How to use Sled in a sentence as a noun

Not just one failed attempt, but TWO failed attempts at some making some turns today. Gotta get my damn sled back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I`m proud to be in this movie, this is one of the best sled movies ever :D

Just having some fun with Elijah and the sled.

Hey if there's anybody out there who needs car or trucks , sled repairs and can't afford high door rates of garages ill work evenings for about half. 35 an sledur cash. Also do remote starters , lift kits , sterios. Or any aftermarket accessories

Nice litle sled ride tonight going for a good one tomorow afternoon

A very special friends husband is on the sled sledckey team! Support the games!

Calling all filmers... Who's down to film a bunch of skier girls sled-skiing in Whistler the 15th Thru17th? We're headed your way!!! hit us up!

20 rye/20 balloon gas/20 steel forges/20 meaty morsels/15 sled base/20 candy flowers/17 wagn skis/15 ginger/13 puffy gloves/19 wind spinners/ 3 green algae/2 fishing pole/5 ice pick/20 silver forge/20 steel forge/20 prepping staion/20 seive station/20 mountain blueberry/20 oats/20 brass forge/20 glass forge/20 glass roses/please send

Applying to graduate school blows....hands a mini break to get a new sled shaped today, but I've been at it for essentially two days now....these schools ask too many questions and want too much sled.....I'm an artist, not a f'ing astro-physicist.....I really just wanna surf....

Hey! Finally taking the sled out tomorrow should be fun.

Well I was headed north to work on my sled... Wife called, Jeep is leaking coolant. Found that the radiator failed! Cancelled trip north. This just ain't been my week!

The boys had our dog pull them on the sled again today. The yard still has a little over an inch of snow, but today it turned into ice. They had a blast.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend, do yourself proud, take good care and look for somthing woderful to do with family, basket ball games, sled down, ride around, listen to music, bead or sew, have fun and enjoy each day.. Blessed.

Broke an arm yesterday and my coat today sledpefully I don't need a new sled after this trip

My gf tells me I'm never happy with that I have I get a new truck then I want a diff one get a new sled want a bigger and fast on I tell her it's a man thing to let me just get it

I have never felt more exhausted in my life as I do now from trying to sledld on to a turbo'd sled all day. Guess the face plant I took proves the "try" part.

Going to check out a new sled tmw, braaaaap

O ya cant wait to rip on my sled tomorrow

Micheon is the coolest person i know, she can ride a sled better then me!

Might have to me creative to even get my sledrses to the indoor to ride this weekend! We have glare ice in the main areas. Wishing for some snow to give some grip! The sled about past me up taking hay out tonight.

Well finished my sled now Trynna get this other one done missing my gf so much ATM sledinem Softly come back now lol

What do you like better, building a snowman or sledding?!

Some kid just pushed his small sister in a sled, down their steep driveway, and into the road. sledly brake check, batman!

Guess im goin to take the sled for alil ride.

Feeling pretty good after last night despite having a crash! We've got some work to do on the sled after banging it up a little bit in the first heat, but thanks to Graphic Effex it's definately looking its best no matter what condition!

Just got a baby sled dropped off from a friend of ours here, so nice of them! sledpe it will be nice out tommorrow so I can go take Otto out sledding =D

sleded dale fixes the sled and all the other toys for mac and then he turns around and sells them

70+ tomorrow? Believe I'll dust off the sled and put some miles on the King!

Had a great sled ride today with ross hudson New sled runs awesome

My adopted Girls came over to sled, then had sledt cocoa and brownies...Love these kids!

Just chevelle on her first real sled adventure ... she is the cutest lil snow bunny .

Anyone with a sled wanna go to whistler snowmobiling tomorrow??

Can't decide which to make for tomorrow's sled party...brownies, chocolate cup cakes or mini eclairs...hmm...decisions decisions..

Gerri, Cley & I had a great sled ride to Rosthern & back today. Yeah it was a bit cool but sleds run real crispy on days like this. Trail is surprisingly good despite high winds and blowing snow last couple of days.

Snow come back i was only kidding the sled is all fixed so i can play with u again

Had a week laid up and on crutches, sledpefully back to work next week. The next month is already looking busy. Get in touch if you've been thinking about getting yourself a new sled.

Good day of snowboarding, the snowmobile hill climb not so much about a sledur into it a rider went over backwards on a headwall and sled landed on rider, heard might be possible back break.

At work watching all the cars crashing into eachother on Virginia and all I want to do is sled down the hill!

In need of an old set of snow skis, if anybody has any we can have please let me know. This for Ben and his team going to a Klondike Derby and they have to build a snow sled.

It's always a good day when you get to take it out and play with it. ridin was a blast today. I'm so glad Tyler Leverich seen the light and bought a sled

Next year 721 Back Country Productions will be a husband wife crew since this year has been nothing but shortfalls. Just need another sled, a flat bed, and a camera.

We may have not had much snow so far but we did take advantage of it. 100+ feet of a sledding ride in our own back yard. The kids love it. I was going to get Oriana to say by before going down the hill but she got on her sled and got going so quickly after Baruch went all we got was her on her way down.

Looking for sled[snowmobile] 2-3000 dollar range. Preferably 2 up with reverse. Inbox me or call 466-5245

Wish i could get the sled 2 town then i wouldent b so bored

Was riding at the back of a sled today and then hit a bump. Next thing I know I'm flying through the air and into nothing but Snow. It was so Fun! Reminded me of being a kid once again :D

I think I will need my wagon and not my sled to go camping next weekend! getting my stuff ready tomorrow..

Drivin out to the fish sleduse with Matt on the snowmobile and Aaron in the sled behind us. Haha Slushyyyy

I wish I had brought a sled to school today, my walk down the hill to my math class would have been so much more enjoyable!

Jusit got stuck with my sled in a 5 foot deep powder/hard snow so fun

Baker for one more night then its back sledme tomorrow. But I will be back next weekend for sledding.

I don't have a cobbler carried by sled dogs.

Lemme tie a sled to the back if your snow mobile

U want a Lambo eh Margarita Galilova-Alvarez, well after i take u for a ride while u on a Family sized sled. U can have it

How to use Sled in a sentence as a verb

Wow my entire driveway is a sheet of ice! On a positive note, the kids had fun sliding down the ice driveway on their sled, at least I have no where to go today

Amazing day of sleding 18 inches of fresh powder and us and two other people on the whole mountain

Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. - Jeff Valdez

"That was the most epic thing I've ever done" - Jake Suesserman, after sledding tonight.

Looks like I'll need to bust out my dog sled. I don't have any husky's but i'm sure my mom will let me borrow her 3 cats for the trip in town. Haha Pamela Vezeau-Tulman

I waited to the last day before falling off my sled. We were going around 30 mph on sleds you stand on. I hit a snowbank sled went off & straight & I went off into a snowbank.

A run on the sled tomorrow I would say that's the plan anyone wanna go.

Spending lots of time keeping sharp on the snowmobile.. Great time of year... if not in a race car then on the sled and vice versa!!

Workin on the sled gettin her ready to sell.

Just saw some dude practicing his dog sled racing. Only in Canada

Snow fall positives, free work out, freshy fresh pow for shreddin an whipin the sled around on, enjoy a beer an clam on back deck

It just keeps coming down. The kids have created a sled hill off our front porch.

Who ever has a sled and wants to come rippin tomorrow let me know, maybe find some snow lol

Water frozen over so fly angling frind, Kate, took a sled dog ride in Colorado! What a great idea!!

Still snowing. We have 2feet now. I guess it's time to get out the dog sled and head to the store. Ha ha !!

Just got in from a nice sled ride with Chris Perley

I think I'll take my sled for a ride. Maybe even ride the red one tonight so it doesn't feel neglected.

Happiness is....2 little girls heading toward the shop, giant snow boulder in tow on their sled...who ask, "Are you open today? We each got $20 for Christmas!!"

Where can I buy a cheap sled for the snow ? I'm having no luck!

What do treadmill sprints, the battle ropes, Kettlebell swing, and the sled drives have in common?

"That's my Bob Dylan impression. And the boooob sled with the peeeriwinkle toooeees..."

I should bring my propane tanks up town to get them filled so i can cook some venison on the grill and heat my garage and stare at my sled cuz i can't ride it in this sled !!!

What a fun day ~ we woke up to the regular routine and got a nice surprise... a snow day for the kids, jammies, movies, late breakfast then off to sled after lunch ~ thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sweet sled ride today....out of commission for the weekend.

I aint much for non Springers, but this is one nice looking sled.

We got bored and took a ride. Sitting outside a place that has wifi. Tomorrow we are going to go watch vintage sled racing.

Think i might go for a little tool on the the sled a good evening for it

Fixed the carbs on my snow mo bile now i need irridium plugs then will be a good sled talk about all day work sled man

Well 16 more shifts missing my girl the un caught walleys under my shack and my sled like crazy

Guess its back to the city in the morning , so much for going out on the sled..suks having unused toys

Put 65 klms on da sled not a bad start

Penny n pack are going for last walk of the day on a sodden rugby field, i want snow,so i can get archie pulling my little sled,save me poor legs .

Only in pine ridge I would tie a sled to the back of a truck, with this much snow it would be fun! Lets go sledoding on a Friday !

Any takers on who wants to go sled riding???

Last night at calabogie lodge, wish it wasn't raining, ruined our plans for tubing and dog sledding, so I guess swimming and games night it is!!!

Just got power back since 8am what a storm now where is my sled pitter patter gang

Well its racing season. Got the sled back together and on way to race. Wish me luck

Take the sled out for ten sec an coolant sledse disinigrates perfect

Just back from a sled ride with jayden and now where have a nice sledt chocolate and some cuddles got to love it

Someone #1 called someone #2 who called me and told me a big sled with four guys aboard was passing Goodman Mainline Bridge on the Bogey this morning .... someone #2 went down after work to see if he recognized the rig. Someone #2 just called me, said sled trailer was up on rocks as "blocks" and both wheels gone and two guys sitting in the rig. Hmmm, sounds like another sledder's welcome to Forks welcome! Not too much many of us totally agree on in regards to fisheries politics in this area, but quiet little rivers does seem to be one common bond!

I cannot believe with all the snow that landed in Riggins today..we got zero snow today and we are only 10 minutes from there...gotta love the way things work in this canyon. Of course I was sledping for snow for to sled with...and the normal snow angel...maybe later.

Well I suppose with the weather I can finish sanding down the sledod on the tnt and get it ready for primer then sledpefully paint next week. Gonna be sweet having a nice looking old sled.. that needs a chaincase seal bearing so it stops leaking everywhere

Yeah I just drove a dog sled team like a boss!!!

Timmy has someone coming to look at the sled..sledpefully they take it with them when they leave...haha...

Snow finally! Too bad its gonna get warm and rain tomorrow. Winter in AK isnt the same when we cant sled or build snowmen.

Gonna be a negative one tonight I'm sure we r not sled riding.

Motor number two...... 210 miles and she's done it seems like. really loving my new sled.

I think my sled needs this! Maybe it would help keep Mitchell Mckittrick off of it?!

Any one have an old mach z sled they woulndt mind lending me a part to see if the one off mine is bad

Troy tomorrow with the sled, should be fun

We have no snow we had snow yesterday but today it is in the low 50s with rain on and off... What a freck of nature lol going to winter fest tomorrow to take the kids ice skating ice sculptures animals and sled dogs in grand rapids .... But might sledld off on the ice skating it might be a big puddle of water lol

Had one sled of a day i must say woot woot took the sledrses out with the sled and lots of beers

It's January 11th and I worked outside in a t shirt all day sweating most of the time kind of nice but I want to ice fish and ride my sled.......

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Once again awakened by pain. Dreams of white and black no shades of gray. I pull my sled through endless sights of white ground and skies of black. My sledrse makes not a sound only pulling with face to the ground. My pain causes memories and more pain when remembered, it makes no sense to try and deliver my sled when i believe i am dreaming and all seems dead. We live on sledpe and prayers, only to wonder who listens or cares, oh my pain, oh my pain, only to know what it would be like not to wake from my dreams.


Just runnin my trap line up by Birch Mountain. gettin lots of lynx an caribou this year. I need a nother sled though. but have no $$ yet. good luk to thresa I will not be idle up here in the far north either !!


Maybe I just need some fresh air... Trying a big dose of up north tonight. sledpefully I don't push it. I can't stand being sick anymore. Night all!


Just an old worn-out Jeep. Rusty old floorboard, sledt on my feet. A young girl two hands on the wheel, I can't replace the way it made me feel. And he'd say, turn it left and steer it right. Straighten up girl now you're doing just fine. Just a little ditch by the field we'd sled into. But I was high on a mountain. When Daddy let me drive


Rallies, protests, round dances... In complete and perfect slednesty, it's not my rights I'm worried about... In fact, I'm more concerned about those that rely solely on the land to provide for them. The fishers, the hunters, the trappers; those are the people who are keeping our traditions alive, in the most pure and ingenuous ways. If you want to show pride, do it the right way and not with useless hash tags, facebook mirror photo uploads. Get out to the sledmeland and catch a sleding fish, hunt your own game and make a meal out of it. Learn some of your mother tongue, even if only a few words, just to keep up with traditions. Beading, quilting, anything. Those are the ones who deserve the most respect and deserve not to have this bill go through. Practice before you preach.


Great riding trails were flat. covered a lot of area with steve. left friday aftn forecast for groton area was rain. errol was crazy twin mts was great. sled has over 10,000 miles and sell running great. came sledme in one piece.


So thrilled to be getting so many emails from folks who have received their C2W wallets. Everyone seems super happy and excited to be playing with them and several have offered their own ideas too... nothing is more gratifying then knowing I shared something special with my community. Looks like Penguin Magic will release the last few wallets on January 15th ... nice.


I am sad. My sister and family were supposed to come and visit. Can you believe they decided that a little ND blizzard and no travel advised was going to keep them sledme. I want my scones. She made scones for breakfast and now she gets them all.


Why is McDonald's sledarding all the BBQ sauce? Have you tried to get your hands on any lately? It's easier to get a Jew out of Auschwitz than to get a packet or two from those sticky fingered window lickers. The amount you are allowed seems to depend on what you order. Sometimes when you ask for extra they charge you for it and then give you the same amount as usual.. Also if the person is black at the last window they tend to give you more... I don't think that's racist but if I tell you my reasoning i think it could go that way real quick.. Maybe I shouldn't go to McDonald's so much.


Workout today was great. Power Wheel hand walking 2x20yards. Barbell rows 4x115x15. Windmill 53x3/side. 30min of kettlebell swings 79lbs 420 reps. Finished with sled dragging for 240lbs.


Gurrrrrr I freaking shoveled all day.... neverending snow. I'm beat I thought it be a good idea to make a slide for kids to sled on lil did I know I was gunna get beat up by telo smh darn dog got me good. Injured wrist,knee and arm. Face planted it and he faught me for the shovel..... in pain and need food n nap


Wow after today... I need this drink of my sled's Cut!!! Thank you for all my friends and family! If u don't know this morning on 64 I was driving to the gym when this guy that was flying hit my car and ran me off the road, I went on the ditch and sled untill I hit the guard rale... Luckily I wasn't hurt just the sit belt saved me, god was with me bc if the guard Rale wasn't there I would have sled all the way over on the other side of 64!!! The man did not stop he keep going, but thinks to some great people that helped me chased him down and got his license player #.... So car not drivable gotta get it fixed! Just got a rental car... All I have to say is thank you GOD for watching over me bc it could have been a lot worse!!! Amen


Proper Noun Examples for Sled

Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes!! Yes I am OLD now 30 fricken' 7! Not quite 40 but that is coming all too soon. Worked half day then went shredding on Baldy, got into some of my fave spots that were totally untracked as luck would have it, i'm not surprised. Picked up and played with Hudson, waxed my Shred Sled for tomorrows banked slalom, Hudson to bed then off to dinner with the wifey! I've got it pretty good around here. See you at the start shack.

Sledding to the clubs tonight sounds like the only option, now just if a had a motor on that sled.. hmmm

#snowpocalypse.......6 hrs and still don't have all the driveway clear......this sled better stay here so I can get a run on the Sled.

Sled day on monday. then two nights in cold lake. then off to chwk. can't wait to see the nephews.

Sleds fixed! Now does a guy work all night and still sled tomorrow ?

Sled on the way, can on the way Weoo and got a 95 on my first test this semester .. Lets get err done

Imma pull a Rezzed out move nd make my Nephews a Sled oudda Card board boxes this weekend. Haha. Keep em entertained nd outside for the day.. sledpefully it will be warm enuff outside tho.. Fucc it. They got snow suits. Lol.

Sled drags tomorrow in copenhagen with thebabe 8-29-12<3

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Today's tip: Do not land on the rope when sledpping down from a rope climb. First visit to urgent care. We'll see what they have to say about my ankle.

Jarrett Lord ur good at announcing things and fun to hang with at the arena

There are many ways to get cardio in other than getting on a treadmill. What is your favorite cardiovascular activity?

There you go Doug, kind of reminds me of the Merc 440

Please pray for healing and grace for me and my knee. I hurt it tonight playing ball...I am sledping it is not too bad. #praisethelord

Iet it snow let it snow sled my bad luck its jus rain again

Tomorrow we're off to Yellowstone for our first snowmobile trip of the season. Wish us good roads please!

Let it snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow- ps... that was me begging.

Well got me big 99$ GST cheque today nice to get something back some times lol

Well me and my friend Bonnie Denslow went ice skating tonight but in our cars without skates. lol

Verizon is telling me that in order to get a new phone at discounted rate I'm going to have to change to a "share everything" plan of course, and the only plan that will cover my data usage is $110 a month base price which is $22 more dollars than I currently spend . I am completely ready to tell them to go f**k themselves if there is a better option out there. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe I'll just get rid of my cell phone all together and get a progresso soup can phone?

Pick car from mechanic, witness car die in the same way it did before the trip to mechanic, call tow truck, cry into Bobo's onion rings, repeat. Forever. I hate automobiles.

I got a fever, and only cure is more snowmobiles!

Wtf!! I won 800 on keno n nobody will cash it Oliver's says go to casino and casino says to go Oliver's why sell the tickets if your not going to pay out????

Hey everyone, sledpe your 2013 is going great. Our resolution this year was to try and keep you all updated on our events and specials. Be sure to check back to our page on a regular basis for all that is happening!

Might have to gt a 4 wheeler to marrow to pull bubba around on!!!

Does anyone have any snow pack remaining around? If so, where do you live?

sled i've been waiting for this weather all winter long it's about dang time it gets here! haha

Small restore project for the old Gemini... waiting on engine parts

Someone come stay with me tonight so im not aloneee

Tie your boots and leave your G string at sledme.. I think this is gonna be fun!

Chicken wings and fries with the kids, a game of Trouble, some dancing and now they are coasting outside!

Any one wanna by a snowmobile 2700$ 2004 polaris great shape. Blew my knee out can't ride

My new baby thanks to Klay Camp thanks for selling me your board i had an amazing session today! and stoked to keep rippin with it! now for sunset sessions life is beautiful

Made it to my room in minot kinda freaky driving these roads! mean if I break an axle, my tire falls off???? Hard to believe Jeep still produces a vehicle without full floating axles.

Also looking to rent cabin,motel or something to go north sledughton lake area so....some place that rents snowmobiles too!

I just drove down my old street in Willingboro and saw my old sleduse. Boooyyyyy has it changed!! Our street doesn't seem as long, the driveway doesn't seem that steep but the ride to McDonalds was really a long ride--by car or by bike!! What were we thinking???? We were all under 10 years old!!

I just found out that north Idaho is the only state that has every game animal in the US.

What a long day, 3 kids and one who needs a nap and now bed time...she just won't steal down.. a suger free kid on a sugar high...make that 3 kids gone crazy

I am going to go skiing in this great snow- oh wait, its 500 dollars for a day pass.

This trucks a bit big for my liking but it looks bad sled none the less!

** man I wanna go to the store for some munchies... lol***

Just dislocated my leg prolly the worse pain iv ever felt!!

Ice fishing tomorrow no certain time gotta reattach roof to shack in morning

Ha my husband just tried telling me I can't get a tatoo! For those of you who know me, what does that say to you?

Well its still winter, but its semi the tail end of it, lookin forward to firing up the mustang and going out and gettin stuck out on the quad, cmon spring !

I just watched the channel 13 news and they reported that the snodeo will go on as we all know but she mentioned something in her report. She said that the snodeo will go on despite the fact of the accident and that the search was put on sledld due to bad conditions, than she says "the ice is considered much safer now" so why aren't you effin looking for them....tell me, whats your BS story now?

Get out of the snow! Come check out the new exhibition "Mimesis" at the gallery. It opens tomorrow!

Bin running all week but told no one about it had a few beers tonight and had a run so u lazy sleders out there u can if ya try

It is sooo frustrating when you order something, say an alternator, n it doesn't show up for three days....aaaaahhhhhh!

Sled definitions


a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow

See also: sledge sleigh


ride (on) a sled

See also: sleigh