Surging in a sentence as an adjective

Pushing the clutch can lead to the car "surging" if going downhill, so why risk it?

Isn't it the case that real estate wealth was surging absurdly [in 2007], obscuring a rise in debt?

Linux was surging ahead, Windows was going nowhere, lawsuits started flying and Bill Gates stepped down.

The number of users who check different services when their primary service is surging is higher.

Look at the chart for non-major interest in upper-level CS classes at Harvard: operating systems has no interest; "data science" is surging.

Anyone that's lurked a tech forum for the last few years has heard stories of Blackberry surging in popularity among London teens and Nokia pride prevailing over iPhone hype among Europeans.

Given Instagram's surging popularity and mobile dominance, Zuckerburg saw Instagram as a threat, especially if Instagram fell into the hands of a competitor, like Twitter.

On a Friday night, leaving a venue at midnight with my wife and a friend, we knew from experience that waiting for a cab was going to be an hour at least, and probably more, as taxis were surging into the city with their fares and then rushing back out to get more fares.

But more than that, the '30s were something like the '60s in reverse: just as everyone over 35 discovered individualism and self-actualisation in the '60s, in the 1930s very many people really did feel a surging need to subsume their individuality into a greater collective, marching forward together.

The quote is a little less scary in context:"But the "mystery" of Amazon's surging valuation over recent years becomes a lot less mysterious when we stop trying to understand it by looking at financial statements that were developed long ago for bondholders in an industrial economy, not for stockholders in an information economy – statements that don't tell us what matters most to investors.

Surging definitions


characterized by great swelling waves or surges; "billowy storm clouds"; "the restless billowing sea"; "surging waves"

See also: billowy