Soundly in a sentence as an adverb

This new version B traffic soundly beats your old version A traffic.

They both make dick moves every day and get soundly rewarded for doing so.

Nakamura tends to play soundly in these time controls.

So it won't be worthwhile for aliens to put us to work in the Bitcoin mines and you can sleep soundly at night.

It has been soundly refuted over, and over, and over again.

But that only means we can’t rule out a connection between gender and damage; we can’t soundly confirm one either.

I love project euler, but I've come to the realization that its purpose is to beat programmers soundly about the head and neck with a big math stick.

Most people have no idea how to manage their money; therefore, $75k/year is probably an overestimate if you can soundly manage money.

Aside from the usual arguments that have been soundly debunked about the dangers of mass dumping un-redacted documents, what fault could anyone at HN possibly have with WL?

Small pockets of sea-life survive on reefs in national parks, but as you look up from the water, you see trawlers scattered across the horizon - soundly within the nautical boundaries of the national parks.

"This is a soundly reasoned decision that is a highlight of modern law not so much because of any deep legal reasoning as such but because it profoundly captures and applies the spirit of the law in ways that comport with modern technological advancement.

Mentioning antioxidants without reference to today's antioxidants and health research is implying a not-proven health benefit of organic food for antioxidants, while the health benefit can only soundly be expressed for the lower levels of pollutants.

Soundly definitions


deeply or completely; "slept soundly through the storm"; "the baby is sleeping soundly"


completely and absolutely (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly'); "he was soundly defeated"; "we beat him good"

See also: thoroughly good