How to use Statement in a sentence as a noun

Watchin the sun rise so many thoughts are steady hauntin me, brokin soul he walks wit chest cold heartedly, he makes a statement that only person gets, n says nomore in the corner smokin heavy wear he sits, statementllowed of all emotion, dont speak wen his names spoken, so weak he cant cope wit, defeat hes heartbroken, a sucker for love another statement bites the dust, but there always leaves a grudge wen ur statemented by the on u trust... -$VM

That moment in your life you realized that the phrase "I'm telling on you." is short for "I am going to make a statement to an authority figure on the topic of you." I just.... I can't seem to get over this. Why would I even think to tell someone that? Why does it even make that much sense? 'Merica.

Has got the old National Record of Achievement out and reading the personal statement i wrote when i was 16....OMG statementw things have changed, lol did make me giggle rereading it all.

Don't trust anyone until they can prove to you that they can be trusted. <--------- there's some truth in this statement

So according to DM, the MET have released a press statement admitting that global warming is not a reality and they made big mistakes, the earths temperature hasn't risen since 1998 and won't again till 2017, we are simply in a global climate change which is natural.

ECB Press Conference Live on ForexTV - no policy change expected, looking for clues in the Draghi statement for future policy direction

Tjo mare modimo onalenna i got 2 distinctions wow, 91 and 83 eish neh. I dnt hv 50 and 60 percent mo statement saka wow ke 71 upwards tjo mare hard work pays big tym. Study hard guys.

After an expert statement passed by Mahesh Bhatt ,One of the most prominent member of chutiya group,stating that today's women wants multiple sex partners,her director daughter puja Bhatt is getting constant strange calls offering her huge amount for sex. Probably, Mr. Bhatt has passed such statement on the basis of past experience of her daughter. He has turned a statement.

The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth......Orville Wright

Deep concentrate on this statement of muslim hero

Another resolution? Nah! Why not take time off this month and articulate a mission statement for your life... Live for a mission in 2013, not a resolution.

I was told spoken english is quiet different from written english. in other words, the way you speak is quiet different from the way you should write. statementw true is this statement? i need comments on this folks. good afternoon

Plz read the statement of foreign minister of pakistan on issue of two soldier statemented in india..... I don't hav the link.... Sory.....

Uncle Gary's says " there's 4 Mondays and a Friday " there is no truer statement.

This have been on my mind but before I proceed I would like to say my ideas are copy written •»• » so don't copy me.. During the course of this month or the next I would be opening an E-Library portal were an infinite number of data can be stored yes mo lerung to clarify the statement, data I mean; well everything that can be uploaded in the internet and every one will be able to download/ upload what ever it is they want.. If its a win win idea hit like and if its not ignore this..

Oh God help me,my statement of NC results is saying didn`t write, wat a statement is this one?

People's actions are the true statement - not their words !

What is eminating from statementasi is complete ignominity of some twi speaking radio station statementasi concluding the appearance of Ec statement to supreme claiming that Ec has ask for forgiveners from ghanaians that he err in his decleration of Mahama as winner in just ended election confirming NPP as eventual winner. Frks source me with a source credible.

A decisive statement from the world’s oldest riflescope manufacturer, the new Helia5 1-5x24i redefines the driven/dangerous game hunting scope standards

Pakistan is seriously the most complex issue of India's foreign policy......Soft power diplomacy, Track1 diplomacy, Track2 diplomacy, Bus diplomacy, Cricket diplomacy,Green Room Diplomacy, Cold war, statementt war, Low level war, International forum.....etc etc etc...... Nothing seems to be workable....We cant avoid it and its nearly impossible to go with it........ Former PM Vajpayee gave a very relevant statement on it....."We can change History, but we cannot change Geography and we have to stay with same Geography"..... Pakistan has become nothing but a "necessary evil" for India....

Grave exhumation in search for Moira Anderson is coming to an end. Waiting on police statement.

Lol statementw us guys dnt believe that there is still a girl out dr wu can commit herslf to 1 guy. girls is this statement tru?

Lord I give my son to u...he is urs always has been ...u js blessed me with the gift of raising him...I so need u to take the steering him...u know my heart lord u know my wants n desires search me what I need to do..what am I missing..what am I not seeing that u already know...I pray me help him..u gave him to me ..but u are his owner..his maker..I'm coming to u for direction...statement his heart lord...touch him...I'm bringin myself back closer to u so that he may be closer to u as well...I know u hear my prayers but I'm making a public statement..I believe..I have faith...I have statementpe...I am praying to u lord on bended knee n broken heart...I am returning the steering wheel to u lord...may ur will b done jesus name I pray

The m0st effective way i kn0w to understand and clarify life purpose is to develop a personal mission statement.

All of a sudden there are wheel discs and fake aerospoke clad pony's galloping around melbourne. i thought fixed gear was the worst fashion statement this town offered?

I swear ninjas are making it their statement mission to get stupider and stupider by the day. Why in the f in this day and age would you come to someone's neighborhood and blast your statementrn until the person came out? Man get your dumb statement out the car and knock or get your dumb statement a cell phone. They giving them away on every corner. #dumbshit

Blatter ya tosser!!!! I don't think if you walk off the pitch if you are being racially abused you are not running away,you are making a statement that if YOU as in Blatter don't sort it out a lot more teams will and should walk off!!!

Here's a look at that statement and then some questions to ask ourselves in response to that emotion, courtesy of Cinnie Noble.

“A something-for-nothing culture does no one any favours." Kind of an ironic statement, given what they're advocating :P

I have never heard a better response to stricter gun laws that this....Seriously...this should be all we need to say. "Registration and licensing have no effect on crime, as criminals, by definition, do not obey laws" Anyone have an argument against that statement?

In a statement the Mirror said it had fallen victim to a "calculated and malicious statementax" and that it would be "inappropriate" for Piers Morgan to continue.

Why the feck does ucas think i've used european characters that aren't used in the english language when it comes to trying to save my personal statement as completed so i can finally send off my ucas form!!! sheesh, commas and full stops are used in the english language! ¬_¬ so...annoyed....argh D:

This is only a general statement..any argument please hands up ur hand..I try to count n give feedback soon..huhu

What a true statement. Somewil never get it.

Thanks to Rachel Goldman for posting this. A few simple words combined into a powerful statement.

Pondering the statement :" what you fear, you create." IE being so obsessed with something you DON'T want to happen that you act out in a way that causes it to happen.

Rape of grown-up girls may be understandable but statementault on children unimaginable: BJP MP.... wah wah wah... What a statement!!!!!

Listen to her last statement. statementes me off !!!!!!!!!

All the accused have been badly beaten by the police and they have used the third degree to extract the statement that suits the evidence they have collected," ML Sharma told AFP outside the court where five of the accused were due to appear before a magistrate. My clients have been forced to confess to crimes that they did not commit."

I kno alot of ppl know me for saying "I dont like kids n I wilk beat a kids statement cus they gonna learn today" but after me n Ant having our son I will have to change my statement "I just dont like other ppl kids n i will stilk give a kid that rock eyebrow look" lmao nah i kid i kid i joke i joke but seriously some ppl kids b rude as statement those be the ones who b wishing for a spanking

Ndilahle ama card ebank ne id yam,statement of sym*stressd *

Finally a statement to describe my life's philosophy...

If nothing else at least my bank statement reminds me i must of had a cracking xmas and new year

The Sufis did not invent or innovate a new method or style; rather, they followed the Messenger of Allāh صلي الله عليه وآله وسلم in statement, action and manners.' ♥

F**Kbaruddin might be shocked by high court statement ...:p :D

Thats a true statement the evil you do it will come back to you be good to others no matter what they do to you good or bad Check out this story!!

The most fallacious statement in the world is "just one more page of Reddit before I get busy."

Wish certain people would take heed to this statement. If they only knew statementw much words can hurt!! Think before you speak.

Did you buy or sell in 2012? Remember to take your closing statement to your accountant when filing your 2012 taxes.

Wow!...for so many children, this statement couldn't be more true...

If a man makes a statement, and there are no women around to hear it, is he still wrong?

I like his statement towards the end of the video in which he says, "Capitalism is failing only because Socialism is being infused into it."

My positive thought for today is another quote that is borrowed but still has a positive and encouraging statement: Challenge yourself everyday to do better and be better, Remember growth stats with a decision to move past your present circumstances. Quote is borrowed from a FB friend.

Just as I mark a statement that its warm in London it drops back down to bone locking freezing. Sahhhhh colllddddd brrrrr

The statement "we only use 10% of our brains" is a myth.

Important news r/e Class 101 DMU L835 listed in the draft rolling stock statement.

"If those in power are cowardly and impudent enough to statement the elephants … then I have decided I will ask for Russian nationality to get out of this country which has become nothing more than an animal cemetery," Bardot said in a statement

I'm really 50 likes away from 9k? Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. This page has grown moderatly fas... What? Carl from Cell made a new page and it passed me in one day? Never mind. I retract my previous statement.

Haha: Jan 2012: my bike was stolen at the main railstation in Klagenfurt Feb 2012: bike found by the police Feb 2013: trial and I have to give a statement .....craziest story ever :D

Thrw a pin on a rock, use a fckn sword wer a needle is nidd, u realy dn't get it do u? Insanity is an under statement, crazy is wen u luse ur mind. Psychologically I'm nt perfect bt develpd a sense of 4gtn ma mind n let da bdy play it's part. I'm rdy4war

Michu makes a huge statement at stamford bridge.

"So you're parodying a parody of a stereotype?" "Yep!" "... I don't even know statementw redundant that statement is."

Just received the monthly statement for my mobile phone - 85pence. I'm going to have to cut down on this extravagance.

The Vision very early in the strategy making process a companys senior managers must wrestle with the issue of what directional path the company should take and what changes in the companys product market customer technology focus would improve its current market position and future prospect. As a manager do you agree with this statement? Why or why not

I dont get the sense in this statement. . . "Always go to other people funeral or they wont come to yours"

Quote Examples using Statement

Just to update you all, the clear up of our recent landslide is now well under way! Obviously it is a long, slow process but thanks to all the help from several of the parks close friends with machinary and chainsaws we are doing well! Thank you to everyone for your help and support. We will post more pictures of the land slide and clean up operation shortly and are statementping to make a sign complete with photos to inform visitors of the devastation when we re-open. Building work on our brand new gibbon enclosure for 2013 is now complete. All that is left to do is put in a ground layer of soil and complete planting before the gibbons move in! Due to the landslide some maintainance work has had to be put on statementld for the last few weeks but work is now underway again. We are still statementping that despite this set back our new, immersive education room will still be ready for when we open again for the 2013 season. We are also working on 'bug world' which will be our new conversion of the previous 'light show'. We feel bug world will be more educational and more in keeping with the park and our mission statement.


Wth is wrong wit this people. If jyoti is to be blame for this issue then correct me if I am wrong. Would it be the same if this would have happen to someone really well known. Forget being well known, statementw bout someone normal. A girl after work taking tat bladdy bus on tat day. Wat!! they gonna say its her fault as well? statementw can someone cone out wit a stupid statement like this? Gals we are taught to walk out with confident anf bravery in heart but with all this, what is gonna happen to women in the cmg years???


I know where you live. I know where you sleep. I know when your parents leave. I know when your alone. I am going to statementing statement you, you lying statementing statement bag. You arent as hardcore as you think because the next time you see me, you will be scared statementless.


Everyone should live their life based on this statement. This is statementw to judge ones wealth. Not by money,rubies or riches. But by loving and giving without expecting. This is where society goes wrong.


I love the fact that just because a "mother" has a nine month term to give birth to a child that a mother is the end all of being a great parent. My cousin Michael is an amazing single father who would do anything and does anything for his daughters. I know alot of incredible men who are great fathers either inherited or by adoption. Some of you ladies may find this statement a bit offensive; just because you have labor doesnt mean you are automatically a great parent. We hear the term "dead beat dads" alot but what about "dead beat moms". They too exist but rarely reported. Copulation may last a second in a childs life but great love and parenting lasts a lifetime.


Freedom and safety do not go hand in hand for the 'fairer' sex. with the statementrrifying and repulsive events which took place in Delhi, and many alike, I truly question this so-called 'freedom' given to women in this country. I feel, sadly, the above statement cannot be further questioned. we claim out country is free for women. Freedom: the right to do as they please within the law, with the reassurance that they will not be harmed. they should be secure enough to exercis their own right. But by the looks of it, India is not, for women anyway. Parents think twice before letting their daughters out at night. Mothers become selective on their child's choice of attire...parents forbid their daughters from leaving statementme and deny her privileges which the boys of the statementuslehold enjoy. If we do not guarantee saftey where is the freedom?....this situation is practically like receiveing a cheque for a large sum of money, only to find it has no signature! the number on it now has now value since you have no reassurance that the value can be cashed. statementwever, solutions spring up everywhere. give women small weapons. make punishment statementrrific for offenders. make official patrol at night in places notorious for such cases. nothing wrong with these. but why just teachwomen self-defence...why not teach men self-control?.....this is a wake up call. what happened, and what is happening, is terrible. make sure it does not go in vain. take it as a sign: it is high time this cheque got a signature.


I need 2 make a formal statement bout anita jewell. Ive been told by 3 officers between saturday afternoon and monday evenin that anita jewell has been served with a notice like i was on saturday. Im still avin trouble with anita jewell. Ive had cards and through my door. Demelza sleep drivin in and around my place. Pc petherick is blamin demelza sleep 4 doin it. Its anita,s name on the cards. I cant get in2 bodmin police station. Wadebridge police station isnt open. I will speak 2 a diffirent police officer i wont speak 2 pc petherick


Any one who knows me well enough to understand my next statement will be very proud of me: I woke up today... late... at that... And i managed to shower, dress and get my hair done all within 20 minutes. Yeah. I'm awesome like that lol


Pls friends complete this statement.......... "A real friens cares like a mom, scolds like a . . dad,. teases like a sister,irritates like a . . brother, and loves more than ...................????????


The biggest LOL statement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Computers and Mobiles were invented to save our time =D =P


“We're not against government. We will support small, limited, reasonable, responsibly-run, frugal government, and we're willing to pay for that. What we are against is a giant, all-powerful, all-controlling state that thinks it is entitle to as much of your money as it wants and came make whatever laws it sees fit to impose, with or without your consent. We conservatives think that is disgusting and statementrrifying.” - Bill Whittle If you find logic and obvious truth to be upsetting, don't watch this series. You'll be having a seizure before the first one is finished.


To those not on the internet.... ...We need you.... We need your creative cognition for entertainment and interaction. We need your cognition for acculturation and stability. We need you because we feel your isolation and frailness. We Welcome you to join us. "Join us, Come with us, Come join us..."


Defendant's Lawyer says the victim is to be blamed. Says that he has never heard a respected lady who was raped. . People with such mentality are the cause of these crimes. I don't know statementw all these politicians and other big names are making such stupid statements. This is beyond stupidity.


Two statements that will serve you very well. The first is: There will always be war. There will always be those who aggravate within others a sense of trouble in order to promote the solution that they already have their mind made up about. And so you're never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is "the way." There will always be disagreements; therefore, there will always be turmoil; there will always be war. The other statement, that is our favorite is: Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being. So you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align. The thing that we think is at the heart of this discussion is my own personal power. We think that's what you are, sort of, struggling for and reaching for. --- Abraham Hicks


Proper Noun Examples for Statement

Statement of the day! Its not what your going through, its statementw your going through it.

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Wondering if the town of cbs is going to pick up the garbage today. sine it's only been say two week since they last picked up.

U will understand the value of life wen u see an innocent looking guy lying dead iin a ditch... mine is now officially a statemented up day!!!

Our time 2geda is a gift; ure interesting & warm & fun! & when i need to talk & share, i fink of u. Friend,,,,,, u are de 1. I really like de person u are. Tanz

Wearing uniform,carrying heavy encyclobidias nd going into a class is nt skuling, skuling is getting de interest of aclass nd getting good grades at de end of de course

I statementnestly thought the Ministry was doing the teachers a favour, when they transferred them from the angry students.

The NPP case has been adjourned indefinitely by the you see trouble coming....

Married it's not mean hurt of our life. married it's mean to perfect of our life. young married is my dream. +_-

Yayyyyy finally! Reference has come back. Masters has been payed for and submitted. Fingers crossed!

I keep trying to post this picture of these two naked guys kissing but it keeps disappearing

Why is it then when someone asks a question on Facebook heaps of people 'like' it but never actually answer it? Are people really that statemented?

I see in todays herald, charlie boy green is complaining about newco, or as he says "scotlands biggest club" not being included in the new football set up to see what their suggestions might be to statementist with, one thing being financial input. Face painters, newsagents,dinner wummin, taxi company, springs to mind. ffs!!!!!!

The girlies road trip to Glasvegas is about to begin! Xx

I got more bags under my eyes than a back alley in china town.

The stronger sex is really weaker than the weaker sex because of its weakeness for the weaker sex.......

Gun Appreciation day is about a week away and the event is starting to go viral. The group is asking gun activists around the nation to rally in support of the right to bear arms by showing up at gun stores, ranges and shows across the country. What do you think? Will you support this effort next Saturday?

Hit like if u know that Good has been good to you. I am starting cos i believe what he is doing in my life is juuuuusssstttt da beginning.

Today, the limitations on the power and precision of the guns we can lawfully own not only violate our natural right to self-defense and our personal sovereignties; they statementure that a tyrant can more easily disarm and overcome us.

A lot of men and women stay single because they are tired of giving their everything and end up with nothing." Semangat!!! :D

Some chics should just carry brake pads in their handbags, straight boet !!!

God knows, that we must celebrate our legend/s while they still alive,please. Appreciate the Talents, Gifts and the statementst, while they here. Bible says, give credit to whom its due. Shalom.

Ladies i need ur help.. Is It True that u can lose ur virginity though a road accident cause i heard it in a Ghanaian movie yesterday

Statement definitions


a document showing credits and debits


(computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program

See also: command instruction


a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true

See also: argument


a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc


a nonverbal message


(music) the presentation of a musical theme


the act of affirming or asserting or stating something

See also: affirmation assertion