Eager in a sentence as a noun

These guys are bound to have huge quantities of bitcoin they are eager to unload when the price is right.

They have both and they are eager not to have you make an official record that there has been a problem.

You become eager to go to your terminal instead of reluctant.

Nothing illegal about it, but people were so eager to make a quick buck for no work that it quickly got out of hand.

Can you give it to them?Do not be so eager to deal out censorship; for even institutional review boards cannot see all ends.

If you seem like an effective person and you have graphs that go up steeply, your pitch could be a bunch of platitudes and they'd still be eager to invest.

We speak to the manager of the GameStop who understands the situation and is eager to help, but only with the presence of the police.

Eager in a sentence as an adjective

The amount of money spent to customize those systems over the years is enormous and big corps are not eager to toss that money spent away to start over.

The government at the time saw communism everywhere and Hoover's FBI was eager to paint any dissenter as a communist.

I see at least one eager early-adopter market for Google Glass: amateur pornographers who want to share their, um, personal experiences.

So I outlined the steps it would take to translate a toy language into a toy computer's instruction set, and reviewed it with the young man one afternoon at my office - an abbreviated compiler theory class with an eager audience of one.

I quite like the 'apology' he received from the conference organizers:> In July 2013 I told the NSA-affiliated conference organizers that I was having some problems in getting my visa, and gently asked whether they could do something about it. Always eager to help, the NSA people leaped into action, and immediately sent me a short email written with a lot of tact:> The trouble you are having is regrettable Sorry you wont be able to come to our conference.

Maybe the hugely reduced barriers to entry into the technology sector that resulted from cheap computers and good programming tools would lead young and eager people of brilliance to found ambitious companies to finally -- aren't we all sick of being exasperated by the mediocrity of culture and politics in the past 20 years?

Eager definitions


a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)

See also: bore eagre aegir


having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy; "eager to learn"; "eager to travel abroad"; "eager for success"; "eager helpers"; "an eager look"