Roughneck in a sentence as a noun

I made that as a roughneck straight out of high school.

Hair stylist?how about one female oil rig roughneck for every male roughneck?

They need more CPAs than lawyers, but a decent "roughneck" costs more and a decent foreman is gold, and gets it.

My dad was a roughneck and when the oil bust happened in the 80's there was a time we lived out of our car -- my whole family.

I often feel like I should just stop wasting my time and try to get some sort of dangerous but high paying labor job, like an oil roughneck.

Even jobs one would think are amenable to felons, like oil roughnecks in North Dakota, are now staffed by large agencies who weed out felons.

There's no way they could claim a "training investment" or "trade secret protection" if I was a programmer and left to become a carpenter or a roughneck or somesuch.

After roughnecks understand how the rig operates and demonstrates their work ethic, they may be promoted to other positions in the crew.

Retraining is such a ridiculous and naive idea, especially when you’re talking about turning an oil roughneck into a developer.

The roughneck usually performs semiskilled and unskilled manual labor that requires continual hard work in difficult conditions for many hours.

""This might actually refer to roughneck duties, or to one of the other crew positions, such as lead tong operator, motorman, derrickman, assistant driller or even driller.

Ask your average roughneck or metal bender in Texas or North Dakota about layoffs, salary cuts or personal spending trends and you'll find all of the spiral characteristics.

The first widely read book on genetic algorithms was written by an oilfield roughneck with a PhD in civil engineering and the field is still kind of a pariah in academia because of its relative lack of formal foundations.

Even if a roughneck decided to become a Scala coder in his spare time, now you've got a Scala coder in the center of north dakota with no job prospects within hundreds of miles... Because of this, I don't think online classes would have any impact at all?Finally if you succeed, and "trap" a guy who likes to work outdoors and walk around eight hours/day and do hardware work into writing source code in a cube for 12 hours a day in the downtown of a city, you might have won by some popular societal standard of human worth, but has the guy who was trapped won?

Roughneck definitions


a cruel and brutal fellow

See also: bully tough hooligan ruffian rowdy yobo yobbo