Selling in a sentence as a noun

Not even something small, like selling stuff online.

It's easy to sit on the sidelines and say "Go for the IPO, don't sell, selling is a failure".

He learned how to raise money by selling his business idea to other people who think like him.

You're going to have a hard time selling a standard that makes everybody buy lenses again.

I saw that one of my old textbooks was selling for a nice price, so I listed it along with two other used copies.

What matters is, is there a market for what you're selling, and will it clear based on the model you use to price stuff on the market.

I don't relish the idea of building a company and then selling it... but life is more complicated than that.

They made millions selling their stock before the market truly understood what a **** business they were running.

Well, Bezos called him, but he'd been up already... he was a hard partier who, just between you and me, also was selling ***** on the side.

There's a vast chasm between selling virtual sheep to addicted grandmas and giving away the farm for less than the price of a toilet roll.

I'll miss the way he got up there each and every time like he was selling you your own personal Jesus in a box. Not out of hucksterism, but because he really was that excited to share what he and his people had been working on.

They informed me that they had been working on an extruder that they were selling simultaneously to Picatinny Arsenal and Hersey.

Note that they are still selling each car at a material loss; and only managed to show a profitable quarter by trading green credits they gained from their manufacturing.

EA is selling a completely broken product - and I mean that from the perspective of the average consumer, not the nerd who thinks all DRM is broken - and they're doing it for absolutely no reason.

Would you?Well, the first big thing Bezos realized is that the infrastructure they'd built for selling and shipping books and sundry could be transformed an excellent repurposable computing platform.

Clearly it is not a cost-based market like gypsum, or there would not exist sites selling photos with royalties attached, or photos costing hundreds of dollars --- which clearly those sites do exist.

Selling definitions


the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money

See also: merchandising marketing