Caricature in a sentence as a noun

While we are both of those things, it is a sad caricature of itself.

It's a perfect caricature of precisely what I think doesn't work.

Engage with her argument or don't, but don't caricature it.

That article is a bizarre caricature, chock-full of misleading half-truths.

[1] - And now that caricature-metaphor has a literal face, drawn by one of NSA's own--if you ever wanted to know what Big Brother "looked like.

I think it's political because it reduces the debate over healthcare policy to a caricature.

Everyone sounds like an obvious caricature of themselves.

Caricature in a sentence as a verb

" At this point, the author has completely distanced his psychopathy from the purely negative caricature he painted in the first half of his letter.

This story doesn't ring true to me. Particularly the part about how his day consisted of cat videos, Reddit, and eBay that's a caricature, designed to fit the popular conception of "wasting time at the office".

I've always thought of drawing a caricature of him sitting down at a restaurant with his wife and looking at the menu, and his wife saying that they really can't afford these prices.

What's interesting to me about all of this is that there's this caricature of movie pirates as not wanting to pay for anything and just being general freeloaders.

If you actually want to work in some field that holds you passion, and that's not what you're doing now, consider carefully if your long term plan is as unrealistic as my caricature above.

There are salient points here, but they're masked by the caricature of a maniac who can't go without Facebook for five seconds and a mythical beast that never gives his brain a break from work.

Most homeschooling families I know, and I know hundreds all around the United States, resemble my open and free family life more than they resemble your caricature of some unknown anecdote you've encountered.

Caricature definitions


a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect

See also: imitation impersonation


represent in or produce a caricature of; "The drawing caricatured the President"