Pyrotechnics in a sentence as a noun

"white kid ****** pyrotechnics" is the best phrase I've heard all week.

The had exacting specs for some of their pyrotechnics.

All the pyrotechnics and rocketry nerds could do without this stigma.

They use pyrotechnics to deploy, they have to be packed very carefully and precisely, etc.

Put it together correctly, and there will be no visible pyrotechnics.

Meanwhile, a fully fueled, slightly wrinkled Redstone and its Mercury capsule sat on the launch pad, both with full batteries and live pyrotechnics.

If I remember correctly it was a valid nightclub and the permits they did not have involved the pyrotechnics not the show or venue.

Among these pyrotechnics were the capsule's retrorockets and the Redstone's self-destruct system, which was still active.

You mean, aside from the one being empirical, and the other just being a pyrotechnics demo?It makes no difference with respect to her punishment.

Basically 29 minutes of a Rube Goldberg machine, including a lot of pyrotechnics.

By following links from programmer-oriented websites and weblogs, I have seen home hobbyists constructing their own button-triggered pyrotechnics gloves, as one might use for an illusionist's stage flourish.

That's especially important when pyrotechnics or special stage instructions are in the rider, because if the venue is following small details like "no brown M&M's", they're much more likely to follow large safety requirements.

They're using a pneumatic stage sep mechanism rather than a pyrotechnic one to eliminate material-handling, static, and other safery concerns related to pyrotechnics.

Pyrotechnics definitions


(music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)


the craft of making fireworks

See also: pyrotechny