Thoroughly in a sentence as an adverb

I'm sure Target's ecommerce site has been scoped very thoroughly.

I'm actually working on a mobile game right now, and am thoroughly enjoying myself.

I thoroughly enjoy both hn and reddit, for completely different reasons.

I have never been so thoroughly insulted by what was probably meant as an innocuous statement.

There are many complex and subtle issues that must be thoroughly analyzed before passing judgment on this paper.

Once you get a working recipe you do not change a thing without a specific plan to thoroughly measure and document the effect of that change.

Only that the entire experience was exasperating, annoying, and thoroughly made me want to not watch the rest of Harry Potter.

They're outraged by the betrayal of the police, making an end-run around the law that they thoroughly defeated to prevent the police from having master keys.

In Denmark, they prevent infections in chicken houses by thoroughly cleaning them, then using techniques developed for clean rooms to prevent infections.

You should be ashamed for attempting to profit from such a thoroughly disreputable con.> Folks are right to be skeptical -- a lot of businesses have done this, tried to hide the fact there would be future charges.

No thanks, I will stick with the amazingly successful, ubiquitous, thoroughly thought out standard, that was spearheaded by William Kahan – one of the greatest numerical analysts of all time.

I've actually been conditioned so thoroughly by flaky forum software to ctrl-a-c on every post before submit that I don't even think about it and sometimes I'm surprised when I paste later and get whacked with a giant forum post.

I didn't take anything or do anything untoward, and I wanted to point it out to the agent who'd patted me down, but I'm sure that would have just flagged me as suspicious and I would get to expend extra time being thoroughly searched.

Thoroughly definitions


in an exhaustive manner; "we searched the files thoroughly"

See also: exhaustively


completely and absolutely (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly'); "he was soundly defeated"; "we beat him good"

See also: soundly good