How to use Proposal in a sentence as a noun

What 'll u d if ur boss propos u nd nxt dy after denid his proposal acuse u f stilng stationary

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#4471 hi..m a guy... i m totally in love with a girl....i love her alot..... but the problem is dat she already have a bf...... can u guys help me...proposalw to tell her my feelings for her..... proposalw to bring her in my lyf as a gf...??


#25 i love a cute girl in my class. i love her character very much. at first when i saw her i thought she was a flirt but now i know her and i love her.. love you .. yesterday i just propos her through this.. Male -S6 Civil


#4416 My name is Rohan, I am 20...Well, I was in a relationship with a girl for a few months, to be proposalnest, I really loved her, I loved her more than ne1 or nethng else in this world.. I knew that she was in a relationship with a guy earlier and that was a 4 year relationship.. but that girl was certainly in love with me and so was I.. but, after a few months her ex-bf came bak n she went back with him.. Man, i was really hurt.. I told her that if you were not really interested in me then why did you say yes.. She gave me reasons which don't really make sense.. Leave.. Well, I was not able to forget her,actually, I am not able to forget her.. Well, one of my friends told me that make a new gf if u wanna move on.. well, its been months n m stuck at the same place..I don't really understand why do I still love her.. Leave.. Well, I wanna get over her and wanna make a new gf.. The problem is that I am not really good when it comes to impressing a girl or smthn.. Well, i think that i m funny and I do understand or respect people's feelings.. and that was the reason that she said yes to me.. Also, I am average when it comes to looks.. So, advice me bro.. These days, I am taking classes for my entrance exam and there are a lot of girls in my batch.. So, what should I do in order to impress girls over there and then come in a relationship with 1 of them..I crack a few jokes in class while the teacher is teaching or smthn but that doesn't really impress a girl.. I don't want to make fool of ne1 or hurt ne1.. so, i will be giving my 100% when I am in relationship with some 1 in order to keep her happy.. It's not really difficult to keep some 1 happy.. So, I will certainly keep her happy to whatever extend I can.. I will give my 100% or even more than that.... But people, I seriously need some advice.. especially girls, tell me what should I do.. And thanks a lot for having a look ..


This is the second week in a row that no "this week in science" has gone up. I'm sorry. I'm a bad, bad admin. I need sleep. I'm still traveling next week, but I'll be one one place for most of it with only a couple of engagements, so proposalpefully I'll be able actually do some work. It's a good job I've finally sold out and started selling merch - I need an proposalistant.


#031 Im frm kerala. I hav nt had any crush on any girl in dis colg bt nw im attracted 2 one girl in class. She is tamil. She is pretty, vry smart and i cnt reveal my feelings bcause of our culture. She is jst a frnd nw...


A love story :- ek ladka tha aur ek ladki thi they were frends. but wo ldki us ladke ko mann hi mann chahne lagti he per use kabi batati nahi he. ek din ladke ki frend ldki ko btati he ke wo bi use chahta he. wo mjak samajti he aur ladke se iss bare me puchti he ladke ke ha kehne usske propos karne pe wo ha kar deti he. unke relation me ladki usse had se jada pyar karne lagti he. ek din wo ladka use chhor k chala jata he aur wo ladki bohot roti he. bad me ladki ko pata chalta he ke wo usse kabi pyar karta hi nahi tha. itna sab janne pe bi wo ladki aaj bi uss ladke ko chahti he. thats a real story wo ladki uss ladke ko ab bi pana chahti he per ladka use nahi chahta. plz reader giv her advise wo kya kare.


A Boy proposes a Girl .. If she says "Yes" Boy feels Pata nahi kitno ko haa kaha proposalga ?? . . If she says No.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wo saali khud ko Katrina samajti hai...:p >:O :/ :D -Prince sharma


#4052 Hi... M 18.. From korba.. Jb me 12th me thi, mera clsmate tha, jo mujhe lyk karta tha... Lekin vo thoda kaala tha... We used to chat in fb for long... Ek din jb clasmates truth dare khel rhe the to usne mujhe indirectly prop. Kia.. Kuch din bad usne apni dil ki bat mujhe inbox kia.. Lekin i hd no feelings fo him that tym, so maine use jhuth bola k i luv sm1 else. But i knw vo bohot achha hai, bohot achhi baatein krta h, he has a very good attitude towards evy1.. But vo ab mujhse baat ni karta, evn inbox bi ni.. I luv him now..truly. He is vry gud... What to do? Pls. Hlp.


proposalo Mama Zimbi, I am Ruth and 21years old and dating. My guy told me he is having somebody but the person is not here in Ghana. I have accepted him but I don't know his proposaluse. Every time we have to have to meet unless is a proposaltel. If I say we should go to his proposaluse he doesn't say anything. I only know his work place. I don't is exact age but I think he is over 32yrs old. Mama, I love him and don't why he is doing this to me. Pls i need advice. No insults from your fans, please.


Let me tell you something, After all the somethings I've whispered, written, Sweetly, sourly, Let me tell you something: I like proposalw things are. I can think of what I'm missing. I can think of what I'm wanting, But those things Don't fit the moment. proposalw things are Is proposalw things fit. I like proposalw things are. The Beau


Njan etavum kooduthal snehicha aathmaarthamai snehicha penkuttyanu aswathi. First time êver. And she said to me that she loves someone else. Now my heart begging for her. Some people thinks i'm mad but nobody knows proposalw far i go to love her... Achu i love u


A propos "the art party conference"... 1 may, during the day and evening, will be filled with interesting talks and various openings related to art and photography. in a few monthes the picture will change... i wonder which solutions will be found to approach the drastic cuts from public funding in the arts... and proposalw many artists will politically engage in order to propose possible solutions in funding the arts.


#114 Aiswarya S Hari S2 ECE The first time I met you, my heart began to siren like an ambulance. Our first conversation, I had butterflies in my stomach, so wierd. Ini nink mansilavuna bhashayil avam. Ninte aa edupodu kudiya nadatham enik orupadu ishtamayi. Kalolsavathil ninte dance kandu njan koritharichu poyi. Karyam ne bhayankara sundari anenkilum, chekanmarod over akunath nirthan samayamayi ente mole. Ath ninak dosham cheyum. Njan ith ninnod direct ayi vann paranjal ne enne thekum enn enik nalapole ariyam. Ne thecha baki paytanmare pole athra kashikaran ala e pavapetta njan. Ne ente kude irangi varan thayyar anenkil ninte phonum, makeup setum, dressum oke vittu kudil vech anenkilum namuku jeevikam. Ninte oru nalla responsinayi njan koritharipode kathirikunu... -Ne enteth matram avum enna prateekshayode... I love you, Kisses!!! <3


I dnt knw why i lov hr.. I dnt knw i wl c hr again or nt bt i wish i could c hr again. I mis her bt i cnt do anythng. I wnt 2 propos hr, hr ans. Doesnt mattr bcoz if c say no den i couldnt stp lvng her. I dnt knw c lovs me or nt bt i am sure dat c wl fal in lv wid me if c wl b wid me. I dnt want 2 lv any grl lyk her.


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Thank god that we don't live in Boston there were so many stories someone was going to propos at the finish line and his girlfriend died

Close encounter of the ick kind in the student lounge today. Running into an undesirable ex is like walking into a spiderweb. You just have to wipe it off and keep moving forward.

It doesn't seem right that I have to use a dictionary just as often when I read David Bentley Hart as when I read de Lubac's "Le drame de l'humanisme athée" - in French.

#372 frnzzz i lyk a gal frm bds..i dnt knw anything abt her..i wnt to make her lyf prtnr bt i cnt propos coz maine aaj tk propos ni kia kisi ko...pls suggest mitron.............

Hey! Soundsation, for the name of a video game about sound, what do you think?? Soundsation, pour le nom d'un jeu video a propos du son, vous en pensez quoi??

Hi aaj ke din mena jis jis ladki ko propos kiya he wo krupa karke muje bhul jaye . 16-04-2013 all girl samjja kro yr,................. mere girl frend aane vali he

I wondr hw 2 let hr knw i hv d greatest luv 4 her...<3 <3

Dear friends and family from around the world,thank you very much for all the nice comments, we'll keep u updated about the second episode in Argentina, love from Carolina Quesada and me! xxx Chere amis et famille de la planete bleue ,merci beaucoup pour tous vos message ,bien sur nous vous tiendrons au courant a propos du deuxieme episode en Argentine,bisous de nous 2 a vous!xxx

Hey, just wanted to remind you that you're loved and appreciated - arr.

Follow me on instagram : gridou36 ahah ^^

Yay an other new update of facebook that sucks -_- Just got updated...

Can u get maried 2 som1 who has propos lov 2 u 4 jus 2weekx

Two dead - one of them an 8 year-old boy. 17 in critical condition. 10 amputations. 100 seriously hurt......oh but it's not a terror attack ! Mardak Nafahm.....

Thayazite the9enne guel khite, thefeghe ar'berra thet3eyyite, ay'amghar arwah senzite, aghitide th'les barrettes

What makes our country and the running community so special: NBC Sports reports some of The Boston Marathon runners crossing the finish line and continuing to run to proposalspital to give blood to victims.

Frndx man propos allah dispos fear allah every where u are frndx make better gud we see gud abi ?

Weird to not wear a suit and tie on mo day morning....

Tah tald her iam dating already bt she jst cnt leave me alone ...Obssessd girls are dangerouse...ouf...

GOD!! I'm so broke and lonely....wish she was around with her love sweeter than money!

Around 850 tickets have been sold for the coming Ajikan's live in Paris, and the capacity of the venue is 1500!!

My Facebook page has turned into a Forum for the Mauritian population to bring forward injustices. I don't mind! Please refrain from racism, communalism, persecution and proposalmophobia! I will not tolerate any such comments.

#159 Ritu Agarwal frm fancis skul 2009-10 batch.... dear u r the queen of bhayandar.....i would like to confess tht u r too sexy n specialy ur eyes..mashaalla:-* i really luv u a lot<3<3..mostly i see u on khadi n like to knw more abt u..i luv u sexyyy<3<3

Your MP wants 1 million bob tax free. They even said the Salaries and remuneration commission broke 10 laws in reducing their salaries. Is someone deliberately trying to sabotage the new government by causing countrywide industrial action by Kenyan workers?

What Bible passage did your pastor preach on? What was his message?

Sometime i just need to stop my time to look back on my life. I realize that i didn't do anything good for my futur. I realize that now I don't have anything value but myself.

Christian Grey: "I don't know what my future proposallds, but I'm proposalping you're in it." proposalw not to fell in love with him.....

#100 I am in a rltnshp wid sum1 ! Hamari rltnshp ko zyada tym nai hua he but wo starting se serious tha usne mjhe her bat per maf kia bt uske bst frnd ne mera number kch ladko ko spread kr dia nd mere pas unknown call ane lge nd meri muma ne cal atnd kr li, ek ldke ki jis vajeh se ghr me bht se prblm hui aur mene usese brkup krne ko keh dia......ab wo bat b ni kr rha he mjhse ! Mjhe smjh ni ara kya kru apne parents ki bat sunu unhone itni restrictn lga di he mjhe per ya apne bf ko choose kru aur uski galti ko b maf krdu

#533 #rajat #faridabad disha chandna you was my first crush ever..even when i saw u first from that moment i loved u..tried many time but was not able to tell...simply i love u very much.

Boys&girl in a proposaltel.... Boy 2 grl propos 2 say i love u... Sorry! Mai apse lv ny krti boy...sure... Grl...yes boy to bettar...bill alag..2 le aao grl...oh! Bur maan gye i lv u2...hey! Bhgwan girls v na..

La chanson de RAY J " "I hit it first" n'est pas a propos de la bandit Guinéh KIM K. RZP listen to Ray interview in vixen for more info

......reply fast friends... Qn. proposalw to propose a girl.??? only comments required nt likes

If u love me just comment in dis status... i will propos uuu tonite.. swear

Girls are very luky, whe evr thy go, guys propos them. But no gals r proposing me, xame gosiaam

Hy any one love me if u like my post i will propos uuu tonite..

Up early writing, I like it when a poem knocks me awake. Back to sleep now. Nothing like a Sunday morning post-poem nap.

Haiti cherie here i come,hmmmm surprise, I'll definitely miss my,sista Phany Desrosier ,where my babies at,

Y girls Cant propose a boy.∅∅∅ y is that... y y y y Y y Y y Y

Is it wrong for a lady to ask a man's hand in marriage? I see nothing wrong , what's ur thought ........:................?

Ooh guyz help me out ooo,is it wrong for a lady to propose to a guy??,if yes why? Nd if no why??

Thanx bab for coming over and having a drink with ur dad for his birthday it made his day, love u xxx

Today I close the door to the past, Open the door to future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life

proposal happens, i'm not only mad for me, but for peke aswell, this game was really important for both of us... but as i said, proposal happens. I'll try to fix smthing with peke to be able to stream on his pc tomorrow, or do some duoq with 2facecam + ts, can be cool. Good night guys ! /baguette

D awkward moment wen u find ur lover in bed wid ur besti..wat ll u do..?

If it's wrong to abort a baby because they have no say in the matter, let's also put an end to baptism and circumcision while we're at it.

Why is it always d case dat a guy is d 1 who propose luv 2 a gal or a man propose marriage 2 a woman. I wix we lived in a world wher is visa versa i wud mmmmmmmm.

Divorce da past, propos to da present, bt dnt kip da present for long cz u jx flirtin wit it so am nw engagd to my future..... Tru....tru......

Did ladies propos guys if u hv feelings for him ? If no qustn follows Why ? If yes what the guy feel & his respond ?

If afta 8 years of dating, ur boifrnd propos to u nd lata say April fool. Wat would av bin ur reactn.

GOD i said u shld hlp me in dis bat God help me 2 try 2 stay widout her.

DMX my favourate mc internationaly n then proposals me my dream is to do a mixtape wth him, chil wth proposalt jamican chick wth him wth da natural burning bomb in between my lips n both of my hips wil b in between her hips, wth high hills to reach my high level above da clouds fly wth a cloud like goku Bonk boy i'm dangerouse wth kunfu any i go i cn cypher n match wth any kind of rapper n chil anykind of gangster

Confession #4385 dia In love wid my best frnd....dnt knw wether she likes me or nt...proposalw to go frwrd ^.^ admin: say her u lyk someone, if she s jealous... dude u might b on right track :p

If u want 2 do me smth i will neva 4get, make sure its a gud thing!

You know you don't drink much when your tipsy off lambrini lmao xxxxxx

No wonder! Pipol are stl writin lettrs to propos ladies.? In rundu

#3630 I m boy from gujarat....I hv I prblm give me just suggestion frends...I love one girl bt the that girl brother was my beat best frend ever in all frends......last 4 n a half year I just proposalnestly doing friendship wid that my best frend...I dnt propose her sis..because of us best friendship....wht can I do propose direct 2 dat girl ya saying my feelings to her bro..n than propose ya proposalnestly doing my frendship till end my lyf....give a proper suggestion frends?????

Good nyt face book frnds and meet page swt drms god bless us all ..........cherry. With love

I will always love you no matter what No matter where you go or what you do And knowing you You're gonna have to do things you're own way And that's okay So be free, spread your wings And promise me just one thing... If you ever need a place to cry Baby, come to me Come to me I've always known that you were born to fly But you can come to me If the world breaks your heart No matter where on Earth you are You can come to me...........!!!! <3

I wonda y grls find it hard to propose or ask a guy out...

#6 I love esha sugla frst tym diwali pe dkha tha or tere love me gir gya but esha kch baaten apne tak rkha kr yr sb kch apni mom ko mt btaya kr nd mai to tje new year pe propos krna chahta tha but tu pta nh chli gyi thi at d end i like you and love you like proposal :* :* <3 <3

This morning making lines to pay tax to puerto rico. 2 proposalurs waiting, and counting.

Fcuk.. Again i fall in l <3 ve.. :p

. Like "I like that" said the cat as it sat on my hat: "Now what you just thought of is what I just thought of ... well, sort of." "You're welcome, cat," I said as it sat bemused on my head and thought things best left unsaid.

Log in then log out. Is better then staying for boring proposalurs.

Some day, some night, some live, some die, in the way of a samurai, some fight, some bleed Sun up to sun down, it's the sound of the battlecry

Friday, it's nuthn bt 2 lay low nd plan tha nyt... Hy, I jst wan propos Friday 2 b added on tha weekend, yu kno. Play hrd, wrk hard!

To all ladies: O na le tokelo ea proposal hana hau ferehoa. Ha se setlamo proposal lumela leha u sa rate. Nxa!! *via broken calculator*

Nuit Blanche <3 <3 Movie ... with the best friends :D

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.” - Mark Twain <3

Kama whn u r walking wth ur gal in town ,dnt luk on other gals, haaaaahaa!

It seems that we are more popular in Spain than we are here in the USA! Spread the word to your local friends and lets see where we are more popular tomorrow

Ths ngga is impresn gals,i jst proposald does gals,u propos a gal n i proposal ha 1st,u thot am thesty i jst quintchd a thest. . ."scary face"vha

Listen very close! I've just been Hijacked by the secret services saying that they took my computer under controle if I don't pay a fine of thousands of dollars because they accuse me of Juvenate picture and kids photos sharing that I am acused of!!!!! Because of all the Lying proposal that I announce and say so instead I think!!!! I needed to take another connections on my computer . They are very loosing control it's insane !!!! I asure you all that it is not true at all !!!!!!! Écoutez attentivement je viens juste d'être Piraté par les Services Secret qui ont pris mon ordi en otage !!! J'ai du prendre une autre connections pour écrire cela!! Je suis menacé d'échange de photo juvénile puis que je dois payé des milliers de dollard!! Aucun rapport c'est plus dû aux dénonciations qui les ont frustré!!! Je vous proposalure que c'est faux Ils sont en train de perdre la raison!!!

<3 <3 <3 hlwwww guyss proposalw are you all????? <3 <3 <3

Lets chit chat buddies... is anyone hving some stories of urs related to ur life... if yes thn jst go on sharing..or i shuld say commnting..n jst make new frnds too.. #admin abhishek

Am about 2 propos 4 my project pls help me oh Lord, palz pray 4me pleas..!

Petit indice a propos de mon prochain shooting : "The zombies come back soon"

My boys are sick with stomach virus ! It is so painful to watch them. I which I can take their misery away!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

#425 hey you girl. ece a 2nd yr...u know pretty much that i like you...and i think u like me too.....i am afraid if i ask u out...u would feel bad....give me a sign that u r interested.... #2nd yr male

Is it possible that a woman can propos a man?or hw possible is it?or proposalw imposible is it?coz this generation it looks lik women a havng greater oppotunities.

#178 Bbsc te 1st akta mayr jonno fida proposalise propos korsi relation cilo 1year bt break up..kintu aj 7 mas por or shate kotha proposalche stil love her ..

#345 #Crush name : jisha s4 ec jisha i luv u darlng..y cnt u undrstnd me?i noticd u on dat day,u cme to d clg vthot spex..dat means u luvs me n u knws me....i hrd dat al of ua frds teasd u abt me,bt u nvr react against ders..dat means u need me...thanks dr..i wl propos u soon,study wl...

Proposal definitions


the act of making a proposal

See also: proposition


an offer of marriage


something proposed (such as a plan or assumption)