How to use Rabid in a sentence as an adjective

A community of seemingly intelligent and rational individuals turns into the most rabid, emotionally-charged group of catty girls I've ever seen.

If you're a rabid fanboy who wanted Steve Job's platform to have a monopoly on mobile, it's depressing for you, but it's liberating for everyone else.

I'm not quite as rabid as a lot of HN commenters are about this entire issue, but the following passage is near-comical:Balancing the competing interests at stake, the Government has taken a number of significant steps -- above and beyond what the law requires -- in order to promote transparency and accommodate the the legitimate interests of companies.

Maybe I was raised by a bunch of rabid dogs...But after reading the cached page... I really don't understand what the creator did wrong?He was a guy that I a lot of people can identify with, whom is publishing a book about his experiences?Is seduction intrinsically bad?

They skipped that step, and went straight on to "rabid racism".That they apparently had no idea what a Hindu is doesn't make it one bit better.

That was a mistake, not only is it bad form, I don't think that my characterization is appropriate at this time, as that database's fans are not as rabid as I imply.

If negative articles about Apple weren't such rabid click bait, this wouldn't be needed as it would be part of the reporting process.

There are a lot of rabid anti-Microsoft developers on HN but generally I find the latest Microsoft tools stack up well to the competition.

Worse than rabid Apple fanboys in the 90s.

"If they're a Republican, they'll be offended and go away"Or possibly they just don't like rabid partisans who are incapable of discussing any subject outside their personal political beliefs.

I would absolutely not want some rabid HR ferret demanding to paw through my private Facebook account.

90% Apple market share wouldn't be particularly good, even for the most rabid Apple fans.

I don't know how anyone but one of the most rabid Apple fanbois could even make such a claim, or expect from them to mention that other products look similar to Apple's products in every story.

Likewise, a rabid Family Guy viewer is probably not an "animated comedy fan," barring a very tiny and borderline-insignificant segment who is.

Rabid definitions


of or infected by rabies


marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea; "rabid isolationist"

See also: fanatic fanatical overzealous