Hitchhike in a sentence as a verb

Lots of people still hitchhike all across the US.

You can walk and hitchhike to the hospital in the nearest town, if you get sick.

You can still take a bus or a train, drive yourself, or even hitchhike, if you're barred from flying.

I've been helpxing for 7 months, hitchhike between hosts, and barely spend a penny.

There are shelters in most places, and the 'smart' homeless people hitchhike somewhere warm.

“Not that you have to hitchhike alone to the Alaskan wilderness!

I've hitchhiked around 1000 miles in Europe without any problems.

What if instead of studying the arts in a school in Kansas, it is my burning life desire to hitchhike around southeast asia for five years.

" it sets you up for a very different interaction with the public and with governments than "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could get people to hitchhike more?

Even if you end up doing something completely different, it's a place to start and it's just a hitchhike with a bunch of people you'll probably want to meet anyways away.

> Add to that the fact that bacterial infections often hitchhike on other injuries, infections or conditionsWho could possibly foresee that there could be other injuries, infections or conditions present in a ******* city.

Hitchhike definitions


travel by getting free rides from motorists

See also: hitch thumb