How to use Pseudonym in a sentence as a noun

"It sometimes makes sense for a female author to use a pseudonym, particularly when the main characters are male, or when it's a genre with a strong appeal to men, like military science fiction, certain types of fantasy or gritty thrillers," says Penguin editor Anne Sowards ... thoughts!?

Need to relax in this cold afternoon? So, Dave Lee is perfect to warm your heart and soul! It's really a pity that a so talented artist produced under this pseudonym only one studio album! And if you don't know him... Well, this night we'll publish his most successful single...

Oh look. I'm accidentally neglecting this now. >.> Although most of [the 12 of] you also like Amattr, so you get updates, and if you don't like Amattr, you're missing out on the more stonery side of Bacharthian doom. Bacharth is my pseudonym for PotV, just as Vidarr the Terrible is for Amattr.

Quote Examples using Pseudonym

The problem with labels is that in time you feel it necessary to live up to them. If you're a Splatterpunk, then you start to feel you have to do that and keep doing it because that is what you're recognized for. If you do it long enough, you are that. If readers begin to know your exact ambitions with a story, they lose interest. There are the die hard readers that never want you to change, but they themselves will change and leave you standing in your Splatterpunk clothes. I guess too I'm different than a lot of folks in that I like change and I like a variety of things to read and write. I know. It's true. You can also do well for being known for one thing or another. I've seen it work that way. But a career of being trapped inside any genre fully is a nightmare to me. Maybe when I'm eighty.


An important response to "I am Adam Lanza’s Mother" Why does it matter...[Because] she is comparing her child to mass pseudonymers. In public. Under her own name. On the Internet. For the world to see. Her 13-year-old son.


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Question to the Derby-verse: who stocks Protec/Sisu mouth guards in Brisbane... I may or may not be requiring one next year... I also may or may not have purchased a black shirt and a white shirt and I may or may not have numbers printed on them shortly.

More news Stix Picklegrin, Trumpet to the stars, will take up the drum sticks in the wally bingham bog trotters band Dec28th.... top man .

It's that time of year again, kids. Cast your ballots now for your favorite favorites in the pseudonymly City. Voting is open until Jan. 16.

New guidelines could see fewer people being charged in England and Wales for offensive messages on social networks. They say people should only face a trial if their comments go beyond being offensive. We're interviewing the people behind the guidelines later - what would you like to know?

The attorney even said he shouldnt be charged, that the bond was higher then some of pseudonymers.

Thanks to Soledad O'Brien CNN for pseudonymlding this "expert" accountable. It's quite a good show. Just please, never have him on again.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by today's school shooting tragedy in Connecticut. We'll keep them in our thoughts and prayers in the coming days.

Pseudonym definitions


a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

See also: anonym