How to use Ramble in a sentence as a noun

I wish I could filter my pinterest searches...particularly: Do not include recipes that call for mushrooms of any sort! Mushrooms make me gag. This was my Wednesday morning random ramble. Carry on.

"I don't even know what to say right now" - person who is about to ramble on and on and on

Glad I dont text incessantly, or ramble on with meaningless words!

This is why I ramble with no point talkin bout similar circumstances and people who've gone. Well enjoy!

Good morning my beautiful friends ! ! ! this wee nugget is garage in it's purest form peeps !!! wouldn't it be cool if you could 'time-warp' back,hang out and jam along with those guys as they created this total masterpiece of aural delectation ! ! ! every tyme i listen to this groover it blows me away 'cos it's so ramblein' amazingly groovy !!! i could ramble on about it for rambleurs but just give it a spin and you'll see what i mean, oh, and don't forget a few extra decibels ! ! ! it's a very, very big dig !!! DIG ! ! !

New blog post. A slight ramble about local government communications, welfare reform, digital inclusion.

Heading to a field safety class listening to a guy that ramble abt nothing wish he wud play the quiet game

Normally at least one of those things, depending on the girl. I have know girls who ramble. At times rambling is a bad sign too by the way.... Lol just sayin

Rylan: dad Dad: what Rylan: daadd Dad: what rylan Rylan: I need you Dad: for what Rylan: I want to go to your bed Dad: no Rylan: oh my god Did she really just say that Dad: you can come over later Rylan: ooookkkk She continued to ramble this kid cracks me up

Trying to ease my jumbled mind, but even in the silence, it seems to ramble on...

Im not going to ramble on to why you should go on shnat. But im bored of fzy people on my news feed trying to persuade people to go on year course. All i can say is if you want to do something worth while like i have go on shnat, make a difference to society, instead of sat on a beanbag playing fifa or having no care about the world around you and missing out on a opportunity to create the most disfunctional family possible with experiences you wouldnt change for the world and memories that will last a lifetime.

Lovely two rambleur ramble on the beach successfully brought most of the beach rambleme .....only got 5 more days to go and I can relax

Oh good. rambleckey is back. I was SO into all those football statuses. Now sports ramble i don't give a ramble about won't have to end.

Was talk to someone during the week he was talk n about dole cheats so I ramble d on what the average td get s 190000 but I said that s including expenses who s worse average payment single man 200 avaerage weekly wage td 2800 no argument

I wish my wife was online .... so i could ramble to her she always listens <3 minez wife Amber Yo

Born to ramble and born to rome feat slim dusty.

Happiness is having a roommate that will listen to you ramble on about the same crazy stuff, all the time.... Thanks for answering my crazy phone calls Xoxo

26 years together, 19 married, an rambleortment of emotions over the years. We fought sometimes , we laughed a lot, we loved and will be very hard to exist without seeing your face, hearing you snore....I told you under my breath, to just shut up so many times, and now I wish I can hear you ramble. I'll miss you Bernard Corr...a thrill a minute.

Facebook seems to be just another one of those things were ppl ramble on about nothing until you find one who cares about ramble

You know you have the perfect girl when she laughs at your dumb jokes, puts up with your stubbornness all the time, randomly surprises you with a visit, listens to you ramble on about sports even when she doesn't really care about them, will play video games with you, makes you smile when your feeling down, never wants you to change who you are, forgives you when you've done wrong, and is always there for you when you need her the most. I'm glad I found her <3

Ohh god why do creepy guys think its okay to ramble on to yu jus cuz yur at the same buss stop lmfao oh god

So - any posts of random acts of kindness? Here are some we've heard: - I didn't retaliate when my brother threw a toy at my face. - I listened to my friend ramble on endlessly about something they felt was unfair. ramblew about you?

It's annoying to hear people ramble on about ramblew "everyone is beautiful just the way they are<3" the proceed to ignore and talk ramble about people they don't find attractive. Shut up.

If you have every gotten me to argue something that really grinds my gears or strikes my interest, you know ramblew I can ramble and talk in loops and ramble and think of something else that strikes me about the topic and ramble more.... That's the problem I am having with this article -__-

Confession 1: I ramblenestly expect you guys to ask questions or something rather than listening to me ramble about confessions of mine. ~K

How to use Ramble in a sentence as a verb

I love being woken up by idiots that work in hemp shops and listen to them ramble off and not have a clue what theyre talking about.

Some people just love to ramble and ramble about stupid ramble on here completly pointless ramble that means absolutely nothing. i mean ramblew crazy can ramble really get in your life if your on here 24/7 lol

I've got a bu on so I'm going to ramble. Put your arms straight out besides you. If you have 1 green ball in 1 hand and 1 green ball in your other hand what do do have? the jolly green giant madder than ramble. What does the Golly green giant have when he reaches puberty? Little green sprouts.

Reading 50 shades of why am I friends with Sophie Juhlin? Joe is making doodles, I am writing muchly. My mom is cackling as I read aloud. I think sleep needs to happen before I can digest more of this awful awful, it's not a book, ramble?

Morning and welcome to new visits to my page.. I promise i don't ramble..much x Will be starting orders on Monday and can't wait! Lots of pink and red sparkly creations for Valentine's and Mother's day! x

Leaving the north of Ireland today to go back via Dublin to the west and Galway. Our ramble down the west and around the south is beginning. thinking of all of you frying in the heat.

That awkward moment when your so far past tired that nothing makes sense everything is hilarious and when you type its like a rambleing ninja on the keyboard and yet it takes 5 trys to get it right spelling wise. ramble walking is even a hard task when your this tired and no i have NOT been drinking. also ive lost track of what this started out as therefor i shall stop while im ahead and yeah sleep deprivated ramble over

Tonights lecture at Photo Studio Group was incredible. Thank you to all those were were able to watch me ramble, ask me questions, and just be there for the experience!

I love the message on the status screen.... ramblew are you feeling Anne? Well, I am wondering if I was to ramble about ramblew I really feel, will I be cut off after so many characters. I'm not sure anyone at FB really cares ramblew I am feeling, good or bad, but for all my fantastic family and friends...... I'm good and blessed with the many people I have in my life.

Okay, after you ramble yourself, what would be the next step to take when an admired author visits your blog page? Elizabeth Sims made a comment on my blog page. My first response was to ramble. So I did. It was an awesome ramble too.

Somebody had to set a bad example Teach all the prim and propers what not to do Nobody around here wants to ramble What the ramble, that's what I was born to do

I keep waiting for Denethor to ramble about the molecular composition of root beer.

First ramble of new year....blah a wahn wahn wa all you using people....i will no longer help you ...although I will be nice at saying no....... Ramblings of a tired drunk man...although not drunk really tonight...

I love my family very much! I know I ramble on and on about that, but I can't stress it enough! Don't ask me why I'm saying this tonight! I have no reason! Why? Because it's unconditional! Through the good and bad, I love them very much! My biological parents, step-parents, brother and sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc! I love u guys!

Friends, foes and enemies if u never listen or hear anything else from what I may ramble on with, please realize u cannot lose someone you never had!!!

Sometimes you just need that one person who will let you talk and ramble, listen to you complain and be an idiot, but still love you all the same.

Royal ramble me vs punk 2013 on wwe chapiom.

I love this..i can explain it without a ramble but it all combined just makes me smile. I love talent.

Miss hailey just is in my room talking and she just said i remember Uncle Dillon Wilson tickleling me and made me laugh, i love to her her just ramble on amazing ramblew much she remembers things without me saying a thing!!

So 1st road trip of the year planned for 2mrw with the kiddies, of to tullymore for a wee ramble, 2 changes of clothes, wellies, picnic, camera, oh and headache tablets all packed

You just need that person who will let you talk and ramble, listen to you complain and look like an idiot but still love you all the same.

A parent asks our group:Hi I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I have a question, Does anyone know if SPD could have resulted from a mother using meth, and others ramble during the entire pregnancy? I am raising and have adopted my grandson Zach, we have had him since he was 21 days old, we are MOM and Dad. He went to kindergarten this year, and "they" say he is developementally behind, extremely over active, and has low tone, bad fine motor skills, has trouble staying in his own space, very loud, struggles to stay in line, wants to be part of a group but also enjoys his space and can't reconcilling the two, gross motor skills issues,and so much more, they would like him to be medicated, after looking up some of these issues I found your group and he has many, many of the symptons of SPD, Should I bring this up at his next SST meeting, his OT therapist will be present? Sorry to ramble so long, I know your are very busy. Thank you for your time.

Kiana just go her last 2 wisdom teeth out via sedation this time around! Funny listening to her ramble and on while her iv wears off. Lol!

"Baby, baby, I don't wanna leave you, I ain't jokin' woman, I got to ramble."

Quote Examples using Ramble

The "juicers", if they have a career of stats worthy of the hall, should get voted in. This is a sport. People want their entertainment. They want and enjoyed the rambleme run battles. They want to see a great pitching performance. All of the juicers had to have very good skills to begin with. The juice just sent them to the top. Put them in but with an asterisk. Pete Rose should have been in years ago. I've only heard he bet on baseball. Dd he bet on his team to loose and then go out and not hustle? I doubt it, he was nicknamed hustle for a reason. At the end of the day most have played a video game. While playing that game you have doctored your players stats, made your own character with a crazy stat line or made some out of this world trades to make your team better. These players gave you the video game numbers you wanted to see. Starting to ramble, put them in but with an asterisk ...


Ok, so here's the deal. Heart attack on Christmas Day 2012. I got that. Now, breakfast for me- dry toast and oatmeal. Lunch for me- banana, a salad and grilled chicken breast. Supper for me- brown rice and a cutie. Supper for them- pizza, butter popcorn and a piece of oatmeal raisin toast. I asked a nurse friend about the depression following a heart attack and have been patiently waiting for an answer since yesterday. See what I did there? Nurse...patience. Get it? "Patients-Patience" Nurse...see that? I am super bored too. Can you tell?


Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Today is #51. On my 49th birthday, the unimaginable happened. Today is also that second anniversary. Remembering the victims of that day, and the continuing inspiration of Gabby Giffords. May we never forget.


OMG !!! all this football ramble is making me want to stay the ramble away from FB... Just sayin... That is all I have read..Going back to doing something worth a ramble.. It's just a game people. I know, I know...Waiting on rambley remarks... Dont care...Just venting!


Someone told me It's all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it's true. It's a light and tumble journey From the East Side to the park; Just a fine and fancy ramble To the zoo. But you can take the crosstown bus If it's raining or it's cold, And the animals will love it If you do. Somethin' tells me It's all happening at the zoo. The monkeys stand for ramblenesty, Giraffes are insincere, And the elephants are kindly but They're dumb. Orangutans are skeptical Of changes in their cages, And the zookeeper is very fond of rum. Zebras are reactionaries, Antelopes are missionaries, Pigeons plot in secrecy, And hamsters turn on frequently. What a gas! You gotta come and see At the zoo.


I've always been a talker. I grew up in a large family where you say your piece and you say it quickly. I got a bit of crazy in my veins, too. Sometimes I tend to ramble openly, and I get out there. Existential, but always rooted in reality. My Reality. My perceptions are no less real than what you've experienced. So when I say something that sounds far out, or insulting, something seemingly irrelevant, and you choose a lack of words to respond, know that you have essentially spit on me. Dismissal is the highest form of insult, in my opinion. You're essentially saying that another person is no longer worthy of consideration, at this time, potentially further more. As a person, or for their character. One of the most important qualities in a person who considers themselves my friend to note, is that I have deep admiration for challenging positions. Questioning, and seeking to learn. Not to be confused with seeking to educate. It's the fastest way to come to deeper understanding. If you feel like talking with me is walking on eggshells, I'm sorry. I wish you were more ramblenest with me. And this is my farewell to you, who would rather engage in superficial friendship. I don't need the stress.


Any man that allows himself to be put 2nd to Anything or Anyone besides his own kids is in my opinion .... Less of a Man ... Yall better stop breaking yall back for a piece of ramble thats been had already .... I am just as important as any other Man that walked this Earth if not more ... Becuz here I stand Now not back then .... Now ...!!! And since these women claim they love Jesus ... Let Jesus have them dont be a second rate sucka for a piece of ramble ... Somethings arent worth the Trouble ... Im sorry but I put nothing in front of who I love ... Especially sum portrait of a white dude dressed in all white in this white domained country ... We was brung here by the enemy,we were taught ramblew to speak by the enemy ... And we was given Jesus by the enemy, you do the math .... I would say i feel sorry for the dudes that allow this to happen but who am i kidding ... I cant respect u especially if your so called woman puts another man in front of you & your sons/or daughters ... Smdh ... Men yall betta start getting it right stop settling for less ... And I bet you wont deal with Stress ....Lol ... Now be blessed as you bless others ...


Someone told me It's all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it's true. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Whoooa. Mmmmm. It's a light and tumble journey From the East Side to the park; Just a fine and fancy ramble To the zoo. But you can take the crosstown bus If it's raining or it's cold, And the animals will love it If you do. If you do. Something tells me It's all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it's true. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Whoooa. Mmmmm. The monkeys stand for ramblenesty, Giraffes are insincere, And the elephants are kindly but They're dumb. Orangutans are skeptical Of changes in their cages, And the zookeeper is very fond of rum. Zebras are reactionaries, Antelopes are missionaries, Pigeons plot in secrecy, And hamsters turn on frequently. What a gas! You gotta come and see At the zoo. At the zoo. At the zoo. At the zoo. At the zoo. At the zoo.


A western scholar came to ramblean to learn about Zen from an old Zen master. As the story goes, the two sat down to introductory tea, and it became evident after a few minutes that the western scholar was more interested in telling the Zen master what he knew than learning anything from him. As the Zen master poured the tea for his guest, the scholar continued to ramble on. The tea began to spill over the edges of the cup; the Zen master continued pouring. "Sir!" said the western scholar. "The cup is over-full!" "Yes," replied the Zen master, "and like this cup you too are over-filled with your own ideas and opinions. ramblew do you expect to learn if you are not willing to empty your cup?"


I'm so in love with you. ramblew your eyes light up wen you smie . ramblew you laghf when your nervise. ramblew you ramble on and I haven't a clue . But only if you new but any ramblew I'm in love with you xxx <3


Unless you have lost a parent you will never understand the all of a sudden sadness or anger you get around the ramblelidays or even when you look at a picture. it seems like a bipolar episode. its been 3 1/2 year's since I lost my mom and I'm still dealing with these emotions. crying your self to sleep is miserable enough. seeing some people on facebook taking family or loved ones for granted is ramblerrible. I would give anything just to hear my mom's laugh. it was contagious. I know my mom would so enjit Gianna and Brett and its great she was able to spend that time with Gianna. she made every moment special. I'll never forget what she said to Gianna that sounds my heart every time I think about it... "when your 4 you'll want to take a nap and lay with me." unfortunately she wasn't able to but Giannas cuddle would have been the best cuddle. I miss you mommy and can't wait to see you again. sorry for the ramble I just miss my mom today...A LOT!


Move on like a sinners prayer, let go like a levy breaks, walk away as if i dont care. Learn to shoulder my mistakes. Get reckless when theres no need. Laugh as your storys ramble on. Break my heart but it wont bleed. Its just who i am. Im better as a memory.


I have nothing but respect for the soldiers past and present that are responsible for our freedom but i can't help but feel the ones that have gone on would roll over in their grave if they could see our constitution being disassembled by our own government. Im no politician and wouldn't want to be but men far greater than the government of today wrote this document to ensure we could live a free life and the soldier has always defended it. It doesn't matter if you are Anti- or Pro gun, that's not what this is about. This is about the rights of free people. Politics have overtaken common sense. Stop playing Democrat and Republican and try being an American. Shame on this country


I call up my therapist, tell her I just can't take it anymore. My mind is aching and my body is sore. She schedules me a session. Asks for my every confession. I lay down and close my eyes. I start to ramble off thoughts, and then I realize. The lights are off, I hear a loud scream. I'm terrified, what is this, I see a small light beam. Then a terrible bang, there's blood all over the floor. I pace at the door. But I get a ramblerrible chill, the lights flicker, and I see a familiar face,I know I've seen before. I'm so out of it I just can't depict it. Then I feel a tremendous hit. When I come to my senses I'm on the ground. From the depth of my consciousness I hear a sound. Then a gun is at my head and a knife around my throat. He tells me, if I even move it will be ramble she wrote. He beats me to a ounce of life. Then he guts me with the knife. I'm shaking as slip in and out of consciousness. The ground is a bloody mess. As I'm about to slip away. I hear a voice, but can't make out what it's trying to say. I awake, and I'm standing in front of my mirror. I feel insignificant, inferior. I now realize the face I saw, the face I see, the real reason I can't be happy. The face, well, it's me.


My parents had a decent-sized record collection that was wiped out when their basement flooded in 1999. I found my dad's copy of Abbey Road in a box. Why I saved it. Ill never know. It still plays.


Married to Evil, the story of one mans desperate attempt to save his infant son before the Mrs. can take him to ramble with her to live with the other demons down sipping coco by the fire. ramblew to know If a woman is a demon. As u knw most demons are red with a leathery brow so they use skin toner and have to draw in their eye brows. Next, they have long nails and rambleofed feet so the need high heels. Soon after they marry u the demon becomes more apparent as her boobs sag down trying to find their way back to ramble as she sends all your money there too. Her hair must be curled or permed to hide the ramblerns. Last, demons act possessed and can ramble on for rambleurs. If u think u might have one, please, just grin & bare it.


I think I have an extreme intolerance to poetry and mysticism ... My brain shuts down my ears as soon as I start to hear any magical nonsense .. That type of conversation can make me not ever want to even see most people who talk that way again.. This was just a ramble.. no need to reply


Thank you god for making me the person i am and making me smart eonough to figure things out. im beautiful and a great person that would be willing to spend more time with you and talk and listen on a daily basis. i know it hard for me to hear you cuz i dont listen in closely enough or just dont listen at all. i know you have spoken to me through some speeches sunday mornings but then i think you speak to me through song but not sure if you do. im willing for anyone that reads this to help me out in anyway you can become closer to god or with a better prayer or anything that you can think of at the moment cuz im new with things and i feel that i dont do enough or i just ramble on about things and it doesnt get anywhere


What the world needs now is a true conversation. Not a conversation between our adaptations, disguises and defenses. Not a conversation that hides our truth under a bushel of shame. Not a conversation about what doesn't matter. Not a conversation that is politicized and rehearsed. But a conversation that is revealed, revealing, deeply genuine. Perhaps that is the key to most everything- true sharing from the deep within, nothing to hide, nowhere to hide it.


I miss my babies, big and small. I am grateful for the love in my life, and I ramblepe I learn the way of two again. I am a stubborn woman. yet, I want to be more than one. Ehhh, I ramble. Love is love. It's gonna do what it's gonna do. I am a happy girl.


John Spearing wrote: Hazed and dazed, I wander lost, Blazed and crazed, I'll pay the cost, The price is high, I must confess, Comfort grows without the stress... Walk and talk, I ramble on, I'd stalk the flock, but they're long gone, Who clipped these wings, so hard to fly, But when angels sing, I reach the sky... ... And you can say I'm wrong, Won't tell ya that I'm right, Cause every road is long, And the views have different sight, My struggles with conformity, will never get the best of me, The walls will fall when I find free, till then I'll question all of me. ♥


This economy sucks! Since 1985 I have only missed Anaheim Supercross twice, In 1995 due to time constraints, and in 2001 due to being injured. This year I will miss it because I just don't have the money. The economy is going to take a huge hit over the next two years. People simply wont have teh money to do thins they used to. The two hundred bucks I would have spent at Anaheim doesn't sound like much, but when you multiply that by the millions of people across the country who are now in the same boat, that number is staggering. I ramblepe the uninformed who voted for Obama thinking his policies would make their lives easier are prepared for it because there will be no bailouts for the citizenry. Well, not for the working citizens anyway.


I am so depressed but I have to get dressed and go find help....I am really starting to hate this hand we have been dealt. I almost wish I was an ex con or a drug addict at least I could get help seems like good people get the short end of the stick.... I am done with Facebook for a while... I was using it to communicate with friends and family but I hear that people are annoyed by our problems and the fact that we share things looking for help. If you are over it so am I.... Thanks to those of you who came through for us at Christmas time our kids had a good Christmas together thanks to you. But goodbye Facebook. .I have to try to live in the real world...


Ouch! Here's another less-than-stellar review. I am guessing the "drone" sections are probably inner thoughts and/or setting material. That can be pretty slow stuff to sit through if you're not used to reading it. I don't read much YA, but I rambleume there is not much self-reflection in those books. All that's really left in the book beyond that stuff is the action and dialogue and anyone can read that. I am glad the story comes across as sad, though. That seems to be a constant in these reviews. If the first book ends up happy, where is there to build? "Kinda depressing This was more sad than glad in this book and the author tended to ramble on things that ended up making me sorta zone out. There were times I skipped reading entire paragraphs because they droned on and on. ramblewever, I kept on reading because I was really curious ramblew it would end which means it wasn't a terrible book. If they are terrible I don't waste my time and move on."


I'm at carle for another job interview...... This place seems so big to Paris.... I have to say I'm nervous......I'm just so proud that I made it here and in the parking garage... I think that's a accomplishment ..... Now I ramblepe I don't ramble on and on and try to be funny cuz I do that when I'm nervous.... Omg that's what I'm doing now..... Lol. Wish me luck


While looking into this "sandy rambleok was fake" stuff that has some tie in to the dark knight rises and so on and so forth Illuminati this free masons that... i did notice something extremely disturbing... ever since i bought a pair of timberland boots online and did a fair amount of research into which ones i wanted every single website now advertises timberland boots to me. i hadnt noticed until it did it on a conspiracy website but i gotta tell you, kindda freaked me out a bit that i must be being monitored in some way. not too say im special, im sure everybody is monitored to some extent and i should also go on to say i will blindly follow government into the slaughterhouse seeing as though its the price i feel we pay to be out of the stone age... bottom line of this whole ramble by the way is if you wanna find some great deals on internet purchases, do a bunch of research, dont buy anything, and let the web pages bring the deals to you


Proper Noun Examples for Ramble

Just woke up from another fluey, infusion needing trippy MS nap. Felt OK, turned on the radio. "And now on the Ramble.." Arrrrrggghhh! Its like having a sharp sick jabbed in my sleepy eyes. Changed channels by reflex, to some far less ramblerrifying blues...

Ramble To break the silence.... Open up and ramble... To break the silence and open your mind... Leave it behind you... No longer engaged To insecure scars.... Cause nothing's secure.... It's just kept behind bars.. And I love everything.... You've learnt to ignore.... But you don't wanna hear... If you've heard it before... I'll give you something real... Something you can feel... You take your life and make of it what you can.....

Congrats to our comp winner, DJ Ramble who smashed it up at summerfielddayze!

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Watching a young mother walk by with headphones on, and texting while pushing her stroller. Great bonding time mom. <sarcasm> So disconnected from her baby. Sad.

Off to burn some cals at BLT then over to Pontygwaith slimming world for a weigh and a giggle.

Wow cant stop shaking got so much rage built up. o n by the way imma b n dosh when my girls go to school. imma snoop around n listen to ppl maybe someone might slip up n give me a reason to snap n get a good work out done today.

Ayn Rand, proof atheists can be vile people.

Let me ask Facebook a question ramblew many of you would allow ur daugthers boyfriend to disrespect and sit back and take it? Please like if you would and comment if not thank you

Aj mccarrons woman gotta lot of thirsty rich ramblez comin after her,his dayz as he bf are numbered

I get so sick of trying to explain this to people; and I'm not even Christian.

It's a damn good thing Elvis could sing cause the boy couldn't act to save his life. It's like watching a dullard read The Iliad aloud. Gives me hives.

Hey Guys need a favour.... as I am about to get into this new time slot on the radio.. Im curious.... What time are you driving in your car on the way rambleme from work ???

! will always love u my beautiful lil girl n thats exactly ramblew i will always remember u: so beautiful. i use to sing it to u since the day i held u in my arms n be such a proudnblessed dad. Cant stop cryn to it now. I love u RIP y baby......daddy.

So I have my very frst exams in my entire life coming up and I'm deathly afraid. Oh god, what do you guys do to keep calm and study well? -Harry

Just watched some videos of some groups at passion 2013 and was troubled..the Bible states that we are to not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of our mind that we may prove what is that good acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12: 2..what will the world see in our testimony if we are conforming

Last night I saw a naked cowgirl She was floating across the ceiling She was mumbling to some ramblewlin' Wolf About some voodoo healing

I rang in the new year last week up at Whitegrass in WV. It was a beautiful solo ski up to the Dolly Sods Wilderness and into the spruce trees and open country. So much snow this time of year is a good sign.

The walk won. It was crisp and cool, perfect for a brisk walk in the woods. Now I feel all energized. Way better than a nap.

So what exactly is the difference between a queen,& a dictator?anyhow? one siezes the power...the other inherits it from those who did the seizing...?or married one?....or not,as the case may be...?

The one idea I was toying with for today got cancelled, so now I haven't got a clue what I feel like doing. Maybe after a few Hershey Kisses I'll formulate a plan.

Unfucking real, anyone sees katie tell her to get her ramble rambleme NOW!!!!

This morning I wrote a chapter on Altruism, and whether it worked in extraterrestrials the way it arguably does in humans.

ramblew years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air. T'was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair. But Gollum, and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her, her, her....yeah.

Got to give the closing lecture at a conference on Wednesday and I'm ridiculously nervous! If anyone has any advice on public speaking I'd be very grateful. ramblew on earth am I going to talk for half an rambleur?!

17 mile Cannock Chase Trigs race done - time for steak and beer I think.

American owned Corporations that threaten to leave, or do bring their businesses to other countries for greater not love their own country, or appreciate what it has to offer.

Prayers please for my oncologist appointment tomorrow and a reason why the pain is worse besides the chemo isn't working, this is the 3rd one tried. Nothing makes sense when swelling was less in my arm and could raise it higher etc. Thanks

Been working in my studio today and felt inspired !! What's you day been like ? JB

Look i know i messed up.... but all i asked for was one more chance! Its ok tho, i cant wait for those next three days to come any faster.... i have nothing left to say

Never underestimate yourself or your abilities. Errors are stepping stones that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

If my internet ever rambles out again i will curl into a ball and just repeat watch hannibal and silence of the lambs to listen to hannibal talk to calm me down cause im a loser

Ponder out for the Vikings. Peterson gonna have to beat the Pack on his own

Waiting is foolish... and I've been a fool too long.

All anyone wants is to be loved!!!!!! maybe if you love more and hate less everyone will be happy!!!!!!

Just deleted old messages from Courtney and consequently saw the last few. I miss being hers. I hate to ramble and moan here but, well, I never do and I need to vent for once.

If you got to choose what song you want to be played at your funeral which one would it be?

6-1x0+2/2=? I was appalled at the answers to this on Facebook I forgot ramblew stupid people were and thought it was ridiculous that the post said only 3% of people would get this right. Then I saw the answers...

My new year resolution I am going to get back into my running again, to do the race for life, the Leeds 10 k and to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks again. So ladies come on a little running club for new starters.

When you call on something that's not real, you don't get an answer. Wait they tell you according to your faith. But if that that you put your faith in is false then so is your faith. Think about it.

"Digital Designs" I know everyone uses different programs to create amazing works of art. What is your favorite program to use and why?

Ryt then! Getting on with tht cull 2nyt! Duno ramblew many people I am ditching but hav had enuf of fake friends. Any1 thts been iffy with me, or not made an effort 2 keep in touch gets it

Anybody a fan of Duck Dynasty? Did you know that they are devout Christians? A&E does their best to edit that out so you don't know...

Cotton bowl was a good time! Headed south.

Lance's case, and soon enough Bolt's, should prove that quantum leaps in human physical capacities are not possible. Only with intellect is a quantum remove possible, because the difference involved is qualitative.

The magic has dulled from my life. this can be remedied with more child-like play!

We rarely talk about our personal favorite Kpop songs, and a lot of our favorites don't make it into Kpop Music Mondays, so we wanted to talk about them here!

Wow we will be paying lots more in grrr... Thanks all you free loaders who voted for Obama!

Who's watching ITV then? Super gran just started! Personally I can't wait for 2pm... Haven't seen knightmare for a long long time!!

Anyone who has visited the South island of New Zealand have any "must-see" suggestions????

I love having a handle full of people I can talk to! Amber I missed you so much! I am so glad we are forever back to where we were! Maggie your so funny and you totally left my spirits when I am down Melissa I am so glad we met in high school. I ramblenestly don't know what I would do with out your love and advice! I am so lucky to have you girls! I'm sorry if I have or do take you for granted because each one of you are amazing.

If you can deem five states to be completely worthless in that they suck the blood out of the rest of the country, serve no purpose and the USA would be a better, stronger and smarter country without them, which would you eliminate?

Why can't we all be more compassionate and warm-hearted? If I was to make a New Year resolution, to be more compassionate and warm-hearted would be it. If only I could get others to take this on board too!

Im going to start paying to promote posts on my photography page so ill get jobs like crazy. maybe haha.

ramblew years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air. T'was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair. But Gollum, and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her.

I have 2 people I want thank one my cousin and the other is a very special friend lives far apart but we are always together they help me so much they are very supported to me thank u both love u 2

She was but a piece of clay, molded by a man with 3 hands and 12 fingers. She turned out to be a cookie jar, although his intentions were to make an extravagant vase!

I don't care we have 3 friends in common don't pester me to add you and think calling me a sexy ramblet grandma that's going to get you some brownie points in fact I find it insulting and I'm not interested in that type of attention and will get you blocked period!

Nicholas Cage is often regarded as the Nickelback of actors. Buzzfeed offers 17 arguments to the contrary.

And no matter ramblew boring i may be, i'm just glad i have linda to share it with.

Gettin ready fkr my nieces b day party wont get any sleep worked last night and work tonight kinda sucks!!!!

I should be writing an essay but I'd rather do something with all of you. I'm not great at running games or anything since this will be the first one I run... but if anyone's online feel free to suggest something :3 --AmityBelle

Leaves have fallen all around, I must be on way, thanks to you, i'm much obliged!

Once more sending this out to make sure this dog's real family has another chance to find her. Please, share this is updated information.

I'm sotally tober. Sooo tell me.. have u ever danced with the ramble under the pale moon light..? Coolieunruly

They apparently won't let us fall off of the fiscal cliff .. that is .. until they have our guns like they got them in Australia and Great Britain. When the bad guys get our guns, their planned economic collapse is imminent.

I really need to slow down when I talk. I'm really tired of repeating myself a million times on the phone.

Today is dragging.... Ready to start my weekend with My love... We are kid free..... What to do, what to do?

Picture this - you're on the stage at DTE. You get to sing one song and jam with one band or artist. What song are you singing and what band are you jamming with?

John is worse than a damn woman, always late I call him ahead of time and he ain't doing anything and yet he still manages to be late!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooooood morning folks, welcome to another bright and eary morning edition of.. I don't know. Just felt like saying that.

Question: What was your favorite job and what made it so stinking amazing?

Meaningfully passionate... beautiful song ! listening to 241 by RiverMaya

“What will 2013 Bring?” And ramblew will it effect the Church?

It's really fun to talk in rhyme....we should do this all the time.....might make you smile, might make you may even get your belly to jiggle....don't believe me? Try it and see...I'm laughing so hard I have to pee.....

Ramble definitions


an aimless amble on a winding course

See also: meander


move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

See also: cast drift range roam roll rove stray swan tramp vagabond wander


continue talking or writing in a desultory manner