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They shredded closer to a sixth of the initial price less whatever IP benefit they received. Motorola had ~$3B in cash when acquired.

I shredded all my mail, I haven't given any real information about me on any web site since 1997, never gave out any information about me willy-nilly including applying for too many credit cards, and I never fall for phishing attacks. And yet somehow I found myself victim of identity theft, and it took 2+ years to clean up, and it's still not over.

As the paper trail is usually shredded after successful redundant storage of the images, there will be no way of determining correctness of archived data. This will make lawsuits a lot of fun in the future.

If the result of the so called "war on terror" is a gutted and shredded constitution then I'd say the terrorists have won. Edit: Apparently Loren is a man, Sorry.

That means that in less than two years, Google shredded 85% of the $13bn paid for Motorola. At the time, the high price paid was excused for the patents, because the business itself did not generate nearly enough earnings to justify the price.

I looked at the shredded pieces and they were there in a nice pattern. Hacker news FTW!

This ******** is to be shredded; not lightly but intently and with prejudice. It should be put down for its failure as a perspective.

Those people are perhaps picturing filing cabinets in some dank warehouse filled with paper printouts of their emails, which due to space constraints will be shredded or forgotten in ten years. The reality is that thanks to technology, what we say today is being stored and archived for-ev-er and can be indexed and retrieved easily and indefinitely.

5 years of controlling high-value but high-cost things left my department with a shredded staff. By the time the economy was improving in the 2006-8 timeframe, nearly all my colleagues left.

Documents destined to be shredded could be laying around for just anyone to read. [] The next step they took was a bit more bloody.

After the wall came down, the stasi shredded a lot of their files. But they were reassembled a few years ago and they revealed that some of the dissidents at the time were snitching on their fellows in return for less harsh treatment.

I had even shredded it when I got it so its not possible someone took it from my place. When they called me about the possible fraudulent charge, they guy explained that various government/creditor databases contain these cards and sometimes malicious employees use them for fraud.

My spectacularly mistimed 2nd attempt saw the wheel hit the curb full on, so I flew head over heels and shredded one knee to bits on gravel. Turns out you can keep biking just fine with a bloody knee, it only starts to hurt once the blood gets a chance to congeal.

Germans already solved this to recover shredded stasi documents. take german solution, profit.

You made your site work on IE and Firefox in your preferred order, then after drying your tears with the shredded remains of your schedule gave two minute's thought to making it not obviously be complete rubbish on Safari and maybe Opera. So of course it sucks on windows.

They had a strict rule that any reply to one of the "fake" mailboxes was to be shredded immediately upon receipt, unopened. They didn't even want them laying around lest someone write down a name or return address.

We found this out by the horrific gear crunching noise the machine had made as the coffee beans shredded the internals to bits. It was a disappointing and sad day for the engineers, many of whom were frequent coffee drinkers.

Alternative hypothesis: the point of the competition is to make people think that reconstructing shredded documents is harder than it is. Why?

The print head moved so fast it just shredded the paper into a fine dust that caked in every internal part. It sucked cleaning that out.

] That's because the worn-out books have been shredded. > Ebook consumers should be able to lend and resell ebooks the same way we do with physical books Well, an ebook that is exactly like a physical book is an ebook that is artificially restricted to be lent out to one reader at a time.

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This goes so far that for instance plastic bottles can be shredded and just melted into new ones. Failed bottles at production go right back into the process. Once you separated all the different materials, you can re-use them or dispose of them in a safe manner. But the separation must be relatively easy OR the costs just sky-rocket. Taking of a bumper is easy especially if you don't have to care about damage. Separating two bonded plates, not so much. A prime example of this is in electricity cables. Copper is expensive enough to make recycling worth while but separating it from the plastic surrounding it, is near impossible. What is done instead in many places is that the plastic is burned off. A very polluting process and not the idea behind recycling at all. Now Apples devices are hard to take apart. If a screen can't be screwed open, the screen can't be separated from the shell, meaning it has to be shredded instead.


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prepared by cutting; "sliced tomatoes"; "sliced ham"; "chopped clams"; "chopped meat"; "shredded cabbage"

See also: chopped sliced