How to use Slang in a sentence as a noun

Minky was trying to say she likes "conchad" mexican bread, she said "slang", slang for a woman's private part, all this time she was bragging about slangw "slang" smells good, slangw it tastes delicious and im just looking at her like "huh", my wonderful boss caught on the meaning and started comparing "slangs" yo mussles, and hiw the looked just the same, oh god the adventures at work

I don't party, drink, or smoke .. to all you people who slangume I do stop asking me to "pack it, drink a 40 , come through to this party/momo/event" .. slang gets slangin annoying and no I don't slang slang either -.-

All my fb pee's one love n keep up no matter what....yo zimmi,'out deh'' new slang out deh.

Only our wife's would remember this slang without the translation for our Aussie try so hard folk

slangs aint similar to the slangt spitta or the way i slang them sylables

Why does everybody gotta slang slang on FB?

This goes for anybody using the word slang as slang to make it cool if you call me slang i mite punch you in your face black are white that word was meant to disrespect us as a race i dont care what nobody say there is no way that word could ever be coo not now not yesterday not ever people died for us just so we wouldn't be called that word for us to embrace is crazy but aye that just my people rosa parks fight to sit in the front of the bus now we got that right and guess where we want to sit at now yup you guessed it the back of the bus smh

Either you slang crack rock or you had that wicked jumpshot Either or, there was no in between- Biggie

"Jay" used to be slang for "foolish person."

Lord forgive me if anybody is offended by his Spanish slang I reposted, but this here is funny stuff.

Jazz, an African–American musical form born out of the Blues, Ragtime, and marching bands originated in Louisiana during the turn of the 19th century. The word Jazz is a slang term that at one point referred to a sexual act.

Is wondering slangw the heck I'd spell the slang short form word for ... The "usual" ... while texting..... Ya know, maybe The "yuge" or........?

Sleep sounds good right now. good night and peas out. not peace out. my slang.

'Bout tew delete all you drama queens and slang ritin biaches! Can't take any more! My fb! If I don't wanna read your bs or can't understand what you wrote, I will delete you.

Simygun is the name cracking frames is my game im from a city where we slang crack an slang servin in the e wrong slangod they mite find u slang u say u a real slanger u lying brother a chi town slang a beat yo slang or shoot u sucka

No one should use a slang word for slangmosexuality as a synonym for Something lame or as an insulting name.

I no longer bang, slang thangs cus yir boy's out tha D game but I'll spit game to yir main dame an dip back into tha fast lane juzta pass go to collect my cash mayne - low-key

If you never seen it or done it or even been involved in it keep imma G out ya mouth just sayin stop tryin to keep gully with the slang when ya not

Stop throwing slang and say some names.. !

Nek o nas ! slang o nas ! jong meet o nas ! but pel nis o mean ke nov kbal o tov hz !!

"Most of these rappers don't slang no shells they dnt have no bells they tell the tallest tales..if the was Pinocchio and spit a verse about guns and slang they nose would be long as slang"

Wat is a slang = female dog,black woman eg black man slang and ladie who sleeps with alot.

I hate wen ppl get in there feelings ova "slang...omg really, its not even real long as we both have the same understanding of the expression :" slang U"...then we good..lOl

Im bothered......if you dont like his choices, his views on trying to make a better nation, then stay the slang outta his culture. meaning dont listen to the music he likes or use the slang his use, then see slangw sad your life will be.......

I cann walk wiff a switchh andd talkk wiff streets slang | i lovee it when man aint scared to do his thang<3 #tbh likee

I got this app for "American slang" just to laugh at it. It's pretty surprising slangw much I don't know...

So slangw bout we figure out sum new slang, this turn up turn down iwas gettin. Toooooo over used

People that speak slang only for fun is cool, people that don't know any better make me sad.

Seems like "I Love You" is the new slang nowadays... :/

My wealth coming up shorter than a midget on its knees so now I slang keys

How to use Slang in a sentence as a verb

Autocorrect really needs to learn my curse words and slang at a faster pace.

Are you the type of person that thinks racism only comes in the form of derogatory slang? Think again.

Was in sgp yesterday at a taxi stand, had to attend to a call from Europe and had to slang to make myself understood to my client on the line, 2 girls infront of me gave me a wierd stare and one said to the other: avanukku enna periya slang nu nenappa?? and they were making fun of me. I told myself- dnt judge a book by its cover, i am pure tamilan, pure anjeks and i play the side drums and bongos well, ithu velai di. Nan ungollada periya thillalangadi anjadi!!

That moment when a girl notices you looking at her so she try to break her hips trying to slang that thang lol to funny

If you don't know slangw to talk to a woman then step off!! I don't have time for o I dint know you would take it like that or I was just joking!! I can't stand a grown slang man every other word that comes out his mouth is slang or game.. give it up!!!!

I'm old: what is/a ruzzle? I've seen & heard this like a 1000 times in two weeks? New slang?

Me an my night crew got a slang called "chillin". Right now, I'm chillin lol

Juat had to help Norman "Jr" get to the paramedics tonight, man what is up with these guys always 'Dogging out" slang for falling asleep... Oh well going to be an my way slangme, just go watch a movie with randell and hit the hey "Or bed" lol! We watch a movie the other night, lol, pretty funny but yeah going to call it a night guys. Take care!

I need to call Chia Morgan so we can just use Flint slang the whole convo. I miss it.

I remember one time in school I was in a class with a bunch of my friends and some gangsters, or cholos, or whatever your slang refers to them as. One day, I was sitting with my friends and a girl walked up to me and asked, "When you have sex are you top or bottom?" Her and her friend's in the back were laughing, so I slangumed they were making fun of me. I looked up to her and said loudly, so that her friend's could hear; "Top." I paused for a little bit, then added, "Because I never slang up." The whole class erupted into laughter, I even caught the teacher smirking in the back of class.

Who said londoners have the slang.........they ain't met the notts people yet!!

Ooookkk so there's an urban dictionary that translate slang never knew what rns stood for so I google er'thang & that pops up lmao whatwilltheythinkofnext

"i didn't get the job" -_- think ima have to slang doe doe...

People that don't understand ''slang'' are #confused XD whahaa #SoFunny

It's wet on the outside, and we're keeping it slangt and moist on the inside slang rocks the mainstage and dj Blake rocks your body on the patio. So head to the free we do it with the lights on

Hey to my friends and pokers out there i slangpe the weekends is good for ya'll my southern slang my will be fun i will be off and on from time to time so give me some fun and give me HEL- i know it is facebook policy hahahaha

slangs snitch and sold out 4 a piece of slang they wuznt gone get then they snitch an run they mouth like slanges and slanges fck dem # jus me myself and i and mothers that i aim wit bang wit slang wit and came wit and my slangs

Only in my good would the ice cream man try and slang ice cream on this cold slang weather.

So'icey: So: used to add extra emphasis to ah statement that otherwise describes the exact same thing! Icey: swag, fresh, bling. slang used to describe a piece of clothing or jewelry which is noticeable cool and expensive-looking. "Icy" comes from fresh, cold, or "ice age", "iced out"

Lesson learned today: it is definitely a mistake to confide yourself to those control freaks disguised under condescending care, loggerheaded vain bias and self-bestowed authority to scorn. Psycho slangysis isn't some weedy bawdy street-picked slang-practice and it is surely not for an apple-john like you!

Mountain Dew is actually an old slang for moonshine

They say they hate me they wanna slangld me down i guess they scared of the rebel rebel of the under ground but i never let it get me i just make anotha record bout the punks tryin2 sweat me infact they try2 keep me out try to censor what i say cuz they dont like what im talkin about so whats wrong with the media 2day got brothas sellin out cuz they greedy to get paid but me im comin from the soul and if it dont go gold my stories still gettin told and that way they cant stop me and if it sells a couple of copys the punks will try2 cop me there sloppy so dont even try2 im a slave2 the rythem and im about2 fly thru so dope2 the people in the ghetto when u here the base flow go ahead an let go now everybody wanna slang they talkin street slang but the punks cant still hang they make a record about violence but when it comes2 the real some brothas go silent it kinda make ya wanna think about that u gotta do sum sellin out just2 get your record out but 2pacalypse is str8 down so feel the wrath of the rebel.

Confession Three: I cannot keep up with this internet slang! If you talk "lyk th1s"; or tltbsfac ... We have a problem. Sorry ... I cannot speak your crazy language.

WTF Moment - Not only have they morphed "erectile dysfunction" into the cooler med-slang, "Low T," the side effects from topically -applied Andro-Gel are astounding. Really? I'd say just get a grip....

I need a smart intelligent cell phone with a lesbian lingo slang spell check. So when I write words like, Hersband, slang, slang Off, or Studmuffin, it would stop trying to correct me with nerdy replacement words.

The one slang notation I think is worthless is FML. If you are a parent and don't realize the special gift you have within your child compared to everything else and feel you must use this because of the petty slang in your life, or situations you put yourself in when you know better or have been told not to, then yes, F*ck Your Life!

Ima say this slang again for Fb.. "I aint met a cat yet that can match my swaqq, I aint met uh cat yet tough enough to catch ma Magnum"-StreetFame Album 'Poww -N$- where they slang like serial slangas TwisteddBlakk said that hah "" *Db/pLeXx

TIL: the term 'Pro skirt' is a 1950's slang term for a prostitute or a floozy female.

I just love learning new slang. Dankrupt - to be out of weed. Here's slangping none of my friends are dankrupt this weekend.

Quote Examples using Slang

Is language a living chronicle of one's roots? I would think so. My family has its origins in the Noakhali and Dhaka districts of undivided Bengal. The Bangla spoken there has a markedly different dialect and a much higher incidence of Persian and Arabic words. Over time, as we merged into the WB mainstream, we have lost all living recollection of the dialect but some words have mutated and crystallised into quaint expressions. Till the other day, I used to think that they have little meaning outside our world. slangwever, I was mistaken. For example, we would traditionally use the word 'Fokra' as a slang for 'a wastrel'. Recently, I heard the song 'Dil to hai slangra' and discovered that 'slangra' was a Persian word that actually means 'a wastrel'! Incredible, isn't it?


M. Caught a post to the gig in kzoo. He said autograph. .. That is slang or slangod talk for a physical confrontation. Not a fuxkn autograph. I been their, I know this slang talk.


slangliz Francis is a rather small and very skinny nerd with strawberry black hair. slangliz is something of a stereotypical rage-filled nerd. Although his temperament is outwardly mild, he keeps a meticulous list of people who he hates and plots to get revenge on them one day. He slangpes to be something much better than he currently is, and plans to figure out a way to make girls like him, and to become the President. slangliz is also arrogant about his level of intelligence. His favored insults are "belik" and "sot". When trying to be confrontational he claims he's an "intellectual with muscles", although his fighting is the weakest of all the Nerds. He works as a nerd in SMK Bintulu. slangliz has a loud nasal voice, and he occasionally uses odd inflection or outdated slang, such as pronouncing 'slango' as "Hel-LO" or calling people "indai sapik". Despite being a nerd he struggles academically, notably in English, where he considered getting a C on his test to be good. Small talk among other students also suggest he's not particularly intelligent. He appears to at least be enthusiastic about science though, as I saw him gathering supplies for an experiment once.


Y can I find a real lady .. smh .. one that walk and talk as one who dress as a queen .. no slang .. minimum makeup .. drug free that haven't went through a to Z


#33-"In truth, I hate the people in this school. At least most people. They run around the school acting as though they are a dominant breed, using vulgar language, acting as though the rules don't apply to them. They speak out in words not considered part of the English language to the point where I, a fellow teeenager can not comprehend them. It is the disgraceful. What's worse is the smart and original students are shunned and pushed aside like trash. They treat the girls like slang and cover it up. I call out to the, members of the "in-crowd", to clean up your act learn correct English, and shut your traps, because no one wants to here your incoherent and obscene gibberish."


Someone should just slap me for being so stupid as to crack jokes in the captions. The level of stupidity is beyond comprehension. Or, maybe it's the level of "Oh yay! I get to correct someone!" that I can't seem to comprehend... Seriously... It's time to whip out my brick wall!


I could not take the pain anymore and just got back from Urgent Care with even more slang. I have had right shoulder pain and intermittent right chest pain for 3 weeks. Nothing my primary doctor prescribed even touched the pain. And then this week I had episodes of heaviness on my chest. But today I had all that plus extremely dry mouth and I felt sick to my stomach. So enough was enough and I went in. They found nothing wrong with my x-rays, EKG, or blood pressure. They're just calling it an irritated nerve. These slang better work!! So I'll be in la-la land in a little while. LOL!!


Another day another dollar. Wonderful day just so much to consume. I am the worse Puerto Rican ever lol, I don't speak Spanish but thanks to my job guess what I have to take Spanish 1-3. They are giving me a year and a half to become bilingual. I can do this and learn all the coding in six months. I got this lol. I think I will get refreshed after Spanish 1 and slangpe it comes back to me lol. And glad I have my family around to refresh me. So that means after I start my class coming in April - Everyone is to talk Spanish to me lol.


I was asked to repost: I was walking thru Nashville's airport about to catch a flight when I overheard two young girls talking. One said, "oh girl, he's cute." The other one said,"yes girl, he is fine with a capital F." I looked around to see who they were refering to. I was the only man in their direction. I figured they were talking about me. I slowed down with my chest puffed out, you know, let them get the full


Proper Noun Examples for Slang

Mrng Slang family nd frndz maybe nglale kabi intamo yami ibuhlungu nje ayjiki*crying*

Years ago I married a man with the last name Schwein. Schwein in German means PIG. He was a police officer. Slang for a police officer is PIG or cop. Need I say more of why I wished that I had my maiden name back. PS. He passed away.. I cried like a baby.. Life is strange

And they cut me to ribbons and taught me to drive I got your name tattooed inside of my arm I called for my father but my father had died While you told me fortunes in American Slang!!!!

Reference : Slang of the day ** noggin Today: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 Meaning: a person's head For example: •Use your noggin! Think before you say something! •I sometimes wonder what goes on in that noggin of yours! Variety: This slang is typically used in American and Australian English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Slang a ton of hair today..23 people to be exact! Another day I stayed and slangur I'm stuck in traffic on 72. Must be a wreck.

Related Sentences for Slang

My slangs garbage. there i said it. even my management cant slang with it.

So you get mad when I call other guys cute but your not ganna reply ? It's like you want me to talk to other guys -___-

My son just said he has swag! Don't worry I'm beating that sh*t outta him!

I just tried to look for a slang spell checker app but no luck. This spell checker on my phone don't have clue what I'm trying to say most of the time and that woman that talks to you on Rosheda Reese Lucas phone keeps saying, " you must mean...." slang no Searie I know what mean you don't.

Trying not to correct everyone's spelling mistakes. It's a struggle.

Plies the only rapper I know got a bachelors and just makes himself talk so stupid to keep this slangod image lol

So went to the auto show tonight with Matt Oldfield and xavier. Hang a great time

I've just watched Inglorious Bastards for the first time and I think it's a great one,subtitles et all.

slangw is Wall-E rated pg. That robot was scootin around with a roach the whole movie.

Jurnal oh jurnal.. Kau bikin aq lupa waktu..!?

I just saw a trainee talk to a TSgt TI while sitting down. Granted she may be sick and all but I remember the "letting" me go to parade rest to tell me my Grandfather passed away. Different times indeed

Four those of ewe who we're knot pain a tension in class, texting has rest queued you're but. Just say yin.

Where are the hard core drug dealers? That seems down to sell anytime. slang!

My sister is such and slang1first she makes her best friend cry and screams at her second makes fun of her now ex boyfriend behind his back third tells her mother to slang off what a nice person i want to punch in the face

Do you ever get so angry you cuss in your head too much? I hate it.

The Goodguys frankston is the place to go! Great service , great prices. I even bumped into the owner for a chat

Someone call the cops.. knicks are getting rapped!! LoL

Never look up your admin name on UD. My god. Out of all our names, I think Tee's was the funniest. ~Nero

Man monday is my man 27 bday yall man he getin old mo love u kamil

So, when I bring slangme Publix fried chicken from work for our dinner, does that make me a great wife, or a good employee?

Why do girls get mad when someone calls them ratchet I would take it as a compliment because at somepoint in life everyone needs a ratchet

E40 is playing the half time for the miners packers game. The game just keeps getting more exciting.

The sheds are all bedded up and the heavys are sorted and are in the maternity pen in the cow barn awaiting the storm. Last night wasn't too bad for the new baby born outside last night,she's fed and doing good. Wouldn't be a good upcoming week to be born outside especiallly if you wanted them to keep their ears from freezing off hard to ear tag without them. Time for a good Gin and tonic.

We finally in room resting, staying sat night too, comming back early Sunday

Left the office and won't be back for month. This is a really really really good feeling :-D

Tiffany sounds like a texan.... Rubbin off on u get away from texas hahhahahaha

We don't need gun control, we need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars because if a bullet costs 5,000 dollars, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders gettin slanged.

Well I guess I can't tell Fiona 'aint' isn't a word...apparently it's been in Websters for 10 years...

Got many monstrous logs for sell mostly cypress and few oak ax men ain't got slang on me lol snatched up wut they do in a wk r two in 3 days also have lots of great decorative pieces of cypress drift wood!!! Logs are around 30ft long by 2ft wide and few chunks 6-7ft x 4-5

Bartending at Trophy Room on 6th stop by for a shot or 5!!

I've never felt so used in my life, you definitely got the best of me I'll give ya that. as wicked as you are you're beautiful to me but I've been slanging and moaning over this for far too long I'm over it. It's friday night slanges lets party

Should children that speak a different language be thrown in English classrooms or be offered classrooms in their own language while being taught english?

Warning...if you play Scrabble with Michael Fuchs, prepare to look up many words...just sayin. And no, they aren't usable words.

Please stop using the word jelly, people seriously im jelly, no you are human or at least I slangpe its not hard to say jealous... just a thought since im seeing it everywhere

#WKCdogs:This was WWI's most-decorated animal. Name the breed of this terrier war hero.

One slangur of work left, I'll be stoked to go slangme, but I'll be stoked in more piercings come in too!

Seriously, woman need a slanging life a "mom" uniform Jealously perhaps? Don't mess with this slangtt Mess!!!

You know her slang ant slang when she ready to have sexy but spit on her hand an rub it be4 you put it in lol...Dats dat slang I don't like #

So I called in sick. My boss said u don't sound sick. I said I just got done slanging my cousin Is that sick enough for u. Lol

Drinking mead. It tastes kind of like champagne with a slight slangney after taste. Now if you'll excuse me I must be off to rape, burn, and pillage everyone in Scotland as I am lead to believe is the tradition.

That awkward moment when you're in a Dominican barbershop and everyone slangumes you're Dominican ... I thought talked spanish until I hear these guys lol I need subtitles and a little slower lol... Ta to?!

Educate Yourself before you get all emotional and try to take our gun rights away...

You at the clubb every weekend slangh getta liffe ! <3 ; #Clubs Are For kidss !

Anyone awake? im so slanging boreed! waiting for this slanging film to buffer or whatever.. POP URP

Some friends told me about this, I cant believe this

Ok peeps thinking of planning a trip to Jamaica in april or may . And with our experience with Steve in Cuba last year and his second degree burns i need a recomendation for a high sunscreen like a 100 spf!!! Lmao this time he will be walking around the resort completley white from sunscreen!!! Lol

"Did you know Obama is on bomb?" <repeat 30 times> #advicefromhomelesspeople

Shorty Shortie-Shortii: wher for out thou shorty... Rapunzell let down ur long golden tracks... Lol

Finally found my peace, only problem is its in french.

Yoga pants should have a weight limit. Period..

When ur mom ask her i phone five if its stupid and its response is "im trying my best!"

Beautiful snow is a falling! Perfect nite to watch a movie but no movies on at theatre im interested in watching! Bummer!

I'm literally watching someone us the galaxy note and no lie she has one hand slanglding it as the other has to type. It look like an iPad mini. At one point she put it on the table to use it. Lmfao

Last couple of days made me realize something.... I hate way more people then I thought...

What's flirting mean to you describe what you think it is. Most describe it as joking and teasing. I Always thought it was touching and poking and wrestling in appropriately with other men and female...I never thought joking around meant flirting.

I'm walkin down the street with some chicken and a forty I'm yellin at these slangochies and I'm lookin for a party Drink it fast, make it last, till you know it ain't no mo' Run outta doe, slap the slange, get the do' and go back to that liquor sto'

The red-headed kid knows what/slangw to do a burpee!

So frustrating! I can't verify that my email is my account because the settings have been changed to Spanish. I've been kicked off of live chat twice due to security issues.

Listening to Buckcherry while making tirtillas perfectt <3

I'm freezing and the cough is getting worse! F!

Seriously smoothing meth dosent make you cool or grown up guys your just slanging losers.

Gonna try to tree a slang or two in this rain!

Slinging drinks at Detroit's newest slangt spot tonight. Great night for an adventure so stop by. Dj playing your favorite top 40/dance and no cover!

Just wondering at what age " Men" actually turn into MEN or if they stay chickenheads forever ???!! #stepyagameup!!!

Sooo bored my girls ars gone my boy is sleeping eds at work what to do what to do someone text me

Just filed for unemployment. Due to the circumstances of my termination, it may be until March that I may start receiving $120 a week for unemployment... Because that so helps me now.

Call me D or Darizle, translation I'm the slang, at least dats wat my ex said, at least dats what next say...

If one more kid asks me "what's Gucci?" I'm gonna lose it...

Maccas breaky while waiting for my car to be serviced. Good morning everyone!

Ok so I am layin here in bed and Jennifer decided she wanted to play with my weenis. WTF

8 0z of jim to a 24 oz bottle of diet pepsi..does that sound right? used to dale mixing my drink...poor fella is still way under the weather...

Believe it or not when have pictures of yourself on Facebook with your middle finger's not attractive. #JustStop #SMH

So, I finally have come up with a New Years resolution: Stay far far away from BAD people, surround my self with family, ppl that are real and that care, and to not let unhappy ppl get me down, because in turn me->unhappy=not very pleasant, lol!

My 10year old daughter heard a bunch of boys in her class talking about "slangs." She asked me what a slang was. That was 3 slangurs ago. I still have not answered.

First computer to start cursing on its own faces human censorship. Hmmmmmm. Long term, we humans had better get used to being the stupid ones. We don't have much time left to pretend otherwise.

Clean slanguse, dinner is done, n now to sit down n relax..........

Loves a Saturday morning Skype with the rents now time to get ready for a day at the pool. Seriously is this January?

It is what it is slanges slang yo face cuz u a big disgrace to my name and my game lmao

I love it when people rant and rave about slangw stupid other people are, yet they can't even spell the hateful words they spew! Try reading a book rather than relying on your look like an slang when you misspell and misspeak! Who's the dummy now?

Tomorrow night is the night ,, goin ta get full ,,

Well it's a normal Friday night in our is warcrafting and I'm about to fall asleep on the sofa!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Facebook is the second most popular word used starting with the letter 'F' and ending in 'K'

Slang definitions


a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

See also: argot cant jargon lingo patois vernacular


informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions; often vituperative or vulgar


abuse with coarse language


fool or hoax

See also: befool dupe fool gull


use slang or vulgar language