Tact in a sentence as a noun

He has the tact of a sixteen year old who's looking to start a flame war.

Your tone and the overall lack of tact in your post is very off putting.

You're being downvoted, but I agree that a greater amount of tact would have been warranted.

I realize that people are a little annoyed at this tact, and think it is melodramatic.

Does that ping your Ominous Sentences radar just a little bit?Let me try a different tact.

With a comment like that, either you didn't read the article or you just brought your own bigotry to it and left with it in tact.

Have you heard of, or come into contact with any of this abhorrent behavior that's mentioned?

One thing I wish this article talked about: Sometimes, people are brutally honest with little tact.

" add nothing to the review, but only serve to make it more personal, and I say this as a guy who also has very little tact.

I stopped as I grew bored of dealing with large enterprises and general depression from the repetition and changed tact.

An adult knows that compassion, sympathy, empathy, love, and tact are far more valuable than "honesty.

But his complete lack of tact, social skills, and presentability makes him more harmful than helpful as a figurehead.

> Don't agree with the humor and tact of this letter even though "it worked".Personally, in the UK, I would have written: "We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram".The reply in question was "**** off".

[edit: this is not to suggest that dumb luck alone is enough to create a success, it's just that intelligence and tact alone are often not enough to create success either]

You stay an extra couple of minutes to let a friend babble on about a story you don't care about because you're socially tactful and tact is the lubricant that preserves our social relationships.

As a creator, as an business person and a hacker I would happily see facebook replaced by a company or an entity that gave us 80% of the functionality with our joint privacy in tact.

As the Anton of Ariel and Anton in this post, the logic behind returning the shares is based on the fact that the business should really have been restarted with a fresh cap table rather than keeping the old cap table in tact.

I quite like the 'apology' he received from the conference organizers:> In July 2013 I told the NSA-affiliated conference organizers that I was having some problems in getting my visa, and gently asked whether they could do something about it. Always eager to help, the NSA people leaped into action, and immediately sent me a short email written with a lot of tact:> The trouble you are having is regrettable Sorry you wont be able to come to our conference.

Tact definitions


consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense

See also: tactfulness