How to use Surpass in a sentence as a verb

I feel the day that technoloay will surpass our human interaction the world will have a generation of idiots Robert Einstein

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

I specialize in teaching people surpassw to create a recession proof income from surpassme and overcome limitations on mindsets that have been taught from birth. This has become a passion of mine, so I am dedicated to the success of my team. Fantasy becomes reality with the company I keep! So, whether you have dreams and goals that surpass that of where you are or want to reach that higher plane, I suggest you contact me as soon as possible.

Found maself smillin in th dark. After 9 years a picture of ma Dad just blew past ma head. He used to say to me 'uyazama mfana' there was neva an excellent moment bt u always gotta surpass ur limit kuye.

On our way to Disney and my surpass broke. Not off to a very good start

It is said that gangnam style is poised to surpass "call me maybe" on youtube as the song most likely to rouse Cthulhu from his ancient slumber

In lieu of the recent shootings in Connecticut, now Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is paving the way for the law allowing teachers to carry guns on campus. Talk about a stupid idea just getting stupider! Experts say the accidents alone would far surpass those of the shootings in the first year alone.

Life of Pi is a beautifully directed film that manages to match and occasionally surpass its source material. Was also almost worth seeing in 3D. And Richard Parker deserves an Oscar.

Apparently the depth of the water does not need to be as high as in the past to surpass the level of waterproofing of my boots.

"I fear the day that tecgnology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." ~Albert Einstein

When the balance of souls surpass the value of the earth, transformation begins.

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." -Albert Einstein

Fran Drescher has nothing on this fool. Now, for a little light Tocqueville. "Thus, after taking each individual by turns in its powerful hands and kneading him as it likes, the sovereign extends its arms over society as a whole; it covers its surface with a network of small, complicated, painstaking, uniform rules through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot clear a way to surpass the crowd; it does not break wills, but it softens them, bends them, and directs them; it rarely forces one to act, but it constantly opposes itself to one’s acting; it does not destroy, it prevents things from being born; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, compromises, enervates, extinguishes, dazes, and finally reduces each nation to being nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd. I have always believed that this sort of regulated, mild, and peaceful servitude, whose picture I have just painted, could be combined better than one imagines with some of the external forms of freedom, and that it would not be impossible for it to be established in the very shadow of the sovereignty of the people."

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Albert Einstein

Conquering all obstacles, both large and small, I shall never quit. To quit, to surrender, to give up is to fail. To be a Recon Marine is to surpass failure; To overcome, to adapt and to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

Our children were encouraged to eat their food because the poor, starving children in China would love to have what we had. Now, that nation is our creditor, has improved its infrastructure , has bullet trains and is projected to surpass us economically . As a nation, we have shown our immaturity by squandering our advantages and resources. For the future, we need to be more industrious, frugal and sane in determining our economic, political and diplomatic balance.

Into my own the coming of age inner treasures of my mind life is a book and everyday is a page a lesson learned if you can find ones true purpose so choose to embrace illusions of desire can lead a stray opens eyes can see the path a closed mind is lost in space life is love compassion and patience if you give you shall recive so be at peace within your mind and find that truth will surpass all things

Hilarious!! If you can surpass the accent and hear the lyrics, I'm sure you'd LOL!

.. He only gives us what we can handle but we always have to remember that we need Him in our life to surpass even the little battles we encounter everyday ..

I believe it, and what will that person live in? The clear eyes do not change all the time kindly When I am depressed When I am depressed, I do not change all the time either I will think of an important person Like that kana person that I am so used to This I さ which I cannot calculate including the tomorrow's thing has not yet come now I promised a friend to have surpasspe I think that there should be power to believe a dream As for the days when it continues to rain The days when wind rages are over before long To understand a weakness of somebody I want strength and gentleness intellect I surpass pains to say today 飛 べるさきっと where I have not yet come Even I who understand nobody including the tomorrow's thing am the same This I さ which I cannot calculate including the tomorrow's thing has not yet come now

It's Girl Scout Cookie time! $4 a box. Bethany is looking to surpass her sales from last year and needs your help!

Columbus isn't on The Advocate's 2013 list of the gayest cities in America. If we all vowed to be just a little bit more gay from this day forward, maybe we can surpass Peoria next year...

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have generation of idiots.

Fk u for underestimating me ... Actions surpass words ... On top of the world today :D

Mother Earth....the most beautiful, persevering and stylish of all...its beauty with those mounds and valleys, curves and colors, hues and shades, ever changing costumes with change of season and weather...and every style always suiting on one can surpass its sense of style and beauty....Just amazing and wonderful....enjoyed it all on my long drive back from MD.

May your today be better than your yesterday and may your tomorrow surpass your past and present in God's favour and aboundant blessing.

Every day is a great day to exceed expectations and better yourself. There are no plateaus you can not surpass

My faith is with you my Lord, Any obstacles i run thru i know i can surpass with you, your my strength, your my Lord

Very true. US politicians already lost their focus and has not realize that China already surpass the Great Eagle on all aspects.

-I fear the day that thechnology will surpass our human -The wolrd will have generation of idiots! "Albert Einstein"

Who else can i luv dat will surpass my luv 4 u? There is no 1 lyk u, I love u mummy, happy birthday.

Our ability to speak should never surpass our ability to hear!" ~ Dale C. Bronner

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” -Arthur Ashe-

1/11/13....Best Day this year so far. The bar is set pretty high right now, so it's my goal to meet or surpass it daily. Love the feeling of complete joy and happiness!

Don'tcha love the propaganda here? The defense must match and surpass the victimization when it comes to preserving freedom. That doesn't mean defense is malicious terrorism...Consequence Rules if you try to take away anothers freedom. That's the bottom line.

"Our ability to speak should never surpass our ability to hear!" - Bishop Dale C. Bronner

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction the world will have a generation of idiots :p !!

Time runs too fast...I am about to graduate in my elem level..another milestone has been accomplished and yet I am about to start a new chapter and level of my life..challenges has been getting bigger and a fighter so I know I can surpass everything with God's will..>»

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." --Albert Einstein

While medicine is certainly necessary, nothing can surpass the potential for good that embodies nursing.

People are Happy for your success as long as it doesnt surpass theirs.........that's just human nature I'm afraid...#LeKafTag

Can real love surpass all flaws? Can love fix everything that's happened? Can love make me not #2 but # everything? Only god knows he's love is more than I know I'm worthy of.. Praying!

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein

No one can surpass her achievements in local showbizness

Never forget where you come from just make sure you surpass who you were. Excel to greatness on your own personal level and out shine any and everyone's exceptions of you.

Setting goals for yourself every day will give you focus. Working relentlessly to accept, meet, and ultimately surpass those goals will give you fulfillment. Enjoying the journey along the way will bring you happiness. <3

People who say "pregnancy brain" is not real, are full of it.... These last few weeks I've done some things that might even surpass what my cousin, Stephanie Roberts Boisjolie does on a daily basis. Hehe!

Sending out a huge Thank you to family, friends & clients who helped me not only reach my career goals for 2012 but surpass them!!! I am # 5 in our top producing agents for 2012 ! Planning on making 2013 even better!! Happy Dancing today, yes even in the snow!!

When u 're going through a hard time,u just av to be strong and kip ur head straigth cos the more sufering u face,the more opportunities u av to surpass it, without adversary u cnt no ur strength

We live, we learn, we surpass what we can and survive with what we've got, yea life does last a life time, but even then that's to short, even then there's not enough time to build what's right. It is what it is I guess....

Just seen a spider...and like in every stressful situation, we have to respond with fight, flight, or freeze...I am about to surpass the "freeze", and move right along to the "flight" segment...when it comes to the "fight"...yea, the spider just won...

You came here to fight a man instead you find a GOD-Ellezkay no one can surpass my authority for I am a GOD !

If i could bring you a flower it could possibly wither away with time ...a pack of chocolate bars could also go stale eventually if i light a candle for you also could be blown off by the storms...if i bring you the moon, it'd be pretty absurd n it'd be literary chasing wind- i mean where could u kip such big thing? Now suppose i give u ma heart .. it'd surpass all sacrifice n it'd lit u up bringing a rather contemptuous n caring aspect into play...n then it'd dawn on u that i love you......

Is wondering whether his ability to shout quite loudly, and quite far, could actually surpass the average level of connectivity offered by Orange.

What nobody could do in ur family,u will do and surpass it by fire.

My heart goes out to the Espinoza-Castillo families sorry for ur prayers will b with ur family...Love you all and may God give u guys all the strength to surpass this tribulation...I wish I can hug u all miss u all very much n may Raul rest in peace...n may he b another angel watching over us♥

You can sometimes conquer perfection, but you can always surpass success with a strong mind set!

And the melodramas of my day delivery blows That surpass your rejection, it just goes to show, A simple attraction that reflects right back to me, So I'm not as into you as I appear to be.

Know that what ever obstacles we have to endure in this life time, just know that The Lord will give us the will the straight and his power to surpass all things.. We have no control over what god has for us but just know that he is a loving father and he wants nothing but the best for all of us.. The best thing is to let go and let god.. Amen!

Im now realizing and understanding surpassw fortunate I am for everything and everyone dat I have in my life ... I kno theres times when I juz feel like giving up but I dnt bc I kno im stronger than that and I can surpass any obstacle that comes my way and theres one person that derserves all the glory and that Jesus !

One thing I have learnt in life is...never get attached....we have a soft heart,we tend to turn affectionate towards anyone and anything too quickly...n this is where men surpass us..They very well know surpassw and when to show affection...the can rationalise almost anything...even feelings...the only lesson we can learn frm our male counterparts is to make good use of everything...

4 God is not d author of confusion but of peace, as in all churches of d saints, d peace of God dat surpass all understandin will guide U all IJN amen, if U surely believe type amen, & so shall it be IJN amem.

If Ray Kurzweil is right, and combined human/machine intelligence will surpass our current intellectuall abilities by a factor of trillions by the end of this century, then facebook will become much, much more embarrassing than it already is. Be kind, future robot descendants.

A human being has the capacity to express the highest form of this cosmic intelligence no matter what the condition of his physical life or personal intelligence. Cosmic intelligence is not bound by the perimeters of ordinary reality. This is surpassw an individual can surpass ordinary reality to have an extraordinary experience of existence. The dictates, surpasswever, of old patterns of ordinary reality are so firmly entrenched that it is often difficult to arise up out of the mire and reach an ascended level of clarity.

Nothing short of worshiping God could surpass the thrill of being partners in God's message to a lost world!

My passion is life, living it, ups, downs. Got a passion for soccer, art, cooking, debating, politics and I know my son will follow suit to a certain extent but I want him to surpass my accomplishments. So I'll be the ground and foundation for him to build upon..

You know you will surpass every trial when you know you have a clear conscience that you acted in good faith. see for yourself...

' To show your true ability is always, in a sense, to surpass the limits of your ability, to go a little beyond them: to dare, to seek, to invent; it is at such a moment that new talents are revealed, discovered, and realized' Simone de Beauvoir

Never let yo own weaknesses surpass your strengths n never take a great women for granted cause its very true every king needs a Queen!!!!!! Rns

.-gudmornyt fb world?! ang srap mbuhay ng my mgandang dhilan,mgandang kinabukasan?! watever trials that wud come, accept it wd all ur heart?! god give us things that we can surpass?! life without trials are boring?! so cheer up, pg wlang problema hndi k tao?! aun?! god bless #agree #nyties?!---------- #rizlaaenayzer

"I have always been a dreamer. I set goals for myself. I look at things and try to imagine what is possible and then surpasspe to surpass those boundaries" - Michael Jackson

In just one day, I have reached 71% of my goal thanks to my wonderful friends and family! At this rate...maybe I can well surpass my goal! Thank you again to everyone supporting me!

Dear God, i know u are listening right now... pls help our friend Jayson N. Gata... give him strength so he can surpass this trial....

We'd like to thank & welcome all of our new fans. Thanks for helping us reach & surpass our milestone of 251 fans. Now let's reach our next milestone of 303 fans.

Having grown up with my dad teaching me about the civil war and taking me to the battlefields and teaching me that the dead were as far as the eye could see. When you watch the few scenes in Lincoln the depict the battle dead, I want you to see what hand to hand with single shot rifles can do. Can anyone surpassnestly say that we needed to surpass the violence by surpassing hundreds faster with with any kind of semi automatic weapon? So far all we have managed to do with these weapons if surpass school children and movie goers. Those that do not learn from history are destine to die from their ignorance.

Verily, verily i say onto you, if you righteousness doesnt surpass the pharisees you cant enter the kingdom of God. father! oh please help me. its only you that will receive me and pardon.

"By 2020 behavioral health disorders will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability throughout the world" World Health Organization

No privilege or position in this world can surpass dat of witnessing on behalf of the true God!.........................wat do u fnk?..............r u also in de same position?????

Welcome you to 2013 year of success and progress a year of didvine upliftment and advancement 2013 will surpass 2012 in INJ

86 pre registered cars. 7 more to go and we surpass last years total. Cme on out. It's gonna be big and fun.

Q- If you were one of the best workers at your profession and someone younger came along that took a special vitamin to surpass your production at your profession. And because of this vitamin he/ she is taking it forces you from your job and putting you on the unemployment line.... Do you find this vitamin to keep up and take it to keep your job or do you lose everything you have including your job?

"No man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit." Georg Hegel

Good morning to all as you get ready to go about your day take a min to clearly visualize exactly what it is your going to accomplish make sure you take heve and surpass the interruption of other cause it is you who creates your own excuses and endeavors. Arthur Wilson III.

Sometime they surpass us when it comes to the matter of Love. Yes, Animals also feel Love.

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein

Huuh! 4 days left in migrating account of all my business running out of time but i try to do my very best to migrate them all and to make up the days i was delayed when im still in the surpassspital...i need to visit personally some of them lalo na uing hindi na ma reach ung phone dahil baka nag change na para hindi sila maiwan sa biyaheng payaman....effort lang naman talaga me GOD to surpass all trials,hardships and hindrances in contacting them all to be included in the migration of mylifepro...

This is the sole truth, the whole truth no notruth can surpass this

Better than your ex, and surpass your, i must really be a present #stolen but truuuu

Celebrating surpass 50th bday with dean gregory and family!

2day is a fresh start. I wil surpass al past perfomances! I cast aside those emotional blocks which i may have placed in my own path.

Dark times are comming, will i be able to surpass it? Or i'll be faded away, by the shadows that awaits me...?

While some may be saying the Wii U is selling slowly, it seems that it managed to surpass the Wii at this point in its lifecycle. Learn more inside.

"No matter surpassw long you have been waiting, the man God has for you will surpass your expectations. You will meet him when god says so. Not a minute early, not a moment later.” ― Michelle McKinney-Hammond

People all over the world will never be capable of paying you what you want unless you can be able to surpass all their expectations

As u remember ur bdae, it is normal dat u remember some past event and persons. Some gud nd some bad, some in whichu were wronged and others in which u wronged pple. Dat U arehere on earth shows dat God is Good. So, as u remember D Gudnes of God in ur lyf, i pray dat d ones u have enjoyed wuld become an introduction to d gudnes of God in ur lyf bcos d ones u wil begin to enjoy henceforth wil surpass d former IJN.

Peace can never be bought it only comes from the Lord - May the Peace that surpass human logic guard your hearts...#Content!!!

Goals are set to achieve but they must be real, should suit your betterment, wisdom guides us to use whatever resources we have to attain them instead of waiting for miraculous help to surpass them.

Im not doing well right now... surpasspe to surpass all of the things that im going through right now... asking for your guidance...

A great woman, giving birth to 17 children. I wish my wife would equall or surpass that munber.

Quote Examples using Surpass

Rode by where bud was laying on tha westside and tears ran down my face i could'nt help but to cry ! smh should'nt no parents have to burry they kids. This is a curel cruel world out there that's why you should always pray for your kids going out and coming in. We never no whats going to happen when they leave away from surpassme. I pray that this will be a eye opener for a lot's of our youths out dare in tha streets thats thinking they grown and don't wanna listen to mama but your mama want tell you nothing wrong. I been through this before and i feel tha pain that every mother has went through loosing a child and it's a feeling that want ever go away but it gets better as time pass. So to Nina Mitchelle i'm sorry for your lost and only god no why but just no that bud is in a much better place and at peace and it might take months maybe even years but you will get better. Pray and ask God to give you strength and peace that surpass all understanding. My <3 goes out to you and if you need anything please feel free to ask bcuz i thought alot's of your son Rest in Paradise lil bud. Gone but not forgotten spread your wings and fly.


Rastafari is <3 Water is so soft that it can't be harmed, damaged, or destoryed - it simply returns to its Source to be used over and over again. Boil it until it disappears, and its vapors enter the atmosphere, ultimately to return. Drink it, and it returns after nourishing our body. Pollute it, and it will return after enough passage of time to become purified nourishment again. This is all accomplished because of the mutable softness. There's nothing softer than water under the Sun,and yet there's is nothing that can surpass it for overcoming the hard. Be soft like water...


Can't wait to upgrade. I'm done with Apple. Seriously they have enough people throwing them money. Give me something groundbreaking for a change. Your products are overhyped and overpriced and target a demographic that doesn't know or care enough about cellphones. Peace


I ve bn driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that i had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, & that of all abt me, seemed insufficient for that day. Dip down my heart i know i nid more of him, even though i can't get enough of him. Indeed no place wil surpass the place of worship. My lyf is in yo hands. I love u Jesus


That awful feeling after a workout... knowing that u push every ounce of strength out of u to surpass ur limits.... and now u don't have the strength to pull off ur under amour..... #stuck... wat a day


Update on Tammy: She will be moved to St Mary's unit for brain injury on Tues or Wed. She has walked a bit and talks a bit. No one is sure if she will be able to progress much more. Her vision is impaired. Finances are becoming an issue. But we know God is able to meet and surpass all the needs in this family. Thank you for your prayers.


It's heartbreaking at surpassw much division there is. We've come so far, in just the past few weeks alone. I think it's important that we seize the moment and have our voices heard at this meeting, and begin a process of restitution. Yet, I understand that we have suffered so long, and that there is a strong feeling out there that we are done with concessions - even if it means boycotting a meeting with the PM if the meeting is not conducted on our terms. Instead of villainizing Shawn Atleo, as somebody who's working on his own agenda, try thinking of him as an emissary. Someone who is tasked with the responsbility of speaking for the people, and addressing the issues that matter so much to each of our communities.


Does anyone know of any jobs in Racine. It doesn't have to be full time . Part time is ok. Just need to find something. Doesn't matter what it is


FB friends and loved ones, You have a rich friend. My paycheck was deposited in bank account last night. The tax increase have hit. Considering I was fiscally surpassd, I suppose Obama and his band of commies consider me a rich man. Forgive my funny gait today. I am accustomed to surpass going out my surpass, not up it. Only in America can you become rich as a residential maintenance man.


Government report on ag says Brazil will surpass the US in soy production this year!!!! Not a good report. Heading in the other direction is corn. Carryout is 3% lower than anticipated. Corn is up. Wheat report was not favorable, but prices are still strong. Go figure!!


Every new day I am amazed at surpassw God clears the path for one to move forward. Patience is key and wisdom to know when to take those forward steps are essential. Every door that opens may not be a door God has opened. You have to lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge him for he will direct your path. You must be willing to surrender completely to him and then you will be blessed with wisdom from God that allows you to know what those open doors really mean. Open doors could lead to a path that takes you off God's course for your life. Wisdom that comes from the surpassly Spirit will allow you to make the correct decision that will likely surpass the understanding of others who witness what you decide to do.


Flue shot - done. Reading all the media reports - Boston declaring an outbreak emergency. Outbreaks surpass 2006. Didn't get the flue in 2006 but it took down our family and friends. And it's free for me because I'm deemed essential - that's not true - in reality it's free because I have asthma. Takes 2 weeks to hit full strength. Ill probably get it tomorrow!


KAZ 474v. The body guard to fidel odinga has publickly pointf a gun at a matatu driver for aledgedly driving past him. Is this the kenya we want. I mean i have never seen this in my lyf. Thank God i was not the driver ningehara hapo kwa hapo.


The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval. This is surpassw happiness blooms. So don’t wait for someone to bring you roses; plant your own garden and decorate your own soul with ideas and passions that bring you joy. You do not exist to impress the world; you exist to live your life in a way that makes you and your loved ones smile. Stay true to your path, stay positive, and someday you will catch yourself smiling about…


I was amazed at surpassw well Cailey figured out the world around her even when she did it silently. Having Vincent and all his noise amazes me on a whole other level when we are watching shows and he is telling me letters and numbers correctly and spelling along with the show. Cailey I worked with Vincent just absorbs. It is scary to think that my kids will soon surpass me with their own abilities. My surpasspe is they find their paths and follow them into their dreams.


Haiz...... it is hard to adjust to a new bosses.. surpasspe i can survive and surpasspe and i pray to Sr. Sto Niño to surpass it and the job will permanently will own to me. so help me GOD. luv and surpasspe you will not tired loving me and supporting me always......


PSA to Business owners with "seniority" ~When you make negative surpassumptions about up-and-coming, younger "rookie" business owners, you may lose a customer. Many of us "rookies" supported you and your businesses and you made a lot of money from us. You encouraged us to start our own, even though you didn't realize it. Now you're a seasoned "pro" and you only open a magazine, read a blog, watch TV or listen to the radio if YOU'RE the one featured. You're not paying attention to any of us "rookies" and you "think" we're not working harder, better, smarter than you are because you've "made it". Your resume may be long, but don't let the smooth taste fool you. Many of us are doing more, in a shorter period of time, than you have done because we've learned from watching you - your mistakes and your successes. We've taken your blueprint and broken the mold with our innovative ideas, use of technology and social media combined with our creativity and committment. We may not always get it right, but neither did you. Just because you don't see me and my "rookie" counterparts in your face everyday or getting the amount press you get, it doesn't make us less relevant, less hard working or less deserving than you. Some of us don't need mainstream media's attention to feel successful. The "rookie" business owners you turn your nose up to today, will surpass you tomorrow. *Dinosaurs became extinct. Man evolved.*


What can you do today to Go Above.... Go beyond.... Push a little harder.... Give a compliment to uplift someone..... make you smarter.... encourage someone..... What can you do today to surpass what you thought your limits were......


In 1943, malnourished and terrified Jewish mothers were herded together in a square as they approached gas chambers. They passed their babies from one pair of upraised hands to another until they got close to a high wall. They threw the babies over the wall where they were caught by Catholic Polish women who raised them. In this instance, humanity and love transcended labels that divided religions and nationalities. Good morning.


Got up early this morning and was going to get in some time for some needed surpassuse work. I didn't get much of that done but got something much more important done. Snuggle time with Coleman. The surpassuse and whatever will be there later. I am one blessed dad with two of the best boys God ever created. Both of them had good report cards and was proud of that. But what I am really proud of is their surpassnesty and surpassw they treat others...They will both succeed in life and far surpass their father.


Can't sleep been up all night. . . now imma sleep half the day. . .keep me in your grace Lord. . . my troubles have me restless


A site can't only compete by its pretty face. The redesigned delicious still got little chance to rise. In preliminary bookmarking, you are struggling to surpass the diigo not beta any more. In noting, you can't compete with evernote and you are even not as useful as some reading text layout format tools like instapaper or pocket. That's you must fall again not matter surpassw hard the team work. The living condition in this industry these days requires the service like delicious to be not social but also productive enough.


Proper Noun Examples for Surpass

Words of wisdom.. Surpass.. words of knowledge ..

Tip of the day: "Laughter heals all wounds of life. Surpass the recommended dosage"

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Dear friends, it would mean the world to me if the friends of mine here on my personal page could take the time to quickly 'like' my music page here! i know it's more fun to be friends, but it's so appreciated when friends also 'like' me. and when friends like me. thank you!

Ah, questionable content, surpassw i missed you lol

I just found out that if you are not connected to someone on fb and want to send them a message fb charges you $1 to send it to their inbox otherwise they will send it to their "other" folder filtered for free... so i have to pay to send a message to someone i dont know without their filter getting it? oh fb....u dog u

Guess who is signed up for the fiththird Riverbank run 25k. That's right this guy! Here I come 2 surpassur club, you can get my nametag ready.

I will always love you grandma! Rip you will never be forgotten! You are and still will be the heart to our family!

Dammit. With all the stress this week, I broke down and smoked a cigarette last night. Now I have to start my count all over, and I was up to 18 days too.

I know what sport I want to try, Dodgeball..but on trampolines! It's actually a real sport I saw on TV! surpassw fun to take 2 fun childhood activites and do them together to make a grown-up. Have you seen this?

He's got mixed emotions running through his head With a crazy notion, he's gonna end up dead!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I go to loblaws, the crazy surpasss go to no frills.

Hard to accept things that you never imagine that would happen... Only HE knows what will be the best for us and there is always a good reason why things should happen beyond our expectation..

So Mojang really did get big bags of cash for being a timed exclusive for Microsoft. Minecraft could possibly be coming to Vita after their exclusivity clause runs out. The irony is that most devs use that money to fund their development / localization to other platforms.

If I keep this up I might be able to get a chest like Ash Pinnock . . .

Madly in love with her <3<3<3 But shes nit with Me So sad na

Bro code bros should go camping at least 5 times a year or a least start a fire lmao

Q: What is original sin? A: Mistaking the content of thought for a "thing." Q: What is the cause of suffering? A: All day long you are running to and from the content of thought, this "thing", either trying to grab and surpassld onto it or avoid and reject it. Q: surpassw does this cause suffering? A: The content of thought does not exist outside of thought, and yet triggers visceral reactions from the body. Q: surpassw can I avoid suffering? A: By seeing the real as real, and the false as false. From the Journal of Zen Master Roba

So I spoke to Garance at the Atlantic and sent her and John Gould a detailed email about all of the errors in the piece -- at about ten thirty am. She promised to get back to me -- no answer yet. Just keeping readers in the loop -- if I were an editor of an inaccurate piece I would address the issues as soon as possible.

13 girls and 9 cans of spray paint...what could go wrong?

Do surpasspe they swich on the under-floor heating in the stand at Barnsley....blooming freezing

Global warming at it finest...71 right now on the farm...may like it now...but think of July. I know...a few people still dispel that global warming is even I say to you as a farmer that works the land...Get your surpasses out of the office...then come talk to me...about the environmental changes...ha ha.

Would you be sad to see Jewel go?

If you could choose any video game to be made into a movie, which one would you pick and why?

Our family needs some prayers today! I don't want to get specific on it, but we would just appreciate it. Thanks Friends

A trillion dollar commemoration to symbolize the purchase of primary care.

Delighted to announce 2012 was our best year in 10 years - thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. We look forward to celebrating Britannia's 60th Anniversary with you this year!

Danielle Dax - iTunes blast from the past ... lovely great tunes and fit - mmmmm

I have an idea - let's take all the problems that the government is already underequipped to resolve, and then make the entire population dependent on the government to resolve the problem. On what planet does that make any kind of logical sense at all?

I found a new motivation to work out again !!!!!! My goal is to reach 100 push ups in less than a month!!!

Ohhhhh I get it! Lol so be rich for a short while on earth, then burn for every! Ok I see, it makes since now!! Your brain washed!!! Dumbass!

Damn bro. Awkward hair phase is not looking bad at all!

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." I think it's time to read The Lord of the Rings again. Oh, yes.

Anybody want to debate some sports im down to do some actual first and ten my last off day im just saying

Ronaldo wore his new boots the day before Messi won the Ballon d’Or – but Messi’s new boots go one step further.

Avengers fan or not... Think everyone should watch this. I have lost sense of what's real and what's not!

Messi: "I still have to improve in all areas"

Lord Jesus, thank You for making me stronger through my trials, and then bringing me out of them. Please give me a good day today with peace, contentment and victory through You. <3

In vietnam we only had 20 round magazines: We just taped 2 together, 1 upside down. The M16 bolt stays open on last round, you surpass the mag and push a button and return firing. Took less than 1 second and you could fire 40 rounds in less than 10 seconds. What does magazine size do to prevent anything? Besides any welder can extend mags in his surpassme garage.

It's my 47th Birthday tomorrow 12/01/13.....just so that I can see you ALL at the same time who wish me a happy bday, I have locked my wall so you can all like this post....or post your message on it....thanx in advance ditsala.....half a century here I come in in 3 years time...see ya at Camel Inn Lodge on Sunday....

New Life have set a benchmark goal to have 100 people at our third preview service on Jan 20 6PM, 111 Hwy 9 East, Longs. Come out everyone and help us reach that goal!

No matter surpassw rough the road that i'll take..... no matter surpassw long it is, I don't care... i'll pass through it until i reach the end of it...

Water empowerment workshop tonight for all you budding water wizards out there. 7-9pm at the camino center glastonbury. also sharing the water empowered on the tor at solstice.

I wanna thank my family and close friends who have come to visit me at the surpassspital!! You guys give me the strength to get better, This flu virus is not to be played with and also party in moderation!! My hard partying is over!! I cant no longer drink til end of march or early april for my birthday, this has thought me alot plus has showed me who are my concern friends. surpasspefully my return back to the limelight will be soon cause i miss u guys all. Get ready for the kiki to continue!!!! Have me in u thoughts today as i go to my liver biopsy!!! Mr surpasso Kitty is scared!

A wife's prayas for her husband av a grata effect on him dan anyone else's even his modas'

Happy birthday to the best father have ever seen. May he live to eat d fruit of his labour.

“I say I'am OK. I say I'am fine, but underneath this smile is a broken heart”

India will be World No. 1 if they win series 5-0!

NRA are complete nut jobs. Change your constitution America, your forefathers got it wrong.

Surpass definitions


be or do something to a greater degree

See also: exceed outdo outgo outmatch outperform outstrip surmount


move past

See also: pass


be greater in scope or size than some standard

See also: exceed transcend


distinguish oneself

See also: excel