Sonorous in a sentence as an adjective

His distinctive, sonorous voice was also a big help.

Wow. Are people impressed by that article because of the sonorous prose?

You get a perceived performance boost when you get a keyboard with a sonorous click.

I actually said "German" because the word is simpler and it makes for a more sonorous title.

He'd always say in this sonorous, deep voice "Gentlemen, in this class we're trying to see beyond the mundane issues of life.

Programs would be free to use more than one sentence, they just might need bulky glossaries read by a sonorous voiced narrator before use.

"With his sonorous voice, Fred Singer, 86, sounded like a grandfather explaining the obvious to a dim-witted child.

In seriousness, though, "addicting" sounds worse to me. "Addictive" is more standard, wider-spread and more sonorous.

Politicians often display a peculiar rhetoric, as sonorous as it is utterly void of any concrete meaning.

As Ayn says, "Money will not purchase happiness for the man who has no concept of what he wants: money will not give him a code of values".> "Are people impressed by that article because of the sonorous prose?

It's fitting to me that Debussy would take as a starting point the sonorous/pianistic elements of Liszt and his harmonic/orchestration style from Wagner, who in turn built on/derived from Liszt.

… So potent among us is a mere string of sonorous phrases, a piece of windy flapdoodle, a rhapsody almost empty of intelligible meaning, and probably composed under the influence of ethyl alcohol.

The opening "31415" firmly establishes the key, and thereafter there's sonorous intervals to keep everything fairly well-behaved; the few out-of-place notes can be dealt with by an appropriate sort of rhythym.

For example:>Sukanta Chakraborty, 33, a tabla musician with a sonorous voice who was paid about $8 a day to travel from village to village in a van equipped with a loudspeaker, warning about the dangers of fake news.

Reading Nabokov is to me the linguistic equivalent of eating ice-cream.> People of settled professions, calm oysters firmly attached to their native mother-of-pearl> A very strong bedside light, the lighthouse of my insomnias> the fluted and sonorous song of the blackbirds> Sometimes it’s a digression that turns into a drama in a corner of the narrative, or the metaphors of an extended essay that join up to form a new story.> I remember with what a shiver of delight, envy, and anguish I watched on the television screen man’s first floating steps on the talcum powder of our satellite and how I despised all those who maintained it wasn’t worth the expense of billions of dollars to walk in the dust of a dead world.> One must draw everything one can from words, because it’s the one real treasure a true writer has. Big general ideas are in yesterday’s newspaper.

Sonorous definitions


full and loud and deep; "heavy sounds"; "a herald chosen for his sonorous voice"

See also: heavy