How to use Soporific in a sentence as a noun

Music that is too slow or relaxing is unhelpfully soporific.

These faulty diagnoses led to the prescription of the powerfully soporific antipsychotic Risperdal, which turned my clients into physically weak zombies, and, for that reason, into victims of sexual assault.

I teach college biology, and I've never seen a textbook in my discipline that wasn't written in a soporific and meandering style.

I thought the Bible was soporific but those two...

It cheapens the thread, is lazy and soporific and will never make your point, if anything it does the exact opposite.

"You can get the same effect by listening to an audiobook, without having to worry about the glow of a screen at all. I use a cheap dollar-store speaker tucked under my pillow, where the muffled drone of the book is still distinct and listenable, but just soporific enough to lull me to sleep.

You what you and the others posting the soporific "bored of the Jobs worship" nonsense, or downvoting without reply, miss in the article is the take away that the anecdote is offering.

How to use Soporific in a sentence as an adjective

In class, we encountered "soporific", and I thought, "oops, I guess 'soponific' isn't right..."

I've not read the actual book, but the author-narrated audio is a perennial mind-expanding yet strangely soporific bed time favourite of mine.

For example "opium makes you sleep because it's soporific," where "soporific" is a fancy way of saying "makes you sleep.

I’m not sure what soporific magic is at play here.

When collapse arrives the latter too are just unavoidable, the Earth will ruthlessly desecrate our myths and idols, so it's better if we ourselves do it in a more orderly fashion, waking up from the dreams for which we have abused technology as a sort of hallucinogenic soporific.

I disagree -- it is a soporific effect, not a preference.

Soporific definitions


a drug that induces sleep

See also: hypnotic


sleep inducing

See also: soporiferous somniferous somnific hypnogogic hypnagogic


inducing mental lethargy; "a narcotic speech"

See also: narcotic soporiferous