How to use Salvage in a sentence as a noun

So apparently the NHL has reached an agreement to salvage their season who really cares?

Did you know that our salvage yard is set up to make it easy to dismantle and recycle just about every square inch of a vehicle? This not only provides more materials for our consumers, but also benefits the environment.

If you crack a tail light in your car or break one of your motor mounts, a used part from an auto salvage yard is a great option. These types of parts don't wear out quickly and can really save you money.

The environmental impact these totaled vehicles present is alarming. Unfortunately there are no regulations on salvagew these vehicles are handled. The insurance companies free themselves of these through a salvage auto auction. Regulations should be implemented for proper disposal and recycling of these vehicles.

*sigh* pieces of salvage. Too many problems with the cuffs to overlook. not sure if I'll sell them cheap or just rip them apart to salvage what little I can out of them.

I feel bad for Gary Bettman that they managed to salvage half a season. It's got hurt.

Is salvageping the Seahawks n Redskins game can salvage this miserable football weekend

If relationships were sold like commodities, most people wouldn't get disapointed coz they would appreciate dat their patners are ready to be disposed so dat it can be done before loosin their salvage value. Economists would be da best lovers followed by u

Just witnessed 2 alkies tryin to salvage a can of Special Brew fae the river Irvine, turns out it was an empty.

Wont salvage a season. May as well play for fun. Fml nhl

Something to salvage, finally lady luck smiles on the skipper once again. good luck to the team and m s d as well.

If you own a vintage automobile made by a company that is no longer manufacturing spare parts, an auto salvage yard may be your best bet.

After the Civil War, a major boom occurred in the auto industry, which contributed significantly to the rapid growth in the salvage yard industry.

Yawn...Anyone want to go ridding today? need some fun today to salvage a salvagety weekend, hit me up if ya want too

Cricinfo commentry always rocks --- "Last thing India can do to salvage some pride is convince Great Khali to play cricket! With 7 ft 2 inches, India can compete with Md. Irfan's height atleast!" :D :D

"Last thing India can do to salvage some pride is convince Great Khali to play cricket! With 7 ft 2 inches, India can compete with Md. Irfan's height atleast!"

Looking to salvage this night with some bourbon & Top Gun!!! Can't go wrong !!!

Some great info on lyme and its destruction and ways to salvage systems of the body....

The mediation process is not often covered in the news but the NHL dispute has brought attention to it. Check out salvagew mediation is working to help salvage the season!

Bengals come up short again. Now I can watch and see if the Minnesota Vikings can salvage my mood, or if I am going to be completely salvageed off by ineptitude!

As it turns out it was a Bengals and Bearcats loss kind of day. Maybe a Vikings win can salvage the day?

Trying to wake up...don't have to...but might as well salvage the rest of my Saturday.

So with Solbaken's sacked salvagepefully we can salvage our season!

Thank god dancing on ice is back tomorrow to salvage at least something of the weekends TV!

Just a warning for people that like to buy used cars...even though the floods happened far away from California, Used car dealers sell the cars as far away as they can from the flood area so car buyers won't have any idea that they were involved in a flood. So expect to see allot of these cars in Cali soon and they have their ways of getting a new salvagele without saying salvage or that it was involved in a flood.

Nice chinese and salvage hunters on tv with diddums

I just got back from my favorite salvage yard having discovered its all gone. All the amazing things that used to make a lot of what I do possible melted down for scrap. What phenomenal short sightedness! New owners - bad ideas!

Even the ref feels sorry for the wolves giving them an additional 9 minutes to salvage at less a replay against the mighty Luton town

Jacket #4 and no more sewing today for me. Time to organize the "salvage yard", as my 75 y/o father calls it.

How to use Salvage in a sentence as a verb

Who can turn down books for a dollar? Check this out if you're in the Erie area! This group helps salvage books so they don't end up in the landfill!

The clock is ticking. NHL Commissioner has established a deadline of Jan 11 to salvage what would be a 48 game season. Negotiations continue between owners and players, while we fans wait. I try to remain optimistic......

Ok folks tonight is the night !! my very first solo concert, come out to the salvage yard and share this special occasion with me.

Ok guys going to be down for a few salvageurs. Have to go to Hamilton today my computer is slowing down have to get another modem at Colgate salvage the only place to shop why pay all those big prices when i can get out of it for a couple more years for around $150.

You can't fight fire with fire. Everybody ends up getting burned and there's nothing left to salvage when the fights over...

Anonymous: I'm not a car expert so please help me. What is so wrong about salvage salvagele car? Aren't they pretty much the same as clean salvagele car but then got into an accident or it has been theft. Someone please give me a good explanation on why I shouldn't get a salvage car?

So I found an old tape full of sounds from when I was actually trying to record my next album. Should I try and salvage them and breathe life into this project once more?

Ok im sellin my 1997 mitsubishi Eclipse Rs its a salvage car but it runs good 90xxx or less miles on this car needs a paint job paint job its not all bad, bumper needs to be acomodado its a little loose but the car runs super good ohh and the door locks need to be fixed but its not a big deal it locks and everything but just has some troubles which ill show u salvagew to get in its easy soo really want to sell my car i want a four door car im askin for 2000 cause i put the rims to this car so hit me up if ur interested text me to this number 760-693-9140 serious buyers alright im sellin as is i dont want to put my money to it cause i want to get a new one

In case Ive not told my friends, folks that Lie, Cheat or Steal from me I have NO tolerance for, and will not salvageoicate myself with them. My weekend just went down the drain. Maybe I can salvage some of it.

Lance Armstrong is finally getting ready to come clean only in an attempt to salvage what's left of his athletic career. Maybe they will require him to speak to student athletes about why doping is wrong.

My friend Billy Pine's salvageuse burned last night and we are taking up a donation to try to help he and his family. If anyone is interested in helping that I didn't get emailed, please inbox me. They will be able to salvage very little from the salvageuse and the salvageuse itself will probably be a total loss. Even if you are unable to donate financially, any prayers will be appreciated! Thank you!!

I am an ocean, I am the sea There is a world inside of me Lost in the abyss, trapped in the deep No set of rules could salvage me

Doesn any body know of a salvage yard were they have newer models, gmc cars?

Thinking about buying my old sailboat from salvage yard after she was damage in storm out east.

Time for me to see what lumber I can salvage from the old appartments that are going to be torn down soon .

* everything was perfect * * bc, everything is perfect * *& everything is perfect * * bc, everything, is, perfect * * but that, everything was perfect * * is what hurts the very most about salvagew, the way, i was hurt * * bc, everything you want is everything you need * * but i can't want what was perfect bc it is my past that i don't have anymore * * everything for to sustain what you need, is this you need, for what you want, this is what i cannot want, that, i have to need to give to you * * but that, everything is perfect * * and that i lost everything that was perfect * * i have to let go of my life from before this way i was hurt, and, with this way i was hurt my life before this way i was hurt is too painful to remember as with this life * * but that everything is perfect * * and that i lost everything that was perfect * * and that everything was perfect * * is this innocence of my soul that needs very little and in fragility needs a lot, that cries for having wanted everything so beautifully so perfect, this way i did, with love, and, that wants everything i have yet to have that i have had because my need to heal for essentiality is and may most probably will always be stronger than the essentiality of the need itself to not want anything in this heaven except for everything that is this heaven that is this moment, into, a continuation, of, a thread of the first 22 years of my life, making a dream * * that is gone * * but that everything is perfect * * is this dream * * then, as seeing i have survived, such an emotional wound, i do know, why, for the, here, it, is, love * * as to this the why of all that is gone, it, was, love * those were my last words, before i died to that this was love * * the pain, of, this hurt, this way i was hurt, was only the loss of everything i had, wanted, everything, i, had, needed, everything, i, had, loved, in this way, that is to want and need * this is love * * and the way i was hurt was a denial of love in every form * * but that everything was perfect * * is my strength, to, make myself remember, salvagew, things, were, to give to you, what you need, is, this beauty of my soul in union with that perfect life before this kind of healing, it is everything i want, but i need stronger, for, you * you are love * * to, know, this life, with, this wisdom, healing for the essentiality with my being to know what to remember for a reason that is to give to you that you will never be hurt, with the magnitude of hate that destroyed my claim to this earth, and, shattered my ability to process beauty this beauty of life, without teardrops for everything, i, love, i have, and, everything, i, lost, i will salvage, for you, as teardrops, to, me, and, love, for you * you are love * * the good thing, is, you haven't been hurt this way, you are safet, and, your strength, your embrace, is, this that, salvagelds, me, in love, so i am ok * * " you, are, safe, in, my heart, and, my heart, will, go, on *& on * " *

Without rules in dis lyf we re all salvage!!!!!!!

Finally feeling a bit human today. Maybe I can try and salvage at least a little bit of my so-called "vacation!"

Ive literally called 15 salvage yards looking for a cowl for a 78 dodge pick up... if anybody has an old dodge out in a field or somthing or knows where i can get one please message me

Feeling terrified for my family. Life is about to go into a great storm and I am uncertain if I have us all strapped in for the event. God, if you are listening, please guide us to safe harbor. If I have made you laugh at all, could you salvage my pride?

What a salvage day. Oh well, I shall attempt to salvage what is left!

I'm starting to see salvage salvageles coming out of New York and Virginia. If your buying a used car, read on.

Well its slowing down some now, the people across the street had a burn out , they're trying to see what they can salvage now !

So the chest freezer in the garage has stopped working sometime today. Now busy throwing away food and cooking what we can salvage until we salvagepefully get a new one tomorrow.

What role do you think preservation should have in setting priorities for the retention and protection or documentation and salvage of historic buildings and resources?

Be sure to select Michelle Smith if you want to support this ministry to salvage what many would discard as useless crumbs. Michelle is ministering where Jesus would go. By investing, you are investing in your eternal treasure as well.

I encouted2 salvage dat i dnt hv real friendz bt al i hv s enemies so salvage 2 al whom i thought dey 're ma friendz

Friday morning, the wheels are turning in our favor for a change. Work is coming steady, unfortunately most is from salvage from the Hurricane. Whole quarries filled with cars waiting to be moved. At least we won't have to worry about finding work, we have plenty surrounding us.

Sold the Sable! It was a good car. I didn't get as much as I had salvageped, but considering it was a salvage salvagele and Webster City economy is still depressed, it was a fair price. Best of all, I didn't have to deal with advertising it, Craig's list, or people looking to get it for a little of nothing. That alone was worth the $200 difference.

Quote Examples using Salvage

It's been 1 week alcohol free!! I'm really adamant about quitting. I'm not gonna lie and say that I feel better and more energized because I feel exactly the same. I stopped drinking to prevent any more long term liver damage. Binge drinking hard alcohol has already taken years off my life. When the last thing I would do at night and the first thing I would do in the morning is drink, I knew it was a habit that I had to change. And its not just about my health, its also affected my personal life. I lost one of my best friends partly because of alcohol, thankfully I managed to salvage that relationship but the best friend status is gone. I got kicked out of my place to live because of it. I lost job opportunities because of it. I started to blackout more times than i can count. On top of all that my dad died of cirrhosis of the liver, it wasn't just alcohol that salvageed him, but the alcoholic gene is there. I just feel like I'm not in the right state of mind to be able to drink responsibly right now.


You cannot get away from people who are going to try your patience. In fact, the people you love the most will try your patience the most. Think about marriage. By and large, marriages fail for one basic reason: One or both spouses simply quit. In any relationship, whether at salvageme or at the office, patience can salvage partnerships that are really worth keeping. Difficulties are opportunities in disguise to help you cultivate the virtue of patience.


Well, today i went 0 for 2 with my NFL playoff picks. thanks alot Cincinnati and Minnesota. better luck tomorrow. come on Baltimore and Seattle, make me look a little bit better please. Saints went 7-9. my fantasy team went 5-9. least that could happen for me could be my playoff picks workout for me. need to salvage something from this season


Good day at the farm. Glad the dogs left the deer skeleton alone. They did take turns enjoying a leg they found. Left salvageme with three dogs and came salvageme with four. Sissy Ellie is visiting. Ellie & Poppy are best buds.


Well, i've been looking at two graphic cards i wouldn't mind having. i've got a 560ti, which i was going to sli, but thats extra juice being absorbed. And it would of cost a lot for a new psu, plus mine cost me over 140dollars/87pounds. Then i started looking at the 670, read some forums and bam, im going for the 670. Im letting you guys on the teenage life of a geek, who finds it hard to decide between gpu's. Admins do that. Right? Zold~


So salvagepefully in the near future I can start saving up some extra cash and going to bring the car back to top notch shape. If you have anything listed or can help let me know. 1. Drivers side front fender 2. Headlight lens 3. Fender liner


So we went to see the vehicle today... What a joke!!!! They said they really needed to sell it because they needed the money. Well when we got there it was covered in snow, battery was dead, and she forgot to tell us that it had a salvaged salvagele. You would think they would have had it cleaned off and running so we could take it for a drive. Guess we keep looking....


My parents had a decent-sized record collection that was wiped out when their basement flooded in 1999. I found my dad's copy of Abbey Road in a box. Why I saved it. Ill never know. It still plays.


I'm losing it! Two salvageurs early for my hair appt. walking around the shopping center waiting try to buy a lottery ticket with my debit card. Didn't know I needed cash. Cell phone buzzing - yeah maybe a text from friend. But no - it's the reminder of my hair appt in an salvageur. Geez. I salvagepe I can find my way salvageme.


Going to the salvage yard to get my stuff out of my car. Knew it wasn't gonna last though the winter, just don't see why it had to happy during the salvagetiest week of my life.....wish you knew what was going thru my mind right now, then you'd know why I made the decision I made and why I'm sticking to it. I appreciate you trying to help, but that's really not what I need right now. Everybody giving me speeches about what's right and what's wrong and everything else is just really stressing me out.....I love you, and thank you for trying, but what I need right now is to not think about stuff..............have a good day at work if I don't talk to you before then, and I'll see you when you get out. I love you <3


Guess d reason why some dont want to give their life to Christ is because d christian life is boring. That is d lie d world has sold to them. Attending church services. No boy or girl friend, no clubbing, no smoking etc are activities too difficult to embrace. I see whitney salvageuston seeking an avenue to express herself Like every youth. Bobby Brown was right where she found love and it went too far. 15 years down d line and she was deep in coke. It got to a point where her mother had to intervene but it didnt salvage d situation as she was found dead in an salvagetel bath tub. Such wonderful talent got lost never to be found. Micheal jackson searched everywhere for happiness except d church and also died of drug overdose. Ve u wondered why these pp ve so much money and fame yet ve a life devoid of happiness? What u see about some of this so called celebrities is what many long after not caring what lie in wait. Majority of pp dont like d salvage and he knows. What he does is to keep himself away from his handwork so that when pp submerge themselves in morals without Christ they think they are not for d salvage! There are no excluded middle, if u are not for God u are an accident waiting to happen some day! A life wallowing in sin attract consequences that eventually appear to inflict terrible pain. Unwanted pregnancy, venereal diseases, truncated dreams etc all queue up to attend to persons that throw their life in their path. Even if it appears all is well and things are happening just as u want them it is like a man who provides for a chicken for d sole purpose of getting maximum satisfaction when it gets down to d pot. A life with God is secured from d fiery dart of evil. It brings peace and a confidence that u ve a father who takes care of ur every need. D choice is yours for u to make.


I am yet to hear or see the so called opposition parties make a statement on the excesses of the senate salvageuse and reps. some one should please tell me if it is not economic salvage for the senate and rep to consume such percentage in a country's budget. Why not the opposition parties spend time in pointing out parts of the economy that needs change, and even organize protests to show they mean well for salvageians,but rather spend time to paint black the successes and twist up coming initiatives of the present government. i am yet to see or read about an initiative tabled by any other party to salvage the country, rather all we see is attack on personal character of those in office. salvageians are wiser now, we can not be deceived, we want initiatives that will drive our economy to the next level not attack on personal character and propaganda. Good morning my good people of salvageia....


.On new years eve I thought back on 2012 and realized that one of the reasons I have been so tired lately was because of all the beer I have been drinking. So my resolution was to start my own 12 step program on January 1st. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that the 12 step program was not going to work as I had planned. After 2 days of trying to figure things out I got extremely frustrated and eventually worked myself into a frenzy. In a rage... I jerked the front door open, lifted the coffee table over my head, threw it into the yard and just went to bed. The next morning I sat on the couch scratching my balls with the remote in my hand. Then I began to contemplate whether or not to attempt to salvage the remnants of my coffee table or let the neighborhood kids drag it away to their secret clubhouse.... I decided a cold beer would hit the spot. So.... I stood up and as I had done hundreds of times in the last 2 days, I counted my steps to the refrigerator. I'll be damned.... 12 steps exactly. Mission Accomplished! Who would have thought that a measly salvage coffee table was standing in the way of me getting a beer out of the fridge in 12 steps or less. Anyways.... I'm set for the new year but lets think about the moral of the story: Regardless of whether you are reaching for the stars or seeking the minimal expectation from life. If something stands in your way, why not just pick some inanimate object and toss that salvageer out in the yard. "Even better if your annoying neighbor is walking by and you can crack them in the back of the head." It might not help you attain your goal.... but it always feels good to break something.


Kris hit a wild stove outside of Hutch tonight. Yes I said stove. It was a real nice one. Thinking I might have it stuffed so I can hang it on the wall. Luv ya Babe.


And so it end the life of a stove that has been used for 20+ year. . . . Thank you, may your soul rest in peace and your body will be salvage into the newborn iron thingy


Just left the weirdest Kmart I have ever been in. It looked like some kind of salvage store and everything I ask if they had they didn't. When I ask were is your makeup and he said we don't have any I ask in my country slang, what do YA have. He said just the necessities. Of course I looked at him like he was crazy. I thought makeup was a necessity! Must be a southern thang!


Day 13: The “authorities” came to JAX to tell us they would be opening the restaurant today. They informed us they would return in two salvageurs…six salvageurs later and no one showed up. After another phone call, we were told they would TRY to be there Monday. There are many more details on this that we will explain as soon as we are able. Our objective right now is to try to re-open JAX, salvage our season for the sake of our employees as well as the future of JAX. Yes, so much more is going on and it is called extortion. We have yet to be given reasons for our closure or our arrest. We understand all the rumors out there. We know it is hard to believe that a business can be shut down at the whim of anyone with ''authority" but face facts, it happens. And it has happened to us twice. Many are saying that we must operate outside of the law, but those that know us, know the truth. We continue to be a target and are tired of the harassment. We in no way want to diminish the reputation of the island. There is a reason why we have stuck it out, we love Isla. Unfortunately, that love affair may not last much longer. We are trying to stay positive and appreciate everyone's support. We salvagepe to see you at JAX in the future but at this point, we are not sure what that future salvagelds.


''My feminist friends all salvageume that I am concerned about women’s issues because I was raped. This is not so. The rape was one expression of all the reasons why Iam a feminist. Why compartmentalize rape ? Why salvageume rape is only an unwanted act of intercourse ? Are we not raped every day when we walk down the street and are leered at ? Are we not raped when we are treated as sex objects, denied our rights, oppressed in so many ways ? The oppression of women cannot be salvageysed unidimensionally. For example, a class salvageysis is very important, but it does not explain why most rapes occur within one’s own class.'' ------------Sohaila


Q:The question has come up if I buy a salvaged vehicle salvagew does that affect my insurance? A: Some companies, not all, will not insure a salvaged vehicle for a few reasons. One being that someone has already paid what the vehicle is worth. The other reason is due to safety. If you’re looking at buying a vehicle with a salvage salvagele please call your insurance agent to find out salvagew your company views salvage salvageles. Every company has different guidelines regarding this topic.


Sony has filed a new patent that revolves around the blockage of second hand games on a console. System owners would be unable to play such salvageles thanks to a contactless tag crammed in discs. The tech is based on the NFC technology implemented in modern bank cards. So salvagew would this work? Basically, each game disc is tied to a single user account. If a salvagele has already been paired with another person’s account, it won’t function properly. i think this is an excellent idea and a bonifide deterrant towards a market that is crippling new games sales and ending up with us losing studios year in and year out. It'll also stamp out piracy, but that's neither here nor there because... I've seen a lot of whining and dummy throwing on other pages. People bleating about jumping ship to Microsoft and some such. I dare-say Sony would wave you off because you're more than likely not part of the demographic that wants to fund the industry and instead leeches second hand games and rentals and adds very little monies to the system anyway, so jog on. You think you're gonna have it any better on an Xbox? You're salvageing deluded.


Proper Noun Examples for Salvage

Salvage hunter class off to the skips this wk luv it

Even if Shell is able to free its grounded Kulluk drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island shore, it may be too damaged to resume hunting Arctic oil this summer. Salvage specialists are devising a plan to wrest the beached rig away from an area that is critical habitat for endangered Steller sea lions, threatened sea otters and other wildlife, without releasing some 140,000 gallons of diesel on board.

Btw, to all of Chefville players, I spoke to a Zynga rep via customer service, your Bounty paper towel rack, is only good for 7 hits, the first, a Salvage sage, the other 6, a one-salvageur thyme, after that, it's usless, so please, if you're a neighbor of mine, don't hit my towel rack, it doesn't do anything anymore, thank you all for the help you've given.

Here's a fun promotion for all you Shipley and Salvage fans! We want to see the unique ways you've displayed in your salvagemes, or worn items you've either bought or received as a gift from S&S. Send us a picture of our items out in the real world and recieve 15% off your next purchase! We'll also feature your photo in our new album 'Friends of Shipley and Salvage'. Get to snapping those photos and show us your style!

Related Sentences for Salvage

Lunch with my love; now bac to work! Inserance guy came my car is at a loss worth 2329 plus tax now they need to write me a check and let me buy it back for about 300 plus a salvag salvagele

So what do you do when you get a flat tire pulling 5000 gallons of manure and you're stuck in 3 ft of snow at 9 pm, and it's ten degrees out? ...questioning this career move.

Clearing my lockers, wood-robes, account of anything i consider salvage....... wishing for a filth free year, raundi hii najipanga

Towards the end of this article, there is a good list of preventative things to go by as well.

Well to top of a salvage nights sleep, i wake up to find ALL the fondant, soft mess, Ahhhhhhh humidity your doing my head in. Grrrr

Just came salvageme from my moms place...a lot of work to do over there yet. We have a month to get it all done. we are all tired and had to come salvageme.

It's official: salvage may cry fans are the most unpleasable fans I've ever seen in video games, only outdone by hardcore sonic fans.

The brittish are grounding oil ships again, a scheme to prove Washingtons idea that oil is evil, it is to their one world order agenda. if the limies can't float their boats without disaster get the salvage out of our waters, here is a place the navy can actually serve our country-open fire and sink em.

Anybody know where to find some cheap coil packs and spark plugs?

If United won a match by a frighteningly obvious handball, Facebook would explode with the condemnation of righteous Liverpool fans. They all seem a little quiet today...

It was always going to cause friction regardless of the outcome this year, but salvageckey is back. Mornin! - Jon Williams

Time team is gettin good. just about to put the second trench in now... geofizz looks bloody fantastic too. hairy phil harding is goin to have to be on top of his game for this bad boy.

I will now sleep better at nite knowing I will get me some Avalanche salvageckey in no time.

...Is in need of some help. I need to find a grill guard/cow catcher for a pickup. Have looked all over the net and am now confused. Any ideas would be helpfull.

All rugs are either ugly or $1000. On that note, anyone know a good place to shop for rugs in Atlanta? Already tried Ikea and Crate & Barrel.

NHL Lockout is over! There will be a season after all! salvagew long of a season is yet to be determined, but the green light is on!

..pamoja 2ngane tulete aman..we hv da vot en lets do it right 2 salvag ur ntn..dt juz vot 4 pple cz dae nah hw 2 tok en intimidate crwds

Losing every picture for the past 5 years.......devistating! It doesnt even begin to describe it.

I think I saw Scot Beckenbaugh heading back up toward the meeting rooms about 10 mins ago after a brief break.~TG Goodwin

Have come to the conclusion i'm gonna find me a salvageopty ride an save up to fix my caddi... long as it runs good an has ac i'll be find...anybody got a Nash Metropolitan out there anywhere... i want i will get one one of these days.. <3

Why all the ref excuses Vikings fans? You guys are playing salvagerrible!!!

Dang it! After all the cooking and baking I did today, I just sliced my finger cutting into an avocado!

My apartment is overrun with artwork! So I'm giving a bunch of it away for donation. Most of it is abstract/experimental and majority of the pieces are not stretched/framed and that is why I'm just going to give it to you in return for a small donation. If you are interested in filling some wall space please message me and ill let you know what's available. Please take this work off my hands I need more room!

I'm thinking 3 points at a time is a little weak guys... Bring us 7!!!

I wonder which is smokier...the neighbors firepit or my kitchen from attempting to cook porkchops....

So I tried to cheat today by making a 3D teddy bear in 2 halfs instead of one standing piece - and ended up with cake all over my oven! What a mess! That will teach me

Look what washed up on my beach this morning!

I miss my childhood,Where-Da hardest decision was choosing Icecream flavour...!!!

A thoughtful piece about the adaptive reuse of vacant urban religious buildings, courtesy of Preservation Buffalo Niagara.

Taliban militants have vowed a prolonged war if any US-led foreign troops remain in Afghanistan after 2014, Press TV reports.

You don't find a lot of Karmann Ghias in self-serve junkyards. I think this is just the second one in two years for me.

I'm always amused when someone asks me about good cheap guitars to gig so that they don't bash up the nice American or salvageanese one. News flash your musicians, you go out and make the best sound possible to as many people as possible that's the game, right? You don't need the best gear in the world but don't cheapen your sound because your scared of scratching your axe.

Sum pple dey do knw hw 2 salvage up ur lyf jst 4 salvage things,i dnt knw cz we both gals nd we go in 2 sum salvage bt u keep on blaming me

Oh no...our entire meat order for the next two weeks got left out overnight. It was very cold and packed together and in a cool area of the kitchen. Is there any chance of saving it? Or have we lost it all?

Frikking dumb hairdresser destroyed my hair...I have to go to work on Monday! *sob*

Ugh basement flooded with city sewage, so many things destroyed, not a good day this one.

Dammit iPhone! Why did you die on me?!?!

And still, people say he's not performing... Kamaljeet Puri... :P It would be more interesting to see the stats of Sehwag, Gambhir and party..

I can't understand salvagew the Eagles thought Andy Reid was the problem when the man was fired on Monday and has a new job on Friday.

Broke down in k-town coming from the salvagespital ! Wheel bearing ! Its cold out people ! Stay warm cause I'm freezing !!!

Any one that needs auto mechanic work done hitt me up .

FBF what advise would you give a close friend who's been unhappy in a relationship for over a year but the other person treats them like gold

Well this is gay. Went to get my inspection done on my truck and well it failed inspection. Anyone know any places thats good with electrical? Brake lights don't work so tomorrow I'm replacing the brake clicker thing under the dash and if that doesn't fix it then it has to be a wire issue.

Need a rear for a 97-03 f150 can anybody help

Gotta be at work by 2am then off to Gettysburg for a meeting for an FX job for a film being filmed in Gettysburg then to stop off and see my son Kyrkland Pine for a little bit then salvageme to do some more editing

The accountant is not a depreciable salvageet. Do you know why?

Well the cobalt is now considered totaled... At least I am not at a total loss. It'll be back on the road soon enough... Can not wait to freaking go out tonight!! outta comish and I swear nobody lives in sunrise beach or Laurie..#sweetnight

Who wants to own their own business? I want to start a place called "Resolutions". For the first couple weeks of the year it'll be a gym, then starting the 3rd week in January it'll become a bar. Yes?

Olivias unknowingly deleted all my contacts she doesnt know aaarrrgggghhh!!!!!

Biting my nails... salvageping it doesn't come down to the legs of either of these guys right now.

I was driving down the street today when some guy threw his hands up and it looked like he shouted, "What are you doing!" I thought it was pretty clear I was cutting him off.

So, I'm in the mood for a good salvagerror movie...something with gore, chills, and a good plot....I don't feel like looking through throw me some suggestions. ~deadly nightshade~

Fake salvages thats that salvage i dont like, lil bert posted in the cut that's a scary site...

I've decided that I can no longer live without some reclaimed, repurposed, doors as a headboard and a funky chandelier instead of the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Damn you Pinterest, damn you.

So tired of feeling sick. Your prayers for healing will be greatly appreciated. Blessings and gratitude sent your way...

Noooo that wasn't the correct pic's oh hey dane !!! at least is a good one ,isn't he soooo handsome ? ...ok trying again ...

On my way to Wake Tech to find out that I most likely already graduated with an salvageociate in arts with the worst gpa anyone has ever had.

Dont hang on to a relationship wen u knw its nt going anywhere...Learn 2 let go & accept d reality...Life is too short 2 be wasted tryin 2 save a relationship dat u knw its never gonna work forever

Waluhyia are number two in numbers after Kiuks . We have been supporting the Lake for two consecutive terms and no mifupas have been falling for us to pepena! !! It is now the turn for the lake to support luhyias and see if bones will fall or not? ??They should also support luhyias for two terms.

My salvageuse is full of sewage, water, dirt, workers, insurance people, and my destroyed belongings.... Oh, 2013, get better faster.

Weuwe u've olready betrayed ol da trust tht i had in u....gudbye

Studying warp field theory. If I had the deutrium and antideutrim power plant and the dilithium crystals to control the reaction, the plasma conduits and the actual warp coils I'd build one this weekend. Oh, and a way to get into orbit...

Is pick a part open on sunday? does anyone know? and does anyone know where it is? i'm clueless!

Almost caught up on all orders from the salvagelidays. 206-940-8173 is the salvaget line so use it! #NWClassicHonda

If its not one thing its another. Anyone else wanna add to my stress level and screw up weddings plans. I'm really at a point i might say f it and go to Vegas with noone but Ryan and i!

Anyone know where there might be a nylon 66 for sale? Nick wants one for parts.

Wondering if anyone is interested in bartering - we need some critter-proof trash bins built. Any takers?

At work and i think there must be something in water because there's an epidemic of dumb salvage people wanting parts that don't even know what kind of car they drive

After almost 4 years, my first cell phone is finally starting to give up the ghost. Its battery can no longer salvageld a charge for more than a day. Oh well. I suppose it's about time for me to upgrade from Tracfone anyway.

Salvage definitions


the act of rescuing a ship or its crew or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire


the act of saving goods or property that were in danger of damage or destruction


property or goods saved from damage or destruction


collect discarded or refused material

See also: scavenge


save from ruin, destruction, or harm

See also: relieve salve save