Tenable in a sentence as an adjective

I get it's relevancy, but does it make Google's position less tenable?

There are practices you can adopt that make refactoring your database more tenable.

But the current situation is only tenable because a small fraction of users have the know-how to get what they want.

It's your choice whether you meet it, which may not financially tenable, or fail to meet their expectations, damaging your brand.

If you have 4 teachers for 100 students in 3rd grade, firing one and increasing the average class size to 33 students isn't a tenable option.

Troublesome for a start-up due to the amplified network effect, but tenable for a site with an established user base.

So the idea that people below a certain productivity threshold don't "matter" isn't tenable any more.

That's not a tenable market share: as real platforms push down into the commidity price range, so will Mobile Safari and Chrome for Android.

Especially among a certain class of people, it's almost never popular or ... I don't know - "socially tenable" to challenge this.

That just isn't tenable for a living room gaming machine, which is exactly why consoles represent a necessary compromise.

But now that Rust has a stable release target of mid-2014, tailoring core language features to the diminishing 32-bit demographic is just no longer tenable.

If you study something that isn't tied to a specific industry or where you need many years of training and certification to become useful that's not so tenable.

One may believe that it's unscrupulous to undercut another company and co-opt their ideas without believing that the software patent system is tenable or just.

Monetization is basically 99% advertising at this point, which isn't tenable for many industries.- Knowledge that the browser installing the app supports a common set of standards.

I don't think they are swapping the stack for a tech upgrade, they are swapping it because at the moment they are in the position of directing state funds towards an organisation that is seen to be under the control of a government that is acting aggressively towards them, which is not a tenable position politically for the people signing off on the budgets, especially since it is all so very public.

Tenable definitions


based on sound reasoning or evidence; "well-founded suspicions"

See also: well-founded