Stagnate in a sentence as a verb

It seems like Google revolutionised the maps world when they first released it, and then they let the interface stagnate ever since, so this is nice to see.

Codebases evolve in many ways: They advance by leaps and bounds, they stagnate, they regress, they sputter along, they bloat--often all at the same time.

" When you don't select for people at that stage who can move an entire organization over to a new way of doing things, your organization will stagnate and die.

Google's ability to "release and stagnate" is one of the hallmarks of the company's rather prolific product output.

* Initiate or sustain joint efforts with people on other projects, so they don't stagnate every time developers get distracted by other commitments.

It's pretty easy to let your skill set stagnate if your primary responsibilities are writing internal-use-only software.

This will naturally lead to a situation where the industry can stagnate and overcharge with there being very little pressure from new entrants to the market that try to exploit the market failure.

If HP and Hynix are not ramping to high volume, it's because they are not ready, not some stupid conspiracy theory that they want to stagnate the development of cloud-buzzword "technology".

Surely for Twilio to become the 37Signals of the telephony world, they'd need to stop releasing new features and just let the product stagnate, while occasionally publishing bitter screeds on their blog about how worthless other companies are?

Even if some of the HN community missed the OS wars, they've probably dealt with the consequences of Microsoft's OS monopoly - after killing Netscape, Microsoft allowed Internet Explorer to completely stagnate.

It can be a good career choice, usually there is an apex where wages decline or stagnate for a 5-10 years and then they see their effective wage start to rise given that new personnel entering the field opt for other technologies and older peers leave the industry.

Stagnate definitions


stand still; "Industry will stagnate if we do not stimulate our economy"


cause to stagnate; "There are marshes that stagnate the waters"


cease to flow; stand without moving; "Stagnating waters"; "blood stagnates in the capillaries"


be idle; exist in a changeless situation; "The old man sat and stagnated on his porch"; "He slugged in bed all morning"

See also: idle laze slug