Laze in a sentence as a verb

Masters laze all day and slaves do all the work.

[0]It's Friday, google it please, my apologies on the laze.

I find it easier to just laze out of major purchases entirely.

Upper middle class parents, in general, don't let their kids laze around.

The best thing for me is to laze off and sleep for 10 hours a day... casually poke around at some stuff for awhile.

And Nike, Reebok et al are about sports, but they still make clothes for people with 60" waists to laze around in eating pizza.

If everyone had the privilege to laze around like I do, I can guarantee there would be more startups / art / culture.

The main item I seem to recall Ryan Dahl and others commenting on was V8's garbage collection which is pretty laze because web pages don't stay open for long periods of time.

If you laze around and don't gather firewood during autumn then the reason you freeze to death in the winter isn't because nature is unfair but because you didn't get the wood.

It is incredibly difficult to laze on the couch and watch TV because unless I'm watching a television series, I have to make a conscious decision about what to watch next.

I have yet to solve the problem of regularly getting seduced by the idea that i am hopelessly untalented, which makes me feel entitled to laze around and waste whatever is left of my life.

Would you worry less about failure, and work harder on those things that you are passionate about?Or would you just laze around on the couch in your cramped apartment watching TV and eating ice-cream all day?Of course, it must be this last option, because what else would anyone ever do if they had the choice not to work?

Laze definitions


be idle; exist in a changeless situation; "The old man sat and stagnated on his porch"; "He slugged in bed all morning"

See also: idle slug stagnate