Spoonful in a sentence as a noun

Try a spoonful of fat-free cream cheese and tell me what you think.

Also, people might just eat a spoonful of more food, if they need 20kcal more per day.

Just lead them where you want with a spoonful of tuna, then put them in a blender, and voila!

If you shove a lot of change down people's throats in one big spoonful, you alienate them.

You might not want to eat a spoonful of beetles but if they're ground up into a sauce, you'd never know.

It's a spoonful of charity where several metric tonnes are called for.

Sometimes a spoonful of bitterness helps the lemonade go down.

If you're keeping it low-carb, lots of cheese and a spoonful of salsa on top is delicious.

I typically will put a very large spoonful of flax seed into about 3/4cp of Greek yogurt and add a little honey for a tasty treat, but I do also supplement with fish oil pills.

I'm not quite there yet, so take this with a heaping spoonful of salt, but as another programmer who wanted to do pixel art for their games: Forget about pixel art for now and learn how to draw first.

I watched as it emerged into this world one spoonful of love at a time and then beautifully origamied by a soulful Mexican man who will be the godfather of my future son.

None of these studies say "a spoonful of honey a day wards off cancer", they're all very specific medicinal applications of honey which mainly seem to revolve around the antibacterial properties.

Just to give a final example, the Major of Ankara, a significant figure from AKP, just yesterday tweeted the following:"You should thank God that we believe in democracy, otherwise we would drown you in a spoonful of water.

In Zambia, an average person living in such dire poverty might be able to afford, on a given day, two or three plates of cornmeal porridge, a tomato, a mango, a spoonful each of oil and sugar, a bit of chicken or fish, maybe a handful of nuts.

Spoonful definitions


as much as a spoon will hold; "he added two spoons of sugar"

See also: spoon