thumbed through the report"; "She leafed through the volume"

See also: flick flip thumb riffle leaf


play riffs