Scent in a sentence as a noun

I smell the scent of Astroturf.... does my nose delude me?

All in legit Scala, with just a trace of math to throw you off the scent.

It's clearly not just the male scent, because it gets cancelled out by the female scent.

" When he was in the hospital in 1981, she slept with one of his shirts to be comforted by his scent.

I like yak butter as a shave lotion: let it ferment just a bit for a subtle scent and extra moisturizing.

Highly unlikely, on the other hand an animal like scent-hound might find such a thing interesting.

All pedants do is push people to hedge, equivocate, and employ dense jargon to throw them off the scent, and where's the help to the rest of us in that?

Scent in a sentence as a verb

The movement of ants is strongly influenced by chemical scent gradients, much like our muscles respond to ion gradients.

Well, I don't know much about wolves, but I know dogs sometimes naturally track interesting prey over long distances by scent.

"That's it," he said, walking briskly into the hallway with Matheson, through the the acrid scent of pepper spray that still hung in the air, and out Bingham Hall's back door.

Bees maintain a anti-microbial sauna inside the hive, at a contant tempurature with a complex scent.

I never agreed to this when I signed up, and there is the faint scent of ******** now that the company is trying to turn around years after that fact and retrospectively acquire my data.

They're not just any undergrad students, they were Oenology students -- they might not be experts, but they certainly know more about classifying wines by scent, flavor profile, etc than a layperson.

Scent definitions


a distinctive odor that is pleasant

See also: aroma fragrance perfume


an odor left in passing by which a person or animal can be traced


any property detected by the olfactory system

See also: smell aroma odor odour


cause to smell or be smelly

See also: odorize odourise


catch the scent of; get wind of; "The dog nosed out the drugs"

See also: nose wind


apply perfume to; "She perfumes herself every day"

See also: perfume