Sheepskin in a sentence as a noun

That's why we have a voting booth -- that's a much better competence filter than a sheepskin.

The majority of grad students I've met thought that getting the sheepskin will solve all their problems.

Dating the sheepskin vellum to the sixteenth century just means that the vellum is from that time.

Or $0, if the sheepskin, corrected homework and grades won't matter.

Even if one doesn't hope to start their own company, a college degree's value is mostly in its sheepskin effect.

But, seriously, some folks just want the sheepskin and do not care if they earned it and some folks want the know-how and sort of don't care so much about the public credibility thing.

If the document were printed on sheepskin and available to view in their office from 9am to 5pm, wouldn't that be making the document available to anyone who asks?

The sheepskin is utterly irrelevant for selling consulting engagements.

The ink remains untested, and a radiocarbon study of the parchment of one key map—the only one subjected to such analysis—dates the sheepskin vellum to the fifteenth or sixteenth century, a sign the map is at best a copy.

US law is explicitly different in the wide scope of patent eligible subject matter, and I firmly believe that US lawyers need to fight to protect that legal stand from the encroachment that many academics put forth in whatever sheepskin they dress up in.

Sheepskin definitions


tanned skin of a sheep with the fleece left on; used for clothing

See also: fleece


skin of a sheep or goat prepared for writing on

See also: parchment lambskin


a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study

See also: diploma