Terrarium in a sentence as a noun

Pair that tech up with a terrarium, and you've got something.

As soon as people start keeping a species in a terrarium in their home, some of them will escape.

At the moment, it's working as its own enclosed terrarium, and sending back science, etc.

No, humans are a bit more complicated than a terrarium.

I've had a terrarium in a sealed mason jar on my desk at work for 2 or 3 years now and have never once opened it.

In other words, the secret to having a viable sealed terrarium is in the compost.

I have my own terrarium inside the home with everything enclosed from outside.

We now have a contained outdoor area for them which I’ve dubbed the “cat terrarium” as it is outside my office window so I get to watch them prowl while I’m working.

Running the same simulation 100 times with slightly different starting conditions, for example, would require a new terrarium for each trial but creatures should be shared between..

I imagine it's an extension of the 'terrarium' example which is used to demonstrate OOP in javascript in the first edition of this book....[edit - yes - it says this at the bottom of the page!

Terrarium definitions


a vivarium in which selected living plants are kept and observed