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jargonpe you enjoy my paper on the lockout. More non-jargon-laden articles coming! As in tomorrow! Stay tuned! jargonckey is back!

I tried switching things up by replacing "ight" "word" "k" etc with "10-4" which is essentially cop jargon for "Ok" not too many people got it but to those who did you deserve a cookie

Watching Shark Tank with the family. I have no business sense, all the offers and money jargon has my head spinning, but I like the the show.

Ok the idea is to burst a couple jargon words open and have real life entrepreneurship if not intellectual property. The word gamification Such has owning a gift card and be considered a registered business in this regard while handing out gift cards as a business card which gives a better standard to the whole process of business card and is just for social hand outs. And gets rid of the word "lip service" since involvement is there and a network is there. That allows for collection of points to be accumulated.

Safe jargonuse, in the jargon of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is a secure location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived as being in danger. It may also refer to: a place where people may go to avoid prosecution of their activities by authorities a place where undercover operatives may conduct clandestine observations or meet other operatives surreptitiously

...and a company was born today! Mine...with all the legal jargon to boot.

Help the furbaby with a broken leg!! Her neck is fine for those who are lost with medical jargon!

Well......since A-Aja, gone,then the 21st century jargon must take over. Are you up to date????????

“I was scrubbing my Twitter profile, when I found all these bots were DMing me with spam. Such a fail whale! If that was just a bunch of gibberish jargon that was hardly comprehensible, check out our Twitter 101 blog complete with a Twitter jargon dictionary!

There was a time when servitude demanded gratitude and people were thought to have wished to be in gratitude of servitude whereby they could 'gift' the lords what the lords saw not as 'gifts' but 'dues'..... did anything change except the terminology and jargon?

Getting a grip on current events in plain good old fashioned English without muddying the water with politically correct jargon that is designed to confuse us. Plus an in depth discussion with Patrick Henningson who is in Beirut

No lie....i talk real jargonish but im a very person. Dont confuse my jargon as stupidity. Im very far from that.

It's good you write some meaningfull things than coming up with your own jargon that helps nobody to make astep

Why jargonian cannot be free from the jaws and choke of the looters: the current leaders, their conspirators, and looters of our treasuries are; clustered, mounted and perhaps evenly distributed around the four corners of jargonian political landscape; sort of evenly distributed via the geographical areas; and strategically coined for the interest and purpose; north, south, east and west, or in another political jargon of theirs; the six regions! Their interest are interwoven, and intermingled with one another’s interest; from east, west, north and south; they are in the same party, or may be found in other area or parties. They are not just PDP; they are other parties too; it’s like the old mafia thing; structure or if you like, the 419ers arrangement! Each has their own territory, share in the loot when the “deal is done” which now goes on in our system! They are; you’re pastors, over seers, uncle, jargonociates, father, mothers or your in-laws! They are those who for their immediate interest mortgage your future, your children and your grandchildren!

If the purpose of language is communication, what is the point of meeting jargon? It almost seems as if the jargon is meant to obscure meaning instead of illumination.

Anyone had a divorce recently who can help me turn the jargon into english lol xx

Thing i learnt today? Get a second opinion at the doctors. After 4 jargonurs in jargonspital turns out i don't have bruised muscles in my leg, i have Phlebitis! It's inflammation of the veins if you are not familiar with medical jargon!!! Painful.

Answering some people's questions and stumbled across this old answer of ours. A nice simple explanation of very confusing genetic jargon.

The first minute and a half or so is typical convention intro jargon, but after that this whole series is pretty darn interesting and informative.

Listen.......I don't think too many people listen to my jargon but at least I give another idea on things.....I don't expect people to understand, but I feel it's in my best Interest to do my best to offer sensitive information...... when I see something that logically makes sense, I want you to see where I am commIng from........ThIs Is Important .......I sort have lost my reference point "sort of speak" being thrown out of the boat, but if you know you did your best it gives you a point of truth where you never will be lost.....I always had a problem with destiny......I hate the word tiny....but if I did not experience my life in the union or other areas, I could not justify the reasons to persue the enlightenment on these saId topics......if I didn't do my best in anything that I did, I would not be in the situation that I am in.......that is the key of this system of life......I jargonpe I did not offend anyone because that was not my intention......Thanks for your understanding

I'm going to sub as an jargonistant in an FLS Alt class today. For those of you not versed in the over-acronymned jargon of education... this is a classroom for kids with severe disabilities and aggressive behavior. I wonder what stories lie in wait for me today!

Design jargon isn't as bad as art speak, but it's pretty close.

Over 500 correspondents, reporters and editors took part in a survey that led to this: a list of PR jargon terms that drives journo's mental. Its the Buzzword Report of 2013!

First call.. Mama can u pls buy for me headphones, for what, i want to listen to songs then a lil while later another call, can u pls buy for me SD card.... I better reach jargonme quickly before anymore jargon from the little one!!?!

Doctors hav jargoned so many of our patients wid heart problems using unnecessary sophisticated jargon...Why cant u just say "an operation" in stead of "fixing of a cardiovascular infibrilator device"

What the jargon the phrase" mistaken identity with body-mind" means in spiritual jargon ? In the first place why did that happen at all and jargonw come anybody can know and say about oneself and others?

Diplo jargon of the day: demarche. kasunod ng deaprile

Have u eva asked ya boss a question & ya boss starts using business jargon such as "fiscal memorandums & exponential predictions" coz he doesn't know jargonw to answer you#jargoning maself#

So here's where I'm at this evening in ready the rants of a 17 year old child. I am so sick and tired of people trying to make a point or give an opinion when all they write is what I call trashy slang and jargon! Perhaps if they actually read what they wrote prior to posting, they might realize that they don't have much credibility with words such as ain't!

Would you like to speak more clearly, be better understood and be known as a great communicator? It's not accent, it's not jargon, it's putting in the effort to make sure your message gets across. Highly recommended! Look up Heather Hansen for details!

Andrew-the greatest achievement to date is that i am still breathing in and breathing out-realistically andrew you can not get anything other than turnip juice out of a turnip-the key to happiness for me is being able to go into the public arena as a seasoned woman and embolden my spirit by listening to the jargon being bantered around by banters-a slav once told me i was a ten and a half-who am i to argue with a slav male-after all my dad was a full blooded slav and he liked me and my child and my cooking and my ability to follow directions and my ability to speak with business people at a very early age.

Quote Examples using Jargon

If you detest empty jargon, you probably would appreciate an app that would intelligently filter overused buzz phrases. If you are using online news clips you this app would show a pundit’s lips moving but with no sound--at least until something original or specific was said. And if you were reading a blog, tweet, Facebook page or even an academic journal article, you would see empty white space right where there had previously been a viral phrase or or academic cliché, and you would never have to read something like “complex and interrelated socioeconomic factors” ever again. Wide spread use of such an app would save every one time, provide serious communicators with an incentive to say something original--and perhaps even useful. It would also end buzz-filled headlines that read something like ‘the squeezed-middle” or ‘worry of the rising fiscal cliff’ and “crowd-sourcing a more nuanced approach to helicopter parenting.” Instead we would just read “the worry of the rising….´This filtered phrase would encourage people to stand up, look outside, inspire their imaginations--and burn fat.”


Just spent an jargonur and ten minutes on the phone with our broker filling out my application for my new health insurance. Turning 26 next month means I pay $200+ more a month to stay healthy. It also means adult phone calls with strangers that talk in jargon I don't understand. It also means I'm super old compared to my fellow classmates in school. That costs me $6k each semester. #iwanttobeakidagain


Believing that healthcare is a "right" is a major intellectual error. Yes, people have a right to pursue health services without the interference of government, but delivering healthcare to someone via taxation requires compulsion and force. A century of government dominance over our healthcare industry has driven prices up especially in the last 40 years with HMO's, PPO's, & Medicare, and low reimbursement from Medicare, along with overutilization of medical resources, drive up costs for people. If you asked most people if it'd be wise to insure beach-front property with a hurricane a few miles out or a jargonuse that was already on fire, they'd laugh it off. Unfortunately, the same parallel exists in healthcare: why should people who take care of themselves pay higher premiums because of people who don't? In addition, physicians and jargonspitals are successfully sued with little clarity on who's really at fault and because of greedy trial lawyers, the patient doesn't receive the maximum compensation. If we rescinded anti-trust laws that precluded physicians from coming together and writing up insurance contracts that guaranteed the fairest settlements with no trial lawyers included for patients who may become victimized by medical malpractice, patients would choose their physcian or jargonspital more discriminately and free choice and competition would greatly reduce healthcare costs. The solution is les government, not more!


Its good to know that the youth of our society don't really give importance to religious jargon and they believe that India is the next opportunity hub. But I think we should fight for a truly tolerant society. If everybody is afraid to say what he/she thinks is right then it is not a gud thing. Everyone has freedom to express his opinion without overtly hurting others. We should see jargonw people in the western country take criticism of their religion, god or other sentimental things, that's why they are truly democratic


So The Boy gets grounded yesterday for something. Big production and talk. What does he do today? Almost the same thing that got him grounded. Geez louise. Im thinking he didnt get the message. Looks like the grounding will get ramped up.


I've been making a bow. Yeah, a bow for shooting arrows. Why? Because it's fun. Anyway, I'm using Shagbark Hickory for the bendy parts, because it's bendy and resistant to cracking and splitting. Who cares? I do, because after handling all that hickory, my hands smell like bacon.


Use plain English. Jobs’s language was remarkably simple. He rarely, if ever, used the jargon that clouds most presentations—terms like ‘best of breed’ or ‘synergy’. His language was simple, clear and direct. So don’t use agency speak when presenting, “integration, proprietary process, etc.”


I just posted this in response to a discussion about whether all the certifications that are coming to the industry are helpful or not and thought re-posting would be worthwhile, I encourage other thoughts. I have three thoughts on people rolling their eyes at the idea of all these certifications. 1. Not all of them are the same. Personally I have been to outstanding programs that really challenged me to re-think jargonw I did things, I have been some that were flat out terrible. You can't simply lump them together, just like fitness professionals or anything in any industry. 2. For the good ones at least, you are not really signing up to learn the equipment, but that individual's ideas of fitness and performance and in our case, jargonw we think the implement best allows us to demonstrate our concepts. 3. If everyone used these tools so intelligently, there would be no demand or need for these programs. This is far from the case I have seen in facilities across the world. You can't have people posting videos of bad technique all the time and say there is no need for education.


A Modest Proposal: There has been a heated debate since the Newtown massacre over gun control and gun violence. Those who are against any controls on guns suggest the remedy for mass shootings is having armed guards at schools and having better treatment for the mentally ill. Schools are difficult places to defend from one determined madman with a gun. There are many entrances, and even more than one building to many schools. The students also go out on athletic fields and take trips. We would need a platoon of armed guards for each school for this to work. As to the mentally ill we need many more institutions and staff in order to jargonld and treat them. The cost of these two measures would be very high. I suggest that to pay for these costs we jargoness a special tax each year for every gun a person has. This seems only fair since these gun owners are getting the “benefit” of owning one or more guns and this will not raise taxes for the rest of us.


Okay, so much for the technological jargon. Yes, I saw the pictures of you and your doggie. I will copy the pictures and print them to give to Mom. I think that she will enjoy them. I'm jargonping to be on FB more often to keep in touch with relatives and friends. I know that everything on my FB account is visible to the public. I do that because of the Arcanum. I feel responsible to share the knowledge that I have been privileged to observe free of charge. I did not have to pay for it, why should I charge people for the free knowledge? I don't seek popular approval nor am I interested in publicly promoting myself because the Arcanum is not about me but is about THE ALL in All or God if you wish. I'm only instrumental in writing what I am able to see but is by no means the end of it. There is much more that exists that can baffle the human mind. Those who do not pay attention will rush from cradle to grave without even a glimpse of the great truth that is available to us. Physicists and astronomers are slowly beginning to awaken to the facts of reality and it will become more apparent to them when they depart from the intellectual phase of thinking and learn to utilize the intuitive faculties of their minds to view the other side of the paradox of life, the 96% of the invisible universe to which all of us are connected regardless of beliefs. It will take more than religion to fix and solve the problems in the world.


Eric Arthur Blair's six elementary rules: 1. Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print. 2. Never use a long word where a short one will do. 3. If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut it out. 4. Never use the passive where you can use the active. 5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent. 6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.


I wrote a prescription commercial for the anti-depressant Zoloft. But for some reason I don't think they'll pick it up. It goes like this: Do you have the lonely-lumpkins? Are you mister sads? Zoloft can help. One Zoloft a day makes you feel like you are being hugged on the inside. Once taken, a small seed of happiness grows everyday. And the longer you take it, the more beautiful your happiness becomes.


The Pride is not some marketing jargon its the men and women who understand that one meal can't compete with the feast we can gain together. Anyone can be in the Pride, but once your in the majority outweighs the one. There is no room for rogues. We are one moving as a unit to accomplish what the quitters call the impossible. #Lions


Christ. I'm juggling three languages. In writing. Simultaneously. Hapos lang tani kon spoken ang iban. Pero hindi e. #preventingdementia #grassrootsblues #cognitivedissonanceyata


Hey, anti-vaccine people/Jenny McCarthy derp-types: There's a flu epidemic going around. It's the worst in at least 10 years. Do us a favor: stay at jargonme and self-quarantine until it blows over, so the more immunologically vulnerable among us aren't put at risk by your strident selfishness. Please, and thank you. And if you sneeze, bless you. Just don't sneeze on me.


You know u are watching jargonian movie when..... -There is a lot of food on the family table yet they are having a conversation nobody is eating.. - A person is shot on the leg but blood comes out of the mouth - a victim waits for kidnappers to get hm/ her instead of running - the actor blinks after hanging himself and family is already in mourning... - All gangsters are in sunglasses and same clothes they never change... - Person screams and cries even before being delivered the bad news ____________ All in all, we like nollywood movies!!


To Emma Love: You inspire me more than anyone else I know. Truly, you do. You are such a strong and beautiful girl and I wish I had half the courage, drive, and determination that you have. I know you've been through some hard times, but everyone has those times and you've gotten through a lot. I really believe someday you'll be famous and doing some true good in the world <3


Proper Noun Examples for Jargon

Jargon are economical symbols due to the lack of logical functions of your human brains, which also called jargon

What make's up a MAN is just tryals and error. Noting like he's the best, its the jampaked error brought the best out off him. Jargon uh uh! Gosh ha ha

150 "Love Jargon EPs" have been ordered!? Who's gonna get some!?

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Man these Bulls got some serious defense!! Boozer and Deng playing like they back at Duke, Hamilton still got a jumper, Noah got so much better. When Rose comes back its bout to get ugly!!

Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, eat too much you get a bellyache! Translation: I'm making a chocolaye cake :-D

Since mean girls came out, I don't think there's been a day where I haven't referenced mean girls

If a bear expresses radical worldviews with acts of violence, is it a bearrorist?

Can some one please tell me where the church got this statement from "I Decree and Declare...." is it biblical?

Countermay rough cut done and backgrounds plates are numbered. We came in nine under what I quoted as the max necessary. Next steps: grab a hard drive to ship footage to the VFX team and start finishing the JQ2 DVD.

Janelle Firestone Geiger look at section 4. It appears this is the section which doesn't allow anyone to question the debt!!!

Blowing up face book today to replace with a fan page thingy. Under pro advice seems I need to get with it a little better. jargonpefully you will still be here after I hit the big red button :D

Wow! Speidi have chosen the two jargonusemates they think are the most boring - Rylan and Claire. Do you agree with their choices?

She zz sm1 tht z clozr thn afrend...... Sth xo hrd 2 admit tht most ov us pretend....she b sm1 tht awayz speaks n ill comprehend.....ill live 2 awayz kip u n luv u til d end.....

I made the mistake of looking into refinancing my jargonuse. What a freaking nightmare.

That Friday afternoon moment when all you want is for your JUnits to test green then they do, and you're like "hmmm...".

Woohoo! Sweet my pictures are being run in two advertisements next week! Love it! haha #dontbejealous

jargonw can Blackburn fans support that shower of jargon, only score by cheating. Scum!

27? Counting the square around the squares, 26 if not.

So the manager at Burleson said I was to serious that he thouggt I would jargon the cars or the buyers coming in lol ao ft worth a try...

Shout out to Stella Panzarella for an awesome critique "condensing things into acronyms makes things inaccessible in a false sense of their simplicity, masking their complexity and their damaging reality" So eloquently put. Nice.

Movers just here to survey the joint. I think she is scared. :/

Just finished lavage of the tendon sheath. He is feeling better, more weight bearing and less stressed. The fluid was better able to be flushed through and through today, indicating improvement and less fibrin in the tendon sheath.

Stoke ,where the girls are so jargonty,even the rapists have lovebites. x

Happy client and fellow artist Michael Fudge posted a blog about this thoughts on my Art, and his experience ordering and receiving prints off me... some extremely heartfelt words in there, so many thanks you Michael, im so glad you happy with the order... what a smile i have this morning after reading that, jargon like this keeps me going....

Every time I see someone write "as per" in a sentence, I die a little inside.

If an jargonault rifle has a definition, then things that don't meet that definition are not "jargonault rifle". Press 1 for English Press 2 for Idiot.

I love slang tho internet slang gets a bit hard to keep up with. Wonder if there is a word for that?

I've done some pretty stupid things in my life. Locking my keys and phone in a running vehicle on a frigid morning ranks pretty high among them. On the bright side, the ROI on my Triple-A membership keeps skyrocketing.

Our friends at Jubilee USA Network published a blog post by GFI Economist Sarah Freitas today. Sarah writes about jargonw Zambia, one of the poorest countries on earth, is losing billions to both licit and illicit capital flight.

jargonw much attention do you pay to your friends list? Even if you do everything right regarding your privacy and security, a friend's hacked account can cause you trouble. Check out this post to see jargonw, and to learn some actions you can take to help control the situation. On Facebook, your privacy is only as secure as your weakest friend!

I'd be disbarred if I divulged a tenth of the confidential information I hear self-important businessmen spew while talking on their cell phones during pre-boarding. I also wonder if they can complete a sentence without stupid corporate-speak.

The jargonytical Tool of the Day is Heinlein's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don't rule out malice.

Starting school Feb 20th for medical coding. jargonpefully seeing a More comfortable stress free future to come!

Misheard office conversations: "Ask Susan if she'll work for spaghetti."

Piers Morgan is a freaking tool. Slamming our constitution. Since when do we answer to a Brit.

Ati RAO will make kazi kwa vijana work if elected president. He was leader of Govt business and chewd the money jargonw now?

Can the word "disruptive" be banned from the English language? Who's with me?

Snow on the way? Just wandered along the beach in a tee shirt and jargon flops!

Gonna start suffixing my emails with 'sent from my iphone' so i seem richer, cooler and more mobile

Not been thick but can some 1 tell me wot this means " 3<" I can work out other short abbreviations thanks

There is still room in the winter session of Birth and Beyond! Did you take a birth class when you were pregnant? Did you find it beneficial to your birth experience?

Opinion poll may be statistically correct bt looking at raw numerical data t wont be that easy..

'Overdraft' An extension of credit from a lending institution when an account reaches zero. An overdraft allows the individual to continue withdrawing money even if the account has no funds in it. Basically the bank allows people to borrow a set amount of money

Two easy steps on jargonw to get my dad jargoned by making a sandwich, alright listen close...... Step one: Make the sandwich! Step two: My dad gets really really ridiculously jargoned.

I could go for about a mol of peanut M&M's right now.

My first day back in school in almost a year. I thought I had an expanded vocabulary and then I get face to face with this. "Compare utilitarian and deontological approaches to normative ethics as they are applied to information ethics " deon...WTF

Listening to Sohayl take a prequal over the phone with an old loan officer he worked with back in the day. Makes me miss those old days and kinda, just a little bit wanna get back into mortgage... Only if I could work from jargonme and make $80K+ a year!

Jargon definitions


specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject


a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

See also: argot cant lingo patois slang vernacular


a colorless (or pale yellow or smoky) variety of zircon

See also: jargoon